gonna die young

Klance - soulmate au (part 2)

Author’s notes:

  • Read part 1
  • Sooo, remember how I said I was gonna write part 2 if people wanted to read more? Yeah…. I may or may not have accidently written much more than that. There will be more info below, just know that the end of this part is not the end of the whole fanfic.
  • “Bold” texts are from Keith   |    “Normal” texts are from Shiro
  • Hover over the Spanish text for translations. Additional translations below in case you’re having problems with that.

“Sooo…” Lance cleared his throat awkwardly “This is…”

“Weird?” Keith suggested. He pushed the paper cup on the table in front of him from side to side.

“Yes. Definitely weird.” Lance agreed. “I mean… not bad weird, just… unexpected weird? New weird? Totally-not-planned-like-this weird?” He bit his lower lip and tugged on the sleeves of his jacket nervously.

This wasn’t going great. They had just sat down inside the Starbucks they had met in front of and he was already making a fool of himself. This was all a bit too much for him. They had wanted to meet for a while now but surely not like this! Not completely unplanned. It had thrown Lance off track and he had no idea how to turn this around. He kept fidgeting with his sleeves and licked his lips nervously. Keith just sat there completely silent and played around with his coffee cup. Great. 5 minutes in and Lance was already less interesting to the guy than a cup of stupid coffee. He was about to start a desperate conversation about the weather when the girl behind the counter called for him to pick up his order.

“Be right back,” he mumbled before he almost sprinted off.

Keith was panicking. Hard. This was all too much and too fast. He knew that due to being his soulmate he would probably feel some kind of attraction towards Lance right from the start. But he still hadn’t been prepared for his brain’s reaction when the most beautiful boy he had ever seen started to walk towards him in front of the coffee shop. It was like his mind had put out a sign saying ‘no coherent thoughts beyond this point’ and the stuff he found himself thinking now didn’t make any sense to him at all. It was a seemingly random stream of words that didn’t fit together at all. Something like ‘pretty…soft boy…run…RUN…marry…HIDE…HIDE RIGHT NOW…eyelashes…freckles…EVACUATE THE PREMISES…’

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do you have any favorite vmin fics? id appreciate it~ thank you

Wow man, I was almost finished with answering this and then I deleted by mistake oh well fuck me. But here you go again!

baby i’m the one (and you’re the only one) by causeitsred [rated M, 11k]

up for air by idolrapper (wonwoo) [rated E, 4.5k]

space is just a word (i want you close enough) by dollyeo [rated E, 10k]

the invention of ordinary every day things by knth [rated T, 6.5k]

call me (whenever you want me) by jhopeg [rated M, 23k]

for you, anything. by kadotas [rated T, 25k]

two birds, one scone by kadotas [rated G, 8k]

Let’s Make the Most of the Night (Like We’re Gonna Die Young) by Bangtanbananas [rated E, 52k]

cut it out / pull me in by minfairy [rated E, 7.8k]

drunk and in love by taebyte [rated T, 24k]

i keep forgetting (my mistakes were made for you) by peachguk [rated E, 22k]

Once In A Lifetime by SevenSoulmates [rated M, 34k]

Second Chance by Toshiba19 [rated T, 13k]

i’m a teepee, i’m a wigwam (calm down, man - you’re two tents) by bazooka [rated E, 9.4k]

mysteries and dictionaries by minfairy [rated M, 23k]

locked up (in love) by minfairy [rated E, 46k]

‘til morning comes, let’s tessellate by maxx [rated E, 8k]

Shooting Stars and Silver Moons by mucha [rated E, 20k]

never shoot to miss by umji [rated T, 14k]

everything feels like a dream (don’t try to disappear) by kaythebest [rated T, 9k]

it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in by knth [rated T, 22k]

and when you think of me, am i the best you’ve ever had by causeitsred [rated E, 12k]

This Confession Note Wasn’t Meant for You by Toshiba19 [rated T, 24k]

let’s get going by gangbang [rated E, 7.3k]

Jammed by minverse [rated E, 11k]

all of your sides are good by knth [rated E, 16k] aka the fic that got me into vmin

I Will Make You Whole by lethallergic [rated E, 36k]

roll with it by conversehigh [rated T, 6.8k]

Ahh, it didn’t get deleted this time, #bless Hope you enjoy all of these wonderful VMin fics!!

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Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young


kim’s parents buy her a car.  it’s supposed to make her Care Again About Important Things.  mostly it makes her grumble because it means they can make her do the grocery shopping.  so instead she tells her parents she’s going camping for a weekend, rounds up the others, and sets off on a road trip.

whatever, it’s summer break.  they can do whatever they want.

zack: uncontrollable ball of worry about his mom, even though she and billy’s mom are legitimate bffs now and she’s staying with mrs cranston while they’re away.  he calls to check in every hour.

jason: PACK MOM.  makes everyone go to the bathroom when they stop for gas.  reminds billy to drink water.  tries to start rousing games of eye spy.  regulates the snack trade to make sure kim and trini don’t hoard all of the fruit by the foot.

billy: navigator, trivia whore, overall bundle of joy.  coordinates karaoke for all of their terrible voices.  accidentally almost gets in a fight with a bunch of bikers at a gas station by telling one of them his forearm tattoo has a typo in it.

trini: cool dad ™ to jason’s pack mom.  sneaks extra snacks to people. throws things at jason when he’s being too serious. knows more trivia than billy and is very bored by all of it.  

kim: vodka mom.  insists that as car owner she never has to be car driver and spends the whole time drinking vodka cranberries in the back seat with her feet up in jason’s lap and head in trini’s.  makes fun of everyone and gets sloppy affectionate by the fourth hour.

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Any good Vmin fanfics recommendations? With smut ?

Well, yes. Definitely! 

tell me we’ll never get used to this by cumulus [3k]

game face on by stoplight (orphan_account) [8.5k]

kinky sex makes the world go ‘round by polymaknaes [3.8k]

up for air by idolrapper (wonwoo) [4.5k]

Let’s Make the Most of the Night (Like We’re Gonna Die Young) by Bangtanbananas [52k]

cut it out / pull me in by minfairy [7.8k]

i keep forgetting (my mistakes were made for you) by peachguk [22k]

Strawberry Lube & Pancake Mix by amazingbees [6.6k]

i’m a teepee, i’m a wigwam (calm down, man - you’re two tents) by bazooka [9.4k]

the one with wiener dogs and dick puns by euphoriae [4.2k]

inspiration by mintyoongee [8.9k]

Here you go! Enjoy!! Now I’m off to an answering spree, yaaa you guys send so much we really appreciate it! <3

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ok stop acting so fucking rude to the idea of max dying, yes he was an annoying shithead but he is 10 years old and he had his entire life ahead of him, he has a family that loves him, he had so much more to live, so many more things to accomplish, so much more love to give and receive, grow into a mature shadowhunter and now he’s gonna die so fucking young as an innocent child, y'all are being so gross with ur “lol idc about max anyways” bullshit like no

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❛complaining helps the situation, like, not at all.❜ gramander :3

I’m sorry for lateness /o\

Sometimes, Newt didn’t understand humans like, at all.

Why Mr. Graves was going all crazy about a little incident and on top of everything, kept frying Newt’s brain as if he was at fault of every thing happening around them, was a mystery for the magizoologist.

So, what if Newt broke another set of unbreakable - not so very - laws? The erumpent was back in his case, the damage was done, yes, but still, Mr. Graves had at least to be happy that it won’t cause any more, right?

“So, what are we going to do with two frightened rhinoceroses set loose in New York? You can’t obliviate animals! Or can you?“ Graves paced around a tree in Central Park, the crime scene, as he referred to it earlier, hands in pockets and turning his glare at Newt from time to time- well, when he wasn’t glaring at the tree, or his shoes.

Newt opened his mouth to respond, but got interrupted for the fifth time in the last three minutes, so he just rolled his eyes again.

“But firstly we have to find them, right, Scamander?“ Graves stopped in front of him and pointed his chin at Newt accusingly “Do you know how to find those at least?“ His brows furrowed, deepening his scowl and Newt found himself wondering how looks the relaxed face of director Graves, because it happened that around Newt he never was relaxed. Like never.

Always waiting for something to happen, for something to pop out, for chasing, for repairing, for obliviating, because Newt is Newt. And Newt is sorry for that, just Mr. Graves rarely appreciated his sincere apologies. As at the very moment, for example.

“I’m sorry-“

“I swear, Scamander, if you say that word again, I’ll- I’ll-“

Newt was silent, because Graves already didn’t know how to threaten him anymore. Because Graves wasn’t cruel enough to take his case, or even to punch him in the face, even if Newt knew he deserved it sometimes.

After some moments of silence and deep breathing, Graves seemed to calm a bit down and just then, Newt decided it’s time to make the director relax. Graves didn’t relax.

“Well, I know how to find them, but I guess we’ll have to use Emily’s help.“

“Oh, no-“ Graves closed his eyes and groaned “fuck, Scamander, no! We’re not getting your erumpent out to chase those two!“ He made that face again, the face of a man wondering just what the fuck, drawing his eyebrows together as two sides of triangle “You want to scare them even more?“

“Come on, Mr. Graves. Your complaining helps the situation, like, not at all.“

A scandalized gasp left Graves’ lips.

“Complaining? You call it complaining?“ Graves said, fixing Newt with another glare. Did he even stop glaring? No, he didn’t. “I’m gonna die young and you’ll be the death of me!“

Newt pouted. Why was it so hard with Mr. Graves?

“You’re hardly young-“

“Shut up!“

Graves’ flushed cheeks were either because of the embarrassment or the blood pressure increasing dangerously fast, and Newt, Newt didn’t want to wreck Graves’ nerves more than he already did, so he just pursed his lips and did what he was supposed to.

He opened his case only to hear more screaming, cursing and complaining from the stoic director of Magical Security. And it made him smile, because only Newt was able to pull such emotions from Graves.

during the year, when the doctor is young again....
  • ten: *singing* i hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums—
  • master: fuck off
  • ten: *points at lucy* oh what a shame that you came here with someone—
  • lucy: rude!
  • ten: *hugs the master* so while you're here in my arms~
  • master: *shoves him away*
  • ten: let's make the most of the night, like we're gonna die young!
  • master: *dies*
  • ten: wait no
what the fuck am i doing
with my all my thoughts?
where are they going?
where am i flowing?
it’s like i’m on the freeway
zooming along
not stopping
not a moment to wait
no red lights
i’m just going
with the flow
tripping out
my mouth dry
my jaw dislocated
i’ve got so many things to apologise for.
i’ve done stupid things
and made stupid mistakes.
i’m gonna die young.
i can feel it.
like an ironic metaphor.
you don’t know how good my poems are
actually maybe you do
but do you see this
acid mile mind running
around the room
i explode internally
a nuclear explosion
inside of me
and everything is evolving
like a star
returning to the sky.
—  @leatherbounddiaries ‘Friday Evening Stoned Poem’
Fat acceptance is stupid and dangerous

Fat acceptance is accepting the fact that you’re gonna die young
Fat acceptance is accepting diabetes,heart disease,strokes and other health issues
All the people that are a part of this movement claims to love themselves but they don’t because if they did,they wouldn’t choose to be unhealthy.
Fat bodies are not beautiful,they’re ugly and sloppy
Everyone a part of this movement will ignore health advice from their doctors if they say that their complications and health problems are due to their weight which is most likely the case.
Everyone in this moment tries to blame everyone and everything else for them being fat when it’s really nobody’s fault but theirs.

Imagine a world in which when you turn 17, your future self comes to you right before they’re going to die. And they don’t say anything, it’s just a projection of a future self, so they just smile and puf, they’re gone. And in that moment you know that your future self just died. And you know if you’re gonna be really old, or young when you die. And imagine that your future looks just like you in that moment. But you don’t really know how old was he/she. So you know that you’re gonna die really young.

And now imagine Harry Potter when he turns 17, he’s with the Weasleys, and he knows what’s going to happen, everyone has already told him. So with the war and everything he just hopes to see an old man, to know that everything will end up good. And suddenly in the middle of the party he sees a man, sitting just in front of him. A very young man. He doesn’t look older, just maybe a little thinner, with longer hair and wounds. And right in the moment that he disappears, reality hits him. He’s going to die in this war. Ron and Hermione will survive, they’ve told him about their future selfs. But he won’t, he’s going to die. So he decides that he’s got to do everything in his power to, at least, take some parts of Voldemort with him. He lies to his friends about his future, so everyone has hope about the war.
He knows that he will sacrifice his last months of life hunting Horcruxes, but he does it anyway, for the future of his friends, his family.
And when he goes to the Forest, he’s prepared, because at least he knows that he has destroyed almost every Horcrux, that Voldemort is going to die in this war as well, that his friends, his family will be safe. And he’s not afraid to die.

Because Harry Potter is a wonderful boy, he’s a brave, brave man.