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I actually had a dream about them?? doing this?? last night?? I mean it’s not very funny but. there u go

hope you feel better anon!! ;v;


WIP i have for a galra!keith headcanon (angsty keith ? and fluffy klance) when Keith isn’t in control of what he does look like : 

  • Sometimes his form is human, sometimes half galra
  • But sometimes its not defined
  • Like he would be purple but just that
  • Or just very fluffy for a human
  • And sometimes its just the bad sides of the galra blood
  • A big hunger or even more hot-head impulses ; his body does not react we
  • So i guess sometimes, after Shiro’s gone and Keith is having nightmares, his galra side would randomly start causing trouble ; he would get blindly angry and rage in and out, hurting himself in the process
  • He can’t tell Allura nor Coran, because of Galra hate, he can’t tell Pidge because she couldn’t do anything and could get hurt, he can’t ask Hunk for help because he would spill the tea and/or cry maybe
  • so he goes to Lance
  • because he knows he could bite him or scratch or hit him, Lance would fight him back and understand and forgive him
  • he knows he can trust Lance to be quiet about it 
  • So sometimes, at night, he runs inside Lance’s  room, get mad, and when it’s over and all of his insecurities have been teared down, he just curls up in a ball and start sobbing quietly
  • And lance just rub his thumb and hums slowly to get Keith back to sleep

(edit : here is the finished version with 2x more headcanons yay im never gonna wake up tomorrow)

on their way to pick up rin from school !!

just a small thing from the modern au im working on ;3c

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👀  (subject to change, this hasn’t been edited yet.) 

“Are you Daddy? Gonna make me come on your jeans instead of on your cock?” She gasps. “Can’t imagine,” she inhales sharply. “That’d be what you want.” She throws her head back when he lifts his leg up further to rub against her snugly.

“You’re misbehaving.”    

“M’not,” she exhales softly. “Entitled maybe. Maybe a tad spoiled as well.” She smiles as her eyes flutter shut.

“Spoiled rotten.”

“Your fault.” She gasps sharply when he does it again. “You’re always taking really good care of me.”

She’s whimpering loudly now, needy for it and needy for something more. Her fists at his shirt tighten every time she glides over, back and forth across his thigh.


Literally me while playing MysMe hahaha //shot

I haven’t been playing much ever since completing the good and normal ends…I can’t put these precious bbys through all that pain (bad ends) just to complete the game 😰

In the end, I uninstalled the game but it was one heck of a ride and I loved every moment (RIP even the 3am calls)

Oh yeah and this fan animation took a long time to do whoops |D and it’s based on a scene from Inu x Boku SS

WIP post: https://amekurukara.tumblr.com/post/153490903980/still-a-wip-gonna-finish-this-up-tomorrow

I’m on mobile and idk how to do link formatting on here haha


okay because i am the literal worst™ at keeping on top of things, i wanted to do a lil post to let everyone know where there things are!! mostly this is just so you know i’m not ignoring you, tbh.

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