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reminder that monty said that he felt like it was a mistake to call the show “rwb/y” when he stated that they aren’t the only main characters && that there’d be more than just team rw/b/y getting the “spotlight”.


under different circumstances, i think you and i could’ve really had some fun.

Medivh quick doodle. I spent an hour or two playing around with color. 

i have this headcanon that holtzmann is gay (OBVIOUSLY) but has never officially come out to her friends because she like, doesn’t really do much dating anyways, so it’s just whatever, no need to really mention it, you know?

and then when kevin comes he’s dumb and endearing and holtzmann thinks he’s kind of funny so they become total bros and it’s cool. and sometimes holtzmann sees erin get sort of flustered around kevin and it totally annoys her, even though she doesn’t really know why, because she thinks kevin is totally fine, but something about seeing erin get like that around him bothers her.

but then one day kevin mistakes holtzmann’s friendship for something more, and he’s like “listen, i think you’re great, but…” and holtzmann is like “dude, i’m gay??????” and he’s like “WHAAAAAT” because he’s not very bright y’know, but then holtzmann worries that he’s going to say something to the others so she decides that she needs to come out to them

so then she does.

and there’s just this very long silence while they are all like “……?????????”

and then abby is like “well, honey, we know–”

but then erin sort of realizes that this is actually kind of a big moment, and yeah, they knew that holtzmann was gay already, but she’d never actually told them and it’s rare to see holtzmann be so personal and vulnerable, so she cuts in and is like

“–THAT IT MUST HAVE TAKEN A LOT OF COURAGE for you to tell us. It changes nothing about how we feel about you, etc. etc. etc.”

And in that moment, holtzmann realizes that they already knew but notices the way erin treats it and that’s also when she realizes that she really really really likes erin.

yo friends !! every weekend from now on i’m not gonna be super active because of my dad. he made me delete a while ago n stuff , doesn’t think i have tumblr anymore etc etc and i’ve nearly been caught too many times so just an fyi !! i don’t have many things queued but i promise i haven’t died <3

love u pancakes !!!!!!