gonna go cry for a little bit

husband left early this morning to spend the weekend with a female friend because “he had nothing better to do”–how incredibly insulting to both her and i. i heard casey crying as he packed and left. 

these dogs love him so much despite how much of a monster he’s become. i can’t believe he’s capable of tearing our little family apart.

i don’t think i’ll be enough for them one he’s gone. most days i don’t think i’m enough for anyone, which is why he’s leaving.

i’m gonna go for a bit. i have some adulting i have to do this weekend to prepare for my new job (starts on tuesday). all i really want to do is curl up under my blankets and…not exist.

I was in this cab alone listening to “Higher” by Rihanna because Anti had just come out,“ she told Lowe. "And I had a little cry and I was just like ‘it’s always going to be this way, at some point with everyone it’s going to be this way.’ But the song kind of ended up turning into a bit of a protective talismans for me. I was like, you know what, I’m always gonna have myself so I have to really nurture this relationship and feel good about hanging out with myself and loving myself.
—  Lorde talking about how Liability was inspired by Rihanna’s ‘Higher’
Stay Away | Zach Dempsey x Reader (ft. Monty Dela Cruz)

Genre: Angst, Romance
POV: Reader’s/First Person
Warning: Containg swearing, violence and sexual harrasment!!

A/N: This was personally hard for me to write, but it was requested. It’s a bit heavy and it’s not the usual fluffy write-up you guys often get from me. Nonetheless, I will be posting a new fluff piece tomorrow, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, I hope you guys like this for now.

Request: Hai, I was wondering if you could do an imagine where Zach and his girlfriend (the reader) are hanging out and he despite her trying to hide them he sees a bunch of bruises on her and gets really worried and mad asking her what happened only for her to tell him that Montgomery had beat her up in a drunken state because she refused to sleep with him. This causes Zach to get mad and go beat him up and threatening him to never go near the reader again.


Zach and I were watching TV when he suddenly said he was hungry. I pout at him and sigh as a response as I got up from the sofa and make my way to the kitchen to quickly cook something up. Zach was feeling a bit hungover after yesterday and he loved being treated like a baby whenever he was sick. I took out 2 bowls of instant ramen to satisfy his hunger.

I held onto the sleeves of my sweater while leaning on the kitchen counter as I waited for the water to boil. The incident from Jessica’s party last night replayed in my mind once again. Zach would flip if he knew and I didn’t want to ruin Zach and Monty’s friendship. Besides, Monty was just drunk, I think to myself, he was just intoxicated and didn’t know what he was doing. But it still wasn’t an excuse, I continue to think. The incident scared me, Monty, scared me.

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I was in this cab alone listening to “Higher” by Rihanna because Anti had just come out. And I had a little cry and I was just like ‘it’s always going to be this way, at some point with everyone it’s going to be this way.’ But the song kind of ended up turning into a bit of a protective talismans for me. I was like, you know what, I’m always gonna have myself so I have to really nurture this relationship and feel good about hanging out with myself and loving myself.
—  Lorde to Zane Lowe during her Beats 1 interview on Liability
Sonamy: Sonic Forces Story

Hey! I’m not one to write fanficiton, I’m more of a reader than writer myself, but I wanted to write out this scene before I came around to drawing it. Because every drawing I did, I didn’t like and I would start over. So I thought, why not write it out first? Which is what I did! 

I am not a great writer by any means, this is like my first official fanfiction, and it’s not even that long haha. I didn’t try to make it as good as some writers do (props to you guys) and there are definitely some mistakes in there with writing errors and proper grammar, but I simply made it so I can draw the scene. 

It’s an idea by @the-amazing-p3a for an Amy confession scene in Sonic Forces, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since I read her post! So the credit goes to her! I also wrote like a little paragraph of what I’d think they would do when they actually defeated Eggman. Of course, it’s not great or long, but whatever!

It’s going to be under ‘read more’ because I don’t want it to crowd up people’s dashboard! :)

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Lincoln Loud was only five years old, but he already understood the meaning of the word ‘hell’.  True it was a dirty word mommy and daddy didn’t like him to say, even if daddy had said it after the car had broken down, but Lincoln was sure if there really was a hell, it wasn’t as bad as his house right now.

His house used to be a place he could have fun. Sure it was Loud with so many sisters, but now it was unbearable. When Lola and Lana had first been born, Lincoln was excited. Lucy had been a fun little sister, even if she was quiet and had a tendency to disappear for a bit, scaring his mom a lot. Only he recently found out that every baby was different, and sadly he found out because Lola would cry. A lot. Loudly and very high pitched. Day or Night.

Mommy said she had colic. It made her uncomfortable and as a baby she wasn’t sure what was happening, so she cried. While sad his sister wasn’t feeling well, Lincoln was starting to sleep poorly and it was making him cranky.

Today he was playing a Disney game on his gamestation, when mom came from the kitchen with Lola howling in her arms and Lucy waddling behind. Mommy was trying to sooth her. Lincoln didn’t think it was working.

“Shhh, its ok Lola. Shhh.” Rita rocked her infant carefully. “Come on honey, please… For mommy?”

Lincoln paused the game and put his hands over his ears. Lola almost never stopped. He wasn’t even sure if she slept at all. He watched Lucy tug on their mother’s jeans, reaching up with her other hand to the woman.

“Oh not now Lucy.” Their mother said wearily, trying to wave one daughter off while she bounced the other. When Lucy tugged again, mumbling softly, Rita groaned. “Lucy. No.”

Had it been any other baby, Lincoln was sure the child would have fussed or cried or even thrown a tantrum on the spot. However Lucy, apparently, wasn’t like a lot of babies Lincoln had seen in movies or on Tv. She quietly let go of Rita’s leg, frown deepening a little as she stared at the ground, standing still and quiet at her mother’s side. Rita frowned as well when she looked down again from Lola to her two year old.

“Oh honey, mommy’s just busy right now ok? Go play with-ugh-” Rita looked up, locking eyes with Lincoln. The boy shook his head, but Rita ignored it. “Go play with your brother.”

“Mommy no!” Lincoln said loudly. “I’m playin’ my game, she’ll-”

“Lincoln, just watch your sister. I need to- I need to-” Rita sighed  and threw her head back .”I need to take a walk.” Rita looked ready to cry as she hurried out the front door, shutting it behind her.

Lincoln frowned, removing his hands. Mommy looked really upset. Looking down Lincoln could see his little sister standing where she had been before, watching the front door. Lincoln shook his head and lay back down, unpausing his game.

“She’s not gonna be back for a bit.” Lincoln said as his game resumed. “She went for a walk.”

There was a few moments of quiet, Lincoln was getting through his game well enough, when a black curve obstructed the bottom of his screen. Lincoln paused again, looking down at Lucy a little annoyed. “Lucy I can’t see the health bar.”

Lucy looked back at hims quietly, holding her arms up to him and making grabby motions with her hands.

Lincoln squinted down at her. “What? What do you want?”

Lucy kept making the grabby motion towards him.

“Lucy, talk.” Lincoln said crabbily.

“-Incon.” Lucy warbled. Yet that was all she said, still grabbing for him.

Lincoln rolled his eyes before sitting up to see over her. He started to play again, and for a moment everything was fine. Then a small hand grabbed the controller wire, tugging on it. Lincoln scowled, not taking his eyes off the screen. “Lucy, stop.” He said calmly. 

More tugging.

“Cut it out.” Lincoln said more forcefully, pulling the controller up, out of her grasp.  Lucy watched him play for a moment before grabbing the wire again, this time pulling in a different direction. The controller popped out of its jack, Lincoln’s character losing control and losing a life.

“LUCY!” Lincoln yelled, throwing down his controller. “You made me die!” The baby looked up at him in surprise as the boy groaned. “It took forever to get to that level! I’m gonna have to start it all over again!” He frowned down at her. “Why did you do that?!”

Lucy reached up again with grabby hands.

“WHAT DOSE THAT MEAN?!” Lincoln shouted down at her, the girl stalling and flinching at his tone. “TALK LIKE A PERSON!”

Lucy stared up at him as Lincoln caught his breath, glaring at her. Yet at the first quiver of Lucy’s chin he faltered. “Oh no! Wait!” Lincoln threw his hands up as Lucy looked down at her feet, sniffling a little. “Stop! Stop, don’t!” Lincoln scratched his head when the girl looked back up at him. “Lucy, please! What do you want?!”

She reached again, grabby handed. This time bouncing on her feet a she simpered. Lincoln reached out uncertainly, hooking his hands under her arms and pulling her up on the couch. As soon as she was in his lap, she put her arms around him.

“Oh. You just want a hug?” Lincoln asked as the girl snuggled into him. “Ugh… ok.” 

Holding his sister for a moment Lincoln lay back down, patting her back as the baby started to drift off. Lincoln looked to his game with heavy eyes. It was now back to the loading screen…

It be the same when he woke up.

Shutting his eyes Lincoln sighed, patting Lucy one last time before drifting off himself.

promises | john shelby

anon requested reader being super pregnant and john dealing with the kids

John took his time down the street, racing what was left of his cig to the door. He’d promised he wouldn’t smoke while you were pregnant but after the week he’d had he needed something on the way back. Being stuck in the van with the rest of the lads, none of who had promises to keep of their own, was torture. So he’d bummed one off Tommy with a strict warning that he wouldn’t tell his wife about the smoke unless he wanted his wife to know about the grave they’d had to dig.

The trip had been a clusterfuck to say the least, but it had ended well, and the business was sorted. The last bit of business before the baby was due. He was a free man now, for at least a couple of months, no big deals coming their way. Just day-to-day. Practically the 9-5 office job he’d planned on when you first got married. Almost.

“I promise you a boring life after this last job”. Broken.

“I promise you no more kids after this last one”. Broken.

“I promise I won’t smoke after this last one”. Broken.

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I'm falling a little bit more every day when I'm stalling

Part one | Part two | Follow the series on AO3

@amalasdraws has been very patient and helpful with this, thank you x100

Takahiro wakes up to the sound of that annoying ringtone Tooru picked out for himself, specially, when he calls.

It’s dark. The sun isn’t up yet and peeking through his curtains, so he contemplates ignoring the call. What if he just rolled over and accidentally called him like he did last week?

He lets the call go, groaning and rolling over. He doesn’t open his eyes and the phone stops, so he tries to relax, to go back to sleep. Fucking Tooru and his inability to properly lock his phone at night-

The phone starts ringing again, and Takahiro feels a hard, heavy lump form in his throat. The dread gets him up and checking his phone.

It’s Tooru.

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Game, set, match

In which Sam decides to push Dean in the right direction.

This was written in a very short amount of time (though the entire story was mapped out in my head before). I apologise if there’s more grammatical errors than usual. I have a strict time schedule today.

Let me know what you think. Also, give me a shout if you want on – or off – my tag list. 

Word count: 1966

Finally a hotel. A real hotel. Y/N couldn’t believe her luck when Sam had told her. The case had led them to a haunted bar, and the only way to access it was as guests. It turned out to be a simple salt and burn, but none of them were ready to leave the comfort yet, so they decided to stay another night and celebrate in the now ghost free bar.

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  • “ all that i want is to wake up fine ”
  • “ tell me that i’m alright ”
  • “ all that i want is a hole in the ground ”
  • “ you can tell me when it’s alright for me to come out ”
  • “ hard times are gonna make you wonder why you even try ”
  • “ hard times are gonna take you down and laugh when you cry ”
  • “ and i still don’t know how i even survive ”  
  • “ i gotta get to rock bottom ”
  • “ where do i go? ”
  • “ give me some sort of sign ”
  • “ if you hit me with lightning, maybe i’ll come alive ”
  • “ tell my friends i’m coming down ”
  • “ we’ll kick it when i hit the ground”


  • “ low-key, no pressure ” 
  • “ just hang with me and my weather ”
  • “ i hear you making all that noise about the world you want to see ”
  • “ i’m so annoyed ” 
  • “ i just killed off what was left of the optimist in me ” 
  • “ hearts are breaking ” 
  • “ wars are raging on ” 
  • • “ i have taken my glasses off ” 
  • “ you got me nervous ” 
  • “ i’m right at the end of my rope ” 
  • “ don’t make me laugh, i’ll choke ” 
  • “ just let me cry a little bit longer ” 
  • “ i ain’t gonna smile if i don’t want to ” 
  • “ we all can’t be like you ” 
  • “ i wish we were all rose-colored too ” 
  • “ my rose-colored boy… ”   
  • “ i want you to stop insisting that i’m not a lost cause” 
  • “ ‘cause i’ve been through a lot ” 
  • “ really, all i’ve got is just to stay pissed off” 
  • “ if it’s alright by you… ” 
  • “ you’re turning it into a joke ”
  • “ leave me here a little bit longer ” 
  • “ i think i wanna stay in the car ” 
  • “ i don’t want anybody seeing me cry now ” 
  • “ we gotta look on the bright side ” 
  • “ well, maybe if you wanna go blind… ” 
  • “ you say my eyes are getting too dark now ” 
  • “ you ain’t ever seen my mind ” 


  • “ the best is over and the worst is yet to come ” 
  • “ is it enough to keep on hoping when the rest have given up? ” 
  • “ i hate to say i told you so ” 
  • “ they love to say they told me so ” 
  • “ i know you like when i admit that i was wrong and you were right ” 
  • “ at least i try to keep my cool when i am thrown into a fire ” 
  • “ throw me into the fire ” 
  • “ throw me in, pull me out again ”


  • “ you hurt me bad this time 
  • “ no coming back ”
  • “ i cried ‘till i couldn’t cry ”
  • “ if i lay on the floor, maybe i’ll wake up ”
  • “ i don’t pick up when you call ”
  • “ your voice is a gun ”
  • “ every word is a bullet hole ”
  • “ if i never look up, maybe i’ll never notice ”
  • “ you want forgiveness ”
  • “ i just can’t do it yet ”
  • “ there’s still a thread that runs from your body to mine ”
  • “ you can’t break what you don’t see ”
  • “ will we just be alright? ”
  • “ it could take me all your life to learn to love ”
  • “ how i thought i could love someone, i haven’t even begun ”
  • “ if it’s all up to us, we might as well give up ”
  • “ i can barely hang on to myself ”
  • “ i’m afraid that i’ll have nothing left ”
  • “ don’t you go and get it twisted ”
  • “ forgiving is not forgetting ”
  • “ i’ll never forget it ”


  • “ i love making you believe what you get is what you see ”
  • “ i’m so fake happy ”
  • “ i feel so fake happy ”
  • “ i bet everybody here is just as insincere ”
  • “ we’re all so fake happy ”
  • “ i know fake happy ”
  • “ i’ve been doing a good job of making them think i’m quite alright ”
  • “ better hope i don’t blink ”
  • “ no one sees me when i crawl back underneath ”
  • “ if i smile with my teeth, bet you believe me ”
  • “ i think i believe me ”
  • “ please, don’t ask me how i’ve been ”
  • “ don’t make me play pretend ”
  • “ oh, what’s the use? ”
  • “ i bet everybody here is fake happy too ”
  • “ i’ll dress up my fears”
  • “ you think i look alright with these mascara tears? ”
  • “ i’m gonna draw my lipstick wider than my mouth ”
  • “ if the lights are low, they’ll never see me frown ”
  • “ i know I said that I was good and that i’m happy now ”
  • “ i should’ve known that when things are going good, that’s when i’d get knocked down ”


  • “ you really know how to get someone down”
  • “ everything was fine until you came around ”
  • “ i’ve been chasing after dreamers in the clouds ”
  • “ wasn’t i the one who said to keep your feet on the ground? ”
  • “ you really brought me back down ”
  • “ hold onto hope if you got it ”
  • “ don’t let it go for nobody ”
  • “ they say that dreaming is free ”
  • “ i wouldn’t care what it cost me ”
  • “ you got me tied up but i stay close to the window ”
  • “ i talk to myself about the places i used to go ”
  • “ i’m hoping someday maybe i’ll just float away ”
  • “ i’ll forget every cynical thing you said ”
  • “ when are you gonna hear me out? ”
  • “ you really bring me down ”
  • “ reality will break your heart ”
  • “ survival will not be the hardest part ”
  • “ keep all your hopes alive when all the rest of you has died ”
  • “ let it break your heart ”
…this guy clearly is very talented, Lin-Manuel Miranda. I dunno, I just like never fully got into it and then I just felt a little bit like left out when like other people I knew were just like, “It was incredible right, did you cry?” and I was like, “Euh.” And I do like musicals. I was like, “It’s cool, it’s cool.” Anyway. Maybe [listening to ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from] ‘Moana’ will be what wins me over.

I’ll give Lin-Manuel props, that song [‘How Far I’ll Go’ from ‘Moana’] was pretty good too. You know, it’s like a musical song, and I haven’t seen ‘Moana’–as a guy who writes musicals, I don’t think Lin-Manuel’s gonna write some just like random ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ type song, you know he’s gonna write something that has to do with the plot and the characters.

I guess even though I didn’t love ‘Hamilton’, I can’t be mad at Lin-Manuel Miranda. He does kinda seem like a good dude, grew up in New York City - I wouldn’t be mad if he won an Oscar.
—  Ezra Koenig on Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda
Katie Bell: The Hogwarts Years

- Her parents were purebloods so it wasn’t much of a surprise when she got her letter
- They just hoped that she’d be a Hufflepuff like them
- On the train to Hogwarts, she got pushed around by all of the students walking through the corridors and hid in the closest train compartment
- It just happened to have Angelina and Alicia sitting in it
- The two were discussing what position they wanted to try out for on the Quidditch team
- Katie sat in silence, listening to them talk
- When she got to Hogwarts, she was so terrified because she had no one to talk to
- She almost had a heart attack when she was sorted into Gryffindor
- She knew her parents wouldn’t be disappointed in her but she didn’t think she was all that brave
- During the first meal, she forced herself to turn and start a conversation with the boy sitting next to her
- He had bright red hair and was sitting next to a boy who looked almost identical to him
- “I’m Gred” he’d introduced himself
- His brother had said “I’m Forge” while sitting down on her other side
- She’d reached for her drink and they’d out a hand on the top of her goblet
- “You might not want to do that” came from Fred
- “Just watch” George said at her curious gaze
- One, two, three beats later and the entire Great Hall was coughing up a fit
- Katie took a tentative sniff of her drink and found that it smelled of vinegar
- They’d changed all of the drinks in the Great Hall
- Into vinegar
- Katie was glad the two boys seemed to like her
- She didn’t want to get on her bad side
- “That was quite rude of you” she said as she giggled
- The effect of her scolding was cancelled out
- She spent the first year at Hogwarts being herded away from certain things by the twins, who protected her from whatever prank they’d began
- “You remind us of Ginny” they’d said when she’d asked why
- By the end of the first year she’d found herself with two new friends
- As well as the knowledge that she wasn’t exceptionally talented in magic
- But still quite competent
- Second year arrived
- And as she hopped on the train she actively searched out the twins
- In the compartment once again she found Angelina and Alicia
- The four third years were all on the Quidditch team together
- George and Fred had informed her that they’d seen Harry Potter
- Katie cried bullshit
- Angelina pointed towards Katie and, while looking at the twins, said, “I like her she doesn’t take any of your shit.”
- The twins convinced Katie to join the Quidditch team with them
- She ended up spending a lot of time with Angelina and Alicia and they became good friends
- Everyone always teased her but figured out they shouldn’t mess with her when she decked a Slytherin for messing with a first year
- Even though it was a one time thing and she was otherwise fairly tolerant and kind, people would still treat her with a little more respect
- Except for the Slytherins
- Who gave her a wide berth
- Alicia gave Katie a necklace when she started her third year
- It was her grandmothers and was going to be thrown away
- But Alicia knew Katie liked jewelry and brought it for her
- Angelina bought her a bracelet on their first visit to Hogsmeade together
- It was silver and had turquoise stones and was one of Katie’s most prized possessions
- Katie was shocked to find her mother had one that was almost identical
- So when she showed up to school after Christmas with two
- Angelina wondered if she’d been hit in the head and was seeing double
- She wasn’t
- Katie just really liked jewelry
- In her fourth year Katie spent most of it traumatized
- She was terrified of dogs
- So all of this news about “The Grim”, a black dog who was an omen of death was enough to have her sent to the hospital wing
- Angelina and Alicia did their best to keep her distracted
- And the twins tried their hardest to make her laugh
- In her fifth year, she focused extra hard on her school work
- And almost ended up being cut from the Quidditch team
- It took a lot of energy out of her
- And she ended up snapping at her friends fairly often
- They understood though
- After they got over the initial shock of calm and peaceful Katie all angry
- In sixth year
- It was a little bit sad
- Because all of her friends were leaving
- She spent a lot of time hiding in the girls bathroom
- Crying
- Especially after Alicia and Angelina discussed their job opportunities
- Which was a lot more frequently
- It only stopped once Fred had followed her to the bathroom and stopped her just before going in
- He’d taken one look at her face and pulled her in for a hug
- “It’s gonna be ok” he’d whispered
- “We’re not going to leave you. You’ll always have us around.”
- Katie laughed as she leaned back, giving him a half-hearted smile
- “I’m holding you to that.” She’d chuckled
- In seventh year, she befriended a sixth year named Leanne
- They liked to go to Hogsmeade together
- Leanne had been with Katie when she’d bought a beautiful set of earrings
- She had them in her pocket when she was cursed
- Once Katie was out of the hospital, she immediately gave the earrings to Leanne
- Katie wrote to her old friends constantly
- It was difficult though
- They were all exceptionally busy
- Katie ended up having to retake her seventh year due to all the time she’d missed
- It wasn’t pleasant
- Being in the school with Snape as headmaster
- She was almost happy when the Battle started
- Knowing that it would end one way or another
- She wasn’t as happy when it turned out that Fred couldn’t keep his promise
- She watched as George crumbled to the ground
- This was not how she’d wanted their reunion to go
- There were supposed to be tears
- But tears of happiness
- Angelina was crying as well
- Katie had to hold her up to make sure she hadn’t fainted
- Alicia and Leanne were nowhere to be found and Katie was terrified
- The end of the Battle was a relief
- Alicia and Leanne were alive
- But it was a bitter victory
- Katie ended up having to retake her seventh year a second time
- She was nineteen at this point
- And would go visit her friends as much as possible as she finished up school
- All was not well
- But most of it was


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,226

Warnings: smut, Sam and the Reader are both “virgins”, death of parents, fluff

A/N: Written for @waiting4thedoctor for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 gift!


Your world was a storm of flashing red and blue. The smell of smoke lingered on your skin, and from the back of the ambulance, you could see the tall arc of water from the bright red fire engine as several people dressed in heavy yellow suits aimed it at the direction of your smoldering house.

Your parents had died in that fire. The demon possessing your mother had driven a knife through your father’s heart before igniting the bedroom. Within five minutes the house was engulfed in flames, and you’d woken up because your room had gotten too hot and you couldn’t breathe. You were about to scream for your mother when you were pulled from your room by a man in a dark leather jacket. He’d rushed from the house with you cradled in his arms just as the roof had given way to the flames that gnawed at and consumed it, and a trail of smoke blacker than the cloud around you had swirled briefly before evaporating into the air around you.

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Cancer - TØP (Josh dun)

Originally posted by jcsephsdun

Warning; cancer, drinking, sickness, crying

paring; Josh Dun x Reader (Y/n)

Words; 1796

other; Tyler and Jenna, fluff josh. Y/n finds out she has breast cancer, also only to find out Josh likes her back. 

Being on tour with my best friends Tyler and josh, is great and all, usually I have the best time with them but this time i just can’t seem to get my spirits up enough to have a blast. I haven’t told either of them, but before we all left weeks before we left I went into the doctors for the fact that I had found a lump… a lump? Yes a lump on my left breast, that appointment was a check up days before we all left I went in for a lab test and what not to see what it is.

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Renegades- 5

Summary: Life with James “Bucky” Barnes was supposed to be the American Dream, until you accidentally become the target of a well-known drug pusher with no reservations about putting a bullet in both your heads. Now on the lam, the two of you will go to extraordinary lengths to survive. 1990s AU

Words: 1683

Warnings: Language, violence (implied torture) Brock Rumlow is a fuckass.

Master   Part 4

Originally posted by rohgers

Steve was courteous, going as far as to make pancakes for the both of you the next morning. The three of you ate at the table, the two boys picking on each other and you wondered silently, as you stuffed your face with pancake and chocolate milk, how long they had known each other. After you finished, Bucky tugged you into the bathroom for a shower, promising Steve not to be too loud. Steve mumbled a comment about bleaching the tiles, but it was muffled as Bucky shut and locked the door behind him.

You stripped down, eyes roaming over Bucky’s defined muscles as he pulled off his own clothes. He stepped into the shower first, steam rolling out and fogging the mirror as he held out his hand to you. Grinning, you let him tug you inside. Needless to say, more of the shower was spent getting dirty than on getting clean. But Bucky ran soap over your body when all was said and done- all of your body- and the two of you were on the road again before noon.

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anonymous asked:

One of them is of the aes sídhe and falls in love with the other, who is a mortal man.

After a little research (love research) I decided to make Phil the sidhe and I even chose a specific sidhe known as a Ghillie Dhu, which I just felt really suited Phil. If you want to know more, the link I used is here

Watch for the

Centuries ago, the sidhe known as Phil Coulson was a simple Ghillie Dhu residing in Gairloch watching over the children of the lairds and their tenants. Living in his simple cottage amongst the birch trees, Phil had tried his best to be a guiding hand when the children needed it and a protector for them when it was required.

As time passed, however, metal and machines began to come to Phil’s lands. He tried to live alongside this progress, but it was challenging and the iron drained much of Phil’s power causing him to begin aging and even the simplest of magics were hard to accomplish. After a few years, he found it more and more difficult to stay hidden and after he’d been found by the people of the loch, he was forced to leave his homeland.

He traveled around the world a bit until settling down on a new continent brimming with promise. Metal and machinery soon encroached there too, but Phil still had space and he learned to adapt and live alongside some of these new machines (though he still preferred to live as simply as possible himself)

Phil came back from his walk in the woods to the sounds of a child crying. When he’d gone out that afternoon, the two children who played near the edge of his woods had been laughing and chasing each other and Phil had felt confident leaving them for a bit. It was his job to watch over the children who came close to his home (he often saw these two nearby investigating the trees) and seeing the bright smiles on the two boys’ faces had filled Phil with warmth and a little bit of extra power.

Now that the sun had gone down and the stars were coming out, Phil was on his way to his small cottage and the night was quiet except for the quiet sniffles coming from the space between two trees near the corner of his land. His cottage being found meant he was going to have to move again, but first he could do what he was called to do and help this child.

“Hello? Little one? Are you okay?” Phil tried to keep his voice soft and soothing, but it was difficult. The last time people had found his cottage, he’d been forced to flee and leave his homeland behind.

“Not s’posed to talk to strangers.” The voice was quiet and trembling and every instinct Phil had as a fae was screaming to take the child home since his parents and brother were clearly useless.

Instead, Phil took a seat with his back to the two trees and looked up at the sky. “That is very true. Talking to strangers can be very dangerous. My name is Phil, and since you found my house I wanted to make sure you were not lost.”

A blond head peeked out from the space between the trees. “I know you. You helped when I fell down.”

Phil smiled. “That I did. You were chasing your big brother and tripped.”

A small body crawled out from between the trees and stood in front of Phil, blue eyes studying and assessing him. “I’m Clint.”

“Nice to meet you, Clint. Would you like some help getting home?”

Clint pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and looked scared. “Dunno. Dad’s gonna be mad. Can I stay with you?”

Scooping Clint up, Phil set him on his hip and started walking. He’d heard the boy’s father yelling at night and he wished he could keep Clint with him, but it just wasn’t possible. “I think they’ll be glad you’re home safe and sound.”

As they walked, Phil just let Clint babble on about life as a 5-year-old in Iowa and while Clint did not mention a lot about his family, what he did say concerned Phil quite a bit.

When they were close to Clint’s home, Phil felt the boy tense in his arms and tighten his grip. Phil rubbed his back and tried to calm him down. “It’s alright, Clint. Look, you’re home. Everything is going to be okay.”

Clint started to cry again and Phil’s heart broke a little. “It’s not okay. Dad’s gonna be mad and throw things and hurt mama and I don’t like it. Please don’t make me go, Mr. Phil, please!”

Phil rubbed Clint’s back some more until the boy managed to calm down. Using a bit of glamour, Phil walked into the house and silently took Clint to his room. “It’s okay, Clint. See? No yelling, no throwing. Just your nice warm bed.” Phil picked up a soft, worn plush bird and handed it to Clint. “Look at this, little bird, your friend has missed you and he’s so glad you’re back. I think he needs a hug, what do you think?”

Clint hugged the bird close to his chest and yawned. His eyes started to droop closed and Phil breathed a sigh of relief. He could feel his glamour fading already and if he had to deal with any more tears, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to get out without trouble. He laid Clint down on his bed and covered him with the blanket, humming a lullaby as he tucked him in.  

Letting the glamour drop, Phil left the house and used another small portion of his power to alter the parents’ memories of Clint being missing.

Exhausted, Phil walked into town and found a payphone. He made a quick call to Child Protective Services and put some magic into his suggestion that the Barton’s should get a visit. By the time he hung up the phone, Phil could feel the pull of the woods calling him home. Plodding slowly into the trees, Phil hoped, that soon, Clint would find a family who could love him the way he deserved.  

13 Years Later

After making sure Clint and his brother had been safely removed from the Barton household, Phil had packed up his things and traveled around the country a bit looking for a new forest. He found he didn’t like the noise of the Northeast and the South was far too hot and had far too few trees.

Two years later, Phil found a nice dense forest in northern Wisconsin and he used the freshness of the soil and the power of the trees to build himself a new cottage.

Phil liked it in Wisconsin. It was quiet and he was able to watch over the children of the nearby town with ease. He had a few visitors from the homelands and after several reassurances that he was happy and some of his fresh baked scones, he was able to send them on their way.

The summer of his eleventh year there had been a hot and sticky one, and by the time August rolled around, even Phil was ready for it to be over. He was napping in the shade of one of a large maple trying to cool off when he was woken by the sounds of trucks.  

Phil walked to the road and watched the trucks and caravans drive by all sporting “Carson’s Circus” painted on the side.

As he walked home that evening, Phil found himself unable to get the circus off his mind. When he arrived at his cottage he decided he might as well pay a visit after they’d set up. There were sure to be plenty of kids there and more than likely, one or two who would need his help.

Phil passed by colorful posters advertising each of the acts and found himself staring at the poster for the Amazing Hawkeye. There was something familiar about the figure dressed in purple on the poster and as he checked the showtimes below, Phil decided he might as well see this amazing marksman in person.

Phil chose a seat near the entrance and sat down to wait for the show to begin. As the tent filled, the lights started to dim and the ringmaster came out. “Ladies and Gentlemen! You are about to witness the superior sharpshooting of our two incredible archers. Watch Trickshot and Hawkeye hit every bullseye! They never miss!”

The act began and Phil’s eyes quickly moved over the older of the pair to land on Hawkeye. Phil watched him move and was entranced at the strength in his arms and the way the purple costume, which would have been tacky on anyone else, seemed to catch the light and highlight the strength of the archer. Hawkeye hit target after target and made it seem completely effortless. By the end of the act when he shot arrow after arrow through a flaming ring to encircle the bullseye, Phil was completely entranced and couldn’t take his eyes off him.

At the end of the act, the pair took a bow and as the tent emptied, Phil left as well, intending to go home and let himself dream of the handsome archer. He had chosen to slip out the back, using a slight glamor to go unseen when he heard raised voices.

“The job is tonight, Barton. Either your brother gets with the program or we’re going to have to get rid of him. He knows too much.”

Phil stopped in his tracks hearing that name. It couldn’t be the same, Barton. There was no way. Edging closer to the voices, Phil listened for more.

“Clint’ll cooperate. I’ll make him see reason. He’ll understand when I tell him about how big the score is. Don’t worry, Trick.”

Anger rising in his gut, Phil wanted to rush in and tear those two apart. He thought he’d left Clint in good hands, but now it was obvious why they were meeting again. Clint needed someone who actually cared. Calling on his magic, Phil used it to track Clint down.

His magic led him an old camper and Clint was sitting outside on a log dismantling his bow. Phil stopped and just watched him for a minute, completely in awe of how Clint went over every last inch of the bow, making sure it was everything was taken care of.

“I know someone’s over there, and I swear to God, if you’re tryin’ to scare me again, Barney, I’ll shoot you.”

Phil chuckled and stepped into the light. “I’m not your brother. Just a man with a warning. You need to leave here, something bad is going down and your brother is going to try and coerce you into doing something you shouldn’t.”

Before he could leave, Phil heard Clint whisper. “Holy shit, you’re real.”

Phil paused and tilted his head. “What?”

“I knew it! Barney said I was making shit up, but I wasn’t. I remember you. You took me home after I’d gotten lost. It was right before the cops showed up and stuck us in foster care. You my guardian angel or something.”

“Or something, indeed. You need to leave, Clint. This place is no good for you.”

Clint scoffed. “And go where? In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not exactly flush with cash. And I can’t leave my brother. He needs me.”

Heart hurting, Phil took a step closer and knelt in front of Clint. “Your brother does not have your best interests at heart. He’s only looking for a quick score. If you go through with this, Clint, it will end badly. I don’t know why we have found each other again, but I cannot ignore that we have. Clearly, I did not help you enough the last time.”

“Why does it matter to you, anyway?” Clint stood and started to pace. “You’re just some random guy! We met once when I was a kid. That’s it!”

Standing himself, Phil tried to reach out to Clint. “Because for whatever reason, the fates have decided we needed to meet again. I did not complete my duty to you last time. My job is to safeguard children, I thought I had done that when I called the authorities, but it must not have-”

“You’re the reason we got put in the system?” Clint’s voice was low and almost a growl. “How could you do that?! My dad was shit, but do you have any idea how it feels to get passed from house to house? No one wanted us! That’s why we ran! At least here, I can do something! Consider your duty fulfilled. I’m out of here.”

Clint pushed past Phil and moved deeper into the camp before disappearing altogether. Phil deflated and took a seat on the log Clint had vacated. As he walked home, he felt horrible and empty inside. That had not been what he wanted to happen. Clint and his brother were supposed to have gone to loving families who would care for them. Phil had made many mistakes, but none like this.

The next morning, Phil ventured into town hoping for news of Clint. When he stepped into the small local diner, he took a seat at the counter and ordered a cup of coffee. Taking a sip, he let himself blend into the background and listened. It didn’t take long for him to get news. The robbery Barney and Trickshot had planned had been foiled by one of their own and he was now in the hospital after taking a brutal beating.

Phil was out of his seat, knowing it was Clint who had been injured. He hurried back to his cottage and immediately began dismantling it. He couldn’t stay here anymore. He had failed Clint not once, but twice now and Phil needed to be away from this place. The only place he knew he could find some peace was not here. He needed to go home.

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Comforting Komaru Naegi/Syo/Touko Fukawa Headcanons

Originally posted by lordtyranttyrone

  • When Touko has breakdowns remembering their family or the killing games and what they had to go through, Komaru bolts right to their side
  • Komaru’s a very “hug the pain away” kind of person
  • Lots of hugging, lots of back-pats, “it’s gonna be okay, touko. it’s okay. i’m here for you.”
  • Touko doesn’t cry too easily (they prefer to get angry), but when Komaru’s that gentle and sweet like that with them, they tear up a little bit. But only a little. You say they bawled their eyes out, they’ll cut you
  • Speaking of cutting:
  • Syo doesn’t really freak out that much given that they’re a fucking murderer
  • But… They does have a rough time sometimes (BUT ONLY SOMETIMES………. ONLY SOMETIMES)
  • Komaru’s right there for them too
  • Syo doesn’t like too much physical contact in general, but they let Komaru get a couple hugs in (maybe a kiss or two)
  • Komaru likes braiding Syo/Touko’s hair a lot and it helps them de-stress, feeling her fingers running through their hair
  • When Touko/Syo are back to normal as they can be, Komaru gives em a big ol smooch, and they go out for something to eat, Komaru’s treat
Please love me-damon Salvatore

A few months ago
There was only a few amount of emotions that are as strong as love and you wished you could feel any of those instead of what you’re feeling right now. The weight you felt on your chest wouldn’t go away and you aren’t sure when it would or even if it would. Have you ever had something you needed to say but you knew saying it would ruin everything so you kept it to your self? Holding in your emotions aren’t good and you know that, but at this point you didn’t care. You had to tell him. You were at the mikealson ball when you overheard Damon and Elenas fight. You hated how much Elena looked down on Damon. How much she wouldn’t admit her feelings for him. Later that night you found Damon at the bar drinking away his sorrows.
“Damon I heard your fight with Elena. Are you okay?”
“No y/n I’m not okay!”
“Right sorry. Stupid question.”
You glanced down at the drink the waiter had put in front of you.
“No I’m sorry. I shouldn’t take it out on you.”
“It’s okay. As long as it makes you feel better.”
“Why are you always there for me?”
“Isn’t it obvious? I’m in love with you.”
He really didn’t know. He looked surprised and confused and a little guilty.
“I’m sorry y/n I don’t feel the same way about you.”
“Don’t worry about it. I already knew that, but if you want I could keep your mind off Elena until she realizes she loves you too.”
You drank your entire glass after saying that and didn’t even look at Damon. He placed his hand on the side of your face and made you look into his eyes.
“Do you really want to do that?”
“I’d rather have you once than not at all. And I know this doesn’t mean you might feel something for me. I’m not trying to get you to change your mind Damon.”
He placed a small kiss on your lips almost like asking if it was okay. When you didn’t distance yourself he kissed you again but rougher this time.

Present time
That wasn’t the last time you let Damon use you so he could feel better. At first you were just happy to have him pay any bit if attention to you, but then in the middle of one of your many make out sessions you had told him you loved him which wasn’t really surprising. He had gotten use to you doing that but then you heard him say it back. After you guys had finished.
“Damon you and Elena are almost together. I have complete faith that she is going to finally admit her feelings for you. Do you want to stop this now? I’d feel rather bad if things didn’t work out for you guys cause she finds out you’re sleeping with me.”
“No it’s okay. Can we just wait until she says it? If she says it.”
“She will I know it. Now I have to go. Call me if you need me.”
Damon watched you leave and slipped a shirt on over his head and made his way to his trusty stash of bourbon.
“I thought you were past doing things like this Damon.”
“Like what Stefan?”
“That poor girl basically worships the ground you walk on and you’re using her to pass the time. Let me guess if Elena doesn’t choose you, you’re just gonna use the love that girl has for you to make up for it aren’t you?”
“Y/n asked me to. She said she knew I didn’t love her but she’d rather have me a little bit than at all. She is totally cool with it. No worries little bro.”
“Damon if you saw what the rest of us saw you wouldn’t be putting her through this. You need to leave her.”
“I don’t take order from you. Y/n isn’t going anywhere.”
Meanwhile you were crying in your apartment. You couldn’t help but picture ways that Damon would break the bad news to you. You weren’t a loner. You knew Stefan and Elena had broken things off because she finally realized she loved the elder Salvatore just like you did.
“Come on y/n get a grip! You knew this was going to happen from the beginning. Just be thankful he let you have some time with him before it happened.”
A knock sounded on your door an hour or so later and you had dryed up your tears. You yelled a come in knowing it was the boy you had been sleeping with for awhile.
“I’m in here.”
You didn’t dare look at him. It was like the night you decided to let yourself take a risk, because​ you downed a drink again but this time you poured yourself another one.
“Hey…I know that I said I didn’t want to stop what we have been doing, but I think we should.”
“Because Elena finally told you she loved you?”
“How did you know about that?”
“I hear things. It’s fine Damon I knew you wouldn’t change your mind when we started this.”
The couch sunk lower and your eyes started to blur.
“If you knew…Why are you so upset?”
“A girl can hope.”
You choked out a laugh and Damon saw how much this was truly hurting you. How could he have been so stupid.
“It was stupid anyway. I’m really happy she makes you happy Damon.”
“Are you going to be happy?”
“Probably not right now but that’s okay I don’t mind. Thank you for letting me know what it feels like to be yours.”
Tears ran down your cheeks as you felt him stand up again.
“Can you lie to me one last time?”
Damon stopped. He knew what she wanted. He didn’t know if he should though. It could hurt her worse than she was already hurting.
“Don’t worry about my feelings Damon. Please Damon. Tell me one more time.”
“I love you so much y/n y/l/n.”
You cried harder. Whispering an I love you too. But you said it to somebody that was so longer there. A ghost.