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i loooove reading about the foxes reacting to andreil like in your latest fic. could you write something more about the other foxes reacting to andreil being cute? only if you want to obviously!! love your writing <3

To be honest, the lines between “sick” and “healthy” had always been blurred for Neil. To be sick meant complete incapacitation that stopped him and his mother from being able to keep moving. Everything else was a discomfort you didn’t let show or else.

It had happened once when he was 13 and had gotten food poisoning from a questionable dinner his mother had found for them. He had been doubled over in pain, vomiting constantly, and too weak to move more than a few inches at a time. His mother had said nothing, but it was the closest to empathy and motherly affection he ever saw her show him during that time as she took care of him, blaming herself for causing it.

If Neil had ever had the flu before he didn’t remember. Aches, cold sweat, and nausea tended to be part of a life on the run from mad men who wanted to torture you. However now, safe from anyone who could hurt him and living a somewhat normal life, he noticed it more.

Waking up that morning, everything hurt. His muscles were complaining about any movement, he both wanted to be under a pile of blankets and sticking his head in the freezer, and if he even smelled food he would be sprinting for the bathroom.

He was very grateful that Andrew was as perceptive as he was about these things because god knows Nicky was not.

“Ooh Neil are you hungover? Kevin is gonna kill you if you don’t get ready for practice. Want me to come up with an excuse? I mean, he of anyone should understand hangovers…” His voice somehow was louder and more piercing than usual and Neil found himself burying his head under his pillow to hide from it.

“Bathroom’s been free for ten minutes.” Ah, that was better. Mild, monotone, void of all emotion. Andrew had the perfect voice to be around when you had a headache.

Neil knew the statement was also a question. He showered last because he showered the fastest, always sliding in just as Andrew came out. Neil, a creature of habit, never deviated.

He felt the pillow lift from his head.

“Yes or no?”

He swallowed and croaked out a “Yes.”

A cool hand slid under his bangs, Andrew’s palm pressing against his forehead. His other hand came around to the back of Neil’s neck, rubbing gently at the base of his skull.

Neil could hear when Kevin stalked in, footfalls pounding and making Neil squeeze his eyes tighter. He could feel Andrew tense and curl around him, trying to block out whatever was hurting Neil.

“Why the hell isn’t he up?!”

Nicky rapidly tried to fire excuses while Kevin yelled about responsibility and if this room got any louder Neil was going to vomit.

Andrew’s hand slid up from his neck into his hair, fingers running through it gently, smoothing it and rubbing at his too warm scalp.

“Neil is sick. We aren’t going to practice.”

“Sick?” Nicky’s voice went straight to mother hen mode in a way that made Neil’s gut twist with guilt over finding his voice so annoying. “What’s wrong? Should I call Abby?”

“Just tell coach we’re missing practice.”

“Let me see, sick is relative. If he can stand he can practice.” Neil heard Kevin approach and then stop abruptly. He didn’t see it, but Kevin and Nicky were given a dangerously venomous glare that convinced even Kevin that maybe this wasn’t a fight worth fighting.

“I think of anyone in this room, Neil can be trusted when he says he can’t play, highness. I would think you understood that one by now.”

Nicky swallowed. It was true, the last thing that had stopped Neil from playing was his fathers botched mob hit, and that had been grudging. Neil had even played when he was sent to the Ravens. Both things they all knew tore at Kevin’s insides like razor blades. If their Neil said he couldn’t even play Exy, Nicky believed him.

Maybe it was the tone of Andrew’s voice, the implication of his words, or the vice hold he had on their crumpled striker, but he decided that one practice without the two of them wouldn’t kill them. But an Andrew separated from a hurting Neil might.

“Alright, but him being sick doesn’t mean you get to sit around all day too. There are weights in the living room and I expect you to use them. I want fluids in him every twenty minutes, juice preferably but water if he can’t get it down, and I want you trying him with fruit or toast with peanut butter every hour. I’m not letting a twenty four hour bug stretch into two days of nothing because he doesn’t get any calories in him. I’ve got apple juice, pomegranate, cranberry…” Kevin’s voice receded as he went to their kitchen to make up what Neil was sure would be as aggressive a care menu as he could come up with.

With responsibility lifted and the promise of a quiet day resting with Andrew, Neil drifted back to sleep.

Nicky poked his head in the room five minutes later to tell Andrew they were leaving and try to make him promise to call if anything went wrong, but decided against it. Andrew was up on Neil’s bed, letting the pitiful looking boy use his thigh as a pillow. His armbands were off and he was very gently using the tips of his fingers to play with Neil’s hair. Nicky felt something pull in his chest, a something he had never been able to name but that he always associated with Eric. He decided to just leave a note on the orange juice while furiously texting the group chat, already thinking of all the different adjectives he could use to describe his cousin and his cousins not-boyfriend.

Sick Little Games


Laying down on the couch, you were seconds away from falling asleep before you felt someone lay down on top of you, snuggling against the back of your neck.

Groaning, you tried to wiggle him off, only to hear his giggles echo off the walls.

Keeping your eyes closed, you still refused to look at him.

Calum i swear to god, if you don’t get off of me right now i promise ill cut your bass strings the next time you guys are recording.”

Picking your head up, you finally looked towards him, feeling your heart skip a beat.

Come on, you know you love my cuddles” 

Wiggling his eyebrows, you watched his mouth form a smirk.

Rolling your eyes, you slightly shifted over to the edge, letting him fall against the side, to get more comfortable around you.

Whatever Hood, you’re just lucky I’m too tired to argue”

Letting him pull you into his arms, you tucked your head under his chin, inhaling the cologne you were all too familiar with.

Whatever, keeping lying to yourself, see if i care”

Pulling your hand up, you placed it on his lips, shushing him. 

Feeling his chest rumble as he laughed, you snuggled closer to him, letting his arms fall limp around you.

Within seconds, you fell fast asleep, listening to his heartbeat grow steady with yours.

Not sure how many hours had passed, you slightly stirred when you heard the front door slam shut downstairs.

Squinting, you shifted around, only to bolt up from your sleep.

Looking around you realized you weren’t asleep on the couch anymore but in your bed.

You also noticed instead of it being nighttime, the sun was out and about, signaling the start of a new day.

Confused, you stretched, making your way out of the room to head towards the stairs.

Once in the kitchen, you looked at the microwave and finally saw the time.

8:56 A.M.

Yawning, you walked over the fridge, taking out a chocolate milk.

How did you sleep last night?”

Jumping, you didn’t even realize your uncle had been sitting on the dining room table in the other room.

Walking over to him, you sat on one of the chairs, pulling your knees up to your chest.

Mmm okay i think. I don’t remember going to my bed though. Last i remember was falling asleep with-”

Stopping yourself, you cleared your throat, looking down at the bottle.

-Falling asleep on the couch”

Looking back up at your uncle, you saw him smirk before turning the page of the magazine he was reading.

Calum carried you to your bed. Said he didn't have the heart to wake you. I offered to do it but he insisted.”

Feeling your cheeks starting to burn, you kept your eyes fixated on the bottle, trying to do anything but meet your uncles mocking gaze.

Well.. Uh… That was nice of him i guess” 

Taking a swig of your chocolate milk, you heard him reply.

“Mhm sure was. A little too nice if you ask me”

Surprised at his words, you slightly choked on the milk.

Hearing him chuckle, you started to get up from the seat, completely embarrassed.

I’m gonna go get ready for the day now, excuse me”

Practically running out of the room, you didn’t let him reply.

Honestly you would think by now you would be used to your uncle picking on you without… well… really picking on you… but you weren’t.

Not at all.

Especially not when it came to Calum.

Definitely not because of Calum.  

The whole Calum situation was all pretty new to you. 

You just met him a few months ago when the boys flew into LA to work on their second album. You were staying with your uncle for the summer, before the next semester at uni started. While staying here, you were able to help him around the studio. Whether it be singing a few bars he needed or just grabbing drinks for the bands that passed through, it was all fairly calm. 

At least until 5sos rolled in.

They were a whole new ball game.

Hyperactive boys, they were a little more trouble for you. Especially since they were around your age. 

To them, you were fair game.

Each did a little something to flirt or pick fun at you, and seemed in a slight battle with each other for your attention. Which was fun and all but only one fully kept you on your toes.


He was the one to make your heart flutter.

The one to leave you completely engulfed in him.

The one to drive you absolutely nuts.

Eventually you figured the other boys picked up on that and backed off. 

Well only slightly.

They still made a point to pick fun at you about your little crush on cal. Always denying it, you tried to fight them off, but it never really worked.

It wasn’t until recently that Luke slipped up and said Calum liked you back.

You were sitting in on one of the sessions for Luke and Ashton when he blurted it out.

Ashton, rolling his eyes, ended up smacking Luke on the back of the head. Apparently they weren’t supposed to say anything until Cal was ready. Not fully believing them, you tried to go about your days, acting no different towards Calum.

Except it didn’t work.

You started noticing the way he made sure to always sit next to you or always have some part of him touching you. He never failed to send you a goodnight text, even if you weren’t texting him to begin with and held your eye contact a little longer then need be.

You thought only you were reading into his actions too much but apparently it turned out so were other people. Now, not only did you have the boys ragging on you about him but your uncle was doing the same. He always made sure to point out the little things Calum does, always causing you to blush and run out of the room. Honestly, you wanted so badly to know for sure if he did feel the same about you but you weren’t sure. The only way to find out would be to confront him but even that was still debatable.

What if Luke and Ashton were wrong?

What if your uncle wasn’t seeing things properly?

What if you were just too head over heels for him that you weren’t thinking straight?

Not given much time to think, you heard a series of laughs downstairs, signaling the boys were back.

Giving yourself a once over in the mirror, you started rushing out of your room, down the stairs.

Once at the bottom, you listened for the laughs again, hearing them from down the hall.

They were in the studio.

Running to the kitchen, you grabbed a bunch of water bottles, making sure to have an excuse to walking into the studio unannounced.

Taking a deep breath in, you pushed open the doors, letting your eyes room the room as you walked further in.

So i figured you guys might want water or something before you start the session.”

All nodded their heads, they greeted you, saying thanks in the process.

Each made a point to look up and smile at you.

All except one.

The only one who mattered.

Staring at his phone, he slightly grunted as you handed him the bottle.

Confused, you walked over to sit by Luke, who turned to smile at you, throwing his arm above your shoulders on the couch.

For the rest of the time, you watched them working on a new track, constantly letting your eyes wander back over to Cal.

Never once did he look at you or acknowledge you presence.

Any time you tired to talk to him or mention something that involved him, he did nothing but change the subject or flat out ignore you. You could feel some of the stares coming from the rest of the boys, seeming to be just as confused as you were. Normally you two were inseparable, constantly play fighting to flirting but today it was like you didn’t even exist to him.

Starting to get completely frustrated, you almost called him out but heard a series of girlish giggles come from behind you.

Turning, you saw one girl of whom you didn’t know and one that you did. Looking forwards, you watched Bryana make her way over to Ashton’s lap, giving everyone a slight wave and smile. The other girl made her way over to Cal, who was now standing to greet her. 

Smiling, he slightly bent to hug her, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Feeling a little sick, you turned to Luke.

Who’s she?”

You saw his face fill with completely worry as he watched Calum interact with this girl. 

Finally looking at you, he gave you a apologetic look.


Furrowing your eyebrows, you still didn’t understand.

Sighing, he continued.

They hooked up quite a bit last time we were in LA. Found out today that they were apparently talking again.”

Feeling like the wind just got knocked out of your stomach, you just nodded your head, looking back to Calum.

While your were talking to Luke, Stella had moved to sit on Cal’s lap with his arms wrapped comfortably around her.

She was talking animatedly, keeping his attention full on her.

He was starting at her like she was the only important person in this room.

The way you wanted him to look at you.

The way you thought he did do.

The way you were apparently so wrong about.

Looking away, you felt like throwing up.

Hearing her giggles fill the room, made you want to jump off a cliff.

Standing up, you told Luke you’d seen him later, and made your out of the room, completely ignoring the stares from the rest of the boys. 

Walking back upstairs, you felt stupid.

Stupid for thinking he might actually like you, stupid for letting him play with your emotions and stupid for believing in everyone else’s words.

To Calum you were probably nothing but a little fun.

Not a crush.

No wonder he never made a full move to be with you, he didn’t really care. 

Feeling frustrated with yourself, him and everyone else, you locked yourself in your room, letting out a few angry tears.

Pulling out a journal, you started to turn your emotions into song lyrics, something you had gotten pretty good at while spending time here in LA. 

Eventually, you were shaken out of your song writing by a text from your uncle, asking you to meet him in the studio.

Sighing, you made your way down, dreading the thought of hearing her giggles again.

Once you entered the room, you noticed the two girls were gone, leaving only Feldy and the boys.

We’re thinking about going out to get pizza for dinner. Wanna come?”

Shaking your head, you were starting to get even more frustrated with your uncle. Why couldn’t he have just texted you instead of making you stand before Calum like a rejected puppy.

No, i think ill pass. Im actually not hungry.”

As soon as you finished, you saw Calum shift in his seat before speaking up, finally looking at you for the first time today.

Come on, you gotta come. It won’t be the same without you. i can’t imagine having to eat my pizza without you”

Not even looking at him, you could still hear that stupid smirk in his voice. Something that would have you melting in seconds, but now it just pissed you completely off.

Without acknowledging him, you kept your eyes on Feldy.

If you don’t mind, I’m gonna go back up to my room. Im kinda working on something and i don’t want to loose focus on it.”

After a few words from your uncle, you turned back around, never once making a point to look at Calum.

Once in your room, you heard a loud series of voices fill the house and then disappear as the front door closed, leaving a completely quiet house.

Closing your journal, you decided to watch netflix, not able to focus anymore.

After a few episodes of Baby Daddy, you let your mind start to wander.

Was ignoring you all day really necessary?

You would have gotten the hint when the girl came. He didn’t have to be such a prick about it.

And then talking to you like everything was perfectly fine a few hours later?

Dick move.

But honestly… what did you expect? 

He could literally have any girl he wanted, why did you think you would be the special one to finally tie him down?

Feeling tears prickling the back of your eyes, you felt your phone vibrate.

Pulling your phone out from under the covers, you felt your anger spike back up again.

There was only two options to explain this text.

1. He has texting the wrong girl


2. He’s playing some sick little game

Either way, you were not about to fall into his trap all over again.


Part 2

inspired by julia’s marvelous list and specifically bullet point #9 (deancas world cup au - ao3)

Dean wakes up to the stupid blaring alarm Cas sets every morning. It isn’t anything cool, like the radio or a nice soothing tune, but it’s some godawful bleeping noise that Cas insists is the only thing that would actually wake them up in the morning. 

Cas is curled up behind him, chest pressing into Dean’s back, and Dean is facing the bedside table, so naturally, it’s his responsibility to untangle himself from Castiel’s warmth and thwack the button on the alarm. After hitting the living shit out of the stupid device, much to Cas’s chagrin, Dean turns around so they are lying face-to-face, noses brushing softly against the pillows. 

“Good morning,” Dean says cheerfully, because despite Castiel’s silly qualms about the alarm, he is pretty fuckin’ happy to wake up next to him every morning. 

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