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bakugou "freshmen rep, #1 entrance exam, #3 quirk test, #3 class grades, doesn't want to be associated w/ troublemakers" katsuki: YOU'RE A NERD!!! ASSFFFDSSFF Why is he like This??

there are so many different ways i can respond to this:

  • Katsuki “king of denial” Bakugou
  • Bakugou is an enigma wrapped in a blanket of semi self-awareness and covered with a heavy layer of complete and total denial
  • “DIE!!!!!!!!” Bakugou screams as he gets perfect grades on every test and canonically avoids cigarettes/drugs/etc b/c they could get him into trouble and goddammit he’s not gonna fail UA b/c some dumbass delinquent brought in illegal shit and got the smell on him
  • Mr “all my casual clothes are black skull t-shirts” probably alphabetizes his homework 
  • he probably wears his pants 3 sizes too big and so goddamn low and refuses to wear his tie just so people don’t make the mistake of assuming he’s a huge nerd. even tho he is
  • i’d be willing to bet that he’s the type to finish all his homework before 8pm the day he gets it b/c he’s exactly that studious, and he actually has a fucking normal sleep schedule b/c he never has to worry about late work and knows it’s important for physical health and growth. what the fuck. what the fuck.
  • what a fucking nerd

blueberry boys 💙

whisker up and prepare for another eightxciting year of weird tweets and weirder vid! 

can you believe its already a year after pinof 7 im not ready

1D Hiatus: Day 529

* More pictures of Louis shooting in Doncaster a few days ago are released

* Caspar Lee’s video featuring Liam will come out on Sunday

* A video with bloopers from the set of Caspar and Liam’s video is released

* Louis meets a fan in London

* Niall is on the cover of Billboard Magazine’s June issue

* HQ pictures of our handsome boy Niall for Billboard are released

* Niall posts nine pictures on Instagram

* It’s the day of Niall’s performance and appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

It’s May 25th, 2017.

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i think what i'm most scared of this season is that Betty's going to be so worried about Jughead and him in the Serpents and he's not really going to be worried about her and her inner struggles. Betty cares about everyone so much and I just want Jughead to instead of pushing her away see how she's hurting as much as he is and he needs to be there for her too

i can guarantee you that jughead ignoring betty’s problems won’t happen. from what we’ve seen last season, jughead cares about and loves betty deeply and if the writers fail to show that next season then that’s gonna be some OOC shit, so I don’t think that they’re gonna do us dirty like that. the writers have a good grasp on what makes bughead’s relationship tick and I trust them to do what makes sense

the most i’ve made out of my memories16/summer package is popping the bubbles on the bubble wrap that it is delivered in

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how do you get used to experiencing setbacks in the lab?

there’s always gonna be setbacks in the lab, because science is 50% troubleshooting, 40% ambiguous results, and 10% knowing when to give up, so you’re gonna need to figure out a way to internalize the fact that most of what you do won’t work most of the time.

the best way I’ve found so far is to reframe it and celebrate the successes instead of mourning the failures. If you just assume shit it gonna fail then it’s par for the course when something doesn’t work but a big old win when something does.

this may seem fatalistic but it’s the best way to stay sane and motivated that I have yet found.

day four; favorite moment // 10x06 “we make a good team”

“Charlie, I don’t think I can do this,” Dee says, breathing in the cool air of the night.

The street they’re walking on is dimly lit, some of the lamp posts flickering or simply dead, the way that most streets in South Philly look. The closer they get to the poetry cafe, the more nauseous she feels. She tries her hardest not to gag though, for her own sake, but also for Charlie’s.

“Dee, are you gonna puke? ‘Cause I’d rather you do it now on the street instead of onstage,” he tells her, stepping sideways to put a little distance between himself and his friend.

“I’m not gonna puke, Charlie!” she protests, but her words are betrayed by the paleness of her face and the shivers on her skin, unrelated to the cold of the night.

“I’m just saying,” he begins, a hint of a smile forming on his lips, “you might. And that’s fine! As long as you do it while we’re outside.”

Dee sighs, shaking her head. “I just don’t think we’re ready yet. Maybe we should just go back home.”

Charlie frowns as he walks back to Dee’s side, his shoulder bumping into hers. “You want to just give up?”

“We’re not giving up. We’re simply delaying it a bit until we find our style,” Dee tries to convince Charlie, even though she sounds unsure herself.

Charlie stops then, in the middle of the sidewalk and Dee turns around to see what he’s doing. He’s standing there, underneath the yellow light, wearing his plain black shirt and a stupid oversized hoodie. For a second, Dee’s heart squeezes in her chest at the sight, and then she feels it racing as Charlie approaches her.

He’s close now, grabbing both her shoulders and forcing her to meet his eyes. It’s both calming and terrifying, intimate yet out in plain sight. Dee wants to push him away and pull him closer all at once. Maybe being alone with him without the rest of the gang messes with her head, or perhaps it’s Charlie that’s been confusing to her all along.

“Dee, listen to me: I know you’re scared that you’ll suck and choke like you usually do at the comedy club. I understand that; it’s how it’s been for you for the past couple of years, and truthfully, you are very bad at stand-up comedy.”

“Um, wow, thanks for the pep talk, Charlie,” she snarled, her voice laced with sarcasm. “I feel a whole lot better.”

“I’m not done. I know Dennis said we were gonna bomb and fail, but Dennis doesn’t know shit about def poetry! You’re not gonna fail, and you’re not gonna gag and make a fool of yourself again, Dee. You know why?”

He’s looking at her now, eyes shining with something close to trust and hope; Dee doesn’t know much about it, but maybe love. Something soft, the way no one has ever looked at her. She’s drinking it all in, enjoying it while it lasts. She’s not delusional. Dee knows the gang; she knows it never lasts.

When Dee shakes her head, Charlie beams at her, much brighter than any street lights or car headlights passing by.

He squeezes her shoulders again. “Because you won’t be alone, Dee. I’ll be standing next to you, no matter if it goes right or wrong; I’ve got your back. We make a good team, remember?”

A wave of calm washes over Dee as she watches Charlie looking at her, unafraid and confident. His optimism is contagious, so much that Dee doesn’t feel sick anymore.

They’re not good people, none of them but in moments like these, she thinks that the both of them really bring out the best in the other.

She smiles back at him, ignoring the sounds of the cars or the bystanders walking past them or the thumping of her heart in her ears. She nods. “We make a good team.”