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Class Appreciation Week → Feb 3: Favourite Relationship
Charlie Smith & Matteusz Andrzejewski


BBC Class Meme - {4/4} Characters


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I would just like to say that watching bnha 2.1 after finding your blog was almost like paranoia "is that a ship moment?? What about that!? Oh and them! They said words to each other!is this the start of love???" (I've not read the manga yet and I feel s1 was a little lacking in ship fuel)

LMAO this is the best ask I’ve ever gotten oh my god I’m laughing - don’t worry anon, I don’t actively ship any crack ships in bnha and all the ones that haven’t happened yet start happening during the sports fest (reason #1 why it’s one of my favorite arcs), you’re not too far away from seeing The Goods™ 👍👍👍

Anon said:  I got a pretty bad concussion in a fight earlier this week so I’ve been barred from class and generally cooped up but plus side is I’m now completely caught up on the BNHA manga! Now I’ll get to experience your art in real time! Love your work!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I’m so happy to hear that, I hope you really enjoyed it, anon!!!!! Sorry about the concussion though, I hope it isn’t giving you problems and that you’ll get better asap!! 💕💕

Anon said:  IWA’S ARMS HOLY R I P P E D B O Y

He’s canon jacked after all!!!!! God I’m so weak for Iwaizumi I feel everyone in Seijou a lot

Anon said: Ahh hi it’s polykid, I haven’t sent an ask in ages oh boy,,, I was just wondering if you have any poly ships in voltron??? The way you draw them is super cute I love ahh

WELP as I said as far as Lance’s happy I’ll ship anything, but as far as polyships go my faves are with Ketih and Hunk AND the garrison trio !!! Both ships are so damn good tbh~ and thank you!!!!! *O*

Anon said:  I kind of ship Sun Eater and Red Riot. What the actual fuck.

TBH I DON’T BLAME YOU I guess you might say I somewhat ship it too? But I’m general super weak for senpai/kouhai kind of relationships and Kirishima acting as Jiki’s personal motivator was just so pure???? It’s giving me all the sibilings feels TBH a bit like Deku and Mirio I’m very very glad for this new relationship please horikoshi let amajiki be fine

Anon said:  So… that colorpage for BHNA though…. LOOK AT MY SHY SON. IM DED

I KNOW RIGHT OH MY GOD HE’S SO GOOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH please horikoshi seriously let him be fineee


@taylorswift I did it. I graduated. I couldn’t have done it without you and your music. You’ve been the sole thing that kept me positive throughout this entire experience. You’ve inspired me to do soooo many things over the past 10 years. One of these things was to learn to play guitar. And during my graduation I played for the biggest crowd I’d ever played for. As one of our last moments together as the Class of 2017, I got to back up my entire class as we sang our class song ‘You’re Gonna Miss This’. Moms were crying and people were smiling, and it felt great to know that the music we were making touched every person there. Without you, Taylor, I never would’ve been able to experience this. I am forever grateful. You’ve kept me strong when all I wanted to do was fall. I’ve danced and cried to your music. You showed me that it’s okay to mess up, because life is just a classroom. You’re my rock in the storm, my light in the darkness. Thank you for everything.❤🎓🎸


Me: Oh my god Fairy Tail’s last chapter’s gonna be in 48 pages! I cahaunt wait to read the finale! ‘Tis gonna be fun!

Also me: *thinks about my favorite characters while letting anxiety cripple my inner demons; should my otps become just friends or something more; should I cry in the middle of classes because 545 is gonna be released; are 48 pages enough for my aching soul, aching fangirl soul?* Yeah, gunna be fun ! !

hey yall :3 i was talking with some frieeendos and this is our final fancast for a bnha live action !!!!!!! dont hate pls uwu everyone has different opinions !!! :D

when it’s critique day and you’re the first person to offer actual criticism so you get to be the class asshole for the day

weird things that have happened in my piano class: a constantly updated list

-dance/rave to meme songs (all-star, never gonna give you up, take on me, ect.)

-a kid sliding on his back on the floor in a chicken suit while singing all-star

-someone dressing up as a t-rex (the inflatable kind.

-the same kid in the chicken onesie military crawling while whispering, “i’m a sneky snek”