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hey buddy. since you're takin requests, how about a little kustard ship fluff? something cute with classic sans and fell sans bein' all lovey. love the art, btw.

Sorry, this isn’t very lovey, is it?

I hope it’s still sorta close to what you were expecting

@the-noise-maker  yooo happy birthday! SPACE PARTIES are best parties 👍👍🍰🎂🍻👌👌

hope your day is rad like you ;w;


Baby can you move it round the rhythm
Cause you know we’re living in the fast lane, speed up
It ain’t no game, just turn up all the beams when I come up on the scene

Pretty Boy Zen is ready to fkkin deck in the gut someone who misbehaved in his club and oh boy is he gonna enjoy it ;)

i’m rly sorry lovely zen i have no idea what happened to his hair, i tried to make a sort of mashup of something accurate to the era and his hair and this happened lolol

i kinda like it tho,? ;)?

again, credits to @promiscuous-jalapeno for the mafia au, bless your good soul!!

please tell me if i should stop tagging you for this stuff mamapeno i’m a noob to tumblr yet´A`

The two of you together is the world in balance

Flinthamilton appreciation week, day 1: Why You Love Them

While the quote above is James talking about Silver and Madi, I feel like it applies to him and Thomas as well. They’re my strongest OTP ever because they really balance each other and keep each other grounded. I tried to show that balance in the picture. James is filled with fire and rage but Thomas helps him to keep cool. On the other hand, Thomas is a dreamer and James helps him to keep things realistic. They are both incredibly driven and both strive for a better world, but they each have their own ways to achieve it. But somehow, they always seem to find a happy medium. I think that makes them incredibly strong as a couple.

‘Thomas, he sees only the principle. The right. It’s inspiring. It can be intoxicating. It’s why I love him. But you, you see the world as it is. You see it’s truths and how to navigate them, how to bend them to your will. It’s why I love you. Men like Thomas need men like you to protect them from the world, and that is what I’m asking you to do.’        - Miranda

do you ever feel so demoralized you want to cry?? but you can’t cry bc you don’t really have emotions anymore but it still hurts and??????

i really don’t feel like youtube is going to work out.

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How do you become vegan?

I guess how depends on why you’re going. Either way though go at your own speed. If you stress yourself out you’re most likely gonna fail. Can cut things out slowly or drop everything at once. Remember why you want to go vegan.

I know there’s more products outside the us, so feel free to add some. It’s like 4:30am so i’ll probably have to reread this and edit it later.

My Favorite Trich-Related Products (pt. 1)

In honor of BFRB Awareness Week last week, I’m going to start posting short lists of some of my favorite trich-related products in hopes that they help other people with trichotillomania (future lists will also include dermatillomania) manage their pulling, heal raw skin, or regrow hair.

For today, I’m just gonna start out with three products that have helped me the most in the past few weeks.

1. Vaseline, $1.47 at Target, 5

Seems simple, I know. Especially for my first product. But seriously. If you have trich and you don’t use Vaseline you really should. I like to put it on my eyelashes in the evening. Not only does it make my lashes slippery and harder to pull but it also conditions the hairs and makes helps them grow back longer and thicker. However, if you do use it, make sure that you wash your hands before you apply. You can also use a clean mascara wand, but I find it easier to spread the Vaseline on my lashes with my fingers.

2. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum, $8.99 at Walgreens, 4.5 ★ 

I can’t give a completely accurate review of this product, because I’ve only used it about a week now. I’ll have to do another one once I’ve been using it for at least a month. But I really like it so far, so I think it’s worth mentioning. I think it’s a good, affordable alternative to Vaseline if you’re looking for something to grow back lashes. I still put it on the parts of my lids with no lashes though, in hopes that it’ll also help start regrowth. I also like to use it for my eyebrows, because I’ve found that Vaseline sometimes makes me break out if I put it on skin. My only issue with this product is that it dries kind of crunchy. So when I use it, I try to put it on immediately before I go to sleep. Otherwise the crunchiness bothers me and makes me pick at my eyelashes more. Also, the brush tip makes application a little messy. When I’m applying it to my eyelashes, I usually end up brushing the side of my nose. 

3. Silly Putty, $1.00 at Dollar Tree, 4.5

Again, another simple product. I know. I’ll probably try to branch out into the ones that you guys might not know about. But for now I wanted to highlight some products that have helped me a lot recently. I have a desk job and when I first started I was pulling A LOT. Partly from stress and partly from being on the computer all day. I went to my local Dollar Tree and got two of these little eggs, and I can’t begin to tell you how much they’ve helped. Silly Putty is very pliable, so I can break it, bend it, mold it, sculpt it, whatever I want. It’s easy to fiddle with it in one hand while I’m scrolling with the other. Plus, it’s super cheap. I haven’t pulled at work for the last two weeks because of this stuff. It does, however, make my hands a little dry by the end of the day. But that’s probably because I work 10 hour days and I’m playing with it the whole time. 

I hope these products are helpful for you guys! If you have any suggestions for products I should check out, let me know! I’ll  do another review post sometime soon with some more of my favorite products.

another version of me can watch telenovelas and understand what’s going on but this me can barely get a 65% on her spanish exam :/