gonna get jumped

my dudes, i have been sitting in bed smiling like a fucking idiot for the longest time now…i’ll never get over how much tenderness there is between gs and ht in this chapter, from the worry and hurt on gs’s face in seeing ht hurt, and the i didn’t go to the infirmary because “i came to take my medical fees from you” aka ‘because i wanted to see you’ [BITCH FUCK ME UP], and the way gs holds up his shirt to ht’s wound not giving a fuck that it’s his school uniform and it’s gonna get ruined, AND HOW HT LOOKS AT HIM HOLY SHIT, and the way gs grabs ht’s wrist with his other hand and his thumb rests on his palm while he bites his lip…end. me. now.


@p-aurisan : “SP Wendy in cyberbullies palette?”

@creekkenny : “if ur still doing the palette challenges could u do stan marsh in constant rambling?”

@bunnyweasley : “Cartman for conversation hearts? Yes, i do member when this was a SP blog ;-; We member”

I did these all today~ This is the most art I’ve done in the past week tbh


I’m going to a convention at the end of this month. I wasn’t sure if I was going or not until today so that leaves me about 2 weeks to put together a costume.

I’m thinking about going as Nick from Left 4 Dead 2. I’ve got the suit pretty much under control, but i’m a bit stumped on the dress shirt. I already have a light blue men’s shirt but everyone I see cosplaying him seems to have a darker blue one. Should I use the light blue one or order a different one?

“This -ice- cream is truly amazing! Here, here-here-here. Please, partake in mine!” 

Commissions for the babe, MiSoPoisonSoup. <3


japanmaniaz answered: I really love your art and thanks for opening request time! Can I request Age swap au with 20!Jude and 16!Ludger (and maybe the rest as well if you have time or something with lil'Ludger having a crush on big Jude) 

Thank you! And I got too carried away with your request…*nervous laughter* I wasn’t sure how to age swap anyone else but Elle here is Epilogue-aged Elle (around 17-18 maybe?).

16!Ludger is slowly making his way to becoming “fashionable” canon Ludger (but he’s a student and brand clothing is pricey). 20!Jude’s fashion sense is still completely dependent on his friends. (He’ll basically wear whatever he’s told looks good on him.) Also Jude knows Ludger has a crush on him, he’s being a responsible adult and not encouraging (or discouraging) him.

anonymous asked:

Two days ago, I ended up walking about ten miles. I walked to another town to watch a couple of movies but then got stuck because the buses weren't running. It was 10 pm by that time and around 27 degrees fahrenheit, and I had about $80 of purchases in my backpack. I felt like I was gonna get jumped but I luckily made it back safe. However, it was only in the elevator back to my apartment that I realized I could have taken a cab. Basically, it was the most exciting night of the last few years.

Life is for moments like that, friend :) If you took a taxi, that day wouldn’t be this memorable.
When you can have lot of wonderful moments all by yourself. This story really inspired me. ✨


I honestly thought all the complaining about Halestorm’s lyrics would stop now that Into The Wild Life is released, but it seems to have gotten worse… to all the people still claiming that all Lzzy writes about is rough sex, have you even listened to their new album? Or actually taken the time to read the lyrics? There are 15 songs on that record, if you count the two bonus tracks, and the only two that have anything to do with sex are Apocalyptic and Gonna Get Mine. Maybe Jump The Gun, and I don’t really view that one as a song about sex. No, I’m not gonna count Amen only because the word “sex” is once uttered in the chorus, that song is about something completely different. I personally love all the songs on the new album, and Gonna Get Mine and Jump The Gun are actually two of my favorites. They’re super fun and catchy and make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs and I don’t see the problem with the lyrics, honestly, there are enough songs about other things. The Reckoning - about a broken friendship, if my memory serves me right. What Sober Couldn’t Say - Lzzy recently said on Instagram that she wrote that song about some drinking habits she had developed. Amen - about breaking free from the chains of society and living your own life. I Am The Fire - obviously about self encouragement. I also don’t see how Familiar Taste of Poison, In Your Room, Break In, Freak Like Me, Hate it When You See Me Cry, Better Sorry Than Safe, and several other songs from the previous two albums have anything to do with sex. Do I have to go on? Please just stop complaining about something you obviously have no idea of. (Sorry for English mistakes, I’m not a native speaker)