gonna find something to eat

-Deep breath; slow exhale- 8 month hiatus. I think we can do it, guys.

Ok, work today was hell but I’m finally home and settled, just gonna see if I can find something to eat then imma dig into these prompts, I only have 3 and I’m pretty sure what I’m doing for 2 of them, so feel free to send some more!

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10:16 pm and I'm wondering I'm always so damn hungry TT_TT I need food~

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gonna go find something 2 eat rn actually

anonymously tell me what time is it there and what you’re thinking about

I just had a great idea like what if all your favourite shows’ main characters were all swapped around randomly like Team Free Will suddenly find themselves in the TARDIS mid-corpse burn while Team TARDIS are looking at their brightly coloured costumes and laser guns with horror while trying to figure out how to work them because holy crap that monster’s gonna eat them or something and Peter Parker finds himself falling heavily to the ground in a /grave yard/ in the /middle of the night/ next to a /dead body/ that is /on fire/, and Merlin is laughing at Arthur because whatever this sorcery is it has the prince looking horrified at all the ‘strange future things’, and five teenagers have suddenly found themselves back in time and only one of them has any theories at all as to why how where or when they are and two of them have already managed to get arrested, and PLOT TWIST real life gets mixed in there too so suddenly you’re climbing up a wall wearing a red costume while Sheldon Cooper nearly has a panic attack in your bedroom.

But no one knows about the others until, in order to resolves it, the most powerful Higher Forces from each show meet and drag them all to a white void to explain what happened before putting them where they rightfully belong- and all the geeky characters and flipping out and fanpersoning over each other- and the super smart ones are exchanging previous theories- and the leader types are sort of stiffly greeting each other- and they bouncy ones are just trying to befriend everyone- and all the while you’re just there not knowing what to do and dying