gonna go dig my own grave now

nightmarewolf133  asked:

just woke up, went on tumblr and immediately started questioning my existence. If you heard something like, about half an hour ago, that was me screaming. (in all seriousness tho, i'm fucking sh00k Anti noticed me) now excuse me i'm gonna go die

You… You mean you didn’t hear the community spontaneously combust all at once last night? It was madness!! O.o

Oh god. I could only imagine waking up to see the aftermath, let alone a direct response from Anti himself.

…… I’ve been digging my own grave in preparation of what might happen for a while now. Shall I make one for you as well? Anyone else?

So here we are with the “Three assembles and paints her very first warhammer 40k model”. This first episode we start with the Sisters of Battle Exorcist… something I probably shouldn’t have started with as my very first thing ever but flamethrower wielding space nuns who fire church missiles. 

We open the box and WOOWWW ok that is a lot of stuff ok this is fine I can do this …..

Oh … oh ok… apparently we have zero instructions and the box has no picture … right ok… this is still doable… we can do this. Just need to lesbian powers activate

Flannel: Donned
Tools: Unpacked
Gay: out 

Ok with my newly activated lesbian building skills, some common sense (aka dry fitting shit that looked relatively close to being right together) and some online pictures we assembled the base WOOO. Pretend it looks awesome ok.

Ok ok so next was the metal… which of course has warped and doesn’t sit right in many places because of course it doesn’t so gonna file me some stuff down to try reduce the amount of ASKEWWWW. 

Ok that sort of worked….. so all that is left is the remaining assembly (plus green stuff to fill in the gaps) and the dreaded painting… which i suck at because I don’t ever paint so this should be fun! Especially those small miniature figures! *digs her own grave*

AND HERE WE GO. Is it perfect? Lmfao god no it’s shit and I am sorry I let down the team… but it’s painted? and it didn’t fall apart? So for my first ever one I say yes good. Well done. Let me die now.