gonna delete the other one lol

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How many requests do you have Sin? :) no rush, just wondering what you're gonna write next ❤️

I lost count lol There’s quite a bit. But, I’m doing what I can. I’m going to write the Marius as a father Drabble today, and if I’m lucky something else. I also hope to write the Princess series.

I can’t make any promises on others.

So, at least for this week, expect the princess one (maybe) Balem series, and the Marius father request.

I’m closing requests and Daddy asks Saturday so, once I do all other requests will be deleted.


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How do you think the Furuba characters act in their relationships once the manga ends? What kinds of boyfriends/girlfriends do they make? (again, especially the main 4: Tohru, Kyo, Yuki and Shigure) For example do you think Kyo is really shy and awkward as a bf/husband to Tohru cause he doesn't really have experience with girls/romance?

(I have another ask in my inbox worded almost exactly the same as this, so I’m going to assume they’re the same & answer this one & just delete the other one)

hmm so, towards the end of the manga we already start to see glimpses of their romantic relationships so I’m gonna bounce off of that probably. I don’t see Tohru being much different than how she normally is haha. (I’m thinking of that one omake Takaya made where she was like “tbh Tohru would have been fine ending up with anyone” lol). Like I really can’t think of anything being different with her except now she gets to hug him and maybe give him surprise kisses a lot more. I kind of picture them as the type of couple who say “I love you” frequently.

Yeah, I see Kyo being shy and awkward at first. I imagine a lot of the zodiac members are when it comes to intimacy, tho. Tohru doesn’t have a lot of experience with romance either, so they probably fumble through it together haha. But I imagine Kyo being very affectionate—he’s already pretty physically affectionate in the manga, even though he’s limited. He would spoil her so much. SO MUCH. Both of them are sappy and overflowing with love and cute and gross.

YUKI LOVES TO TEASE MACHI. obviously lol. They’re another couple who’s probably a bit awkward at first because it’s a first for both of them, too. They’re not all gooey and sappy like Kyo/Tohru but they’re no less loving. I see their physical intimacy being more of a subtle thing, and they express their affection in words or actions more, maybe. Neither of them know what they’re doing, though. I actually have trouble thinking of headcanons for my favorites tbh so that’s all I got for them right now.

Shigure I imagine being kind of the same, except now the venom’s sucked out. I would like for him to be softer with Akito lol. I think once he gets what he wants he’d be a lot more calm, but still mischievous. He would do things to tease her or fluster her but now he’d be ten times more reassuring, I think. I imagine Akito struggles a lot post-manga and really needs someone to be there for her. idk, I just really want them to have a kinder relationship than they did in canon, and I want Shigure to try to be the best he can for her after all the shit he did just to get her.

I’m deleting my old twitch channel to make a new one. One that represents me better. I’m just gonna be chill and play games. I don’t care about all the other shit. lol