gonna do a female version later

I’m gonna release the sweats tommorow I think and then do the jean versions next week

The reason why is very blender speak but The jean texture is a female texture for the feminine frame. I took a male mesh and adapted it to the feminine frame with a male texture. The feline crotch and butt is higher up on the texture which means that there is a weird piss stain on the pants. I’m gonna redo the Uv to be more acomadatinf and then edit the texture and then release it lmfao thanks for coming to my ted talk

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Boy, I sure am excited to see incredibly sexualized females in that Gotham City Sirens. I wonder who’s ass and boobs they can show off more, Megan Fox or Margaret Robbie.

Boy I sure am excited to see all the haters complaining about the GCS movie even though it’s gonna be awesome, and then praise marble for doing cheaper versions of the same thing a couple months or years later.