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kageyama bros fight!

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darthvenny: “Please please PLEASE @musiqsoulchild SEE THIS. The guy singing is Jaebum, the leader of a Korean pop group called Got7. He loves you so much Musiq. He doesn’t speak English well, but took the time to learn all your songs in English. He always mentions you in interviews as his idol. His dream is to meet you or work with you. Or even just be acknowledged. Please bridge the gap between music and countries. He adores you. It goes to show from here to Korea music, YOUR music inspires people. Please see that tweet or even reply here. Something to give him encouragement. Even Ochocinco and other people jade RTd it so you’ll see 💌#MusiqSoulchild #imjaebum #Got7#JustFriends


casual Johnny sketches


They never went on a spontaneous road trip again

A fella’s gotta look his best.

A companion piece to this Hanzo! I think McCree’s flowers would be a poinsettia, daffodil, and desert globemallow. And a calla lily for Hanzo. <3
(Mirrored composition practice, and hat practice! Also an excuse to draw freckles so! the dark freckle under his eye is right where I’ve got one like that. Art imitates life OTL McCree has lovely brown skin, so that was also fun to practice all over tone shading. My tortillon is the best everrr.)



not once, but TWICE!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


“You think ten years is a long time?!
 It is NOTHING to me!
 I have lived in darkness for AGES!”

I wanted to explore an ‘angrier’ side to Ardyn (as well as his daemon self), or at least something that wasn’t just his typical grin. And if that line, in the final battle, is anything to go by, it’s like his usual behaviour finally cracks, and thousands of years of rage come to the surface.

Darin De Paul honestly deserves an award for his voice work on this character.


joshua birthday countdown: d-1

joshua’s lines through the eras [ cr 1. 2. 3. ]

is he okay 


Q: Things you want to say to Wonwoo? 
S.Coups: Love you.
Jeonghan: Wonwoo-ya, it feels good, doing activities together. Haha
Joshua: Wonwoo-ya, love you. ♥
Jun: Together forever.
Hoshi: (He’s still seeing Wonwoo, so he has nothing to say)
Woozi: Let’s play game.
DK: Wonwoo hyung!! It feels good since we get to do activities together!! Let’s always be together, love you. ♥♥
Mingyu: Hoot!! Let’s work hard. Bro~♥
The8: Wonwoo hyung! Thank you so much. Let’s stay together. ♥~
Seungkwan: Our dearest Wonwoo hyung, we’ll stick with you. ♥
Vernon: You know it right, Wonwoo hyung? ♥
Dino: Wonwoo hyung! Stay together ㅠㅠ

Q: Things you want to say to the members?
Wonwoo: These brats! Welcome back!!

translation cr. @wonlywoo