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Rimworld is consuming my liiiiiife! *SOB*

What is it with me and games that throw randomly generated characters at you expecting them to die?? WHY DO I KEEP ADOPTING MORE CHARACTERS??!

Each one of them has their own story and this is ruining my LIFE!!

hannibal the show is so fucked dude holy shit

so ive watched a lot of the broduce 101 introductions and tbh… this is depressing a lot of these boys have really low self esteem because of failing to debut and being unpopular or saying that they lack skills/visuals. I’m sad that theyre gonna have to go through MessNet’s horrible editing and rigged competition along with netizens on their ass every second. rest in pepperoni

Here’s my life plan I’ve been working on this for a while and saving up. I am going to buy a nice airstream trailer that gets the job done. Gonna get all my bffs to move to one pretty foresty piece of land and start a farm with them. Chickens, goats, a couple cows, pigs, horses, etc. we’re gonna get good at building. We’ll have an outdoor yoga space, a play house for the kids, a zip line, a big ol garden area, I don’t care what else. We’ll do rituals together. We’ll eat dinner together ever night. A different family can be in charge of cooking each night for the whole commune. We’ll have a lot of group fires and star gazing parties. That’s as far as I have planned I know it’s not that crazy of an idea but it’s what’s keeping me going right now in these dark days.

trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Don’t get married ‘til you’re 30. Play laser tag at least once a week. Give as many high-fives as you’re gonna get. Teacup pigs are lady magnets but very hard to care for - not worth the effort. The same goes for dogs and babies. And most importantly, whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.

Oh my god oh my god I just watched naka choko for the first tim I’m gonna die this is too good I can’t breathe someone talk to me about it

Vitya Knows Best

A million years ago @mypoorfaves requested either Yuuri or Victor loosing their voice due to illness. I know this isn’t the best fill for that prompt, but I’ll defiantly do more Lost Voice stuff in the future. 

It had started with something small, as most things did with Victor. Something small that escalated and took down the whole village. He was completely at peace with this fact; the people around him loved him, and he loved them, so he was never as worried as he should have been about collateral damage when he got sick. 

He did not, however, factor in Yuuri. 

Yuuri, the man who had stolen his heart without even knowing, the one person who never seemed to realize just how perfect he was in the eyes of those who loved him. The man of his dreams… 

Victor would do anything for him, and could never forgive himself if Yuuri got hurt under his watchful eye. 

Which is why, once Victor’s cough went away, taking with it a mild fever and headache, he was only overjoyed for about 27 seconds. Because after that, he realized that Yuuri was coughing too. Hard. 

“Yuuri, my dear, I’m not trying to sound insulting, it’s just that I’d feel so much better if you took all that off and… uh, went back to bed?“ 

Katsuki Yuuri, under a sweater vest, two coats, and a jacket, was running a fever. Victor was certain of this, despite the fact that his fiancé refused to let him check, or even lay a hand on his bare skin. It was irritating to say the least. Victor wanted to be supportive, he really did. Nothing was worse than making Yuuri upset, and his tears had this remarkable power; whenever Victor saw them, he swore his heart would break a little more. Hell, just hearing his beloved Yuuri cry was enough to make Victor feel like his whole body could shatter.

There was also the fact that Yuuri had been practicing axel jumps and spins recently, and Victor knew that with how hard he was working, he wouldn’t want to stop for a silly cold. 

"Then don’t say anything at all!” Yuuri snapped, his tone lacking any sort of bite. Under his breath, he continued to mutter, “気持ちがいいです。Not that anyone cares to listen and not just look…" 

He huffed again, eyes wide and watering, before hiding his face behind a cloth mask. He’d brought a few from Japan, and had also been given quite a few of the washable variety from fans in Russia. He liked the cute designs on the front, but today just wanted something simple that he could "comfortably” skate in.

“Yuuri, kotyonok, I’m not trying to be hurtful, I am just worried.” Victor pulled Yuuri, who was noticeably trembling through his jacket layers, into his arms. “I’m worried about this,” he admitted, stroking the back of Yuuri’s head. “I know you have been working hard, but I don’t want you to get hurt out there.”

Yuuri smiled under his mask in response, breaking the hug to open the door. “Vitya, I love you. More than anything, I think. I have to skate. But, for you, I’ll ease up today." 

Yuuri, for the most part, kept his promise. After removing most of his layers (and being mocked by Yuuri for wearing so many in the first place), he took a shaky step onto the ice, and began his warm-up. From there, everything went as well as it could. 

For majority of his day Yuuri stuck to the ice like glue, his feet never leaving, meaning he didn’t perform any jumps. 

Until Yurio dared him to. 

Yuuri had just sat down on the bench for a moment - he needed a second to catch his breath. His legs were shaking and his vision swam dangerously across the rink. He was starting to feel increasingly more awful, nausea creeping steadily up his already aching throat like burning acid.

From the side of the rink came an almost shrill taunt from Yuri: 

"No jumps today, pig? Go home if you can’t keep up with us! Victor is letting you get so soft!”

Normally, he wouldn’t have minded. Teasing was just Yurio’s way, and Yuuri knew that. The younger boy did care, he just had a funny way of showing it. And Yuuri knew he could keep up just fine any other day, but his mind was muddled with his face was hot with embarrassment, so he stood up and returned to the rink. 

“Yuuri!” Victor called out. “Stay put, love, you don’t look well!”

He refused to listen, instead biting back with his own words. Or, at least trying to.

What would have been “I can do this, Victor!” came out as a shrill cracking of words. Yuuri’s voice was completely gone, save for a painful, scratchy wheeze. Yuuri didn’t care. Voice or no voice, he could do this! He could keep up!

“Oh shit, Victor!” Yurio called out. “His voice is fucking gone. Katsudon, stop skating, sit back down! Oy! Listen to me, you pig, you’re gonna get hurt!”

Victor sped over as Yurio approached Yuuri, but it was too late. He tried some kind of spin, but the second he began his breath hitched, and a series of rough coughs and and the occasional harsh sneeze pierced through a thick silence.

 Yuuri was on his knees on the ice, tears rolling down his face, barely able to breathe. It had all happened so fast.

Something warm was pressed against Yuuri’s forehead, and he leaned lovingly into the touch. “ヴィクトール…? なにこれ…” even Japanese words, which had always been so easy for Yuuri, much easier than English, or Russian, refused to come out. He wanted to know what was going on. Why everything hurt so bad so suddenly.

Victor was shushing him. “You’ll strain yourself,” he mumbled. “Yurio is gonna help me get you into a car, ok? So we can go home." 


“You’re running a temperature, Yuuri. N-netsu? Kaze?” Victor knew a few Japanese words about illness, but was still uncertain. Fever… cold… what were the words? 

Yuuri giggled, albeit hoarsely, at his fiancé. “I’m sick,” he shrugged. “You were right. You always are when it comes to this stuff, aren’t you, Victor?”

Birthday Cake

Author: Milkshake-fairy

(AO3http://archiveofourown.org/works/11324301/chapters/26089194 )

Rating: Explicit

Summary: He want that cake cake cake cake~

(Happy Birthday Sasuke!) 

“Instead of just running at the tree over and over again, try to actually clear your minds and focus. Think through what you’re doing and understand where your chakra is.” Sasuke crosses his arms and and observes his three genin students trying to walk all the way up various trees, attempting to focus their chakras at the bottom of their feet. It was a common exercise in chakra control, one that he himself had done so many years ago with team 7 and Kakashi. 

“Sensei! I think I’ve got it! Lo—.” 

Sasuke watches Shin, the only boy in his three member class, lose control of his chakra and start falling down head first from the top of a particularly high branch. Before he can move to catch the young boy, there’s a flash of movement and suddenly his boyfriend is standing at the base of the tree, a startled Shin in his arms. 

“Don’t worry I sucked at this at first too,” Naruto chuckles, setting the boy down before looking over at Sasuke and grinning. “Your sensei sucked as well! Didn’t you, Sasuke?” 

“What are you doing here?” The rest of his students had already stopped training, following behind Sasuke as he walked over to Naruto.

“I’m free the rest of the day so I thought I’d spend it with the birthday boy.” Naruto smiles and steps forward to stand beside him, slinging an arm around his shoulder. 

“Introduce us!” Naruto gestures towards the kids, who are all staring at the blond, eyes wide with wonder. There weren’t many people in Konoha, especially among the younger shinobi, that didn’t admire Naruto Uzumaki, the rising legend and the future Hokage. 

Sasuke sighs. “These are my students, Shin, Momo, and Chiharu.” He brings his hand up to rest it on Naruto’s waist. “And this is Naruto Uzumaki. I’m sure you don’t need me to introduce him.”

“I’m Sasuke sensei’s boyfriend!” Naruto beams and smushes his cheek to Sasuke’s for a moment. All three children’s eyes grow wider, ears red. They all knew the relationship between their sensei and the future Hokage, but actually watching the two together, arguably two of the most powerful ninjas in history being so intimate, was still surprising. Not to mention, Uchiha sensei wasn’t usually a particularly affectionate man. 

“Shut up, usuratonkachi. I have to teach class until the evening so go home and rest.”

“Or I could be your co-sensei today. Is that alright?” He turns to the children, who all nod enthusiastically. 

“Yeah!” Naruto claps his hands together. “Team Uzumaki-Uchiha lets go!” He cheers, shooting out his fist. 

Sasuke sighs as his students excitedly raise their own fists to meet with Naruto’s before raising his hand to join the teams’. It would be lie to say he wasn’t happy to have the blond beside him.

“It’s team Uchiha-Uzumaki, dobe.” 

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The Honey House, Chapter 28



Negan held off the dead with the help of Timmy’s knife and his natural ability to kick the shit out of roamers. Only when the sound of Rae’s car pulling away told him she was safe did he scramble up the embankment which he’d tumbled down.

He peered over the grassy edge with cautious eyes, double checking that a certain fiery redhead wasn’t baiting him into her trap. She wasn’t and part of him was disappointed, not because he thought she’d missed out on a golden opportunity but more because he’d spent the last week looking forward to seeing her and his plans had well and truly fallen down the shithole.  

Negan pulled himself all the way up onto the road, wondering how the hell Rae had managed Timmy up the hill and feeling surprised to see a set of car keys waiting on the roof of Timmy’s car. Although he shouldn’t have been surprised. This was Rae and she might have shot him with 50,000 volts and threatened to kill him but under those threats she was a good girl at heart. Regardless of her reasons Negan decided to take this small gesture to mean that she was still interested in him at least enough to give him a fighting chance and that was all he ever needed anyway.

With a smile he grabbed the keys and popped the trunk, sighing in relief when his gaze landed on “Lucille.” Negan had only hoped that Timmy had brought her and with the impending shitstorm he was going to need at least one of his girls on his side. He picked her up, admiring her before taking a swing at the roamer that had chased him to the road. Brain matter flew through the air, splatting on the tarmac like jello and it might not have been Timmy’s skull but it was a start.

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Prompt list

1. “I’m not coming back, so don’t expect to see me again.”
2. “Blonde bimbo.”
3. “Fuck you!”
4. “I wish I never met you!”
5. “Go die in a hole.”
6. “You can’t tell him that!”
7. “She a slut.”
8. “You were never supposed to know.”
9. “I love you so much it hurts.”
10. “That’s why I’m letting go.”
11. “What did I do wrong?”
12. “I thought you loved me?”
13. “We can’t keep doing this.”
14. “Oh, fuck me!”
15. “You. Are. Adorable.”
16. “I hate you.”
17. “Noooooo!”
18. “You’re so stupid.”
19. “Kill me now.”
20. “What in gods name were you thinking?”
21. “I don’t want this anymore.”
22. “You’re dead!”
23. “Lay a finger on him and I’ll cut your eyes out and feed them to you.”
24. “Haha, very funny.”
25. “Do you really think I’m offended?”
26. “You did what?”
27. “I love you, I really do.”
28. “I’ll always be here.”
29. “Leave.”
30. “It’s a good hurt.”
31. “I will try to fix you.”
32. “I can’t reach the top shelf.”
33. “Help me!”
34. “It’s been a hell of a night.”
35. “Why do I feel like I have a hangover when I wasn’t drinking?”
36. “It’s not worth it.”
37. “You always know how to cheer me up.”
38. “I need coffee.”
39. “She’s not a morning person.”
40. “Cuddles?”
41. “I need a beer.”
42. “Let me drink away my problems.”
43. “This isn’t healthy.”
44. “How bad is it?”
45. “You mean to tell me that…………”
46. “I’m leaving tomorrow, what do you say?”
47. “That hurt.”
48. “I can’t live without you.”
49. “Stay with me?”
50. “I don’t belong here.”
51. “My heart beats for you. Only you.”
52. “Tell me a story.”
53. “Put your hands up!”
54. “I’m gonna make you feel………”
55. “Let go.”
56. “Get off pig.”
57. “It would have been less painful if I never met you.”
58. “Ouch.”
59. “I’m naked, can you give me a towel?”
60. “You know I ain’t no gentlemen.”
61. “Use protection!”
62. “You know you love me.”
63. “I’m going anyways.”
64. “Why can’t I have a dog!?”
65. “Last time I checked.”
66. “Starings rude.”
67. “How long have you been standing there?”
68. “I suggest you leave unless you want me to rip out your vocal chords and eat them.”
69. “Since when do you smoke?”
70. “Where were you?”
71. “Do you have any idea………!?”
72. “Just leave.”
73. “I can’t do this.”
74. “Hide me.”
75. “I hate you!”
76. “You don’t mean that.”
77. “Fuck your opinion.”
78. “I never meant to fall in love.”
79. “I don’t care about what you have to say.”
80. “What goes through your mind when you think of me?”
81. “I’m not worth it.”
82. “Cuddle with me?”
83. “Forever.”
84. “Umm…..no.”
85. “Take your god damn ring!”
86. “What did you just say!?”
87. “Take what’s yours and leave!”
88. “Fuck it.”
89. “Kiss me.”
90. “Your drunk.”
91. “I think I look great!”
92. “Find someone else to join your pity party.”
93. “Don’t cry.”
94. “Go to hell.”
95. “Of course I do.”
96. “Yes, I’ll marry you.”
97. “Do you mind?”
98. “It was an accident!”
99. “People make mistakes.”
100. “I’m my own person.”
101. “I’m trying!”
102. “It’s too cold.”
103. “We were so careful.”
104. “How long?”
105. “Nice butt!”
106. “Long and hard baby.”
107. “Hi can I hel-”
108. “Why are you on the floor?”
109. “This helps how?”
110. “Things get better.”
111. “Stop trying to control me!”
112. “Your not my father!”
113. “Cake!”
114. “Have you seen my bra?”
115. “Dance with me.”
116. “Nothing I can’t handle.”
117. “Stop telling yourself I don’t care!”
118. “Since when do you smoke?”
119. “You work too hard.”
120. “What did you do with my pants?”
121. “Give me the towel.”
122. “ stop saying that.”
123. “You don’t mean it.”
124. “I know you watch me.”
125. “I’ll never be like you.”
126. “I want to disappear.”
127. “Fine by me.”
128. “You dig okay baby?”
129. “Pretty.”
130. “I swear to god if you don’t get your lazy ass out here right now there is gonna be a problem!”
131. “Fucking adorable.”
132. “I can’t handle this.”
133. “You know where to find me.”
134. “Stop trying to control me.”
135. “I know you didn’t mean to.”
136. “It’s okay.” “No, it’s not.”
137. “I hurt you.”
138. “Awe, he blushing!”
139. “Soda! That’s way too much sugar!”
140. “Check the Engine.”
141. “That skirt’s too short, go change.”
142. “I’m tired of this.”
143. “I have to pee.”
144. “If only you knew how much I actually loved you.”
145. “I can’t believe you just said that.”
146. “I try so hard.”
147. “I can’t help you if you don’t help yourself first.”
148. “Nobody’s perfect.”
149. “I’m pregnant.”
150. “Please, ___________, please.”

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This is most of my collection so far, excluding some doubles and some other misc stuff like bird wings and feet, random vertebra etcetera. I wanted to take them outside but it just rained and I don’t wanna get them wet. I’m gonna list them baha.

Ungulates: Yak, Pig, Thompsons Gazeelle, Blackbuck antelope, Sheep, Roe deer, Fallow doe, Young Red deer buck, Yearling muntjac, older muntjac, Ram.

General Carnivora: Coyote, Grey fox, Racoon.

Mustelidae: American River Otter, American Badger, American mink, European mink (upper only, not shown), Skunk, Weasle.

Rodentia: Beaver, Muskrat, Brown Rat, Hamster, Mouse, Grey Squirrel. (complete articulated rat skeleton not shown)

Birds: Jackdaw, Crow, Wood Pidgeon, Mallard duck, Woodcock

Felidae: European shorthair cat, Alaskan bobcat

Misc: Rabbit, Possum, Human Caucasian female. Siamese Crocodile

RECENT ADDITIONS NOT SHOWEN: Hyrax, Domestic dog, Canadian Lynx