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This little story is based off of a post I made about Anti liking onesies. I couldn’t help myself since I found the entire thing really adorable. Thank you @jiminy-krispies for sharing these lovely ideas and creds to you for also giving me a few ideas on how to write this out.

Also, if you want to know Anti’s main look for this story, just check out this post made by the talented @atomiktaco.

I guess there’s sort of Danti implied but you can either take the interaction as platonic or romantic, whichever you prefer.

I’m tired but I wanted to finish this before I went to bed, so it may not be the best thing ever but I did it! Yaaaay.

Anyway, enjoy! x

Anti is alone. Not by choice of course; Dark said he was going to be gone for about a week for ‘business reasons’. Anti doesn’t really care why Dark is leaving, he’s just glad that he gets the house to himself. Why?

Because if Dark isn’t around, that means he can wear his onesies.

Several months ago, Anti got himself some onesies. He saw them at the store and couldn’t resist the incredible temptation. He barely even made it through the door before he slipped one on and started sliding around the house with it. This didn’t come with a price, however. When Dark came home that day to find Anti, a grown man, sliding around the floors of their house with a onesie on, he certainly had a lot to say.

The amount of times Anti was called something along the lines of ‘childish’ was uncountable.

After that, Anti made sure to prove that he was an adult and capable of being ‘more mature’. After telling Dark that he got rid of the onesies, he was never seen in one again and didn’t even mention them.

Instead, he just hid them hidden in a box in his closet, keeping them for a time where he would be alone and could wear them once more.

What, did you really think he would get rid of them? Silly.

Of course, now that Dark won’t be home for a week, Anti takes this as the perfect opportunity to bring out his beloved onesies. The second he’s certain that Dark isn’t coming back for another seven days, he dashes into his room faster than the speed of light and practically rips the box open. As soon as the soft fabric of the pyjama is between his fingers, a beaming grin spreads across Anti’s face.

“This is gonna be fuckin’ epic,” he chuckles, eyes gleaming with childish excitement.

It’s only minutes before Anti has one on and is proudly admiring his appearance in a mirror in the washroom. The onesie is that of a bright green dinosaur with a yellow patch on its belly and red spikes going all the way from the top of his hood, down to the bottom of its green tail. There’s even a face on the hood with little white teeth sticking out of it. The green-haired male throws the hood over his head, getting some hair in his eyes and the fabric falling down to his nose.

“This fuckin’ hood is so big, I could fit two of my heads in here,” he grumbles to himself, pushing it up and brushing his hair away. However, he quickly finds himself giggling as he begins to shake, the little tail coming out of his lower back jiggling with his movements. “Time to go slidin’!” he cheers.

Anti spends hours after that, doing nothing but sliding around the house in different rooms, allowing the fabric beneath his feet to carry him swiftly across the smooth flooring. He laughs and giggles, the sound overlaying and even glitching slightly with his growing excitement. It’s the most fun he’s had in weeks.

Once he’s too tired to keep going, Anti grabs himself some blankets and pillows and crashes on the couch, curling up in the warmth and coziness the clothing provides. Anti has never felt more content.

The next day is another new adventure in another onesie. Today, Anti is wearing a black onesie with a skeleton on the front and back in a bright green color. This one doesn’t have a hood but still covers his feet, so he’s still able to slide across the floors.

This time, Anti decides to make things even more interesting for himself. He gets a large piece of wood and draws a bullseye on it with a thick black marker. Once he’s satisfied, he hangs it up on the wall and gets his collection of small knives. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Anti slides across the floor and attempts to throw all his knives into the center of the target.

Needless to say that, by the end of the day, there are many holes in the wall where the makeshift bullseye is. Anti is passed out on the floor beneath it, curled up into a ball while holding himself and his beloved knives scattered around him, both on the floor and stuck in the wall.

For the next few days, Anti continues to occupy himself with different activities, all of them revolving around his onesies somehow, whether that is using them to slide around or for comfort. When the seventh day finally arrives, the green-haired male seems to have lost track of time. He’s forgotten that Dark is scheduled to come home.

Anti is wearing a bat onesie this time. There’s fabric between his arms and torso, acting as wings. He’s sliding and dancing around the house to some silly music and giggling at himself like a dork. Hell, he’s having the time of his life and is completely unaware of the familiar figure standing in the doorway, watching him with amusement.

It takes a solid five minutes before Anti finally notices Dark standing at the entrance of the room, watching him with a mocking grin. The green-haired male freezes in his movements and the radio from which the music is playing begins to glitch with Anti’s surprise. Dark releases a deep chuckle and holds his hands behind his back in a professional manner. He tilts his chin upward, as if attempting to fluster Anti even further.

“I thought you said you’d gotten rid of them?” he questions, his eyes gleaming with mock, “Something about ‘being an adult’ if I remember correctly?”

Anti looks away from Dark and down to the floor, finding it much more interesting than his friends face. The radio has glitched into silence at this point, seemingly weighing down on Anti. He attempts to kick the ground as a distraction, but his foot only slides across the floor and he loses his balance, nearly slipping onto his backside. Dark’s grin widens.

Anti glares at him harshly, face still displaying the shades of his embarrassment. Dark lets a sigh scape his lips.

“Anti, I really couldn’t care less if you want to wear those silly pyjamas. Your little hobby doesn’t bother me in the slightest. You can dance around and slide across the floors all you’d like, I only enjoy teasing you but that really doesn’t mean that it should stop you from doing what you enjoy,” Dark suddenly says, releasing his hands from behind his back and bringing one up to gently brush some hair away from his eyes.

Anti’s eyes soften at his friend’s words. There’s a moment where conflict is seen within him but it is quickly replaced with delight and excitement, almost as bright as the day Dark left for his little trip.

“However,” Dark says, tilting his head downward and looking at Anti sharply. The green-haired male’s face forms an expression of confusion and Dark continues,”I wiLL nOt ToLEraTe YoU ruIniNG mY wAlls, UNderSToOd?”

Shadows are cast across Dark’s face, giving his eyes a redish tint. He speaks through gritted teeth and is leaned forward slightly, looking down at Anti with sharp eyes. The air seems to have gotten thicker and Anti simply nods.

Good, otherwise I will have your head on a silver platter,” Dark threatens before taking in a steady breath to recompose himself, “Oh, and if I find any of those things lying around, I will burn them.”

Anti’s jaw drops and he clenches his fists, eyes gleaming dangerously, “If ya dare try to burn any of my onesies, I’ll kill ya!” he threatens.

“Don’t leave them laying around and we won’t have a problem,” Dark finalizes, his tone signifying that it is no longer open for discussion, “now, go enjoy yourself – without being too reckless. I still have to clean up the mess you’ve made with my wall,” Dark grumbles unhappily.

Without needing anything else to be said, Anti dashes out of the room, nearly crashing into several pieces of furniture as he does so. Dark can hear his giggles becoming distant and muffled the farther he gets from the room.

For the next few weeks, Anti slowly gets used to the idea of being comfortable enough to wear his onesies around Dark without being relentlessly teased about them. Dark still teases him here and there, but not enough to make his friend want to hide them again.

About a month after the confrontation, Dark sighs after the wall that was once filled with holes is finally fixed. He admires it from a distance, being sure that the paint covering it looks just right and that the holes are no longer apparent. A small smile appears on his lips – he’s content with how it turned out.

Suddenly, Anti comes sliding across the floor and into his sight, standing right in front of the spot he was just admiring. He’s wearing his dinosaur onesie and a wide grin is on his face. Dark notices his hands being held behind his back and lifts a curious brow the sight.

“Look, Dark, I found one for ya! It’s a devil onesie!” Anti cheers, pulling his hands out from behind his back. He holds the black fabric up in front of him, allowing it to roll down to the floor. It’s entirely black with the exception of the pointy red tail and horns sticking out of the lower back and the top of the hood, “You’d be so comfy!”

There’s a moment where Dark re-evaluates his choice to be accepting of Anti’s childish obsession. However, after seeing the bright, toothy smile on his friend’s face, he simply lets out a sigh and internally smiles.

“Anti, if you put that on me I will burn you along with all of your onesies.”

Over time

Title: Over time

Pairing: Lucifer x reader

Word Count: ~1.6k

Warnings: angst

Summary: Lucifer comes to see you after being away for an unusual long time. The two of you have an overdue conversation.

Request: Hey 😊 could I request a reader x lucifer where his wings are injured and he tries to hide it from the reader because he doesn’t want to seem weak, and she ends up helping patch him up? Thanks!

A/n: I tried with the request but I guess I got side tracked. Not sure if this full fills it. Let me know if you wanted something different and I try again ^^

“Lucifer?” Your voice was carful as you put your hand on the devils shoulder. He had been sitting on your sofa for a couple of hours, altering between staring at the wall and the floor. Something was clearly off but he wouldn’t talk. No matter how often you carefully called out his name and asked, he would just keep staring. It was unnerving, something you never had seen before in the usually more short tempered angel. You could handle his hissy fits by now, but this was new and you didn’t know how to deal with this side of him.

“Talk to me?” You asked softly, feeling him tense up under your touch. Lucifer had been out for a couple of days and this was the first small reaction you got out of him since he got back some hours ago.

“(Y/n)…” his voice sounded cracked like you never heard it before. This wasn’t the powerful carefree angel you had let into your life after he one day turned up out of nowhere. Something had seriously messed with him.

“You know I shouldn’t even be here. Never should have come and never should have stayed” His eyes were focussed on the floor and his body was slumped “But look at me now. A million reason’s to run as far as I can and yet here I am right back.”

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The House of Beasts, part 5

This part has like direct paragraphs I took from the book because I legitimately had no inspiration at all to write this chapter… And I realized I had quite a few plot holes, so I’m here to make a change that’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: HYBERN IS NOT THE PRINCIPAL, HE’S THE PRINCIPAL OF HYBERN UNIVERSITY. I will go back and make the necessary corrections, so for all those who’ve read it up to now, sorry! But I make mistakes lol that’s what happens

Summary: Prythian University, the grounds where frat houses wage wars and throw the best parties yet. Feyre, an art student and girlfriend to the Head of House of the Spring House, discovers secrets everyone’s been keeping from her for the last year and a half. An ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU, which begins as Feylin then evolves into Feysand. Begins as ACOTAR, includes AU of Under the Mountain, but will focus more on Acomaf.

Word Count: 2749 words

Once again, thank you all for withholding any hate and supplying only constructive criticism (I really need it!) and sending any requests, suggestions, etc.  Disclaimer: All characters and some direct and or modified quotes belong to Sarah J Maas, as well as some of the plot points. I take no credit for them whatsoever

Part 5: Bargains

Under the Mountain was definitely what I thought it would be.

The place was littered with thugs, crooks and criminals. The stingy smell of weed clung to the air and made me wrinkle my nose. Few heads turned to my direction once I reached the bottom of the stairs, and I clung to the wall to keep from drawing attention to myself. The room was strangely built, all corners and squares attached to each other with no definite shape or pattern. It was all open though, yet the bodies made it seemed more cramped than it was. To my left was a bar, and to my right a dance floor littered with grinding and public displays of affection I could have lived the rest of my life without seeing. There were strippers and prostitutes, both male and female, and to my surprise I even recognized a few students from school. Overall, it was rancid. Despicable.

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venusinfursasaboy  asked:

your position on your high horse regarding creature designs was well earned. since you seem to have extensive knowledge on how animal bodies work, do you have any advice for someone who knows literally nothing about non-human anatomy and wants to start designing their own critters?

Oh man, what a question! I get asked this a lot, so I’m gonna take the opportunity to lay out some guidelines I follow when making my own beasties. It’s gonna be long, but I hope it helps a few people!

The biggest, best tip I can give you is to reference from life - all great fantasy creature designs have basis in things that actually exist, no matter how whacky they are. Studying the anatomy of animals hands-on - be it a dog, cat, bird, or even a horse - can give you loads of inspiration for making your own monsters!
I’ll go through my own process for emphasis, it usually starts like this:
1. What do I want to make?
2. Where does it live?
3. Is this environment similar to something on our world?
4. What do animals that already exist in that environment look like?
5. Reference-gathering
6. Construction
7. Tweaks and edits
8. Finish

This SEEMS like a really intensive and time-consuming thing, but I promise it’s not! Steps 1-4 get knocked out really quick, usually all at the same time. Say I wanna make a sea dragon. Okay, what is it? A dragon, obviously. Where’s it live? The ocean. Are there any animals that live in the ocean we can use for inspiration?


At this point, it helps if you narrow down what kind of creature you’re making a little bit further. What does it eat? Is it an herbivore? Is it a predator? Is it an apex predator? Is it a scavenger? All these questions can help you streamline the creative process. Let’s say our sea dragon is a carnivore.

Cool! So now we’ve got a couple great animals to work from. Mostly sharks, seals, barracudas, dolphins, there are all sorts of things to pick and choose from. Now, if you’re making an ocean carnivore, but you want it to have traits of something that isn’t an ocean carnivore, that is absolutely fine. That’s the beauty of creature design! As long as the overall aesthetic of the animal fits what it does and how it lives, you are golden. Check out this rad dinosaur skull:

Shark teeth are awesome, but let’s switch up our dragon a bit and use these instead!

By the time you’ve hit this point, you’re at Step 5, which is getting references. I figure I should take a second to tell everyone that references are not cheating. References never will be cheating, and without them, we would not be able to do what we do artistically. References are the backbone of creature design, there is no shame in needing to spend some time finding the perfect reference photo.
“Photo” is an important word here though - unless you’re using anatomical diagrams (which I’ll mention later), copying another artist’s work is not a good reference. When you do this, you also copy the mistakes that artist makes, as well as the tips and tricks they use to render their subject matter. The issue is, you’re not becoming privy to what those tips and tricks are. So you can copy how your favourite artist draws paws, but if you don’t actually know how paws work, you’re both cheating yourself out of important info AND drawing something you don’t understand. Don’t do that to yourself! Referenced and informed work will always look better than cheap impersonations.

Off my soapbox and back to that sea dragon though! Here’s some nice critter anatomy bits I put together that I wanna use:

I decided I wanted to create something that used large fins to move itself, like a sting or manta ray. Sharks are the ultimate ocean predator, so I’m basing a lot of the beast on them, but I want something with legs - something that can go on and off land - so I’ve got references of otters and crocs to see what limbs will work best.
Since it’s a dragon, I’m gonna try and make the big fins look like wings, so I’ve got a little flying fish up there for reference/inspiration. The skull is, obviously, all for toothy aesthetic, and the nudibranch has a colour palette I really think will look nice.

Once you’ve got your references in order and an idea of what you want, you’ve hit Step 6 - Construction! The most fun and frustrating part of the whole deal. It may take a couple tries to sketch something that looks balanced and functional, but keep at it. I can almost guarantee most of your ideas will need to be tweaked and revised - the creatures I’m most well-known for have been through five or six revisions, and are still being updated after creating them years ago! Don’t fault yourself if you can’t get everything right on the first try - keep pushing and keep challenging yourself to work hard, and if you make something you don’t like, just remember it’s all part of the learning process!

In order to make the most realistic creature possible, I would recommend checking out some of the internal anatomy of the animals you’re referencing. Teaching yourself how a dog’s legs move, or a bird’s wing folds, can really add that extra level of realism to any fantasy beast you make.
The only issue is that this can get a little gnarly - I have several go-to reference photos of flayed animals I use to help me out when I draw, but I understand not everyone has the stomach to look at such subject matter. Thankfully, artists far more patient than I have put together tons of drawn references for just about any animal. The Cyclopedia Anatomicae is a godsend for this, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get real down-n-dirty with anatomy and creature design, but without the mess.

As for the sea dragon, it is looking fabulous!

For me, Step 7′s Tweaks and Edits goes hand-in-hand with Step 6′s Construction, since I usually end up tweaking-and-editing while I’m working. Check out the wings:

(Thanks to Paul Mirocha for the anatomical graphics)
I realized that simple fins wouldn’t be enough to propel the dragon through the water (plus they looked a little silly just sticking out of the dragon’s shoulders), so I approached them as if they were a bird or bat’s wings. The structure is tweaked for an underwater creature, but this is the importance of learning proper anatomy - because I know how something works on the inside, I can add it to what I’m creating and edit it to appear believable. This way, the entire animal looks and feels like it could exist in real life, even though it’s basically just stolen parts:

After this, you’re pretty much done! This is the final step, Step 8 - Finishing Touches. Since it’s something you made, you’re more than able to go back and fix up anything about it that bothers you, or even add on new features you may think up! One thing I like to check is if the creature has a strong silhouette - if I can’t differentiate it from another animal when it’s a black blob, the design probably could use some stronger elements.

Very nice! While the spread wings and triangular shape harken back to a manta-ray aesthetic, the points on the wings and long, thick tail bring the creature away from its inspirations, and into its own category. All in all, I consider this dragon to be one of the favourites I’ve made, and a big success!

And there you have it! From start to finish, this is pretty much how I go about making the monsters you see in my galleries. I want to point out that this definitely isn’t the only way to go about doing this; if there’s another method you prefer, it’s certainly just as valid. Trust me though - if you’re confused how to start, or stuck and don’t know where to go, just browsing through the incredible flora and fauna of this world is more than enough to get those inspiration-gears cranking.
I also want to emphasize that the only way to get better at creature design is to keep doing it. I’ve made some hideous and implausible looking things, believe me, and it can sometimes be frustrating when you can’t figure out just what elements a design needs, but I promise that if you keep trying, and keep making an effort, you will make things you will be proud to show off. And if constantly hunting for references feels like it’ll be daunting and tedious, there is a secret to this: the more you draw something, and the more things you draw, the more stuff you’ll have in your visual memory to pull from. I don’t need references for wings or legs any more, because I’ve studied how they work, understand their anatomy, and know how they move and what limits I can stretch them to. I cannot stress the importance of this enough: in order to be able to draw something well, you gotta know how it works. And the easiest way to learn that is references!

If you wanna tell me how you make creatures, or ask for details on any other steps I may use in my process, you’re more than welcome to send me a message! I love creature creation, but what I love more is sharing tips with others to help them create more effectively. There’s more than one than one way to skin a cat, but there’s twice as many ways to make a cat-monster.

Cheers, and happy drawing!


Originally posted by taejin

Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me…

A/N: so this was based off a bunch of posts on peach of my friends’ commentary of this picture. i sort of fell in love with the idea of an art school fic but i had a terrible time deciding between all the boys so this may become a series? we’ll see, but for now i hope you guys like this one! and i’m sorry i’ve been so absent but i’ve literally been working on this day and night since i finished the drabbles. i’m gonna do a few requests after this so if you’ve been waiting, i’m sorry but they’re coming soon!! love you all <3

wc: ~7.5K

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Of Angels and Christmas Lights

Cas can barely finish reading the last sentence before Maya turns the page, eager to find out how the story will end. She doesn’t let him continue, though. She leans forward to point to the winged and haloed figure hovering in the corner on the page.

“Do all angels have white dresses, papa?” she asks, turning her head to him.

“Uh—” Cas bites his lower lip, struggling to come up with a proper answer under her expectant stare. “No,” he decides, finally. “No, not all of them. Only those that like white dresses.”

Maya raises her hands. “But they aaaaaalways do!” she says, frustrated.

Cas narrows eyes at her, trying to figure out what the “always” refers to. As she shifts on top of his knees, he shuts the book around his index finger to– Oh, of course.

“Do you mean angels in your books?”

“Yes! And in television!” she explains. “And—and on a Christmas tree!”

“Christmas tree?” Cas repeats. “On television?”

“In Veronica’s house,” she corrects. “It’s so big—” she throws her hands up above her head, nearly punching Cas’s nose in the process—”up to the ceiling! And there’s a star on the top—a gold star and angels in white dresses and little lights. It’s sooo pretty!”

“I’m sure it is,” Cas says, using the occasion to change the topic. Explaining angels, and other creatures that to children and most people are fairy tales, without outright lying, is a balancing act that Cas is not very skilled at. “What color are the lights?”

“All colors,” Maya says, jumping off her papa’s knees. “Blue and red and yellow and they twinkle like this—” she opens and closes her palms and eyelids for the most accurate portrayal of twinkling Christmas lights—”and then faster!”

She involves her skipping feet and her head bobbing up and down in her presentation. Losing her balance, she sways to the side. Cas’s arms shoot forward and lock around her to ensure she doesn’t fall. As if encouraged, Maya starts jumping around, swinging to the sides, until Cas scoops her off her feet. He pulls her in, buries her face in her neck and leaves tickling kisses, drawing a salve of squeaky laughter from her mouth.

It takes her a moment to calm down and sit straight in Cas’s lap, but when she does, she doesn’t call for the book Cas abandoned beside him on the couch. Instead, she turns to him, head cocked to the side.

“Can we have a Christmas tree too?” she pleads with a sweet grin.

Cas sucks in a breath, but before he can say anything, the front door swings open and rattles shut.

“Dean!” Cas raises his voice, only slightly. He doesn’t have a heart to scold Dean for slamming the door when it’s the door that saved him from making up another awkward answer.

“Sorry!” comes a rasp from the entrance and Dean storms into the living room, snow falling off his shoulders and to the carpet.

His movements are sharp, steps rushed but firm on the floor. He’s anxious or angry, either way, it’s more than enough to alert Cas; his body tenses, hold tightens around Maya’s small form.

“What’s going on?”

Dean stops in his tracks, turns to them, hands thrown to the sides.

“Oh, I’m gonna tell you what’s going on,” he starts, tipping his chin.

All of the tension escapes Cas at once. Dean’s angry, yes, pissed, even. But Cas knows this tone too well and he knows what’s coming next.

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The First Time Astrid Saw Hiccup's Flight Suit

So this amazing request came from @thetalkinglollipop , and it was the first time that Astrid saw Hiccup’s flight suit (which he did not tell her he was going to try out, and how she freaked out when he almost died). Thanks again for the awesome request!


“Toothless!” Hiccup called. “Come here, bud!”

Toothless nosed his way into the forge. “Hey!” Hiccup laughed, as his dragon tried to squirm under his arm. “Look, I wanted to show you something.” He pulled out three pieces of canvas: two long strips and a spiny one that resembled the back spike of a dragon.

“You see, I put this one on my back, and then attach these ones between my sides and my arms–and bam. I’m a dragon.”

Toothless made a curious noise in the back of his throat.

“Look,” Hiccup pointed to some detailed drawings that were pinned up on the wall. “We get up really high, I jump off–” Toothless looked up with a start. “Hold on, bud. After free falling for a bit, I extend my wings. Eventually we’ll get low enough that you’ll have to come get me. Which takes me to how you’ll fly on your own. I’ve been working on a way to lock your tail, so you won’t be able to do any fancy maneuvers, but it should be enough for you to come get me. So,” he finished with a flourish of his hand, looking back towards his audience, “any questions?”

Toothless stared at him for a moment, then tried to squirm his head underneath Hiccup’s hand again. Hiccup let out a sigh and let his dragon win, scratching him on the head. “C'mon, bud,” Hiccup began attaching his new “wings”. “Let’s go try it out.”

They left the forge and started heading towards the hill, where they could take off without any fuss. They were almost there when they suddenly heard a flapping sound and the screech of a Deadly Nadder.

“Hey, you,” said a friendly voice. “Join us for a ride?”

Hiccup turned out to see Astrid hopping off Stormfly. She gave him a swift peck on the cheek. “I was thinking about a little afternoon flight. Big race coming up, gotta work on those dives.”

“Yeah, yeah, of course,” he said distractedly, rubbing the back of his head with his hand, “I’ve got…uh, some things I wanna work on too with Toothless.”

She grinned at him. “See you up there.” Astrid jumped on Stormfly and they took off into the clouds.

Toothless nudged Hiccup with his nose and looked up a his best friend with curious green eyes.

“I know, I know,” Hiccup raised his arms in surrender. “I didn’t tell her about the flight suit. But to be honest, I’m not sure that she would be thrilled about the idea of me just jumping out into freefall thousands of feet above the ground. I’d rather just deal with an angry Astrid later. Now, before I jump off–yes, Toothless, we are going to try this–I’m gonna lock your tail like this.” Hiccup showed his dragon how he was going to lock his tail.
“Alright, bud? Let’s go.”

Toothless took off and started zooming after Astrid and Stormfly. Once they caught up, they flew in silence for awhile, admiring the view. Berk in the summer was breathtaking.

“Beautiful day,” Astrid commented. “Hey, I was thinking about that new species of dragon you found last week. The Frightful Terror. Your drawings of it looked really similar to a Gronckle. You think they could be related.

Hiccup, who was messing around with some of the levers and straps on Toothless’s saddle, nodded absentmindedly. "Hmm.”

“No, really, think about it. If we could just bring one to Berk, then we could compare closer. Where did you find it again? Hiccup? HICCUP!” Astrid screamed. That was because all of the sudden, Hiccip had slid out of his saddle and was now free falling towards the ocean below. Astrid looked at Toothless in fear. Usually if Hiccup ever fell out of the saddle or had to jump off for some reason, the Night Fury would zoom after him immediately. That might also be because Toothless couldn’t fly without Hiccip. But now, the black dragon had twisted in midair, looking at his tail. Astrid stared in confusion. His tail was locked, as if Hiccup was still riding him. HICCUP. Both Astrid and Toothless seemed to realize at the exact same moment where their friend was. Stormfly and Toothless shot down at the exact same time, towards the slim falling figure.

All of the sudden, Hiccup hit a button on his suit and the dragon spike popped out of his back. He extended his arms, and he grinned as he shot up in past Toothless and Stormfly, who were zooming in the opposite direction. He was flying, he was actually flying by himself! Oh, he could practically taste the freedom.

Suddenly something nudged his belly. He looked down to see Toothless flying beneath him, his green eyes worried.

“Oh c'mon bud, I’m fine! And look at you! You’re flying too!” Hiccup looked up and saw Astrid and Stormfly above him. He flipped over, gliding on his back, so he could look at Astrid comfortably. She looked caught between excited and angry.

“Hiccup! Oh my gods! You’re flying! Like a dragon…do you have any idea how–” She started.

“Hey! What’s up with you worrywarts? I’m fine!” He reassured her.

Astrid gave him a look that said: no-you-are-most-definitely-not-fine-you-are-flying-by-yourself-without-Toothless-you-are-so-going-to-pay-for-scaring-me-when-we-land. Then she smiled and shouted over the wind that suddenly picked up, “That’s amazing, Hiccup!”

The wind got stronger. Hiccup fought to keep control. Suddenly, a large mountain loomed out of the mist in front of him, directly ahead.

“Toothless!” Hiccup yelled over the wind. “Now!”

Toothless, who had been flying behind, experimenting with his new ability to fly solo, looked up at Hiccup’s voice, and saw that he was on a direct collision course with the rocky mountain. The Night Fury tried to catch up to his best friend, but he was unused to his new tail and couldn’t fly as well. Toothless let out a screech as he fought to reach Hiccup. Stormfly made a grab for Hiccup, but right when her claws were about to grasp him the winds sent him down. The Deadly Nadder was about to try again when suddenly she looked up and had to swerve to the left to avoid a rock formation. Hiccup looked up and his stomach dropped when he saw how close he was to collision.

“Toothless!” He shouted again.

Toothless let out a screech of frustration. Hiccup suddenly realized what he had to do. The canvas stretched between his arms was what was gliding him forward, closer to the mountain. He dropped his arms to his sides, now free falling down instead of gliding forward. He fell straight down, next to the face of the mountain. Toothless, realizing that Hiccup was now below the winds, went into a deep dive to intercept his best friend before he became a pancake on the lower mountain. Toothless grabbed Hiccup in his claws and enveloped him in his wings, knowing it was too late to stop the inevitable collision with the mountain.

When it came, it was jarring, but not enough for Toothless to lose his grip on Hiccup. He rolled down the mountain, over rocks, snow, and ice, curled up like a ball. The black dragon finally came to a stop the ground evened out and he hit a tree. He uncurled to reveal Hiccup, who groaned and crawled out from underneath his heavy friend, collapsing on his back on the cool grass. Immediately Stormfly swooped in and Astrid jumped off, running towards Hiccup.

“Hiccup!” She said worriedly. Astrid knelt beside him and pulled off his helmet. His green eyes stared up at her. He had a few minor cuts on his face, but mostly the helmet had protected his skull from the fall.

“That was amazing! ” He grinned, then grimaced because it hurt to smile.

“You could have just died and the only thing you can say is ‘that was amazing’?” Astrid demanded. “Where are you hurt?”

Hiccup groaned and tried to sit up, only to be pushed by down again by his blonde girlfriend. “Sprained ankle, probably cracked a rib or two. But hey, can we try again?”

Astrid’s blue eyes flashed. “Nooo, I think you’re going to have to heal up and work out some major logistics before you try that again.” She knew there was no way that she could stop her boyfriend from doing something once his mind was made up.

“How does that sound, bud?” Hiccup rolled over to look at Toothless, who was cleaning the dirt off himself by the tree. “Wanna go again?” Toothless made a growling sound in the back of his throat. “I’ll take that as a yes, then.”

Astrid smiled down at him. “Never.” She kissed him on the forehead. “Scare me. Kissed him on one cheek. "Like that.” Kissed him on the other cheek. “Again.” This time she kissed him on the lips, hers soft on his.

Eventually they pulled away, and stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments. Then Astrid helped Hiccup up, and supported him as he limped over to Toothless. He scratched his dragon on the head, and Toothless nuzzled his torso.

“I’ll see you back in the village, and I’ll help you bind up your ankle and your ribs.” Astrid walked off towards Stormfly, shaking her head in almost exasperation.

Hiccup waved at her and turned to Toothless. “She didn’t take that so badly, did she, bud?”

Hiccup heard a female voice behind him call, “Maybe not, but just wait until your dad asks you about those injuries!”

Thanks again for the request! And don’t worry, if you submitted an idea to me it’s coming :) I’m just slow at writing. Hope you enjoyed an have a nice day!

Angels Could Be Bad

Loosely inspired by the songs Angels by Vicetone :)
You were the nicest person that Scott and Stiles knew. You spent Mondays and Wednesdays at the retirement home and Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Children’s center while on weekends you helped out at the soup kitchen. No matter how bitchy someone was to you, you just shrugged it off. Scott and Stiles teased you and called you “holy (y/n)” They had been your best friends since you were four and you stood by them for everything. All through the werewolf thing you were there. For the course of the nogitsune stage you were there. Whatever was thrown in the paths of your supernatural friends and their pack, whether it be kanimas or berserkers you were there to be whatever help you could. You weren’t exceptionally beautiful to anybody really, except to Liam that is. You were basically a godsend. Perhaps even an angel in the minds of everyone else.
“What are we going to do about the dread doctors and Theo?“ asked Stiles impatiently. Deaton approached the pack. "Where did you say you thought you saw them in your dream, Lydia?” he asked. “A warehouse. I think the one past Eichen House,” she replied. “I have a plan,” Derek said his eyes shooting up suddenly.
The plan was theoretically simple. Malia draws out Theo while Scott, Derek, Kira, and Liam move any people serving as experiments out of the warehouse. Stiles and Deaton will wait for the survivors and aid them in any possible way. During this you and Lydia were to go into the electric system and rewire the circuits so the building would explode with the dread doctors in it. Simple enough?
Everybody assumed their positions readily. Malia started to flirt with Theo, purposefully falling so he would catch her chivalrously. She looked at him with heart eyes and stroked circles in the back of his hand and guided him out. “Let’s get out of here,” she said seductivley. “Where are we going?” he asked dreamily. “You’ll see,” Malia hinted covering his eyes. Before he knew it, Theo was chained to a chair in front of Stiles’ jeep. “If you move or scream,” said Deaton, “I will inject this into you,” he finished holding up a syringe of wolf’s bane.
Derek’s eyes flicked back and forth at the bodies that were being held in incubators. “How do we get them out safely?” Scott asked. “We don’t have time to figure that out,” Derek sighed. Liam threw a punch at the glass, breaking it as a young man’s body tiredly fell into his arms. Kira conjured electricity into her palms and put her hands over the body’s heart. She concentrated and a small current shot through the man and he quickly gasped for air. “Get them out,” Scott said as he followed what Liam did. And after hurriedly saving all the experiments, the kitsune and three werewolves lead them out as quickly and quietly as possible. The plan was going well. Too well. Everything was falling into place better than expected it was very…unnatural. Just as they were leading the prisoners out, three figures in metal masks appeared in front of them. “Dread doctors,” Derek whispered. Liam guided the experiments into a corner. The werewolves brought out their claws and fangs while Kira whipped out her sword.
“What wire am I supposed to connect this to?” Lydia asked. “The green one,” you replied. “Lydia, I can finish here. Go to Deaton and Stiles. They’re going to need help with all those prisoners.” you told her.
“But what if something goes wrong?”
“It’ll be fine. I’m almost done and once I connect the last wire it will be harder for the both of us to get out at once in time.”
She looked up unconvinced but eventually nodded and left. “Let’s do this,” you told yourself.
“GUYS WE NEED TO GET THEM OUT OF HERE!” Scott yelled as he fought off a dread doctor. All of a sudden flames swarmed around Kira’s body and her eyes glowed orange. She wielded her sword around and shots of electricity flee from it, each bolt landing on a dread doctor’s chest. “RUN!!!” she shouted. Derek, Scott, and Liam ran out the warehouse with the prisoners. Kira blasted the doctors back with her sword and they flung across the room. She sprinted out the door and locked behind her, infusing electricity into the padlock.
You breathed in. “Liam? Scott? Derek? I know one of you can hear me,” you said. “I think everybody is out of the building. I’m gonna blow it up.” You attached the final two wires together and hoped for the best as you began to run out of the building.
“She’s going to blow up the building now,” Liam told everyone by Stiles’ jeep as they began loading prisoners to the back. They looked in the distance at the warehouse blowing up as smoke consumed the air.
“(Y/N)!!” Lydia shrieked as she ran towards the building, her banshee senses taking over and everybody followed behind except for Deaton who stayed with the people and Theo.
You felt a wave of heat behind you as the warehouse exploded. Flames licked your back and you wailed in pain as you ran. You looked back and saw one of the dread doctors throw something before he was consumed in the fire. You almost made it out to the clearing when you felt something sharp make contact with your back and you screamed. You fell to the floor and your hands touched the small of your backside to feel hot liquid dripping out. Blood.
Everyone heard shriek in the distance. “(Y/n)!” Scott said running up to you and laying you in his arms. “I’m okay,” you panted. “I’m gonna get your jeans all bloody,” you smiled as tears rolled down your cheeks. “I want to be buried next to my mother,” you said through tears. “You can’t die on me!” Liam cried. Stiles began to spaz out. “Scott! Bite her! She might be able to heal then!” Stiles said exasperated. Scott sunk his fangs into your wrist and your eyes shot open glowing a prominent silver nobody had ever witnessed before. Scott rolled backward as you were on your hands and knees. You let out a blood curdling scream and arched your back. Everybody watched in astonishment as a pair of angel wings ripped through your back. You stood up and gasped for air. “Kate didn’t become a werewolf when she was bitten…” started Stiles. “Because we take the true forms of who we are inside…” Derek finished as he and everyone else stared at the angel standing before them.
(A/n) I didn’t follow the actual storyline obviously I just used the characters so all rights go to teen wolf || I might release a video that goes along with this since it didn’t include any gifs for visual aids :)

spooky scary skeletons (in the closet). (ao3)

for (the currently aptly named) @spookedchester <3

Halloween loses its magic when Dean is eleven.

It just so happens to be the same year he learns to handle a gun well enough to make his own sawed-off.

Or. Well. Maybe it’s not actually that much of a coincidence. John doesn’t say it outright, but Dean gets the message loud and clear: Halloween is for kids, and Dean no longer falls into that category.

He never really did, though. If he’s being honest, Halloween has never held magic for him in the way it seemed to for his classmates. He always wanted to get caught up in the excitement, of course, but considering the fact that the whole holiday is basically a celebration of monsters, a romanticization of the very things that are responsible, on a daily basis, for everything he hates about his life, he thinks he can be excused for feeling a little ambivalent.

He had tried, for a while, for Sam’s sake, even when he had to steal second-hand costumes because knives and bullets and lighter fluid were always more important uses of money. Even though he could never quite explain why he would never let them dress up as witches or werewolves or ghosts, only as superheroes.

It had been fun, while it lasted, pretending that such a shining ideal was something that could exist. Or, even more laughably, that it was something he could be.

And then Sam had broken his arm believing Dean’s bullshit, and that had put an end to that. Even if it hadn’t, Sam learning the truth a few years later certainly would have.

In other words, it’s safe to say, as an adult, that his feelings about the whole thing remain a little mixed. On the one hand, he’s bitter over missing out on the whole experience, over never having the chance to feel simple youthful joy over dressing up and going trick-or-treating. And on the other hand, why the hell is he so bitter? It’s not like he can’t eat candy any damn day of the year he wants. He didn’t need the excuse of a costume as a kid, and he sure doesn’t need the excuse of kids coming round to his door nestled in some suburban neighborhood as an adult. He’s gonna do whatever he wants, annual holidays be damned.

Which is why, bright and early on November 1, Dean decides to head to the freshly discounted Halloween aisle of the closest grocery store.

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Day One: Secret Santa

I am literally getting this in at midnight, and it hasn’t been proof read except for spell check, so I’m very sorry ahead of time.

This is my first bellarke fic so be gentle, and enjoy. :)


Christmas. One of the most magical and hope-filled times of the year. Or so Clarke had heard. Like the rest of the Ark, she had only known of the Holiday based on the stories that would float around the ship during that merry month.

Her father in particular liked to tell her the tale of a jolly old man who would squeeze his large form down people’s chimneys (though she wondered about the course of action if there was a fire going), and left presents for all the good little boys and girls. She often mulled over the kinds of gifts she could have given to her parents, to Wells, had she lived in a time before the nuclear war-scorched Earth that remained captivating from the window she viewed it from. Beautiful but deadly.

It didn’t last long though. She began to realize how trivial the holiday seemed in the current situation of so many living on the Ark. People had a hard enough time meeting their basic needs, like keeping their stomachs even half full, let alone finding the resources to give everyone gifts.

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