gonna finish this meme once and for all

a small announcement 

I’m going to start queuing my replies. My routine now, just sending them out as soon they are finished, is not exactly good for my anxiety. It puts me in this mindset of, “Oh my God I have to finish this right now or they’ll hate me!” which is ridiculous and untrue, because you are all great people. But that’s how my brain works. 

To alleviate this, my plan is to focus on all of the drafts I already have (and there’s a lot. a lot.) and once I finish, put them in the queue and release the Kraken all of them when all of them are completed. I think this will help me and my creativity in the long run. 

So obviously I’ll still be around, things will just be a bit quieter for a little while. I’m gonna restrain myself from reblogging any memes (can’t promise I won’t send any though) but I’m one-hundred percent still open for plotting, or anything at all you want to talk about!