gonna go and cry now

sense8 just got cancelled. 

a show about 8 people who are so dynamic, two women of colour, a transgender female character, a man of colour, a gay man who struggled with his sexuality, issues of mental illness and a show just filled with such incredible issues got cancelled. 

I’ve lost all hope in this world. Netflix I hope you burn. I can’t believe shit white shows run for soooo many seasons, but a complex show like sense8 fails to get a third season. I AM SO FUCKING PISSED OFF. I finally got to see an indian girl that I could look up to, that I could somehow identify with and I can’t believe it’s taken away from me. Do you know how hard it is to find good desi representation? do you?! I am so upset right now.

today in critical role finale things that make me cry:

laura giving liam his ‘do not go far from me’ ring back

because during the break, after vax died, he must have taken it off and given it to her (because he definitely has it on during the first half)

and he only takes it back when the campaign is wrapping up

Things that Heck Me Up:

Shouto’s little smile after casually using the powers that he has hated and rejected his entire life–powers that were bestowed upon him by his abuser no less, to help out his friends.

Not just rejecting his abuser’s ideals and using his powers in spite of him, but using the very tool that made his entire life miserable–for fun and mundane activities–to be a KID and help others and grow closer with other kids his age.

Shouto’s genuine smile for getting the chance to just exist as himself.


YA LIT MEME: [2/4] deaths

my hands flurry in the air like startled birds, trying to halt the spear’s relentless movement towards my belly. but i am weak as a baby against hector’s strength, and my palms give way, unspooling in ribbons of red. the spearhead submerges in a sear of pain so great that my breath stops, a boil of agony that bursts over my whole stomach. my head drops back against the ground, and the last image i see is of hector, leaning seriously over me, twisting his spear inside me as if he is stirring a pot. the last thing i think is: achilles.