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Allure II

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Pairing: Yoonji (Yoongi) x Reader
Genre: comedy, fluff, cross-dressing
Summary : Yoonji is the transfer student of the year you’ve always been fascinated with. What if you came to learn about her little secret?


“Damn… I don’t want to spend an entire week studying that shit…”

You nibbled on your bottom lip, gaze glued to the book you were studying as you let out a heavy weary sigh. Yoonji chuckled from the other side of the room, laugh deep and teasing. Now you were beginning to understand why that school was famous for its amount of work. Actually, the rumors were quite true and you cursed your parents for choosing this one. Holding your pen between your fingers, you distractedly tapped the tip against your temple, deep down wanting to meddle in peace. At least, you were far away from classes. The day was over.

No whining from the literature poet boy, Hoseok. No questionable jokes from the slow-witted student, Namjoon. No cold glances from the mysterious Jungkook. No long and tiring discussions with the nerd, Taehyung. No bragging from the idol of the school, Jin. No questions about Yoonji from the prince charming and classroom leader, Jimin. At least for now. But you could not meddle in peace since Yoonji was here with you. There were times you wanted to cherish solitude. There had been times when Yoonji needed some alone time from everyone so she had taken night walks out of the campus.

“Don’t do it then.”

Simply mumbled Yoonji, absorbed in one of her crime books. She was sitting on her bed, back against the wall, hair slightly disheveled from a previous nap after today’s classes. Given the end of the day, you turned to her, heavy and tired look on your face as you parted your lips, searching for your own words.

“And please. Get some fucking sleep. I can still see your dark circles under your concealer. Geez…”

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