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I was thinking about this before part 3 came out today, and the new one just seems to reaffirm it so far.

I’ve said in the last one i did that it might be Jack and not Anti appearing in the glitches this time around, and he might be trying to actively communicate with us in whatever way he can.And the way I think he’s been doing so far is through WHEN EXACTLY he glitches in the videos.

Part 1 of detention: no actual glitches, except for the change of audio when Ray picks up the phone and “Jack” twitching his neck in the process. This occurs when he says “waiting.”

Part 2: There’s a glitch on “Uncomfortable” and his face pops up on “Afraid” and “Remember”.

Part 3: And now, with the newest ones, Jack pops on on “Inferno,” and “Weird and all over the place.”

So, what to make with all this you may ask?

Jack is almost definitely trapped in the glitched up place Anti was in before (or at the very least, definitely not with us rn). Jack wants us to remember that he was never saved after “SAY GOODBYE”. He’s been waiting MONTHS, tired afraid, confused and definitely uncomfortable in that inferno of a place.

He seems like he’s getting worn out and tired in the second pic. And as seen by the description, I think his spirit’s so broken rn, that the void’s starting to AFFECT HIM, MAKING HIM FEEL WEIRD AND POSSIBLY DETERIORATING THE OLD JACK TO A POINT WHERE HE’S ALMOST TOO FAR GONE TO SAVE?

SO, not only is Jack most likely trying to escape Anti, he’s also running out of time to do so before he becomes a broken shell of what he used to be. If we’re gonna save him, we have to figure something out as soon as possible.

before it’s too late…..

Should you fight Shinee?

A/N: you guys seemed to like the Topp Dogg version so here’s a Shinee one 😇 and again, not my idea so credit to whoever came up with this hilarious concept

 Onew: tbh, yeah. Who tf ignores people just for food? Eat in your own damn time jfc stop being a chicken hoe. But then again you’ll probably regret it just because his smile can cure cancer and no one can survive without seeing it so pls don’t break his pretty face. You better apologize after bc this one will sulk like a lil bitch 

 Jonghyun: I’d fight this short punk in a heartbeat. Bling Bling Bling that ass over here boi. Will go full ninja on your ass, probably. He’s short so he’s gonna move quickly, watch out. So obnoxious and flirty, please fight him. Just make sure Key doesn’t find out tho…or your ass is in trouble 

 Key: um no? Will throw so much shade at you, you wouldn’t survive trust me. Before you even get close to him he’d be like “bitch, you fr rn? You tryna catch these hands real quick?” And go back to scrolling on his phone. Don’t even bother with this one, he looks too good to be messed with. Will probably scold you on your fashion choices, wyd 

 Minho: aw no :( besides the fact that he’s actually innocent (barely) and has a good heart, he’s hella tall n muscular so girl you better think again. Might assist you with fighting the other members tho, dibidibidis one is always looking for a good time 

 Taemin: ugh, this maknae. Looks innocent and sweet, but is actually a walking meme so pls tell him to stop being so confusing all the mf time. Knock him out for always talking shit about his hyungs. Is2g every time he opens his mouth, it’s a dibidibi diss on the other members. So pretty, but so aware of it. Fight him pls ty

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(honest) opinions on harry's album? 💚

  • nut
  • not to insinuate theres like anything lyrically rihvolutionary abt a dude jacking off but ive been thinking abt harry waking up groggy jacking off for years so again: nut
  • its cool to me that he wants to show off his influences and pay tribute to whats shaped him like mostly individually i didnt think anything sounded the same it wasnt really a straight 50/50 of bops or vibes i could tell he definitely wanted everything to sound like its own thing like a piece of him 
  • the story is so cohesive i mean hes definitely christian bale talking to girl #3 but id still watch that movie just bc it sounds like the cinnamon tography would be good whic is to say the album feels so visual to me even if its like…not what we understand to be a ‘visual album’ its like picturesque and that really speaks to strong writing 
  • the story is just so tight like one listen all the way thru the album i feel like i just lived the highs and lows of a chaotic and confusing romance but it left me in a haunting intermission and i dont know when the mad rush to the airport scene cue credits is going to happen yet and i love that its not like linear storytelling it feels like there were so many cuts and flashbacks that just led you to the same empty hotel room its so like gorgeously circular i think
  • solid debut it feels familiar enough bc we like know hes weird we know hes a rockstar we could sort of predict most of these sounds it feels like finally indulging in this body of work that you were imagining for a long time but he still made it just surprising enough and introduced new parts of himself so it was new too and felt like beginning and not just like closure after a long journey for old fans 
  • i think harrys going to stay true to what makes him harry styles and i think its gonna work out really well for him 
  • hes like……so fun 
  • and he doesnt feel like an imitation or an 80s throwback thats just the fad rn like this isnt just a 10 track nostalgia piece it just feels like a combination of his influences and still feels present and unique and fun and like he could take it somewhere that sets him apart 
  • i dont think this album is meant to be a masterpiece and i dont think it is either i didnt love every track equally i didnt even outright love every track but for what it is like for a self titled debut album its peak
  • nut
  • i loved 1d but the creative exploration and the like experimental stuff he did on this is really apparent and i wish he took even more risks but the ones he did take were like so fun its a good color on him in my onion

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I want all the meta on that bar, like what's that yellow(canon?)thingy was it supposed to shoot confetti when some1 managed to ride Larry all the way?Also how well do u know ur brother Sam if the cowboy bar isn't the 1st place u check? It's obvious Dean wanted 2 treat himself & indulge, the waitress confirms this w/ 'u had the hots for larry since u walked in'. And we also /know/ Dean, so the fact that he had 4 shots b4 means nothing like he was probably going omg i'm so drunk rn hope i don't do

anything stupid what no i’m not gonna ride Larry ahaha omg u guys i can’t believe u’re making me ride larry ok here i go:)) Maybe that’s y i’m so ok w/ how the waitress thing panned out bc she saw thru him & accepted him & thought him riding larry was amazing, and Dean needed that validation(also that apology when she thought he’d been roofied was imp). Basically no one can convince me that Dean didn’t immediately say fuck it if i’m not riding Cas, bi God Imma ride Larry!

I need to start saying “bi God” immediately all the time

I was talking with @mittensmorgul​ and @obsessionisaperfume​ about Sam’s lack of knowledge about what type of bar Dean would pick. Even though HE was the one who told Dean he has a cowboy fetish, I don’t think he really… sees all the way through sometimes. We were talking about Dean tracking Sam in 4x21 or whenever, that time Sam went and got the honeymoon suite to hide from Dean because it was the last thing he’d normally do, and Dean followed the trail of reverse-psychology cars and stuff all the way to him because he KNOWS Sam that well.

It’s not really a bad judgement on Sam because the point is DEAN is the one who keeps all this from Sam, like, not sharing that he’d gone and watched Finding Dory 6 times and cried every time (okay I may be extrapolating from between the lines here :P) when that’s a pretty harmless headcanon. But I think the whole point was Sam’s disadvantage? And that he needed to learn a bit more about Dean vs performed Dean? So the bar seemed really random and after a long dude where’s my car quest for SAM but if Dean had been tracking a memory-less Sam, he could have trailed him much better… He even did, in Born Under A Bad Sign, and that was mostly Meg :P 

Anyway yeah Dean totally just wanted to ride Larry to vent his frustration about the whole Cas thing. “Sacred Oath? Oh come on, I’m being cockblocked by heaven this isn’t fair.”

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“ i got you. it’s gonna be okay, you’re going to be okay.”

Nicos/Dorian - fun times (not)

it seems im stuck in a weird late-night present-tense rut but i’m running with it.

under a cut for length

The nightmare starts like it always does.  It’s too dark and he’s in the woods and someone’s pulling his hair and he’s trying to cry out but he can’t make a sound.  The shadows move closer, grabbing him violently and he’s thrashing, trying to get away, but the hands tighten their grips.  He closes his eyes as tightly as he can, covering his ears with hands that feel like they might not be his and he’s curling into a ball as the shadows try to suffocate him.

And suddenly he’s sitting up, gasping and sweating and tangled in the sheets with hot tears running down his face.  Trying not to disturb Dorian, he slowly climbs out of bed, watching his hands shake as he pushes the sheets off him.  There’s anxious energy spiking through him and he begins pacing around the room, nervously whispering to himself as he runs his fingers through tangled hair. He hears someone’s groggy voice and he shakes his head, trying to shrink away from the sound.  

He holds a hand up, warning the voice to stay back, though a choked sob escapes him and the voice is now concerned and getting closer.  Before he can remember he’s no longer asleep, there’s hands on his arms, trying to stop his thrashing and he screams.

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First Meeting

 request: Love your writing! Can you do an imagine where both of your parents are college friends and are finally meeting up again. You have never met the Mendes family before but your parents talk about them all the time. You meet the family and you and Shawn have an instant connection :)

“Oh! You’re never going to guess who I ran into today at the store!” Your mother set her fork on her plate as she remembered the events of the day. You and your father exchanged a look before he asked her who she saw. “Karen! And you’ll never guess who she married!”

Your father took a swig of the soda he was drinking, before answering. “She married Manny. Yeah, we talked not too long ago. Brought his son into the shop.” 

“Oh, well, we’re having dinner with them on Friday.” Your mother informed the two of you, and you groaned when she smiled wickedly at you. “You know, their son is your age. He’s a lovely young man.”

“Oh my God, Mom.” You rolled your eyes, she was always trying to set you up with her friends’ kids. 

An hour and a half before you were supposed to go to the Mendes’ for dinner, you sat on your floor in front of your closet, deciding on what to wear. You looked at the shoes you had lined up, and decided on a pair of skinny jeans and a camisole with a cute sweater on top. You grabbed the ankle boots that went well with the outfit and slipped them on before going to do your makeup.

Walking down the steps, you saw your mother putting on some bracelets. “Dressing to impress, I see.” Your mother smiled.

“Yeah, sure.” You grabbed your phone and followed your mother out to the car.

Arriving at the Mendes residence, you followed your father up to the door. Your mother rang the doorbell, and Karen opened the door, and smiled. “Hi!” The mothers gushed for a moment, before she let you into the house. “This is Y/N, our daughter.” Your mother introduced you, and you smiled. 

“Nice to meet you.” 

Karen smiled. “You’re my son’s age! Speaking of him,” She walked over to the steps, “Shawn! Aaliyah! Get down here!” Two sets of footsteps came down the steps, and you felt your cheeks heat up when you saw Shawn. “This is Y/M/N and Y/F/N, and their daughter, Y/N.” 

“Hi!” Aaliyah smiled, sticking her hand out to shake.

Shawn followed in his sister’s suit, and shook your hand as well. He smiled, “It’s nice ot meet you.”

“You, too.” You smiled, trying not to say too much. You had a habit of embarrassing yourself in front of cute boys, and damn, was Shawn cute. The three of you followed your parents into the dining room, and sat down at the table. 

“We never use this room, only for holidays.” Shawn whispered to you, and you snorted. 

Dinner went smoothly, with your parents and Shawn’s parents talking through almost the entire meal, and you, Aaliyah, and Shawn talked, as well. “So, how old are you guys?” You asked, taking a drink of the water.

“I’m eightteen. She’s thirteen.” Shawn nodded to his sister, and she rolled her eyes. 

“I’m eightteen, too. Just turned, actually.” You smiled, taking pride in that fact.

Aaliyah excused herself from the table, seeing the chemistry between her brother and you. Shawn bit his lip before gaining the courage to ask you, “Do you by chance have a phone?”

You rolled your eyes, slipping out your phone. You tapped it a couple times, before sliding him your phone with the New Contact screen showing. He typed in his number and texted himself, and smiled. 

When you got back to your place, you smiled when you saw Shawn texted you that you forgot your purse. “Guess I’ll just have to go back and get it.” You shrugged, sending him a text. 

“So you and Shawn, huh?” Your mother asked, scaring you.

You blushed, shrugging again. “Maybe.” You smiled and looked at your phone. “I hope so.” 

yikes this is my third time writing this i couldn’t keep an idea i liked. send in requests :D or send in what your favorite song off illuminate is (ps i’m planning on making imagines based off each song so stay tuned!!!!)

also i’m jamming out to bad reputation rn if that isn’t on the setlist i’m gonna cry. 


my baby :^) my sunshine :^) my gentleman :^) jisoo has been on my mind lately… … ..ok im so unloyal like i stan everyone in svt i dont even have a bias cAN SOMEONE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT IM FRUSTRATED:

  • he’s so dad material he’s going to be a great dad
  • take care of the kids very well like he’s the dream dad ok
  • ok but even tho jisoo may seem calm and chill… .. …he is full of surprises
  • he’s so aggressive about anime
  • still gets excited about the hamster you guys bought long ago
  • okhow many kids does jisoo want to have….. .. ..since he’s an only child i feel like he knows how boring it is bc im also an only child even tho being an only child has its own advantages
  • so i feel like he would want to have many kids and since theres gonna be a lot fricky frackle time going on…… ..he’s down for it
  • i dont think he is innocent… . .. ..i mean this boy is full of surprises remember when a fan ask him for good song and he recommended ray j - sexy can i dont trust this kid
  • so yeah…his favorite place to make out with u is probably on the kitchen counter bed what r u expecting he’s a gentleman
  • JK he lowkey think its hot to make out on the kitchen counter @ JISOO I KNOW UR SECRETS DUDE
  • ok im actually afraid that he might be reading this rn wtf
  • he’s’ gonna try cooking for u bc he thought its cute and romantic but it only results him almost burning the whole house
  • “remind me to never cook again”
  • him serenading you 24/7
  • singing you to sleep =w=
  • i feel like he would just wake up in the middle of the night seeing you still working on a school project that is due in 3 days  and he’s just gonna be like
  • “hey lets take a walk”
  • “at 2 in the morning????”
  • “yes gacha” and just like that he takes ur hand in his
  • and you have no choice??? but like youve never seen this side of jisoo and like waaaAaAaaAAaaah you’re gonna have so much fun that night
  • ok lets get to the point where you tell him taht youre pregnant with his kid HE’S PROBABLY GONNA CRY LOL MY BABY
  • “omg ur stupid, ofc!!!! and its ur kid”
  • talking to ur tummy abt all the things he’s gonna do with him/her when they’re born!!
  • he loves to kiss ur nose and it only made u blush bc he did it randomly
  • and he really loves to hug u from behind =w=
  • and nuzzle his face in your neck!!!!! while mumbling something sweet!!!!
  • and about kids… .. …
  • he’s gonna look at his first kid like “oh my god THIS is our kid our first kid!!!!! i think it has my eyes and ur nose and my lips and ur ear an d oh my goD!!!!! LOOK IT SUDDENLY HOLDS MY FINGER”
  • he’s gonna drive the kids to school when he doesnt have any schedule
  • and play them some song before they sleep or just basically any time
  • “appa!!! can u teach me how to play that!!!”
  • “yes!!! yes!!! teach me too!!!”
  • “AND ME TOO”
  • and he’s just gonna be so exicted about it that he bought little guitars for all of them cUtE
  • youre gonna miss him when he’s away along with the kids so youd constantly video call and he would send many selfies and pictures of a toy store or anything tbh
  • im sure theres gonna be a super cute family selfies
  • and josh is basically a little hamster who loves you to death like “what the hell am i gonna do without you?” yes its cheesy but like its the truth he’s gonna be a mess probably
  • “WOW WE’RE ACTUALLY MARRIED this is crazy”
  • “ok jisoo that was like 3 years aGO GET OVER IT”
  • “I CANT OK YOURE SO BEAUTIFUL THAT DAY HOW CAN I JUST GET OVER IT NO and its been 3 years.. .. ..i thought that was like a month ago”
  • yeah so u should be prepared of this boy bc he is full of surprises and im sure he is?????? i mean if u happen to marry him and he is not like all these things above feel free to contact me u never know riight

im just hoping jisoo is not reading any of this ok good for more husband!au click here

Itazura na Kiss: Love in Okinawa Recap and Review~

Because I feel like being a dork and doing a little tidbit on the honeymoon special uwu

I guess some people didn’t like the it??? I don’t know why, because I absolutely adored it, but maybe that’s just cause I’ve been waiting for it for a year and have watched the first season enough times (3 actually) to learn how to read into things way too much. I dunno. I thought it was great, and here’s why:

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Okay here's what I need from skam next:

- the Boys reaction when they see Isak next, especially Jonas. I know they’re all gonna be super happy for Isak and also like oh damn boi did you get it onnn? And I just need that rn yep.
-More interactions between Noora and Eskild and Even pleeease. Like I definitely need Eskild and Even to tease Isak and make him go all blushy and shy and embarrassed but in a cute way
-Noora and Eskild’s reactions to Isak after Even has left. You know both of them will tease the heck out of Isak and they’ll both be super happy for him too
-Even to meet the Boys please. They all seemed super excited to meet Even but Isak kicked them out so I need a proper meeting. Also, like maybe Even can walk up to them at school or something and say hi to Isak (maybe even kiss his cheek??)and then Isak kinda has to introduce them bc they’re all sitting right there and also like Magnus maybe is all like oh so who’s this?? even though he knows exactly who it is
-Noora and Eva fangirling bc they were right about Isak but they’re really fangirling about how sweet Even is and how cute they are together bc Noora tell Eva all about that morning and how adorable it was -MORE DOMESTIC EVAK PLS AND THX

Post catws, Bucky doesn’t trust himself to be around Steve just yet, but his protective streak is still going strong so he sends texts to the other Avengers to do his job for him while he watches from afar.

During battles

dont let him go in there by himself nat hes gonna get himself crushed by shit falling from the ceiling

stark get that bogey off him jfc is that suit snail powered or what

keep an eye on him wilson theres a cliff. hes gonna get thrown off it sooner or later. i just kno it

And during down time

has he eaten nythin today

its gonna be cold today make him some chicken soup

nat did u get that

make him some chicken soup

u didnt srsly let him go out w o a scarf did u. its fuckin freezn r u kiddin me rn

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Hi Sasha, thanks for getting back to me. I get the unsettling feeling M!M will be difficult to the very end too. For a while now I've felt that April 10 was a warning shot from Azoff to M!M, in case M!M fucked up the stunt or reconciliation, or did something Azoff would have to clean up. The April 10 narrative was: "Zayn left because M!M sucks, and M!M still sucks for the remaining four." Yesterday a shady Business Insider article about the stress of too much touring name checked Zayn. Not [1]

long before the stunt began, a BBC article suggested the boys were overworked and listed their albums/tours/major releases. There have been a few other similar articles here and there. The boys being overworked isn’t news, and the April 10 narrative listed more offenses (even the closeting). IMO those are probably not coincidences. I really do suspect Azoff is willing to publicly drag M!M if the stunt and the team change doesn’t go the way they want. I would hope it doesn’t get to that, but [2] knowing how vindictively M!M seems to be taking it (like separating Harry/Louis, or turning up the closeting on Zayn/Liam to level 11) I wouldn’t put it past M!M to try to fuck up where they can. If I were M!M I’d play nice because their clientele other than 1D is unimpressive and they have a rep of mismanaging artists, which is probably why even Simon dropped them.  But bottom line, I don’t think April 10 was random. I think it could be warning shots/insurance policy for M!M’s horrid fuckery.


Hey honey. I hope you’re right. Atm, everything is STILL a mess. If there’s a trump card the Azoffs are holding, it’s time to play it. All of 1D are being used as bargaining chips at this point. Even the previously teflon Niall is fair game (paps at his house at 5am? that’s messed up). I just get the feeling that Modest will facilitate everything going to hell because they have nothing to lose at this point. They’re losing their #1 client. They’ve already made a ton of money. They’ve gotta consider their own professional reputation at this point. I’ve said before I believed they wanna portray 1D as a trainwreck in order to salvage their professional reputation upon losing them. That seems to be playing out.

But at the same time Zayn is pretty much golden rn and Modest has cooperated with that. So what are they gonna do with him? A narrative has been created where 1D could certainly benefit from Zayn’s return. But is something going on behind the scenes to hold that up? I think there’s some bts bullshit going on. The end could be heaven or it could be hell. Really, it could go either way. I’m still hopeful the Azoffs (and Simon Cowell) can pull this off. But I doubt it’s gonna be simple or easy making that happen with Modest still in the picture.

Rumor has Modest will officially be around until November 1st. If that’s true, then potentially they could fuck up the rest of the tour and the album. I hope they don’t.