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You know what? FUCK BUCKLEMMING!!!!

I RARELY get upset with an episode. I’ll defend the majority of them to the end but 12x21 was HORRIFIC writing with ABSOLUTE NO CREATIVITY or compassion for the characters that the better writers of the show created. 

Supernatural is better than this and deserves more than this. Bucklemming have no concept of what Supernatural is about. This was an absolute disgrace to the cast, crew, and the other writers, like the ones who have to clean up the bullshit of a mess that these two create in the first place. 

I’m sure Robert Singer is gonna get shit AGAIN at the conventions for this episode and Andrew Dabb is going to get shit at SDCC and frankly, I hope they curl up in a corner for it.

Where’s Robbie Thompson, where’s Jeremy Carver, where’s Eric Kripke?!

I want my show back.

sednamode  asked:

Congrats on the milestone!! For a prompt how about something silly like pidge taking shiro on an exploration of the castle's ventilation system for some reason except shiro gets stuck cause he's so much bigger

“In my defense, you really did fit through most of the vents, just like I said you would.”

“Yes, but I’m stuck now.” Shiro knew he sounded whiny. He didn’t care. He wiggled his body as much as he could, but his shoulders were still jammed firmly into what was supposed to be an opening. Well, it didn’t count as an opening if it wasn’t open, which it wasn’t, because Shiro was jammed into it like a cork in a bottle.

Yeah, even his thoughts were whiny.

Pidge’s face contorted as she struggled not to laugh. She had flipped herself to face backward in the passage ahead and was tugging on Shiro’s shoulders, trying to free him while he pushed with his legs from behind. It wasn’t working. She didn’t have the right leverage, and with his arms trapped at his sides, he couldn’t get any kind of momentum.

They struggled for a few moments, grunting with effort, then both gave up at the same moment, going limp. The vent was getting too hot with both of them in there. And with Shiro blocking the passage of air.

“I could get Coran,” Pidge offered again. She had first suggested that option ten minutes ago, when Shiro had thought he might still have a chance to get out on his own. Now, he wasn’t so sure.

“Does it have to be Coran?” Shiro asked, weary just at the thought. “He’ll be all…cheerful about it. And he’ll pat my head and call me ‘little paladin,’ the way he does every time I get myself in trouble. I hate that.”

Pidge chewed her lip, but the corners of her mouth still curled in an irrepressible smile. “The only other option would be Hunk, and he would get even more stuck than you.”

Shiro blew out a huge, enormous sigh and gave up. “Fine,” he grumbled. “Get Coran.”

Quiznak, he was never gonna live this down. He was never going to let Pidge talk him into helping her with a prank on Keith and Lance again.

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Request by Anonymous: “I think a Steve x plus size reader would be nice”

A/N: Thanks for your impute/ request!  After writing this, I actually would like to write a fic about an underweight!reader x Bucky.  Also, I think you should listen to this song by Mary Lambert before you read. Enjoy all my beautiful readers!

Steve x plussize!reader

Word count: 2227 (way longer than I anticipated)

Summary:  When (Y/N) is feeling insecure, she stops acting like herself.  Steve always takes notice.

Warnings: self-hate, self-depreciation, angst, sad reader, fluffy ending!

(Picture and GIF not mine)

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JackCrutchie soulmate tattoo AU?

IM SO SORRY- this has been sitting in my inbox for weeks on end and I just could not think of anything. But I just did. So here you go I hope you’ll still take it.

Jack knew he was different from the minute he understood what soulmate marks were. Everyone had scribbles of the first words their soulmate would say to them, tattooed on their wrist.

Everyone but Jack.

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"people are fragile things, you should know by now. be careful what you put them through" it can go both ways! bc victor can be as fragile as our dear yuuri.

Yuuri has been called “the figure skater with the world’s biggest glass heart” for as long as he remembers himself being in the competitive world of skating. The nickname stuck far too easily, clung onto his name like cyanoacrylate to skin, and led him into believing that he was weak, never good enough, vulnerable.

And he was, he is. He may not be weak in the same way that he thought he was before Viktor came into his life, but he knows that he’s vulnerable. His heart is still made of glass, for all that it is flesh and blood in his chest, and it continues to beat its staccato rhythm whenever he cries and struggles to breathe through hiccupping inhales.

He is vulnerable, and he accepts that.

But, perhaps, he is not as fragile as he thought he was. Looking at Viktor now, with dismay in his eyes and tremors running through his graceful hands, Yuuri has to wonder:

Who is more fragile, really? The one whose heart is open to vulnerability, or the one whose heart has been closed for so long that any attempts at prying it open have only lead to an outpouring of tears?

“I’m sorry,” he says, struggling to meet Viktor’s gaze as tears start to brim in those beautiful, ocean-blue eyes. “Viktor, I thought- I didn’t think you were serious.”

“You always think that,” Viktor retorts, voice surprisingly steady despite the tears already running down his cheeks. Unfair, Yuuri thinks, that he can still be so beautiful even when he cries. Unfair, unfair, unfair, that he can still look composed even in his moments of weakness.

“You always misconstrue my intentions, over and over,” Viktor says, lips trembling for the slightest of moments as he glares at Yuuri through wet, curling lashes. “Am I so untrustworthy that you wouldn’t believe my promise of marriage after you won gold?”

“You always make outlandish promises that you forget to keep,” Yuuri argues, remembering Yurio, remembering Viktor in his family’s onsen saying “I’ll make you win the Grand Prix Final!”, remembering his promise to stay on as Yuuri’s coach despite going back into competitive skating himself. “And you talked about it so casually that I didn’t know what to believe!”

“What else is there to believe other than my love for you?” Viktor asks, and Yuuri feels his face heat at his unabashed honesty. To be so sure of a feeling, something intangible and fleeting in ephemeral words- Yuuri doesn’t understand how Viktor does it. He doesn’t understand how Viktor feels himself free enough, confident enough, sure enough to say such things to Yuuri’s face without feeling the doubt and nervousness constantly niggling at the back of his mind. Viktor even goes so far as to add, already wiping (gently) at the tears in his eyes, “What else is there to believe other than my promise to stay by your side for as long you want me, Yuuri? What more must I say?”

“I’m sorry,” he repeats, and Viktor (somehow) glares a little harder.

“That’s not what I want to hear,” Viktor grumbles, sounding a little less angry as he does sound petulant.

Yuuri breathes, feeling something in his chest loosen at the wrinkle on the bridge of Viktor’s nose and the pout playing on his lips. “What, then?” he asks. “What do you want me to say?”

Viktor says, sure and firm in the tone of his voice, “Take it back.”

Yuuri wrinkles his own nose in confusion at the determined gleam in Viktor’s eyes. “Take what back?”

“You, saying that you thought our engagement was a joke. Tell me that you still want to marry me, lyubov moya,” Viktor says, and to anyone else who doesn’t know him, to anyone else who still genuinely believes that Viktor is a playboy merely because of his media persona, he would look calm and certain and a perfect picture of poise.

But Yuuri can see the tremble in his lips, the minute twitch of his clenched fists, and the way he swallows and looks up at Yuuri like he has all that Viktor has ever wanted from the universe. Yuuri sees all of this, and he knows:

Viktor is shaky, unsure, and all because Yuuri has made him to be.

“Of course I want to marry you,” he says, failing to hide a smile when Viktor’s shoulders visibly slump in relief at his confirmation. “Viktor, I’ve loved you for probably longer than I can count. Watching you made me fall in love with skating and, I think,” he pauses to swallow through his dry throat, hand reaching out to cover Viktor’s own as it rests on his lap, “it was what got me this far. You’ve always been an inspiration to me, and so much more.”

“You inspire me too, solnishko, more than you know,” Viktor says, smile returning bright and warm on his face as he turns his hand to raise Yuuri’s own, all just to press a kiss to his ring-adorned finger. “And it would give me the greatest joy if you were to marry me.”

Yuuri laughs, because the formality present in Viktor’s words is so unusual that he can’t help himself. “I already said that I wanted to marry you, didn’t I?” he teases, before bursting into laughter when Viktor jumps up to tickle him down into the couch. “V-Viktor, no!” he squeaks, struggling but not quite under Viktor’s weight as he wiggles fingers into the soft flesh of Yuuri’s sides.

Dorogoi,” Viktor says once he’s stopped, propping himself up by the elbows while lying over Yuuri as though he were a human blanket (and what an effective one he was, being able to soothe away Russia’s cold). His smile is so sweet, so affectionate, that Yuuri can’t help from smiling fondly back despite the heaving breath of his lungs. “Yuuri, I don’t think any man or human being could ever feel as happy as I do now, being able to have you like this.”

“Oh, I doubt that,” Yuuri says, smile curling at the corners of his lips as he cocks an eyebrow up at Viktor. Viktor almost looks concerned, probably confused as to what Yuuri means, until he says, “You still have me to compete with, after all.”

Viktor’s smile softens at that, ocean-blue eyes going warm as he leans in to press their foreheads together. With eyes falling shut, he says,

“That I do, my Yuuri. That I do.”

Mind the gap (Bruce Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: A imagine of Bruce and reader having arguing because of a somewhat large age gap ??
Summary: Fighting because of a large age gap.
Word count:  1233 (WOAH gurl)
Warning(s): nothing that I could think of

The constant struggle of dating an older man, the continuous cycle of worry and fear. What if you’re too immature for him? What if when you’re older they want to change you for a newer ‘model’? It all had been going through your head a lot recently. 

You had brought it up with Bruce once, but he just pushed it away like a non issue, he didn’t care. You weren’t sure if it was because it was true, or because it was a far fetched theory that was nowhere near true.

So today you were planning on trying to talk about it again, to knock some sense into yourself, or him.

He was in his study, doing some paperwork, as he did nearly every afternoon. You walked in closing the door quietly behind you, taking a seat in one of the two large leather seats in front of his large dark wood desk. He keeps his eyes on his work, sensing your anxiousness by the way you were rubbing your hands and thighs. 

y/n what’s wrong?” He asks, writing his signature on a couple of papers before looking up at you. You breath out heavily, your heart racing and stomach turning. “Do you ever think I might be too young for you?” You directly ask, trying to avoid the beating around the bush.

He only huffs, “We’ve talked about this.” He says sternly. 

No Bruce, the last time I tried to talk about it, you just said that it isn’t an issue.”

“It still isn’t” He says bluntly, starting to get irritated.

It obviously is, since you’re avoiding the topic when I bring it up.” You start getting heated, quickly recognizing your mistake, when Bruce gives you his ever so famous glare, before spitting his venom, “What do you want to hear from me y/n, that I’m gonna leave you for someone better? younger?” He spat, causing tears to prick at the corners of your eyes. 

You quickly run out of the room, slamming the heavy wooden door closed with a loud bang, running up the stairs and into your and Bruce’s bedroom. Curling up on the bed, your thoughts and his words fueling your tears.

It might have been a couple hours later, when a knock sounded from the door. “Go away!” 

“I’m sorry Miss. y/l/n, but tonight’s the gala you promised to go to and it would be a shame to cancel at this late minute.” Alfred’s loving yet professional voice sounds through the thick door. 

You had completely forgotten about the charity gala that was taking place tonight, and after this fight there is not much chance that you’ll be going together with Bruce.

Opening the door, Alfred smiles at you apologetically, before handing you a large bag that contains your dress. “I’ll drive you there, since Master Bruce requested to go separately.” He says, leaving and closing the door behind him.

Your prior sadness is washed away by the now developing boiling anger within you. He even told Alfred that he didn’t want to go with me, the nerve of this man.

You got dressed, did your hair and makeup. Walking down the large stairs with your heels in hand, you finally reach the bottom before slipping the gorgeous shoes on your feet. Spotting Alfred in the doorway waiting. “Where’s Bruce?” You ask as uninterestedly as possible, while fixing the small wrinkles in your beautiful black dress, that was meant to match Bruce’s suit perfectly.

He left about half an hour ago Miss.” He says helping to put on your coat and opening the front door. You just huff and roll your eyes, If your eyes could roll out of your sockets, theid me halfway to Metropolis by now. 

The car ride was quiet as usual with Alfred, him looking in the rear view mirror every once in awhile with a concerned expression.

When you finally get there, the hall is absolutely crowded, you can barely move without bumping into someone. Quickly you’re pulled into conversations you don’t want to be having, questions you would rather not be answering. Every rich gala-goer more annoying then the last. 

That’s when you spot him in the crowd, Bruce was standing there, with some woman that looks good enough to be a model. They’re all over him, and he doesn’t seem to mind, actually he seems to enjoy it. 

You push through guests to quickly get out from the exit, and Bruce definitely saw you. You hear him saying your name a couple of times, but you don’t turn back. He would see your tears right away, your pained expression. He would know that he did this and who know’s maybe that’s what he wanted, what he was out for.

You hopped into a cab outside that had just let out some more partygoers, “ Wayne manor please.” You say. The driver gives you a questioning glance but luckily starts driving. The whole way there he tries to spark a small conversation but you just couldn’t handle it. Mascara was streaked down your face, your hair was now disheveled from nervously pulling on it and touching it.

When you finally arrive you give the driver a few banknotes, not bothering to wait for him to give you the change. You storm up the stone stairs, Alfred preemptively opening the door.

You run past him, accidentally clipping shoulders and mumbling a quick “Sorry” Before quickly running to the bedroom just as you had hours ago.

Sobbs sound through the large room, but you could still hear the front door opening and closing. You heard some heavy footsteps on the stairs but the sounds of your cries were drowning everything out.

You were trying to calm yourself, but small sad hiccups made it hard to breath.

The door opens and Bruce quietly walks in, sitting on the edge of the bed. You didn’t say anything, but neither did he. He just watched with a sad expression, wishing that he hadn’t done what he did – it was regret he felt.

When your breathing somewhat stabilized he finally spoke up with his deep raspy voice, “I’m sorry love, I never meant to make you cry.” 

“But you did, why did you get her? just to rub it in my face?” You lightly sob.

I was angry, I just wanted to make you jealous, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He tries, knowing it might be futile.

I love you, and to answer your question from before: No I don’t want anyone younger because you’re exactly perfect for me and…” He says , pulling you lightly into his lap, running his fingers through your hair. “You’re just mature enough, I need a little light in this dark life of mine.” He says, laying a feather light kiss on your head. 

Will you please forgive me,” He wishfully asks, knowing that feelings and emotions aren’t his strong suit.

I will, but no more stunts like that or I’m walking.”  You state sternly, causing a devilish smirk to make it’s way on Bruce’s face. “You won’t be walking anywhere when i’m done with you,” He roughly whispers in your ear after pinning you on the bed under him.

For such an old man, you sure do have a sex drive,” You giggle, causing him to attack your neck with kisses, sure to leave marks for everyone to see. 


With love,

Finally - Thomas Imagine

Fandom: Maze Runner

Pairing: Thomas x Reader

~(Y/N)’s pov~

I hear a familiar sound outside so I exit the Med-Jack hut, my working space, and head towards the box. The boys are running past me to get to the box as soon as possible so they can see the new greenie. 

“Hey Y/N.” I hear a familiar voice next to me and I turn my head to the right.

“Hey Newt, what’s up?” I smile at one of my best friends.

“Nothing much. What do you think, what’s new greenie going to be like?” He asks.

“I bet in the chocolate he’s gonna run away from us.” I say and Newt grins.

“I bet he’s gonna be so scared that he’ll be curled up in the corner.” Newt replies and I smirk.

“It’s on.” We shake hands with grins on our faces. Minho, my other best friend, opens the box and the greenie get’s out scared and suddenly just as I predicted he starts to run. Everyone starts laughing and I look at Newt grinning.

“Dang it, there goes my chocolate.” He says smiling slightly.

“Ah don’t worry, we share everything anyways.” I say and Newt mirrors my smile. I jump down in the box and look for my box and boxes with medical supplies in it. I find them and pick up the two of them.

“Here let me help you.” The voice of my third best friend and my secret crush says just before he takes both boxes of my hands.

“Thomas you really don’t have to, I’ve got it.” I say and he smiles.

“Nonsense, I want to.” He says and I smile back. He helps me to carry my boxes and I thank him for the help before he leaves to unpack his own.


I talk with Newt as he works in the garden, I know he loves company while he’s working so I love to stop by when I don’t have anything to do. 

“So what’s up between you and Thomas?” Newt mentions and I blush immediately, he’s the only person who knows about my crush on Thomas. 

“Nothing. He only sees me as a best friend and that’s it.” I say rubbing my arm, something I often do when I’m uncomfortable or nervous.

“You must be blind. He’s head over heels for you, he always tries to get your attention and to be near you.” Newt says and I furrow my eyebrows.

“Really?” Normally I wouldn’t believe it but Newt has no reason to lie to me.

“Really Y/N.” He says back and I lean on the tree thinking about it. Maybe he’s right. Thomas really is around me quiet often, I hope Newt is right about this.

“Hey you two.” Thomas’ voice brings me back to reality and I look to my left to see him coming towards us with Minho. I smile in response and Thomas stretches his arms out towards me.

“No, don’t you dare.” I say backing away. He just came from the maze which means he’s all sweaty. I see a spark of mischief in his eyes which can only mean one thing, there’s no way I’m getting out of this one.

“Ooh Newt look at our babies.” Minho says and in that exact moment Thomas wraps his arms around me tightly.

“Eww Tommy!” I yell but I can’t help but laugh with everyone else.

“That’s just how he shows you that he loves you.” Minho teases and I look down at the ground blushing, missing the glare Thomas shot at Minho.

“I’ll go take a shower and then I’ll come back.” Brown haired boy says unwrapping his arms around me and I nod with a smile.

“Yeah I’m going too.” Minho says and two runners leave. I turn back to Newt to see him looking at me with a knowing grin.

“Oh shut up.” I say crossing arms and leaning back on the tree, but grin still breaks on my face. 

After 15 minutes I see Thomas coming back looking handsome as always. He picks a shovel on his way and spin it around like some kind of ninja.

“Y/N look what I can do.” He says and continues goofing with a shovel. I roll my eyes with a smile. Then he drops the shovel because he cut his leg and I sigh shaking my head.

“I’ll go get a bandage.” I say leaving towards the Med-Jack hut. I come back with a wet cloth and a bandage.

“I looked like a total idiot, didn’t I?” He sighs as I kneel in front of him.

“Just a little.” I smile softly and he returns it. I clean his cut and wrap the bandage around it, “Thank God it’s not deep, Minho would kill you if you weren’t able to run.”

“Yeah.” He chuckles and I look at him, I already know that I have that lovestruck face on but I don’t care. I’m in love with his perfect smile, with his shining brown eyes, his messy brown hair, his laugh, his bravery and protective side. I’m in love with him, the boy in front of me. He looks back at me and I notice a spark in his eyes, we stare at each other lovingly. We even start to lean in before a loud voice cuts us off. 

“Y/N we need you!” Clint yells and I jump away from Thomas. I look towards the direction I heard the voice and see Jeff and Clint holding a guy with a huge gap in his arm. My eyes widen and I quickly pick all my stuff up.

“Have to go.” I quickly mumble to Thomas and he nods understanding and I run to the hut.


After Thomas and I almost kissed we actually haven’t spoke that much. Many glances were shared between us but almost zero words. Newt keep pushing me to talk to him but I just can’t. 

“Y/N for the love of God just talk to him. You almost kissed right in front of my eyes and now you don’t even talk. Go run to him kiss him, hug him, tell him you love him or just talk to him!” Newt waves his hands around trying to explain it to me and I sigh.

“If he wanted to talk he would come to me.” I say stubbornly and the blond groans.

“You have nothing to be afraid of, he loves you back. Talk to him.” Newt rubs my back and I nod.

“Okay.” I say and Newt kisses my temple and leaves to work. I think about it and realize that I really missed him these days. I really missed Thomas’ laugh, smile, arms wrapped around me, his teasing and jokes..I missed him terribly. 

~Thomas’ pov~

“Why are you so stupid shank? Talk to her, you’ll just break her heart if you continue this way. Tell her you love her.” Minho tells me as we are running in the maze and I stop, taking deep breaths.

“What if I screw up everything? Nothing’s ever going to be same, she’ll hate me.” I say and Minho rolls his eyes. 

“Thomas listen to me. You almost kissed, are you stupid that you can’t figure out that she loves you too. She always looks at you when you’re not paying attention, in the same way you look at her, she’s always there to look out for you even if you won’t admit it. She. Loves. You.” Minho says stepping in front of me and my eyes widen. He’s right, but even if he’s not I can’t keep it in myself anymore. I missed her like crazy these few days, I need to find her. Now. I turn around and start running towards the Glade as fast as I can.

~Third’s person pov~

“Thomas wait!” Minho is heard from the maze. Y/N turns around and sees Thomas running out from the maze, towards her. She drops the bandages she was holding and starts running towards Thomas. They crash against each other and kiss passionately, pouring all unspoken words into that kiss. They pull away still wrapped in each others arms.

“I love you.” They say at the same time making grins to appear on both of their faces. Minho and Newt stand aside watching them with huge smiles on their faces, both of them thinking one thing: finally.

“Be mine.” Thomas says, his eyes glowing.

“I was always yours.” Y/N retorts softly and they kiss again, never feeling happier. 

“Hey Thomas?” Y/N suddenly says breaking apart and Thomas hums in response, “You need to take a shower.” She says grinning and starting to run away from him.

“Oh get back here.” Thomas grins chasing her. The Glade just got the cutest and goofiest couple.


  • Someone: Are you emotionally prepared for the season finale and all its potential Bellarke scenes? And maybe a possible goodbye that could break your shipper heart into a million pieces?
  • Me: *through sobs* Of course, I'm gonna be fine. My heart can totally handle it. There's no way I'll end up curled a ball in the corner of my room until next season.

Adding to my ‘Shadow slowly turning into a full Black Arm’ thing..

Imagine, while Tails is busy working on the cure, Shadow’s locked up in a prison chamber thingy that sucks up some of his Chaos Energy - just enough that he can’t easily blast his way out whenever he wants - he usually sits curled up in one of the back corners.

One day, Sonic and Rouge are hanging out just outside trying to tell him everything’s gonna be OK, but he’s just like “No. I’m going to kill everyone. No matter what you do.” they try to argue when suddenly he slams his face against the triple-reinforced glass window, pupils slitted, corneas yellowed, and with a giant sadistic grin on his muzzle, he goes into detail about how he’s gonna kill them in the slowest most painful ways imaginable and revel in their screams of agony.

Soon he snaps out of it, scootches back into his corner and quickly turns into a sobbing mess while Sonic and Rouge just sit there helplessly.

A Bracelet

Pairing: Sanha (Astro) x reader

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1076

Summary: Sanha has decided that today is the day that he will confess


Alright. Whew! Deep breaths. This was gonna be no problem! What was he thinking, of course it was a problem, what if you said no? What would he do? He saw you every day practically and you weren’t leaving. He couldn’t very well leave the group and go off to curl up in some far-flung corner of the world where he could hide in his misery and rejection. Would it really be so bad if he didn’t do this just yet? He could just go on being friends with you and maybe get a little more of an idea if you felt the same way. It was fine, he could go on like this, couldn’t he? No, he couldn’t. He was dying to know if you two would work out, and besides. His hyungs had pep talked him for this enough that if he chickened out now, he’d never hear the end of it. No, today was the day, this was the hour, and five or ten or, well, whatever minute you showed up for this little rendezvous, that was it. That was the minute that he was going to do it.

So, he stood there, rolling back and forth from his heels, to his toes, to his heels, to his toes out of nervousness and fidgeting with the bracelet in his pocket. A token of his affection. He figured it’d make it more romantic, as long as you actually said yes. If not, it might make it all just that much more uncomfortable, but he was way too invested now to be worried about that. So there he and that bracelet stood, waiting, until you arrived at the street corner by the ice cream shop that you always talked about. You’d go there after work to wind down with friends. ‘Their ice cream,’ you’d insisted, ‘was the best you’d ever had in Seoul, and you’d tried a lot of ice cream.’ So naturally, when he’d decided to do this, that was where he wanted to do it. Since you liked that little place so much, he’d figured that it’d be a good place to finally get something off his chest. And it fit with the story he’d gone with. A couple days before, he’d won a bet that he could flip a bottle three times in a row perfectly, and you promised that you’d buy him ice cream on his day off. It was stupid, but it gave him an excuse to see you outside of work.

When you got there, his face lit up in a genuine, bright smile as his hand flew up to wave hello. After exchanging greetings, the two of you wandered inside the little shop. When you got up to the counter, you got your usual and he got cookie dough. Just as you were about to pay, he reached his hand out to stop you.

“No don’t worry, I’ll get it.” He pulled out his wallet. You looked at him quizzically.

“Are you sure? You won the bet.”

“Don’t worry, I’m just glad to be able to hang out with you.”

That earned a well disguised but bashful blush from both of you to match the pink in his highlights. Your toes curled a little at the idea that he was so eager to be around you.

Once you both had your ice cream, you slid into opposite sides of a little booth by a window, and while you sat completely unaware of the goings on within Sanha’s bothered little brain, he occupied himself with swirling his spoon around his bowl. After a few moment’s of sitting in silence, you began to get the idea that something was up. So, with a sigh, you put your spoon down, slid it out of the way, crossed your arms on the table, and leaned forward to look at the boy intently. Hesitantly, his gaze turned up to meet yours as his eyes were wide and innocent.

“My impressive degree of intuition regarding your habits and mannerisms are tingling in such a way that tells me that you are, in fact, hiding something.”

You saw his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed hard, and a moment later, he looked back down and leaned back to rifle through his pocket, earning a look of confusion from you. When his hands came back up to the table, he had in his hand a delicate gold chain, adorned along its length with various golden charms. There was a rabbit, a flower, and a few charms that must have been handpicked as they related directly to you, and to your loves and interests, but the charm that attracted the most attention was at the middle of the chain. It was a heart with one white jewel at the top, and in the body of the heart was engraved Sanha’s name in Hangul. You subconsciously drew in a breath sharply out of surprise. It was a beautiful bracelet. After looking at it for a second, the corners of your mouth quirked up in a smile and you looked up to him for confirmation that this was in fact for you. He gained a little confidence at your response, and reached out shyly across the table, holding the chain out for you to lay your wrist over. When you complied, he fastened it gently before retreating bashfully back into his seat, fiddling with the end of his spoon once again.

“I didn’t just want to come here for ice cream.” He stated what was now becoming obvious to you. Your smile grew as the fluttering in your stomach reached a new high.

“I was thinking-well… I want-If you wanted to… I like you.” He stuttered out, not daring to look up at you out of fear that he’d see a look of discomfort or annoyance in your face. But you just smiled, and reached the hand with the bracelet across the table to weave a couple of your fingers in between his own.

“I like you too.”

He still didn’t look up, but a smile crept onto his features as a sense of warmness spread through his whole body and up into his cheeks. He visibly curled up a little out of happiness, and once he worked up the courage, he answered you by removing his hand from the spoon and diverting his attention towards interlocking his fingers more fully with yours, the ice cream now completely forgotten.


Do you guys ever have that thing happen to you where you’re writing a scenario or a reaction, or doing whatever productive thing you might be doing, and then all of a sudden you realize that you are in fact no longer doing that productive thing, but are instead browsing tumblr? But you have no recollection of actually going to tumblr, it was just one minute you were fine and the next you were falling down the rabbit hole that is the internet with nothing in between the two?

Title: Trust

Warnings: Smut, swearing

Author’s Note:  Request was for a “steamy” drabble for Glendening. Went a bit further than steamy. Hopefully it was alright? Burakovsky, Lindholm, Kronwall, and Malkin are upcoming up for the rest of the week. Also a bonus Auston Matthews story on Saturday as an early Easter present.

Word Count: 1,004

You rolled your eyes, watching as the girls closed in around him, taking selfies and giggling. You slipped into the passenger’s seat, glaring out the tinted windshield as Luke signed a final phone case before carefully extracting himself from the horde of girls. He opened the driver’s door, carefully closing it behind him. He glanced over at you, his eyes locking with your glowering stare.

“Babe, I just signed their things and took a few photos.” he said carefully, reaching his hand over the center console and resting it on your knee.

“I know Luke, I’m not pissed at you; I’m pissed at them.” you barked, still watching them as they scrolled through their phones, probably posting their pictures on Instagram. “It’s not even like they’re teenagers, god knows I would have acted the same way at that age, but fuck. These are grown women. They watched us walk out of the arena together; they watched us walking to the same car and they still crawl all over you.” you said angrily.

“You know there’s no reason to get upset by this.” he reasoned. “I know it sucks, but it’s happened before; and it’ll happen again.”

“It’s just such a slap in the face to me, and they don’t care. The pictures don’t bother me; it’s when they try to touch you.”

“I don’t work out just to score goals. Gotta stay lookin’ fresh for the ladies.” he said wiggling his eyebrows as he started the car; pulling out onto the road.

“It’s not funny Luke.” you said sternly. “Wipe that smirk off your face; you love the attention.” you snarled.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I know it bothers you.” Luke said; his face serious. “I’m just trying to do my best and be amenable to the fans. They’re not all that way.”

“Ugh, I know.” you sighed, turning your head as you looked out the window, buildings flashing by. “You are pretty lovable, I can’t blame them for liking you. And a lot of the people who wait to see you are great.” you said. “It’s just frustrating that those girls act like I’m not a person; that our relationship doesn’t exist. They think they can do whatever they want with you just because they’re there.”

“They can think what they want, but I’m not going to let them do anything. I’m not going to let them disrespect you or our relationship.” he said genuinely.  “I love you.” 

“I love you, too.” you mumbled softly, your eyes softening at Luke’s sincerity.

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Stuck In My Senses

Chapter Two

Ah, film night. One of my favorites. An almost religious little ritual we’ve had going on since the very beginning. The three of us, hanging out one night of the week, watching a movie, popping some popcorn and having a well deserved relaxed evening. I very much looked forward to these nights, as did the boys.

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The Broken Musketeers VI

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 2418

Pairing: BuckyxReaderxSteve

Summary: Bucky realises that he doesn’t want to live in an apartment that doesn’t have you in it. With that in mind, he braves Clint’s anger and goes to the archer’s place to try and bring you home.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9

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Post-12x08 fic, gen, 1561 words. For @alulaspeaks for the @bittersamgirlclub Secret Santa 2016. Also on AO3.

There’s a small slot towards the base of Dean’s cell door that’s his only point of communication with the outside world. Twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, a tray of food is pushed through. He can tell which is which by what they serve him: cold eggs and hash browns for breakfast, soggy tomatoes swimming in watery juice. In the evening, the menu’s more varied. Beans. Something that might be chilli. Sometimes there’s a slice or two of fruit. Either way, and however shitty the food, the moments where it arrives are usually the only events of Dean’s day; so he’s learned to anticipate them, to centre his activity on their coming.

After the first couple times, he lies on the floor when he thinks the slot might soon open, waiting for the brief opportunity it offers to peer through the opening into the corridor outside. He doesn’t know where they’re holding Sam; but he yells out anyway, “Sammy,” can’t hurt.

Sam doesn’t answer. He never answers, but Dean carries on yelling.

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Overprotective (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Anonymous requested:

Would you mind doing a Bucky x reader imagine where besides Steve the reader is the only one who is nice to Bucky and in return Bucky is super protective over the reader. Over time he starts developing feeling for the reader and admits it in a romantic way

  • Words:  1.475
  • Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
  • Warnings: Fluff.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/L/N) is your last name.

Bucky’s introduction to the Avengers was hard for everybody. Tony was especially reluctant to have him around his facilities, but considering that Steve was quite persistent he had no choice but to accept anyway. He always kept an eye on him and by an eye I mean two eyes; your eyes.
Somehow you were the one everyone trusted. You were very rational, and one of the best agents in all aspects. If it wasn’t for agent Romanoff and agent Barton, you’d be the number one, but there was no rivalry between you three; you were friends and you belonged to that privileged group of people called The Avengers.
When you first met Bucky was because Steve introduced him to you. You were not afraid, and surprisingly he seemed afraid to touch you, even if it was just a normal handshake, it made him terrified.
“Buck, this is agent (Y/L/N)” He pointed at you and you gave the ex-Winter Soldier a warm smile.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you” He greeted coyly, avoiding your look.
“The pleasure is mine, James” You held out your left hand; he doubted for a few seconds but you didn’t. You waited for him to held out his hand and when he did you shivered at the temperature “Wow, it’s kinda cold” You tried to joke; Steve sighed in relief and Bucky seemed to relax just a little “It’s good to have you here, you’ll be a great addition to the team, soldier” You smiled again which made the corner of his lips curl up a little “By the way, my name is (Y/N). You can skip the whole ‘agent’ thing” You quoted with your fingers and he nodded; now his eyes couldn’t part from yours.
“You can call me Bucky, or Buck” He replied.
“Ok Buck” You nodded to him.
“Do you want to show him the facilities?” Steve asked “Stark needed me for something and you know how diva he gets when things don’t go out his way”
“Sure!” You said excitedly “Buck and I are gonna have some fun going through the different rooms, right?” You looked at the brunette man whose jaw quivered when he tried to say something “I’ll take that as a yes”
“Ok, thank you (Y/N)” Steve leaned to kiss your cheek and then he ran to Tony’s lab.
“I guess the tour starts now” You said.
After 9 months of Bucky being around, the rest of the group still didn’t trust him and they tried to show him by giving him the cold shoulder. You, on the other hand tried to talk them out of the idea but they all had various reasons and as much as you hated to admit it, they were valid.
Luckily for Bucky and Steve, you had nothing against him, and as you predicted when you first met him; he was indeed a great addition to the team. More than once he saved your ass. There was this one time where you were got stuck in some metal bars that fell after Tony shot at them,  Bucky was the only one who saw you. He always kept an eye on you just like you were entrusted at first. He lifted the beams with his metal arm and his flesh hand pulled you closer to his body. Then, he picked you up bridal style and ran before the whole building went down.
Unfortunately, this gesture didn’t make the Avengers any less wary of him, but it made you way closer to him. Your recovery time was spent almost entirely with Bucky. He brought you everything you wanted and needed; even if it was pizza at 2 in the morning; he was running down the stairs and then up again with fresh pizza for you. He was opening up to you and it felt so good. He was always saying nice things to you and it was no wonder that you two spent a lot of time together. Training, having breakfast and sometimes, you even slept together because Bucky was still haunted by the memories of HYDRA. Those were the only times you feared for your life.
They occurred at about 3 in the morning, and you were always woken up by a sound of knocking at your door; it seemed like your brain became accustomed to that routine. That night was just like the others. A tired and sleepless Bucky went into your bedroom and you offered him the warm spot of your bed. You tried to be awake until you heard the slow pace of his breath but you couldn’t.
“It’s alright, I feel much better now” He whispered, stroking your arm. You always slept with your back to him, but you felt like turning around that night.
“Are you sure?” You cupped his face in the dark and caressed his cheek with your thumb in soft motions; you felt his smile against your hand “I don’t mind…” You yawned for long seconds “… staying up a little more”
“No doll” He leaned to kiss your forehead and you giggled when his stubble met your skin “I’m fine really, go back to sleep”
You snuggled closer to his bare chest (because he was not a fan of pajamas; you were lucky he had enough decency to go to your room with a pair of pants) and his soft heart beating and the air he exhaled dozed you off again in no time.
When you woke up, several hours later; you were sleeping alone in your bed. You tried to adjust your eyes to the bright sunlight that came through the curtains. You searched for the body that slept with you last night but it wasn’t there. ‘This is weird.’ You said to yourself. Indeed weird; Bucky never woke up earlier than you on nightmare nights. Your brain was still sleepy to find him, but you didn’t have to search further. You were woken up again by that same familiar metal knocking. It was either Bucky or Tony was in full-armor trying to talk to you.
“Come in” You said, and it was the first option. Bucky came inside with a wooden tray.
“Hey doll” You blushed whenever he called you cute names like that and his grin got wider each time he saw your reaction “I brought you breakfast”
“Thank you” You yawned “You shouldn’t have Buck”
“Nah, come on” He placing the tray on your side “I owe you tons of breakfasts for all the times you have let me sleep with you”
“If you say so” You shrugged innocently and picked an envelope resting next to your teacup “What is this?”
“Read it” He encouraged you.
“’You will have a surprise after breakfast’” You read out loud and looked at Bucky; you frowned, not understanding well what it meant “Mind explaining me?”
“After breakfast” He laughed.
He brought tea, orange juice, two bowls with different fruits and waffles. He said he would have brought also eggs and bacon, but he thought it was perhaps too much; you weren’t much of a breakfast person, but considering the nice gesture towards you, you decided to eat everything. It took you a while to do so, but you accomplished the mission.
After breakfast, he carried the tray back to the kitchen and came back really quick to be with you again, cuddling in your bed. You rested on his chest while he had one hand over your stomach.
“You ate breakfast today, that’s a nice change” He chuckled.
“I know, I think it’s gonna rain today or something strange will happen” His happiness was very contagious “I like this, being together like this… It’s nice”
“You know what I like more? You”
“Come on” You let go of his arms and turned around to face him “That’s the worst pick-up line ever. I’m sure that it didn’t even work out in the 40’s”
“Steve is the worst love advice giver…” You agreed in laughter “Anyway, this turned out quite different from what I expected… I thought you’d say something like ‘Oh my god, Bucky I like you too!’” He faked an annoying girly voice and you had to beg him to stop.
“Who says I don’t?” You smiled innocently and bit your lower lip.
He didn’t need to ask again, he just cupped your face in his flesh hand and the metal one grabbed the back of your neck, pulling you impossibly closer to his lips; they moved slowly against yours. Like he waited for his entire life to do it.
It all made sense now; the protectiveness, the nice words, the cute names, breakfast in bed. You started to wonder if the nightmares were real or if they just were an excuse to be with you. Whatever the reason, you were just happy to be loved by him.

anonymous asked:

Hey idk if you do smut as far as imagines go. But can you do a dylan smut??

I definitely do smut ;) 

Your parents went out to catch up with old friends leaving the entire house to you, so with an empty living room you gathered blankets and pillows forming a fluffy pile on the couch.
Light knocking caught your attention and you jumped up running to the door and pulling it open to be met with a shivering Dylan “Well arent you gonna let me in” smiling you grabbed his arm you dragging him to the living room “Look babe” the corner of his lips curled up as he glanced over the room, “Wow babe, but won’t your parents be mad” you grinned leaning into his ear “My parents aren’t home” and you couldn’t help but giggle when you saw him gulp, “I didn’t know that” walking over to the couch you sat down “Well it doesn’t matter, so pick a movie”

It was Pulp Fiction again his eyes glued to the screen like he’d never seen it before, but you lost interest and started cuddling into his side gripping his t-shirt trying to pull him closer to you “Dyl” he wouldn’t look away from the screen, poking your finger to his cheek trying to get his attention “Dyl” but alll he did was push your hand away and mumble “Stop, it’s the best part”
Getting an idea you let your hand slip under the shared blanket and started rubbing along his leg, curling your fingers around his upper thigh squeezing, and letting your fingers gently run over his crotch. He looked over with blue eyes wide and an uneven voice “What are you doing”, you just smirked and answered by pulling down his zipper and slipping your hand into his boxers squeezing him before pulling out his cock Dylan’s eyes went from you to the TV, taking him in your hand you gently tugged. With his cock now hard and slightly leaking at the tip you moving your head down letting a string of spit go from your lips to his tip allowing your hand easily glide up and down his spit covered cock before taking him between your lips and gently sucking, whimpering moans falling from his lips as his fingers tangled in your hair pushing your head down “ Oh babe please” you could feel him in the back of your throat slowly bobbing your head up and down gripping his inner thigh his muscles tightening under your fingertips,  mumbling profanities you knew he was close “Oh fuck I’m co-” and you sat up hearing the front door open “Sweetie were home early” your eyes went wide “Babe what do I do” looking over Dylan’s cock was still out half hard. Not knowing what to do you just threw the blanket over his lap just as your parents walked into the living room “We decid- Oh you invited Dylan over” your mom eyed him, looking him over ,his hair face red and glistening with a sheer layer of sweat “Boy are you okay” your dad asked “Yes sir I’m fine”  
“Okay while I think me and your mother are gonna go to bed” turning to head upstairs your mom turned back around “Oh and sweetie you’ve got something on your face” and gestured to you chin. Turning to Dylan he used his thumb to wipe away a drop of cum your chin both of your faces bright red

Yk what I noticed about Sam and Marys hug?

Sam hugs differently.

He starts out wih that “one-armed-bro-man” hug like he would with Dean and then its like he realizes that Mary’s not pulling away and you can see him relax into it.

Its the same look he had on his face when he hallucinated her in the panic room during detox.

And its like he actually starts to realize that this is real, he’s really hugging his mom and he just hugs for all he’s worth and I’m just gonna go curl up in the corner for a while.

Seventeen Reaction | Joshua, Vernon, S.Coups, and Woozi | When they’re arguing with their S/O and they suddenly faint

| HI, can you please do a reaction for from Seventeen, Joshua, Vernon, S-Coups and Woozi how they would react to them and their SO having a argument and then to all of a sudden faint because of a medical condition. I hope this is detailed enough. I love your account ❤️ |
-i have nothing of consequence to say here other then that i love u guys and if u guys really read these then send us ur favorite kinds of chinese/korean/asian foods bc I’m close 2 my period and all i’ve been craving is some beautiful chinese food ~Admin H-

well they all would be concerned lol they’re not just gonna be like shit man get up we need to finish this argument square up 

Scoups/Seungcheol: Is going to go into full on dad mode, he’s gonna call Joshua or Jeonghan to ask them to come help, he’s going to call for an ambulance, before gently picking you up and moving you to the sofa or the bed, whichever is closest, and he’ll wait until the ER Nurses come in and he’ll be a nervous wreck, even though he did everything he could have done to help.

Joshua/Jisoo: is going to freak out mildly, but then he’ll snap out of it and call for help, calling 119 or whatever and then calling Seungcheol, he’ll try to make you as comfortable as possible, toking sure you didn’t hit your head on anything on the way down, and then he would sit with your head on his lap as he prayed over and over again, maybe letting a little tear go here and there as he waited.

Woozi/Jihoon: If you pass out in the middle of an argument, he’s gonna try to catch you before you hit the ground, and then he’s gonna freak the fuck out because holy shit you guys were just talking and now are you gonna die??? Woozi’s gonna call 119 and call Seungcheol because he’s a leader of vocal unit but he’s still pretty young, so he’s going to be pretty afraid for you, and he’s going to beat himself up over the fact that the last thing you guys were doing was arguing over something stupid.

Vernon/Hansol: BOI HE’S GONNA FUCKING PANICCCCCC HE’LL YELLING AND TRYING TO SHAKE YOU AWAKE BUT THEN HE REMEMBERS TO CALL 119 AND HE TRIES TO CALL ALL THE OLDER MEMBERS AND HE’S SHAKING and when scoups comes over he finds Vernon curled up in a corner and he’s p shaken up, and you’re in the bedroom bc the ER nurses said you would be okay

A Martinelli Christmas

Angie Martinelli needs a girlfriend to bring home for Christmas. Her roommate, Peggy Carter, has agreed to be that girlfriend. What could possibly go wrong?

A lil’ something I started working on during NaNoWriMo.

“I’m serious, Pegs!” Angie exclaims.

In response, her traitorous roommate just continues to laugh, leaning against the doorjamb of their kitchen for support.

Any other time, Angie’d be marveling over the sound of Peggy’s laughter - she’s known English for two years and has never heard her laugh so much, or so hard. Peggy’s head is thrown back, brown tresses loose on her shoulders, her red mouth open so wide, Angie can see her molars. There are crows feet crinkled in the corners of her eyes, as she grips the doorjamb with one hand, and the other is placed on her stomach in an effort to hold herself together. Angie’s never seen such a beautiful sight.

It’s an even better sight when Peggy snorts. Angie’s heart flips at the sound.

“Angie,” Peggy says, in a tone that says she knows that Angie knows better. Tears make her eyes twinkle, and she has to lift an elegant hand to wipe the tears away. “I’m so sorry, but do you know how ridiculous it sounds?”

“I know!” Angie groans, throwing her hands up in the air. She turns and starts to pace in their tiny kitchen.

“But mom’s been on my case about my love life, and it’s gotten even worse since my cousin Joey got himself engaged! If I showed up, I would not put it past her to bring me a date for Christmas! I just,” she expels a deep sigh of frustration. Peggy, bless her, waits patiently as Angie tries to get her words together. “I just want one peaceful dinner with my family without all of them trying to set me up with a friend’s daughter, or a younger cousin of the butcher, or just some random girl working a Whole Foods!”

Peggy raises a pointed eyebrow. “Has that happened before?” she asks in a dry, inquiring tone.

“Yes, believe it or not, it has!” Angie yells. She groans again before spinning in the opposite direction of the kitchen. She makes her way to the living room, and flops herself down onto her favorite chair, her legs spread and head in one hand. There’s a beat of silence before Angie hears the unmistakable sound of Peggy’s heels moving quietly on the hardwood floor.

“It’s really that important to you, isn’t it?” Peggy’s voice gently asks above Angie’s head.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Angie’s quick to reassure, raising her head to look up at her. English’s dark brown curls dangle over her shoulders, and is a stark contrast to the slope of her milky white neck and her blood red lips. “I love my family. I honest-to-God wouldn’t trade them for the world - but sometimes it gets exhausting. Do you have any idea what it’s like to have a mother who expects so much out of you?”

Peggy’s hesitation before she speaks says it all. “I may know a thing or two about that,” she replies mysteriously as she looks away from Angie.

It’s the mysteriousness of the comment that makes Angie want to give in to the urge to frown. It drives her crazy just how mysterious her roommate is; that in the two years Angie’s known her, she knows next to nothing about Peggy Carter. Oh sure, she knows the average stuff - college-educated, born and bred in England, has a steady job, makes rent payment on time, nothing iffy in any of the background checks Angie made before she agreed to rent with her. But she doesn’t know about Peggy’s personal life. She doesn’t know what her home life was like, if she had any siblings, what she does exactly at her job, or if she’s even gay. It disgusts her that she’s so desperate to know more about Peggy, that Angie will scarf down whatever crumb of information her crush is willing to share with her.

“Christmas is a huge deal, and sometimes I don’t want to go because of just how big a deal it is. But relatives I haven’t seen in ages are gonna be there, and I just know that if I don’t bring a date the attention will be all on me -”

“And here I thought you loved the spotlight, Angie,” Peggy teases, the corner of her lips turned upwards and a glint in her honey brown eyes.

“English!” whines Angie, jutting her bottom lip in a pout. “C'mon, you know that’s not what I meant!”

Her roommate releases a chuckle that sends a wave of warmth down Angie’s spine, making it curl up her toes.

“I know I should have asked you first, but I panicked,” Angie explains, staring up at Peggy, feeling like a pious worshiper begging an all-powerful deity. “You’re my best friend, sad as it is to say and well.” She sighs in exasperation. “I honestly can’t think of anyone else I’d rather bring to meet the family.”

There’s a pregnant pause as Peggy stares down at her. Something glitters in her eyes, and before Angie has time to decipher what it is, her roommate shrugs and it’s gone. “Well,” English starts. “Maybe if you ask…” she trails off playfully, one corner of her lips lifting, as she opens one eye to stare down at Angie.

Hope swoops in Angie’s chest. Before she can even get out the question, her lips begin to crack into a smile. "Peggy Carter, will you be my fake girlfriend for Christmas?”

“Alright,” says Peggy with a put-upon sigh, “if it truly means that much to you, then yes, I’ll be your pretend girlfriend.”

“Thanks English.”

Consider this a one shot for now until I can get a chance to expand on it.