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To the public eyes, you are a very calm, collected, prim and proper type of woman. The City of Gotham has never seen you lash out deliberately at anyone. They also have never seen you treat anyone like they are below you – some made rumours about how you always like to think you are above everyone – but what they do not know is that at home you are everything but what the city knows you as and everything but what the city thinks you are.

At home, you are a silly, loving wife and mother. Bruce married you knowing there are times you can get very cheeky and whenever you get cheeky, chaos ensues in the house. Though most of the time, it is within limit and nothing too bad ever happens. Except for that one time you accidentally sprained your wrist – this is another story for another day.

Today is no exception. You had woken up to Bruce’s arm around your waist and his head is buried in between two pillows. You squint at the clock and blink a couple of times when you realize that the both of you have slept in and slept way past your alarms. Waking up later than you normally would somehow throws you off. You could hear Bruce snoring and that brought a smile to your face. He must have been super tired and you also think it’s a little sweet how he had his head in between the pillows – he probably knew he would wake you up with his snoring.

You press a kiss on his shoulder, relishing his smell before pulling away. You gently lift his arm from your waist and roll off the bed with the intentions of washing up and presenting yourself to your boys. They probably think the two of you are up to no good and you can already hear them teasing the two of you.

You came out of the bathroom to see Bruce has taken the entire bed to himself, hugging a pillow to him. His face is still buried in one of the pillows. You smile to yourself before heading towards your vanity mirror. Even though you are at home, you always made sure to wear some light makeup because who knows who would be dropping by unexpectedly.

You were finishing up your makeup when Bruce suddenly turns over, snoring very loudly. This made you giggle. If the public ever finds out that the Bruce Wayne snores this loud, it will be funny for a couple of days and they are probably never going to let it go too. But you aren’t that mean. You snap your fingers when you realize there is something you can do.

It’s been a long time since you did a prank on Bruce too. You chuckle as you pick up your make-up kit before tip-toeing to the bed. It’s time for some fun with your husband.

Bruce wakes up when his stomach starts demanding for food. He rolls over to lay on his back, hand rubbing his stomach sleepily. His stomach growls once more and Bruce decides to just grab something light to bite before he takes a shower. He takes note that you aren’t in the bedroom so maybe he should find you first before he gets something to eat.

He isn’t quite surprise to see you in the living room, reading a book and having a cup of tea. Although he is surprised to see everyone in attendance: Dick is lounging by the sofa, flipping through channels, Tim is not on his laptop but is going through a few books he assumes are for his assignments and Jason has his head on your lap, snoozing away. Damian is snuggled up beside you, a blanket around his lap as he reads over your shoulder.

“Morning.” Bruce walks over to you, pressing a kiss on your temple. The smile on your face widens when you see the makeup still on his face and he has yet to realize to what you have put on him. You suppose he simply got out of bed because he was hungry or something.

“It’s way past afternoon, Bruce.” You look up at your husband. Bruce chuckles before patting your head.

Dick glances at Bruce and promptly burst out laughing, dropping the remote controller he had been holding. Because of his laughter, both Damian and Tim look up to see the cause of his sudden laughter. The moment they see Bruce’s face, they started laughing too. Damian’s laughter is more of a disbelief while Tim’s more of a mum’s-back-at-it-again laugh.

“You guys are so noisy.” Jason groans. He opens his eyes and lift his head up from your lap. You had to bite the inside of your cheeks to stop yourself from laughing. “What’s going on?” He looks around the place before his eyes land on Bruce’s face. “THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.” He bursts out laughing.

Bruce frowns. “Okay, I know I don’t look good when I just wake up but this is taking it too far.” He rolls his eyes, still wondering why in the world all of them are laughing. But one look at your face lights up the bulb in his head. He groans and holds your head gently. “Did you put something on my face, Y/N?”

You promptly burst out laughing too. Bruce sighs. As much as he wants to be mad, the entire family is having fun and that’s all that matters to him even if it’s at his expense.

“Did you make me pretty at least?” Bruce looks down at you and you giggle before nodding your head. “You are so lucky I love you, Y/N.”

This causes the boys to groan in distaste because of how mushy Bruce is being. Damian rolls off the chair and picks up the book you have discarded. “I think I am going to go read this book somewhere else before father’s face gives me a nightmare.” He tries to say this with a straight face but you knew he couldn’t – his shoulders is shaking and Damian is on the verge of laughing again. He quickly leaves.

Tim takes out his phone and snaps a few photos. He even went as far as taking photos with Bruce. “I think I’m going to get this printed and framed. Mum, you’re a genius.” Tim holds his fist out to you and you bumped him with your own fist. Tim grins before running out of the room – Bruce would have run after him because he doesn’t need a reminder of you putting makeup on him out in the public though he trusts Tim enough to not let it out to the public.

Jason wipes the tears away from his face. “The contour almost made it feel very weird.” Jason shakes his head. “I came here to take a nap and I feel so attacked right now.” Jason sits up and kisses your cheek. “Thanks for lending your lap, ma – I’m gonna go find Alfred to get something to eat now.” He tells you before taking one more look at Bruce. He quickly whips out his phone and snaps a photo of him. “I’m gonna need to show this to Roy and the gang.” He chuckles before leaving the room.

Dick is still laughing but not as hard as the first time he saw Bruce. He picked up the remote controller and shakes his head. “I always knew you’d look amazing with make-up, Bruce.” Dick chuckles. “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?”

Bruce shakes his head. “I actually intended to eat food first before taking a shower. Speaking of which, would you join me for hi-tea then?” He looks down at you and you nod your head. “If you want to, you should join as well, Dick.”

Dick shakes his head. “Nah, don’t want to impose on the both of you and I’m quite comfortable here, really.” He stretches his legs. “Have fun eating and getting that makeup off of your face.”

my thoughts on Arrow 5x19

This gif is an accurate representation of me. Everything I’ve been waiting (rather patiently, if I do say so myself… as someone who doesn’t come by patience naturally, I think I’ve done a pretty swell job this whole last year *pats self on back*) is finally starting to happen. I’m hesitant to say it’s more glorious than I imagined, because I tried very hard not to imagine anything specific, but it’s pretty damn glorious and I couldn’t be more pleased. 

  • Felicity had The Best wardrobe this whole episode. When I saw that red dress at the beginning I literally gasped
  • Curtis is definitely veering towards annoying with all his quips and babbling, but the Airplane! quote at the top of the show made me chuckle. Yes, it was bad timing. But I still enjoyed it. 
  • It’s more than a bit nerve-wracking to watch Felicity dance on the line like she did in this episode. Like Oliver, I want to protect her and I found myself constantly gasping and going “oh no!” and “ack! Felicity!” but in the end I’m all “that’s my baby, I’m so proud” so it all worked out.
  • The best way to describe Oliver in this episode is “Shook”. The best way to describe Diggle is “Shook Pt. 2″
  • I’m snickering at the boys being at odd ends because their wives are going rogue on them. 
  • Also: Felicity and Lyla crossing paths and sniping at each other is equal parts delightfully entertaining and nerve-wracking. Is this going to put a damper on future double dates? 
  • I’m pretty #TeamLyla most of the time, but not telling Dig and Oliver that they’d moved Caden was… a bad move. Very bad move. SOOOOO bad. C’mon, Lyla. Don’t be that way. 
  • Even though, seeing Diggle and Lyla at odds makes me feel uncomfortable and I just want to yell “Don’t get divorced, mom and dad!”
  • Rene was my pumpkin cupcake this episode.
  • I’ve really grown to love him this season and the FEELINGS I had last night were off the charts. 
  • Is it just me or has Rene become Quentin’s honorary kid? I’m all for this, btw. If you ask me, it’s a step up from his last child. 
  • Oliver drinking
  • GUYS. Oliver just does NOT drink. A shot here and there, maybe a celebratory toast or a beer with OTA. But this is a man who needs to be in control 100% of the time. He never sits down with a bottle like he did last night. I’m shook
  • That is how upset he was about facing off with Felicity. That’s how much he didn’t mean “don’t count on it”. That’s how much he loves her and wants her safe and her soul intact and it’s just killing him, the distance between them and OMG I HAVE ALL THE FEELS. 
  • I think I officially have too many feels to adequately discuss this episode. All that’s coming out of my brain are whale noises. 
  • The moment Dig said “I’m not the man she was gonna marry” I think I stopped breathing and I didn’t start again for the rest of the episode. 
  • You know that gif where the person’s eating popcorn and they stop with their hand halfway to their mouth and they’re just O.O? That was me. 
  • Actually, no, I was Oliver. He froze and then, slowly, looked at Dig like “omg wtf did you just say to me?”
  • The engagement was OFFICIALLY brought up. And it was everything I wanted it to be. Olicity is off pause, folks. We’re hitting the play button. The fast forward in some spots. THE WAIT IS OVER. 
  • The scene in the loft was so much better than I was expecting. I was NOT expecting Felicity to bust out the “one of the reasons I fell in love with you” thing. YEP. The pedal is to the metal. We’re full speed ahead!
  • And how her voice softened? And she stepped closer? The TENSION in that scene was amazing. I’m giddy. 
  • There was the whole blue laser face-off that was equally hot and sad and amazing. 
  • And the final face-off in the bunker… My heart hurt for BOTH of them here. She absolutely believes he doesn’t trust her. She doesn’t realize he doesn’t trust himself. It’s all gonna come out. BRING ON 5x20! 

I’m gonna go fan myself and find something chocolate to eat. I need to recover. What a heck of an episode! 

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remember that sidgeno universe swap AU headcanon i made from way back, like married-to-Geno-professor in Russian Lit Sidney somehow gets swapped with NHL Sidney in the universe where Sidney is the Captain of the Pens while driving to PPG Paints Arena with his toddler son so they can pick up Geno and go out for lunch or something. Anyways, when Sidney and son walk through those doors, they cross the border into the NHL universe.

“Woah, Sid, I was joking about stealing a child,” Flower says, when he sees Sidney, holding Evan in his arms. “You didn’t…actually steal him, did you?”

“You’re not that funny, Marc-Andre,” Sidney says, rolling his eyes. “Where’s Geno?”

“‘Marc-Andre’?” Flower echoes. “Where the hell did that come from?”

“Just tell me where he is,” Sidney says. “Evan’s hungry.”

“Hungry,” the child in Sidney’s arm says. “Daddy, want macnchee.”

“Okay, sweetheart,” Sidney coos, nuzzling his nose against the child’s. “We’re gonna find Papa and then we can go get something to eat.”

“Woah, what?” Flower gapes, trailing quickly behind Sidney, as Sidney walks briskly towards the rink. “Sid, is that your son. What the hell is going on?”

“I’m not in the mood for–Geno, there you are! I’ve called you like twice but you didn’t pick up.” Sidney sets Evan down, and Evan totters towards Geno, latching onto his ankle. “You ready to go?”

“Go?” Geno repeats, staring at the child, then back up at Sidney. “Who this?”

Sidney lets out a long-suffering sigh. “Geno, look, I’m hungry, Evan’s hungry, I just want to get to the restaurant as soon as possible and then finish writing the midterm for next week–”

“What are you talking about, Sid? What midterm? Why you not dressed for practice?”

Evgeni. Cut it out with the antics,” Sidney says sharply in Russian. The rookies look up with wide-eyes. “I know we’ve been fighting about our schedules, but this isn’t the time for that conversation. You’re behaving like a child. Can we just please go?”

What the hell is happening here?” Tanger says, toweling off his hair. “Why’s Sidney speaking Russian?”

Sidney sucks in a breath. “Can I just have one conversation with my husband without getting interrupted every other word? God.” He counts to five in his mind, then opens his eyes. Jake had dropped his water bottle. Geno is staring at him, mouth slightly open. “What? Why’s everyone staring at me?”

Trainwreck (Anastasia AU with Jason Todd)

Prologue | Journey to the Past | Once Upon A December | In the Dark of the Night | Trainwreck | If I Can Learn To Do It | The Nightmare | The Interview | The Ballet | The Reunion | The Reward | At the Beginning

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Jason closed the door with a sigh. He knew this con backwards and forwards, but he never failed to be relieved once they were settled in and past most of the questioning. Roy was working on perfecting the final details of their passports.

Y/N was fiddling with her necklace. Again. God, was there ever a moment where she wasn’t touching that thing? Jason huffed and went to sit next to Roy when he saw a massive black mass in his spot. “Of fucking course.” Jason grumbled and took the seat next to Y/N.

Y/N didn’t acknowledge his presence as she continued to play with her necklace. “I swear to God above if you don’t stop touching your necklace, I am going to take it from you. And sit up straight. You are a Grand Duchess for Christ’s sake.” Jason said as he gently pried Y/N’s hands off her necklace. She swatted his hands away and crossed her arms over her chest as she slouched even more.

“How is you know what Grand Duchesses are supposed to do?” Y/N asked him in an irritated tone.

“I make it my business to know.” Jason said smoothly. Y/N rolled her eyes as her fingers once again found her pendant. “Look, I am only trying to help you.”

“Jason?” Y/N asked, looking up at him with big eyes. Jason could feel his heart beat a little bit faster as he stared into them. “Do you really think I’m the Grand Duchess?” She asked in a slightly nervous tone.

“Of course. I wouldn’t be on this train with you if I didn’t.” Jason assured her in a serious tone. To tell you the truth, there were times when he would look at her and almost forget that this was a con.

“Then fuck off with all this etiquette bullshit.” Y/N said as she turned to face the window. Jason glared at the back of her head.

Roy looked from one to another and smiled. He opened his notebook and turned to the page where he was keeping score. Jason and Y/N had been back and forth all morning with sarcastic comments. After the first three exchanges, he decided that instead of letting it drive him mad, he would keep score. So far, Y/N was winning 20-2. Roy sighed and as he put away his pens and papers. He got up and stretched before leaving their small cabin. “I am gonna go find a bathroom and something to eat. Don’t kill each other.” He teased as he left the room.

Jason got up and stole his spot. Silence reigned for several minutes as Y/N had pulled out a book. After a while, Jason cleared his throat. “I feel like we got off on the wrong foot.”

“I agree.” Y/N said, glancing up at him from her book. “And I appreciate your apology.”

“Apology? I am not apologizing for anything.” Jason said, already feeling his irritation rising. “I was just saying that-”

“Look,” Y/N sighed. “I don’t want to hear your voice anymore so I would appreciate it if you would shut up.”

“I was about to tell you the same thing.” Jason grumbled. He ignored the fury on her face in favor of looking out the window. An unsteady silence settled between them.

“Do you think you are going to miss it?” Y/N said quietly, her eyes focused on the white landscape rushing past the window.

“I thought you were shutting up.” Jason groaned. He smirked when he heard Y/N huff. “Miss what?”

“Russia.” Y/N replied, her eyes going back to the window.

Jason followed her eyes to the hills and snow outside. “Nope.”

“But it was your home.” Y/N said confusedly.

Jason thought back to the family he had lost and the hardships he had faced. His mother had died when he was very young and he honestly couldn’t remember his father. He knew the man had left him and his mom to rot in the streets with no income and that his mother did everything in her power to support both of them, but had ended up succumbing to disease. He had managed to get a job working at the palace and he was treated pretty okay there. It wasn’t the best life, working away your childhood, but he was alive and had enough to eat. He distinctly remembered the night Rasputin had cursed the Romanovs. He had snuck out of the kitchen to get a glimpse of the luxury of the people he served. They were so bright and beautiful, these aristocrats. He remembered the youngest of the Grand Duchess. He made eye contact with her right before the head butler had found him. He remembered the slight blush on her face when he winked at her as he was dragged away. He had been whipped for his disobedience, but it was worth it. He returned to the present to see Y/N’s questioning gaze. He looked away again. “It was a place I lived. Nothing more.”

“Then maybe you will find a home in Paris.” Y/N said quietly.

“Why are you so fixated on homes?” Jason asked irritatedly. To an extent, he understood her need, but the last thing he wanted to do was flesh out his fucked up childhood and emotional issues with her. Y/N sighed and got up. Jason put his feet up on the opposite seat and blocked her way.

“Because I have never known one and it is a thing ever regular person wants.” Y/N said as she tried to push past his legs, but didn’t succeed in even budging them.

“What if I am not a regular person?” Jason smirked as he watched her struggle. He raised an eyebrow as she stepped on the seat and walked over his feet.

“Just forget I even said anything.” She ground out as she stepped back onto the floor. Roy opened the door and stepped in. “Oh, thank God. Can you please get him away from me?”

“What did you do to ruffle her feathers this badly, Jaybird?” Roy asked.

“Me? She is the one who is being a little bitch.” Jason argued.

Y/N snorted and walked away. Jason growled in frustration and plopped back down in his seat. Roy smirked and looked at Titus. “Would you believe it, boy? Jaybird has a crush on our faux Grand Duchess.”

“Pfft, on Y/N?” Jason laughed. “Roy, I think you have spent far too much time playing with that hellhound and not near enough time paying attention to the situation.”

“Whatever you say, Jaybird.” Roy said as he watched Jason get up and leave their compartment. “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, is it, Titus?” The dog barked in response.

They managed to make it through the day without any major fallouts. Roy left the compartment again to find some dinner for all of them. He was passing a couple in the hall when he noticed their travel papers were written with red ink. He felt dread pierce his heart as he realized that the fakes he had just finished were written in blue. He rushed back to the compartment and grabbed Jason’s arm. “We are fucked. So fucking fucked. Kiss your asshole goodbye, Jason, because we are fucking dead.”

“Slow your role, Roy. What is wrong?” Jason asked as he gripped Roy’s shoulder.

“I hate this stupid fucking communist government. They changed the color of the ink for the travel papers. If we show these fakes, we’ll be made.” Roy said as he pulled out the passports he had finished just that morning.

“We need to get to the luggage cart. They won’t check for guests there and it will buy us a bit of time to think of something better.” Jason said as he opened the door. Roy began to grab the bags as Jason turned to Y/N. She had fallen asleep cuddled up in an oversized jacket covered in patches. He would have smiled because she actually was pretty cute, but there was no time to appreciate her beauty right now. He shook her shoulder and was surprised when her arm shot out and hit him in the nose.

“Fuck.” He said, pulling back and covering his nose with his hands.

“Oh my God! I am so sorry. I didn’t- Oh, no wait. It is just you.” Y/N said as she realized she had hit Jason.

“Your concern thrills me, princess.” Jason said sarcastically as he pulled his hands away from his nose. No blood, he noted, so she hadn’t caused any real damage as far as he could tell. “If you don’t mind, we need to haul ass to a different part of the train.”

“Fine, I’m moving.” Y/N said as she got up. She rolled her eyes when she saw Jason rub his nose again. “Men are such babies.”

She didn’t ask questions as they made their way through the train. They managed to make it to the luggage car without anyone asking any questions.

“This is perfect.” Roy breathed as they dropped their stuff in a pile. Y/N examined the room before turning to the men.

“There wouldn’t happen to be something wrong with our travel papers, would there?” She asked.

Jason forced a small smile. “No, we just wanted to separate you from the plebs.”

“Hm.” Y/N hummed, but she dropped the subject.

There suddenly was a loud noise and the car jolted. Jason and Y/N fell over, but Roy managed to remain mostly upright. He ran to the door they had just walked through and looked out to see the the other cars losing speed and getting farther away. “Welp, there goes the rest of the fucking train.”

“Get off me.” Y/N groaned as she struggled to get up. Jason’s legs were laying across her back. He swiftly got up and offered her a hand, but she refused it. Jason rolled his eyes and turned to look at Roy.

“Jay, we got a problem. The engine looks like it is overheating.” Roy said as he looked through the window of the door leading to the front of the train. Jason frowned and opened the door. He climbed the coal cart and looked down into the engine only to find that there was no engineer and the engine was close to exploding. He hurried back down and turned to Roy and Y/N.

“We need to jump off. No one is driving this thing and the engine is ready to explode.” Jason said as he walked to the side door. He opened it to find that they were currently passing a ravine.

“After you.” Y/N said sarcastically. Jason cursed as he went back to the front of the train.

“Okay, then we’ll separate the cars.” He leaned down to pull the pin only to find that it was weirdly welded together. He reached up and grabbed a hammer and began to pound where it was welded, knowing it probably wouldn’t work, but trying anyways. “I need something bigger than this.” He called out.

Y/N and Roy looked around when Y/N spotted a crate in the corner. A wide smile came to her face as she realized what it was. She lit the stick and handed it to Jason. His eyes grew wide and he smirked. He jammed it on the weld as best he could before getting up and running to the other side of the train. The group all huddled together as they waited for the explosion. “Wait, where did you get the dynamite?” Jason asked.

Y/N just smiled as the explosion jolted the car. They looked up to see the engine, now on fire, barreling away from the newly separate car. “Now we’ll just ride it out until we lose momentum.” Jason sighed. They heard a crash and turned to find that the bridge was falling apart.

“Oh, come the fuck on.” Roy cried out.

“We cannot jump off the back while we are going this fast.” Jason mused as he looked around the room. He spotted a chain and two hooks. He dragged it over to the edge of the train and lowered himself slightly. “Roy, hand me the end of this.”

Y/N looked over in time to watch Titus, in a panic, jump on Roy and send them both into a box. Y/N groaned and ran over. She dropped to her knees and handed Jason the hook.

“I said Roy, not you.” He grunted as he wrapped the hook around the axle of the train car.

“He’s a little busy at the moment.” Y/N replied. They heard a bang and Y/N pulled on Jason’s arm as he raised himself up. Not a moment later, a large piece of metal that must have come loose in the explosion passed from underneath the train and hit a tree nearby, causing it to fall.

“And to think, that could have been you.” Y/N said grimly.

“If we live through this, remind me to thank you for that.” Jason joked as he positioned the chain at the end of the train. Y/N got down next to him and wordlessly helped him push it over the edge. The hook caught on a piece of track and the car jolted yet again. It slowed, but didn’t stop.

“We need to jump. Now.” Jason said, helping Y/N to her feet.

They gathered their things and stood on the edge. Y/N grabbed Jason’s hand and squeezed tight. “Looks like this is our stop.” She joked. He smiled and jumped, pulling her and her luggage with him. They landed in the snow. Safe from harm. They got up just in time to watch the engine and the luggage car barrel over the end of the broken bridge and into the canyon below. They were silent for several seconds as they realized how close to death they had come.

Jason recovered first, clearing his throat and gathering his bag in his hand. “We should start walking now.” He said he started to move away from the spot they had landed. Y/N and Roy followed suit.

Meanwhile, the Joker and Harley watched in silence as the fog from the cauldron showed the group moving along at a steady pace.

“Are you okay, Puddin?” Harley asked quietly. She gently put her hand on his shoulder.

The Joker smiled and patted her hand before winding up and punching her square in the jaw. The force of his hit sent her spinning to the ground.

“You know I hate it when a good joke isn’t executed properly.” He growled. “No matter. I have a few more gags up my sleeve.”

Harley smiled and rubbed her jaw. “That’s my Joker. Always coming up with great ideas.”

“Be quiet, kid.” Joker said harshly as he turned back to the fog. The group were continuing to make there way to civilization. “My favorite show is on.”

Series of Robert Week fics (AO3 links) 

Day 3 - Free Day

Day 1

Robert 7:23pm:
At the hotel now. Was London always this loud?

Aaron 7:25pm:
You tell me. Didn’t you live there for a while?

Robert: 7:26pm:
Those years are buried.

Aaron 7:26pm:
I know.

Robert: 7:27pm:
How are you? And Liv?

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Dream Daddy Fanfic #2

Lasagna Nights (Hugo x Dadsona) [Word Count: 2437]

By: Brendon Cetinkaya ( @cynergy-laughter )


It’s three weeks since you threw the graduation party for Amanda, when you sat under the cherry tree and spent the rest of the party with Hugo. You two were so happy to be a part of each other’s lives and to just be a good match. You sigh as you realize that you are sitting at home, no pants on, word jumbles in hand, and Shark Hunter Lip Sync Battles going on in the background of your living room. It’s been three weeks man, organize yourself, you haven’t even gotten your coffee yet! You thought about Hugo some more, and decided to hit him up. You go to your computer and type away at your keyboard to Hugo’s Dadbook messenger.

  • “Hey babe, I know it’s kinda weird for me to be messaging you since we’re practically boyfriends, do you think you’d wanna have a family dinner, Amanda’s gonna be coming home this weekend, and it would be nice if we got together.”

You hit send and not 2 minutes later, a reply came:

  • Hey babe! It’s not weird at all. I’m glad that you sent me that. Ernest and I are having Lasagna Night, we can always put it off until Amanda comes home.”
  • “Actually, she’ll be coming home tomorrow morning, we can make it a whole family time kinda shindig.”
  • “That works! Although Ernest usually looks forward to Lasagna Night, so I’m gonna have to find something else to eat…”
  • “Hmm… try… ooh! Try pizza! Can’t go wrong with pizza.”
  • “That’s true, thank you so much! I shall see you and Amanda tomorrow.”

It’s all set now, two families coming together to form one single family, if only for a single day. Maybe one day, it could become a reality. But until then, you and your word jumbles had to retire for the night. You turned the TV off and after shutting off the lights, you began to text Amanda about what was going to be going down tomorrow. You couldn’t even wait to go over. As you lay your head to rest and closed your eyes, you suddenly open them, and turn to look up at the ceiling and wonder what you were gonna bring to the dinner.

The next day, you grogged yourself awake, got your bathroom and coffee routine over with and got dressed. You worked on jumbles until you heard the familiar rumble of Amanda’s car, and then proceeded to Dad hug all throughout your reunion with Amanda. But before you both left for Hugo’s you decided to gather up some ingredients at the store for dessert.

“So, Dad, we’re having dinner with Hugo and Ernest, huh?” Amanda asked as you went through the market.

“Yeah… I thought it would be a fun thing to do, you know, get to know Hugo on a side that doesn’t determine whether you pass or fail in life.” You say as you began to grab some ingredients for brownies, you experimented a lot of recipes with Joseph and finally found the perfect ratio of sweet to bring the confections to life standards rather than Type 2 standards.

“Alright, sounds like it could be fun… But just to remind you, I will headlock Ernest if he talks crap about my favorite Dadtron.” She said as she pushed the cart, leaning into the child’s basket and cart handlebar.

“Easy, Panda. He’s like 14, he’s just going into freshman year of high school after the summer.” You said, touched that she’d defend your honor.

“Well, what would you do? He’s an angry, angsty, and not afraid to say what he wants. How can I combat that?” She asked.

“Well, pop quiz, what is the best way to torture a little brother figure when he annoys you or your siblings?” You ask, smirking, especially since you are her father. Amanda put her hand on her chin, leaning more into the cart, then, a light bulb turned on.

“Ah! Hehe, I gotcha. This is gonna be an interesting day.” Amanda finger gunned you as you both continued to shop, eventually changing the subject about how Amanda was doing in college. After paying, you both drive back to the cul-de-sac and park right in Hugo’s driveway. As you get out of the car, you could hear a loud vacuum sound coming from the open windows, it was like an alarm, but for every dog that feared that dastardly machine.

“How much you wanna bet that it’s Hugo cleaning up?” You ask quietly to Amanda.

“I don’t need to bet, Hugo’s definitely cleaning up.” Amanda chuckled as you both went up to the front door and knock. The vacuum was still going on while the door opened, revealing Hugo’s smiling face, he looked like seeing you was the highlight of his day.

“Ah, babe! Come on in, sorry we thought we had a lot more time.” Hugo invited, holding the door open for them. “Ah, Amanda, I hope you’re doing well at the university.”

You both went inside and exchange hellos before you actually see Ernest vacuuming, but only for a second before he turns it off and scurries away to put away the vacuum. You guess he didn’t want anyone else to witness that him actually cleaning. You both thought it was a weird to get a glimpse of it, hell, you could have sworn that you saw Ernest with his hoodie around his waist, actually showing his hair. Well, when he came back he had his hoodie back on,  he was back to his usual, aloof self. After getting greetings out of the way, you and Hugo went into the kitchen and started making dinner. Meanwhile, Amanda was sitting with Ernest in the living room, watching Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers.

“…What is this show even about?” Ernest asked Amanda, raising an eyebrow.

“If the show’s title isn’t clue enough, then you are really missing out. Luckily, my dad hooked me up with the complete series.” Amanda smirked and showed the box set. “You have a long way to drive, junior Ice Road Ghost Trucker.” She was determined.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, you were busy making your brownie recipe and Hugo was working on layering the lasagna.

“The trick to good lasagna is a good sauce, and start the layering off with that sauce, you don’t need any cooking spray.” Hugo explained.

“Really? I thought everything in a glass pan needed cooking spray.” You assumed.

“Oh not lasagna, I maybe a bad cook, but the one thing that I’ve practiced on is Lasagna, I’ve made every mistake in the book, and I feel like I’ve gotten down to the best cheeses to use for it.” Hugo assured, as he put on the pasta sheets, then a layer of ricotta, another layer of pasta, and some more meat sauce, “And boiling lasagna noodles? Don’t even, the sauce cooks the pasta.”

“Umm, I’m pretty sure everyone knew that, babe…” You rose your brow, a bit taken back about what you heard.

“I did that in my first culinary class, and my teacher always said it was a… extreme beginner’s mistake… The lasagna was overcooked when it was done…” Hugo admitted, blushing embarrassed.

“So, is lasagna the only thing you know how to cook?” You asked, as you sprayed another glass pan down for your brownies.

“Yeah, that’s why Ernest always looks forward to Lasagna night, which is every 4 weekends, when I’m not grading or working.”

“You know, I could always help teach you to cook some more if you want. I’m sure Ernest would appreciate more home-cooked, non-Italian foods.”

“You think so?”

“I know for a fact, Amanda grew tired of us always going out, and she wanted me to cook. I knew nothing about it, so I always asked Alex to help teach me to cook. Amanda loved it! Now she can’t get enough of eating out. I think Ernest is the same.” You finished mixing, poured the brownie batter into the pan, covered it and put it in the fridge. Then you go over behind Hugo and wrap your arms around his waist. He turns his head with a blush and smiles at you.

“I would always be willing to learn something new with you…” Hugo said, kissing you on the lips. You kiss right on back, but not before there a sound of disgust from the doorway of the kitchen.

“Eww! God, that’s fuckin gross, next time I want a soda I’ll just send Amanda in there.” Ernest sweared, but then, Amanda’s arm came in like one of those canes that pull bad acts of the Shark Hunter Lip Sync Battle stage, and pulled Ernest back into the living room.

“That’s enough outta you , Kenny.” She teased, you and Hugo couldn’t see past the corner, but you both saw Amanda digging her fingers into Ernest’s sides, which made Ernest squeal, a sound Hugo never heard in a long time. They somehow made it into the living room, past the corner but you could hear everything that went on.

“GAHAHAHA! I’LL KIHIHIHILL YOU, YOU BI-AAHAHAHAHA!” Ernest hadn’t been tickled in a long time, and he didn’t finish his thought before Amanda spidered his belly and skittered her finger in his armpits, his hoodie not giving him any defense.

“Oh, first you ruin a perfect moment, then call me a name when I call you out on it? Heh, I’m so gonna enjoy being your big sister.” Amanda said, keeping her iron grip as she kept on teasing him. You taught her well, even Hugo smirked at his son getting what he deserved, a good punishment that didn’t involve violence or grounding.

“N-NO-NOOOOHOHOHOHO! NAHT MY PIHITS! DAHAHAHAD!” Ernest called out for help. He just called Hugo dad… you had to act fast, because he was sure to go after Panda after that father’s summon spell. You wrap your arms around his waist and proceed to squeeze into his sides, hips, and skitter along his waistline.

“ACK! Hehey! Lemme go! He called me Dahahad! Bahabe Stohohop that!” Hugo wiggled around, trying to pull away, but because you exercise with Craig regularly, you were able to keep your grip up.

“I will not have you stop their soon to be brother-sister bonding! Get him good, Panda!” You and Amanda were having your own battle and you both were determined to fight to win, no one shall beat you guys as the tag-team tickle-fighting champions of the cul-de-sac. You wrap your leg around his leg to try and bring him to the floor. But it wasn’t until you wiggled your fingers into his ribs that he lunges forward, and falls into your trap. Quite literally. As Hugo lay on his stomach on the kitchen floor, his slippers fall off his feet, and you sit down on his back and raise his legs up behind you, ankle locking them in your armpits.

“GAhahaha! B-Babe, gehet off, p-please, anything but that! Why did you have to catch me off guahard?!” Hugo asked, trying to move, but he could only move his head and his arms.

“Heh, remember that time when you wrestled me that one time, and you found out I was ticklish, and proceeded to tickle me until I tapped out?” You asked, but didn’t give him the chance to answer as you begin to skitter your fingers on Hugo’s trapped feet. Hugo was even louder than Ernest, in fact both Amanda and Ernest stopped everything and peaked out to see the scene, and see that Hugo laughing his head off.

“AHAHAHAHA! BAHAHABE! STOHOHOP! WE GOTTA FINISH DIHIHINNER!” Hugo tried to overpower you, but his weakness was being exploited, and a skitter along his arches and under his toes weren’t helping at all.

“This is payback, babe!” You yell triumphantly as you keep tickling all over his feet.

Ernest smirks and jumps into the fray and starts wiggling his fingers in Hugo’s armpits. You and Amanda were so surprised.

“This is for taking my vape!” Ernest stated mercilessly, as he intensified the tickling.


“Panda, any vendetta you wanna bring out onto your former teacher?” You ask, as Amanda smirked and gave you the finger guns.

“This is gonna be for my last english paper, the one that you gave me an A minus on!” She said as she went over and reached under him to get his sides and his ribs. Hugo was officially tapping out as he banged his right fist into the floor and screaming at the top of his lungs with laughter.

“STAHAHAP STAAAAHAHAHAP! STOP!” Soon, Hugo could take no more and he gotten a sudden burst of energy and he pulled his feet out of your grip, and started to get up with a noble Dad Roar. You fell of his back as Amanda and Ernest jumped but landed on their butts on the kitchen floor. Hugo leered at all three of you for a moment, before he just started snickering, which grew to chuckling, which grew to full on laughter. Soon you joined in the laugh, followed by Ernest and then Amanda. After the laugh fest, all four of you began to help finish the lasagna. After the lasagna was done cooking, you put the brownies in for 20 minutes. All four of you had a slice or two of lasagna and cut up italian bread. All the while you had dinner, everyone was having a good conversation, heck even Ernest chimed in a few times. Soon, it was night time, dinner was winding down and the brownies were cooling down. Amanda got up and winked at Ernest.

“So, Pops, we’re gonna be going to the movies tonight, Ernest, Lucien and I.” Amanda announced, “We actually wanted to do that before I gotta leave back for college Sunday. So… don’t wait up.” She puts on her jacket, and grabs her keys, and heads for the door, with Ernest jumping up and following her.

“Smell ya later.” Ernest smirks as he follows Amanda to the car and begins to pick the others up. You two look at each other and chuckle.

“Ah, kids.” You say.

“I hope it won’t be R-rated.” Hugo chuckled a bit more uneasily.

“It probably will, but I know that my daughter can take care of herself, and hold those two in line.”

Soon you two sit down after making yourselves some brownie sundaes, and stayed up watching Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers. You two eventually fall asleep in front of the TV, cuddled up together. And in the morning, you two would wake up to yourselves covered by two blankets.

I Don’t Need You (Simon Dominic)

“I don’t need you, but she does.” - Simon D, exes

A/N: This was supposed to be a short prompt request, but I got inspired and it came out longer than most of my regular oneshots lol. Hope you like it!

Originally posted by zicosbae

    “When’s daddy coming home?” Minseo asked. You swallowed, your eyes dropping to the table. You didn’t know how to answer.

    “You’ll see him soon, honey,” you said finally.

    “But when’s he coming home?” she implored and you sighed.

    “He doesn’t live here anymore, remember?” you said, reaching to take her small hand in yours.

    Her lip quivered and then she began to bawl. Every time you went through this with her, it had the exact same effect and it never seemed to register with her that he wasn’t coming back.

    “I’m sorry, baby,” you said, getting out of your chair to kneel next to her, wrapping your arms around her. But she didn’t embrace you back, instead just continuing to cry, “It’s your fault he’s gone!” she wailed.

    Again, you didn’t know how to answer. She wasn’t that far off the mark… When she finally stopped crying, you said softly. “Why don’t you finish your breakfast, Minseo?”

    “I’m not hungry,” she said, crossing her arms.

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Outbreak Part Three - Smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Series Rating: NSFW 18+


Notes: Sorry this took so long to post, this fic is proving to be a lot more difficult than I expected so I’m still trying to figure out how it will all unfold, so be patient with me :) I hope you enjoy

Part One Part Two

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You wake up in Happy’s arms. It’s been a long time since you’ve felt this kind of affection. You’ve missed it. Waking up in someone’s arms feeling loved. Happy isn’t that kind of man to show this kind of affection after knowing someone less than a day. You’re not that kind of person either. Happy’s awake. ‘’You awake?’’ He looks down on you as you nod. ‘’Let’s not get up.’’ He chuckles. Someone knocks on the door. ‘’Guess we have to.’’ Happy kisses your forehead and gets up. You bury yourself to the pillow. ‘’Come on baby. Time to get up.’’ You mumble a denial to the pillow. ‘’Hey lovebirds!’’ Chibs comes inside. ‘’Hap. We got to go. Juice and Ope will take care of you love.’’ ‘’All right. Thanks brother.’’ Chibs smiles and goes out. 

Happy grabs your hands and pulls you up. You fell to his arms and hug him. ‘’Don’t make me go home. I can’t go back there.’’ Happy looks at you at arms length. ‘’You’re not going back there. I will make sure that he doesn’t touch you.’’ You smile. ‘’Now. Get dressed. Opie and Juice will do anything you want them to do.’’ You smile. ‘’One problem. I have nothing to wear. And for the first time in my life I literally have nothing.’’ He laughs and looks around. ‘’Take this and this. You okay with these?’’ He gives you a T-shirt and sweatpants. You nod. He kisses your cheek and leaves the room.

After dressing up you walk to the kitchen trying to find something to eat. ‘’You’re not gonna find any food from here.’’ You almost jump at the voice behind you. You turn around and see Opie standing behind you. ‘’Come. Juice is getting you food. You do drink coffee?’’ You nod and follow Opie to the bar. ‘’Can I get some water?’’ Opie nods and gets you a glass of water. ‘’You’re up.’’ Juice walks inside the club house with a bag of food. ‘’Happy forced me to get up.’’ ‘’You tired?’’ You nod and bury your face in your hands. Opie taps your back gently. ‘’We’re here to keep you awake and well.’’ ‘’Yayyyy. That’s what I want.’’ Juice and Opie laugh. 

After spending four fun hours with Opie and Juice Happy and Jax come back. ‘’They took good care of you?’’ ‘’They did, grumpy.’’ Happy smiles and kisses you. Chibs walks in. ‘’Jackie! There’s some guy who says he wants to talk to Y/N.’’ You get up. ‘’Shit.’’ Jax walks outside. You follow him. Happy tries to stop you. ‘’Let me talk to him.’’ He sighs and follows you and Jax outside. Your husband is standing there beaten up. Tig is blocking his way to you. ‘’Y/N. I’m sorry. Please come back to me.’’ You stand between Jax and Happy in silence. ‘’Baby. Please.’’ You take a step forward. Happy put his hand on your shoulder. You take a deep breath. 

You take Happy’s hand and walk to your husband with him. Tig gets out of the way. ‘’Baby-’’ He tries to touch you. ‘’No. Don’t touch me. You lost that privilege the first time you laid your hand on me. Now you get the fuck out of here before I let grumpy here do what he wants to do to you you shit.’’ He looks at you. He looks scared. ‘’So you’re gonna stay with him? He can never give you what I gave you.’’ ‘’No. He can give me so much more.’’ He tries to come closer to you. You take a step back. He almost falls. ‘’He will never love you the way I loved you.’’ You look at him with a fire in your eyes. You move closer to Happy and he puts his arm around your shoulder. ‘’I can love her the way she deserves to be loved.’’ You glance at Happy. ‘’Leave.’’ Your husband looks at all of you and turns away. Before driving off he looks at you. 

You watch him drive off. ‘’You are so hot.’’ Happy kisses you. You slip your hands in his back pockets and smile. ‘’You’re gonna love me the way I deserve to be loved?’’ You tease him. ‘’Shut up.’’ He laughs. ‘’I like you Hap.’’ ‘’I like you too baby.’’ You smile at him. He kisses you.

~Okay… Why do I like this? Oh. Because I love Happy. Okay okay okay. Meow ♥ Lots of love to you guys!!~

“I’m so sorry.. I fucked up..” You read the text message Calum sent you. Immediately, you wonder what happened. Panic came over you. Did Calum cheat? Is he opening up about that? Did he have sex with someone several hours ago so he sent you that message? Did he hurt himself? You dialed his number countless times but he didn’t answer. And you texted him in between but still he didn’t reply. You became worried when it went straight to voicemail. You dialed Michael’s number instead. As it was ringing, your heart was racing.
“Come on, Mike, pick the goddamn phone up.” You said, as if Michael can hear you.

“Yessss??? Why are you calling me???” You heard a drunken Michael on the other line. Drunk Calum on top of some girl flashed in your thoughts. “Where’s Calum?!?!” You asked worriedly.

“Here.” He teased.

“What the fuck does that suppose to mean MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD?”

“In the houseee.. Duuuh.” He said animatedly.

You sighed heavily. You were still at work and you can’t do anything about it. “When I get home I swear to god if I see a naked girl on Calum’s bed I will fucking make a commotion.” You paused. “It’s even worse to see my fuckingboyfriendnakedwiththatgirlonhisbedsofuckingwarnthatgoddamnboylikeseriouslynobodytouchesmyfuckingboyfriend'sbodybesidesmehiscurrentgirlfriend!” You said, catching your breath.

“Woah! Calm the fuck down, maybe? He’s somewhere in this house I just don’t know where..M'kay bye.” Michael hanged up.


As soon as you opened the door, you saw the three lads sleeping in the living room. Which looked like a thief broke inside the house and killed them. Because they were lying on the floor, motionless.

You hurriedly went to Calum’s room but he was not there. “Calum?!” You called his name but he did not answer.

“For fuck’s sake.” Your stomach growled. “I’m just gonna eat something and when I find you Calum be fucking ready.”

When you entered the kitchen you saw him, his head resting on the kitchen table. And a few inches away from him was an empty plate with a fork on it. He was still holding his phone on his left hand - its battery emptied from your calls and texts. And you began to smile.

“What a dork.” You whispered.

He ate the last piece of your favorite cake while he was drunk and he apologized for “fucking up.”

When he became sober, you teased him non-stop about how he “fucked up” big time.

Chapter Five


“We be all night in loveeee…” Beyoncé sang, I put the turkey in the oven and ran to answer my phone. I smiled to myself when I say Ty’s name on the screen.

“Hi baby! You need me to come pick you up at the airport?” I said excited to hear from him, he was supposed to be back in LA by now.

“Nah baby…” He said. I frowned and sat down at the table. I could tell something was wrong just by the sound of his voice.

“What’s wrong Michael?” I asked him. King walked into the kitchen and smiles when he saw me, he waddled over to me and tried to climb onto my lap.

“Hold on.” Ty said sighing. I heard him say something and then his background grew quieter as if he walked off to somewhere where he would be alone.

“Okay…hello?” He said in a somber voice, King stood in between my legs and smiled up at me. I leaned down and kissed his forehead before standing back up and walking over to the fridge grabbing his sippy cup and handing it to him.

“Yea what’s going on? Why aren’t you at the airport?” I asked him.

“Don’t freak out, but the city is on lockdown because of some super storm coming and I’m stuck here.” He said. What?!

“What?! Are you okay? Do you have enough food and water? Trell and Chris are with you right?” I said starting to panic.

“Chy calm down everything is okay I’m fine. We all have enough food and water, we’re fine but…” He said with a sigh.

“But what babe?” I said a little to eagerly cutting him off. I don’t care if it seemed thirsty, this was my fiancée and I was worried about him.

"Remember the girl that took my phone by accident?” He asked me. I paused trying to think of the girls name.

“Um yea…Egypt right? What’s wrong? Is she okay?” I asked confused. I hated when Ty did this, when he was upset he could never just say what was bothering him. He took you around in circles.

“Yea she didn’t know about the lockdown and so now her and her friend are staying with us too.” He said after awhile.

“Wait why is her friend there too? I thought you guys were just exchanging phones.” I said scrunching up my face and glancing at King who was now walking around with his onesie halfway off.

“Yea we were but her friend came with her too, I asked why and she said something about just because I’m famous doesn’t mean I’m not a serial killer.” He said chuckling, I laughed along with him.

“Well at least you know they aren’t some starstruck groupies. Even though I don’t like the idea of two girls that we not don’t know sleeping in the same vicinity as you. I mean if you say they’re alright that’s fine, but you still don’t know them.” I said scooping up King and fixing his clothes.

“Yea I know but Chris and Trell here and Crip and Nidda down the hall. So if anything was to happen I’m good.” He said making me feel better, at least he was surrounded by his friends.

“Okay well as long as everyone is safe but I’m still not happy about you missing Christmas. Like I know you can’t control the weather but you couldn’t at least check it or something?” I said sighing sadly.

“I swear to god I had no clue, if I had known about the storm I wouldn’t have even come. I would have just waited to get my phone.” He said sounding just as sad as I’m sure I did. I didn’t want to make him feel guilty.

“Well don’t worry about it when you get back we’ll have Christmas part two and me and King will skype you when he opens his gifts later on or when we get back from your moms.” I said smiling into the phone.

“Okay baby, I love you I’m gonna go find something to eat and try and call Mama. I’ll talk to you later.” He said after couple of seconds of silence.

“Wait! Whatever happened to all of those interviews and appointments you were supposed to schedule? And all of the media crap you were supposed to work on? Did you make sure all of that stuff was still on the phone? You need to call everyone and apologize and let them know what happened.” I said remembering the things that I usually did for him.

I wasn’t his assistant, but something like that. Lord knows I wasn’t qualified for that and that I probably messed up more things then I did right, but Ty didn’t want to hire some stranger to handle his business.

“Shit! I forgot, I hope this don’t make me look bad. Imma go get on that now, thanks for reminding me. Alright bye love you.” He said hanging up.

“Daddy come?” King said looking up at me with a confused expression on his face. I smiled at him sadly and shook my head. It was crazy how much King reminded me of Ty and even looked like him, they both were my world to be honest.

“Later on baby, not now.” I said picking him up and placing him on the counter next to me.

“Later?” He said smiling at me as though I told him the best news in the world, I nodded and smiled back.

“Yes King, later. Daddy come later.” I said trying to keep a smile on my face even though I felt like doing just about everything but smiling. I didn’t see Ty as much as already because of his career, so this kind of just put a dent in my holiday but I wasn’t going to let it ruin King’s.

“Come on King, we’re gonna get ready to go see Nana.” I said smiling at him and picking him up placing him on my hip.

“Yay!” He yelled throwing his hands in the air and laughing. I laughed along with him, even though Ty wasn’t around I always had King to remind me of him.


“Why you sitting out here alone?” someone said from behind me, I jumped and turned around shocked to see Chris standing in the doorway separating the outside balcony from the hotel room. I ran my hand over my hair that I had spent all morning trying to make sure wouldn’t get messed up, so I would look perfect for dinner with Zion’s family later on.

“Just needed some fresh air…” I said softly looking out at the city already covered in a white blanket of snow. I was actually really upset that I was stuck here for Christmas but I tried to keep a positive attitude about it. It didn’t make sense stressing something I couldn’t change.

"Really? You needed some fresh air so you just decided to come outside and chill in the middle of a blizzard? Mind you it’s only like 10 degrees? Nah something’s on your mind ma.” He said laughing. Chris seemed really cool and he had always been my celebrity crush. Ever since he first came out with Run It, I had a tiny crush on him that only grew over the years. And now he was grown and tatted up and I could feel my highschool crush coming back.

But that felt like it was so long ago and I had a boyfriend now so it wasn’t something I would ever take seriously. Besides even being seen with him would throw me into a world I wasn’t sure I even wanted a part of, a world where you no longer had privacy.

I laughed along with him seeing how ridiculous I probably sounded, “Yea to be honest I’m upset but I’ll get over it.” I said shrugging.

“What’s wrong?” he asked me sitting down in the chair next to me glancing over at me. I almost blushed at the sight of his freckles and how seriously he looked at me, as though my problems were the only thing that mattered. I hesitated wondering if I could just tell him anything. Why the hell not it’s not like I’m gonna probably see him again after this.

“It’s just well like I was supposed to go to Christmas dinner with my friend…” I started and I immediately stopped myself, never had I ever just referred to Zion as my friend. We’ve been together for almost three years now, we had our problems and what not but so did any other couple. Why did I just downplay my whole relationship to Chris?

“You good?” he asked me looking at me confused.

“Yea my fault like I was saying…” I cleared my throat starting over. “I was supposed to go to dinner with my boyfriend and his family for Christmas but-”

“Wait now it’s a boyfriend?” Chris interrupted me smirking, I sucked my teeth and blushed. I was lowkey hoping he didn’t catch that.

“Yes that’s what I said right?” I snapped laughing and cocking my head to the side. He looked alarmed before laughing along with me.

“Aigh I’ll hold my comments about that until the end of your story.” He said throwing his hands up and laughing.

“Okay so like I was saying before you interrupted me. I was supposed to go to dinner with my boyfriend and his family and his mother already doesn’t like me like that, so me missing it won’t make things any better.” I said sighing and leaning back in the chair.

“So you’re upset because you aren’t going to dinner with your friend that’s really your boyfriend and his mother that hates you?” He said a hint of laughter in his voice and eyes. I sucked my teeth.

“You trynna be funny, forget it.” I said shaking my head and standing up to go back into the house.

“Nah my fault I had to, chill but on a serious note how long have ya been together?” Chris said wiping the smile off his face and grabbing my wrist pulling me back down

“About to be three years soon.” I said glancing over at him, waiting for what he was going to say next.

“Imma ask you something but don’t take it the wrong way. Make sure you really listen and consider this before you reply.” He said, I nodded and waited.

“How serious can it really be if it’s now going on three years that you and dude been together but he still hasn’t let his mom know wassup? She still treating you like the new girl right? Something ain’t right.” He said shrugging. I stayed quiet letting his words sink in, it made sense.

“What you’re saying makes sense don’t get me wrong, but I feel like since you don’t really know us you wouldn’t fully understand.” I said after a while a little irritated. I don’t know if I was more annoyed that it seemed like he was trying to play my relationship or that he was right.

“Alright but you ain’t even call him your boyfriend at first.” Chris said laughing. I sucked my teeth and glared at him, who does he think he is to judge my relationship? I open up to him and he laughs?

“Suck my dick it was a mistake.” I said my voice rising as it always did whenever I was angry.

“Yea okay ma, you don’t gotta get upset. My opinion is just that, an opinion.” He said continuing to laugh. I stood up wrapping the blanket from me and Egypt’s room around me tighter.

“Yea you need to remember that. Besides I don’t think you’re in any position to be giving love advice.” I said cooly and flipping my hair over my shoulder walking back towards the door.

“My love life probably more put together than yours is ma.” He shot back, for some reason the way he was acting was irritating me. I was getting angry and annoyed and he was just…chilling. As though we were playing.

“Yea I doubt it, you have like a new girl every week. And then you got two exes you flip flop back and forth between.” I said turning back to face him.

“And even with all that my situation still better than yours.” He said smirking. I was tempted to slap that smirk off his face but I caught myself.

“I don’t know why. A nigga like you isn’t someone you should go for. You don’t want a relationship, you want hoes and easy pussy.” I said folding my arms and leaning against the door.

“You don’t even mean that, you’d probably be delighted if I was to try and fuck with you. Girls love talking like they know what they’re talking about.” He said shaking his head.

“And niggas  love acting like they’re gods gift. You’re not all that!” I yelled at him, I could feel my face turnig red and flustered the angrier I got.

“Yea aigh Jahaira. Whatever you say ma.” He said waving me off and pulling a L out of his pocket lighting it. I opened my mouth to respond but was interrupted by my phone buzzing. I pulled it out and sighed in relief when I saw it was Zion.

“Hey baby!” I said making a point to emphasize the baby. I glared at Chris and saw that he was smirking and looking out over the balcony.

“Hey baby girl, I wish you could have made it. I miss you, I been thinking about you all day.” Zion said into the phone, I smiled as soon I heard his voice. He always knew what to say or do to make me smile.

“I do too but don’t worry, as soon as I can get out of here I’ll be over there. I miss you too baby.” I said. Chris coughed obnoxiously before laughing. I sucked my teeth.

“Kiss my ass.” I hissed at Chris.

“Who you talking too?” Zion asked me sounding suspicious.

“Nobody baby, just some friend of the guy who took Egypt’s phone.” I said walking back into the hotel room. I felt something hit me in the back and turned around and saw snow on the ground.

“Fuck you!” I yelled at Chris angrily and picking the snow back up and flinging it at him. He swerved it and busted out laughing at my failed attempt.

“Keep saying shit like that and I just might!” Chris yelled after me still laughing.

“What was that ? What did he say?” Zion said growing angry. I had forgotten I was on the phone with him, I caught myself and got myself together.

“Nothing he wasn’t talking to me” I said walking into me and Egypt’s room. I looked back in Chris’ direction and he smirked winking at me. I smiled back blushing, then I heard Zion say my name again nd I stopped smiling and returned to the conversation.

Camping (4/4)

| Request | Tumblr | “Could you do a preference where you go camping with 5sos & he comes onto/admits feelings to you?:3 (Or just with Mikey if you’re busy)” |


| A S H T O N |

Me and my three best friends were sat around a campfire. Ashton had come up with the crazy idea that we should all pack our things and go camping for the weekend which I had agreed to. But, Michael wasn’t up for going without gaming for the weekend so it was just Luke, Calum, Ash, and I. Which meant that I was sharing a tent with Ashton.

“I’m getting tired.” I yawned.
“Me too.” Luke added.
“Then lets go to bed.” Calum suggested.
“Oh, I got the fire!” Ashton chirped.

I stood up from my chair, fixing my trackies. I turned around, grabbing my drink. When I turned back around, Ashton was pissing on the campfire.

“Ashton!” I busted out laughing.

This was one of the main reasons that I fell in love with Ashton. I know, he was just my friend but I had fallen for Ashton ever since I met him. I knew that he could never feel the same so we were just friends and I kept my mouth shut.

I was really happy that I was sharing a tent with him but there was nothing I could do anyway. I just got to think about how Ashton and I slept in a tent together alone.

I bent over, grabbing the zipper of the tent. I felt strong hands on my waist, I slowly stood up and turned to see that it was Ashton.

“Would you open the tent faster? I need you.” Ashton smirked.

I opened that tent faster than I could have said hello. I stumbled into the tent, Ashton falling over top of me. I backed up onto the air mattress that we had.

Ashton’s tongue swiped against my bottom lip. I didn’t even hesitate to open my mouth. His tongue entered mine, hotly kissing me. I tugged at the bottom of his shirt, pulling it over his head. Ashton’s lips were quickly connected back to mine.

His hand moved to the hem of my trackies. Ashton broke off the kiss, pulling off my trackies and throwing them across the tent. His trackies were discarded as well, quickly putting himself into me. I let out a small moan while Ashton let out a really loud groan.

“Shh, they can hear you.” I blushed.
“Who cares.” He smirked.

Ashton thrusted in and out of me quickly, bringing me close to my orgasm. Both of us were being as loud as we want.


| C A L U M |

The whole week, Calum and Luke had been complaining about how badly they wanted to go play Soccer/Football (wherever it is called in your region of the world). The only massive, private spot we could find was out in the middle of the fucking woods. So, we all packed up our things and decided that we would just go camping for the weekend.

Michael was trying to climb a tree so he could have wifi, Ashton was making marshmallows over the first, whilst I watched Luke and Calum kick around the soccer ball.

“Hey (Y/N)! Come play with us!” Calum shouted.
“No, I’m okay.” I giggled.
“Please!” He whined.
“Yeah, you take over for me. I’m gonna find something to eat.” Luke said. “Fine.” I sighed.

I got up from my spot on the grass and went over to Calum. I wasn’t great at soccer so I just kicked the ball back to him after he did some spontaneous trick.

“Y'know, I can’t do cool tricks like that. Why you gotta make me look so lame?” I pouted.
“Just trying to show off to the pretty lady.” Calum smirked, kicking the ball up.
“And why are you trying to do that?” I chuckled.
“I don’t know. Guess you’ll just have to wait and find out.” He laughed. “You’re so difficult.” I shook my head.

After almost an hour of kicking the ball around, I was getting pretty good at this. So good that Calum and I made a goal with a bunch of sticks that we picked up and now we were going to face against each other.

“Alright, you’re so on Calum.” I smirked.
“You think you can win? Ha!” He chuckled.
“I don’t think I can win…. I KNOW I can win.” I laughed.
“Well you’re in for a surprise.” Calum said.

I kicked the ball around Calum while he was tying his shoe, making the first goal.

“There. I’m already winning.” I snickered.
“That’s not fair! I was tying my shoe!” Calum jumped.
“Oh well.” I shrugged.

We took the ball, starting in the middle of the field again. Calum kicked the ball and I chased after him. He was going to make a goal so I purposely tripped him. But he grabbed me, pulling me down on top of him.

His nose was touching mine. We were literally right in each others faces. I went to get off of him, not knowing if it was okay to be like this. But Calum held me back down.

He stretched his neck up, bringing his lips to mine. We kissed for a minute and then stopped.

“I really like you.” Calum said.
“Y-you what?” I stuttered.
“I like you a lot.” He repeated.

I paused for a second, not knowing what to say. I liked Calum too. I couldn’t believe he finally told me!

“I like you too.” I smiled.

Our lips connected again, moving in sync with each other again.

“AND THAT’S THE STORY OF HOW (Y/N) AND CALUM STARTED DATING, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF KEEK.” Michael laughed, videotaping the whole thing from the top of a tree.

| M I C H A E L |

Having that one friend who didn’t like going outside was hard work when we all actually wanted to go out and hang out. We literally have to drag him out of the house all the time.

Which was why we had an even harder time getting him to leave the house for the weekend to come camping with us. The only way we got him out was buying him a pack of Pokémon cards and telling him that I would play Pokémon with him when we got there and I had to share a tent with him.

So here we were. It was like three in the morning and I was in mine and Michael’s tent playing Pokémon with him.  The other three boys were out by the fire doing whatever they were doing.

“Ha! I win again!” I cheered.
“You’re cheating! It’s not fair!” Michael wailed.
“How am I cheating!? It’s fucking Pokémon!” I busted out laughing. “You’re just cheating, okay!?” He laughed.
“Yeah, yeah. You’re just a sore loser. You hate me because I win at everything.” I smirked.
“That’s so not true. I can beat you at a lot of things.” Michael replied. “Yeah? Then list a few.” I said.
“Hmm, lets see. I am better at guitar than you, I am definitely a better singer than you-” He started.
“Hey! You barely even sing! You scream your solos!” I defended myself. “Fine, I can scream better than you and I can probably beat you at too hot.” Michael smirked.
“I doubt it!” I giggled.
“Then there’s only one way to find out.” He snickered.
“And that is..?” I trailed off, already knowing the answer.
“To play it and see who the real winner is here.” Michael chuckled.
“Fine then. You’re so on.” I winked.

Michael grabbed, my hand pulling me to stand up. We were standing in the middle of the tent just staring at each other.

Michael leaned down, slowly kissing me. I moved forward, grinding myself into him. It wasn’t cheating, my hands weren’t touching him.

“Cheater.” Michael said in between kisses.
“Nope.” I giggled into his mouth.

After another 30 seconds of kissing, Michael just could take it anymore. He grabbed at my ass, pulling me up onto him. I jumped into his arms. Michael fell backwards onto the air mattress that we had in the tent.

“Looks like I win again.” I smirked.
“We still have to see if you’re a better screamer than me.” Michael winked, undoing his jeans.

| L U K E |

Going on tour with my four best friends was a lot of fun. A lot of them missed home but honestly, wherever the four boys were was my home. They were all I had left.

When we got a two week break, the first idea they had was to go camping. So we left and went to the middle of nowhere in the woods.

It was Ashton, Ashton’s mum, sister, and brother, Michael, Michael’s mum and dad, Calum, Calum’s mum, dad, and sister, Luke, Luke’s mum, dad, two brothers, and I.

It was a bit weird because I have liked Luke for a really long time. So being around his family as just friends was really weird.

It was a lot of fun with all of us out here just hanging out. But as the days went by, it was getting more boring.

“Hey (Y/N). Wanna go swimming?” Luke smiled.
“Sure.” I smiled back.

Not only did I want to go swimming because I was bored as hell, but it was a great chance to see Luke shirtless. Shirtless Luke made me happy.

Since it was hot out, I already had my bikini on under my tank top and shorts. Luke was already in his swim trunks with a tank over his torso. We walked out of the tent and headed for the lake that wasn’t far from where we were camping.

Once we got there, I started stripping off my shirt and pulled down my pants. I looked up to see Luke staring at me. I brushed it off like it was nothing even though my face was red as a tomato. It was like a guy to look at any girl. He was just being a boy, that’s all. He didn’t find me attractive.

“Last one in is a rotten egg!” Luke shouted.

We both ran down the dock, trying to race each other into the water. Luke had jumped in before me. I almost landed on him but I didn’t.

“I win.” Luke smiled, floating in the water.
“Whatever.” I laughed, moving my hair out of my face.

We swam around for a little bit, joking around like we always would. Like best friends would. Which was great but really fucking sucked.

“Wow, look at that sunset.” I smiled.
“Yeah. It’s beautiful.” Luke said.
“Don’t you think we should get back? We’ve been here for three hours.” I sighed.
“Nah, I wanna stay here, with you.” He smiled back.
“Okay.” I blushed.

I kept staring at the sunset. I could tell that Luke was looking at me.

I jumped as his arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I finally looked at him. His ocean blue eyes made me want to fucking kiss him.

“You know, I never knew you were this fit.” Luke chuckled.
“You make me workout with you all the time.” I laughed.
“But it’s not everyday I get to see you in a bikini.” He said.
“Well it’s not every day we get to hang out like this.” I replied.
“So you’re saying if we had just Luke and (Y/N) time, I get to see you in a bikini?” Luke smirked.
“That’s not what I was trying to say but that could be arranged.” I giggled. “Okay because I really like you. I do want Luke and (Y/N) time but you don’t have to be in a bikini. As long as I get time with you, I’m okay.” He smiled.
“You what?” I asked, unsure of what he just said.
“Yeah. I never told you because I never got the chance. You know, we were on tour and the boys never leave us alone so now that we’re alone, here I am, telling you.” He laughed.
“I like you too, Luke.” I smiled back.

Luke leaned over, placing his lips on mine.  I’m so glad I agreed to go swimming.

Fries Can Kill.

    “Y/N!” Stiles calls when he spots you leaning against his car from across the parking lot. You noticed Stiles’s pace quicken and began making your way to them. Having yet to meet you, Liam gives his older friend a confused look. It was rare for any of the pack to look as happy as Stiles looked seeing you, and Liam wasn’t sure why he was so happy. Catching the freshman’s puzzled expression, Stiles quickly explains who you are. “Her family was friends with the Hales. They’re located in LA now, but all of them used to stay in Beacon Hills to help Derek’s family protect the town. Y/N and Derek were always good friends, so she comes to stay with him every once in a while.”
    Knowing Stiles was very eager to greet you, Liam picked up the pace a little. “When was the last time you saw her?”
    “She was here a few weeks before you were turned, but there were some attacks in LA so she went back. She’s helped us with the Kanima and the Darach, and she’s one of the main reasons I’m not possessed anymore.” When the boys were only a few feet away from you, you stopped walking and opened your arms to hug the taller junior.
    “Stiles! I missed you!” you informed him as your arms wrapped around his neck and his around your waist. Liam mentally noted that he’d never hugged one of his chick friends like that, nor had he ever seen Stiles hug Lydia or Malia or Kira that way. It was usually a one-armed side-squeeze, but this was a full on embrace, and Liam was beginning to suspect a little more than a friendship between the two of you.
    “Where the hell have you been?” You were basically being swung around, and you unlocked your fingers from Stiles’s hair to let him know you couldn’t breathe, and he gently placed you back on your feet. “You’d think I could at least get a postcard.”
    “Still an ass. I’m not surprised.” Both of you laughed. “Derek told me there was a deadpool and that I was on it. Figured I might as well help if I’m being hunted down anyway.”
    “The more the merrier, I guess,” Stiles said, shrugging and then gesturing to Liam, who was still stood awkwardly beside him. “This is Liam.”
    Immediately, you nodded and put out your hand for the younger boy to shake. “Ah, Scotty’s first beta. Sorry you had to get involved in all of this, Liam.” Simply shaking your hand and shrugging, Liam was too busy trying to figure out how a girl like you– so beautiful, and funny, and seemingly intelligent– could be more than friends with Stiles, the dorky clumsy human of the pack. You were intrigued by Liam, but you knew some things needed to happen before you could get to know the new pack member. Turning back to Stiles, you looped your arm through his and began discussion. “So I hear there’s a party tonight that needs supervision.”
    “Yeah. Plan is Lydia and me go to Eichen House–” He was cut off by you shaking your head.
    “I don’t like you going back there.” He opened his mouth to protest, but you didn’t let him. “I’m serious, Stiles. It’d be one thing if that guy–”
    “It’d be one thing if he wasn’t there, but he is.”
    Stiles shook his head, fighting a smile. He’d missed how protective of him you were. Both of you had always cared more for each other than you did for yourselves, and no one had ever understood it. Of course, Scott and Derek had suspicions that their best friends had a little romance brewing, but neither of you had ever confirmed or denied their thoughts. “Y/N, I’m going. You don’t think I’m excited for you to be going to a bonfire with a bunch of teenagers drunk off their asses and a few supernatural people thrown in, do you?” The two of you reached the car, Liam getting in the back through Stiles’s door as your friend opened and closed yours for you. When he got in, he turned the keys in the ignition and glanced at you before backing out and pulling onto the road. “I’m going to Eichen House. You’re going to the bonfire. We both need to accept it.”
                                                        * * *
    Surprisingly, the plan went smoother than you had expected. There were a few snags, such as Brunski almost killing Lydia and assassins almost killing you, Scott, Liam, and Malia, but it wasn’t anything new. Everyone met up at the loft afterward, and once the meeting was dismissed, you jumped in your car to go grab something to eat. “Where are you going?”
    Just before you could start reversing out of your parking space, Stiles leaned into your window to find out your plans. “Gonna go pick something up to eat, I should be back in twenty. Problem?” You smirked lightly at Stiles’s protective instinct. He shrugged, then shook his head. “Good. I’ll see you tomorrow, Stiles.” As you backed out, you could see the boy standing in the same place, watching you drive off and only getting in his truck when you were halfway down the road. You sighed and shook your head at everything that was going on. You wanted so badly for Stiles to tell you he wanted something more than what you were at the moment, but with everything happening, you knew it wasn’t a real possibility. He’d always been the type of guy to wait for a girl to make a move, but you’d already tried that. Specifically, you’d tried that when you kissed him two and a half months ago. Just a few hours before he, Scott, and Allison sacrificed themselves for their parents, you’d found a few minutes alone with Stiles. During this time you somehow confessed your feelings for him by pressing your mouth against his. He’d kissed you back– he’d definitely kissed you back, a lot– but before he had a chance to say anything, you received a call from Lydia, ending the conversation the two of you were about to have that could’ve changed everything. Since then, you and Stiles hadn’t spoken about it at all. You’d wanted to ask him about what happened more than anything, but there was no time.
    You’d become so distracted remembering everything that had happened that you hadn’t picked up the scent of the gunpowder residue on the hunters in the car behind you. The only thing that made you realize you were being followed was the glint of their headlights hitting your rear view mirror and the sound of the first arrow flying through the air toward your car. “Shit,” you muttered as you swerved to avoid the weapon. “Shit, shit, shit!” The deadpool. Of course. It only made sense that someone would come to kill you. After all, they would get 21 million dollars out of it. Within minutes, both of your back tires had been shot and were completely flat. Seeing no other option, you swerved you car as much as you could so that the driver’s side of your car was facing away from the hunters’. You got out, leaning your back against the side of your car for a few seconds. You prayed there would only be three or four of them, as you were pretty sure you couldn’t handle much more than that. Taking a deep breath and closing your eyes, you listened closely to the footsteps approaching you. Using your heightened hearing, you were able to figure out that there were five of them. By the time you opened your eyes, your heartbeat was calm, and your eyes were glowing a bright yellow. Your fingernails and teeth had grown into claws and fangs. Sighing, you stood up and began to fight for your life.
                                                         * * *
    “Stiles,” you whispered into your phone. Breathing had never been so difficult for you, let alone speaking.
    “Y/N? Y/N, where are you?” Stiles said desperately. When his phone began to ring with an incoming call at four in the morning, he knew something was wrong. The feeling in the pit of his stomach only made him feel worse when he read the caller ID. Derek was calling him. He picked up and was attacked with questions on if he’d seen you or if he knew where you were, and when he told Derek he had no idea, he received instructions to get to the loft with the rest of the pack immediately. He now sat in the Jeep with Scott, Kira, and Lydia, trying to figure out where the hell you were and what was happening.
    You tried to answer his question, but your breath caught in your throat instead, and you ended up yelping in pain instead. Stiles looked at Scott, shaking his head and mouthing that he couldn’t hear you. The werewolf took the phone from his best friend, listening closely to your next words. “The road to the restaurant,” you said before coughing and tasting blood on your lips. “With the fries.” Scott repeated your words and threw Stiles a confused look, having no clue what you were talking about. Stiles knew exactly what road you were referring to, though. It was the one you drove down together when he took you out for dinner at the diner with the best curly fries in town. Stiles took a sharp turn and instructed Scott to stay on the phone with you.
    They arrived at the scene within five minutes, but it felt like an eternity to Stiles, even though he’d never moved so fast in his life. He jumped out of the car and sprinted around your car to find all of the hunters on the ground and hardly breathing– all but one. The man obviously had two broken legs, and his crossbow was just out of reach. “Where is she?” Stiles shouted at him. “Where is she?” The hunter smirked and pointed to your location, earning a punch in the face from Stiles before he sprinted over to you and skidded into a kneeling position beside you.
    “Oh, God.” You’d been shot five times during the fight, twice with bullets and thrice with arrows. One arrow was buried into your shoulder, another in your leg, and one in your hip. The bullets had landed just above your first leg wound and in the middle of your stomach. You were hardly conscious when Stiles found you. “Y/N,” he whispered. You looked up at him, face wet with tears and mouth wet with blood. “Can I pick you up?” You nodded weakly, and before you knew it he had his arms under your knees and behind your back.
    The pain didn’t increase until he began walking on the flat pavement. “Stiles!” you cried out reflexively, causing him to murmur sincerely apologies as you held onto his shirt with your face buried in his neck. The boy was near tears at seeing you so beat up, but it only fueled his determination to help you. Derek, Malia, Kira, and Lydia agreed to stay at the scene and handle clean up while you, Scott, and Stiles went to Deaton, who had agreed to meet them at Scott’s workplace when he’d received the call that you were severely injured. You were laid out in the backseat with Stiles reaching back and holding your hand the entire drive there.
                                                          * * *
    “I’ll stay, you guys can go.”
    “Stiles, you don’t have to. I’m gonna be fine.”
    Everyone had met at the vet around six in the morning, but had they couldn’t stay there forever. Deaton said you should be fully healed in a few hours and that they pack could leave, but Stiles was refusing to leave your side. “I’m staying, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes, wincing a little as you moved your wounded leg. After a few minutes, everyone else had filed out of the room besides Stiles and Deaton. You expected Deaton to be there for a while, but ten minutes later he announced that he was driving out of town to get some supplies he needed for the next few weeks and made his exit.
    “You know,” Stiles began a few minutes later. “You scared the shit out of me.”
    You shrugged. “It’s not a big deal. I’m fine.”
    “Y/N, you were shot five times! You were a lot less than fine a few hours ago!”
    Again, you shrugged. “I’m used to being hunted, Stiles. I made it out alive, and that’s all that matters, right?” He looked at you doubtfully. Beginning to tire of his deceiving act toward you, you rolled your eyes and muttered under your breath, “It’s not like you have any reason to worry about me anyway.”
    He raised his eyebrows. “What?”
    “You heard me. You have no more reason to be worried than Scott or Lydia do. It’s not like I mean anything more to you than I do to them.”
    At that Stiles began sputtering, obviously surprised by your words. “Y/N,” he said, shaking his head. “That’s not– You’re wrong,Y/N.” Immediately, you threw him a ‘get serious’ look. “I’m not kidding. You think I don’t remember that kiss every time I look at you, or think about you, or any other time? It’s all I think about! You’ve got me wrapped around your freaking finger, and you don’t even realize it!”
    Shaking your head, you ran your fingers through your hair. “Stiles, you don’t have to pretend that–” You were cut off by a hand on the side of your neck. You looked up to see Stiles moving his other hand onto your waist, careful not to hurt the injury on your hip. Suddenly, your heart was pounding, and so was his. “What are you doing?” you choked out.
    He didn’t even bother to give you a response other than urging his own lips onto yours. Your body began moving on its own, pressing itself against Stiles, wrapping your arms around his waist and grabbing onto his t-shirt. The stitches in your shoulder limited your movement, but Stiles didn’t seem to notice. The two of you stood there, mouths moving in synchronization for minutes, hours, days, years. And when you pulled apart, Stiles only had one thing to say. “I hope Scott and Lydia don’t think of doing that as much as I do, because I’m the only one who’s allowed to do it.”