gonna be so bittersweet

I picked up the Penumbra Podcast again - I stopped about halfway through the second episode just bc I got distracted and then I wanted to catch up on taz - and I cannot BELIEVE it got canon queer this fast I’m so HAPPY

the last episode is gonna be so bittersweet because i hate the show and what they did with it but they are also my precious babies and i`ve invested 8 years in that shitstorm and i just well idk im gonna miss watching the show and being pissed at it

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what's your favorite iwaoi moment? this isnt anime specific. it could also be from fanart or fanfics or au's. or you could answer all categories. thats also an option. ;)

How can I answer this?!?!?!??!????

Spoiler alert: I really love the moment in the Hip Hop Au when they finally get together :D It’s all figured out and it’s gonna be painful and angst and bittersweet and so fluffy and beautiful in the end!!

Mhhh,…and otehr than this..I really love hurt and comfort! Gotta have them earn their happy end :D
Also domestic and fluffy Iwaoi always gets me!! LIKE DAMN!!!
Them hanging out at home, cooking together, bickering about some tv-show, the banter, the little touches in between and quick kisses, ..just all the domestic moments!! And them cuddling up in bed and snuggling close and whispering sweet nothing…
I just…wahahah..IWAOI!!
How can I really pick a fave here???

So i have been absent here but uh I went to DC for national japan bowl and it was probably the best experience of my life and I think I’m gonna feel really bittersweet for a few days because it was so much fun to just hang out with friends for three days straight and participate in a national competition with friends and sightsee with friends and just

friends. sre so good. my team got 3rd in the nation for 4th year japaneae students and thats really hecking cool holy shit im so proud of us but the entire experience was made so much more amazing by the fact that I did it. with. FRIENDS!!

can you believe that next week my life will be over and so will season 3 of skam and i will forever be in a state of numbness bc

on the one hand i will be so happy to have gotten to witness this entire series in real time whilst making the BEST memories along the way on this whole epic journey of isak and even’s as both individual characters and together as a couple

but i’ll also be in a constant state of mourning bc i KNOW that NO OTHER show will ever meet this intangible standard that skam has set, ever, to fulfill every deep need of mine i have ever wanted to see be depicted on a tv show in such a REAL form and be represented SO ACCURATELY. no other show is just gonna do it for me now? how do i move on now? how do i go back to life without skam until season 4 now? what am i gonna do?

ugh this is so bittersweet bc this HONESTLY is a case of “i know you’re gonna end, and i know you have to end, because all good things come to an end … but i don’t want you to end and go because … you’ve been so good to me. so good to me.”

Bittersweet | Carmilla AU | Chapter 6: It Was NOT A Date!

it totally was, though even though neither of them know it

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“It was not a date.” Laura groaned as LaFontaine grinned at her. “Besides, why are you here?”

“Well, we were supposed to study for finals, but someone neglected to tell their girlfriend about it.” LaFontaine grabbed a soda from the fridge and plopped down next to Laura on the polyester couch (which was a light tan colour, which contrasted rather nicely with the bright yellow pillows).

Laura’s apartment’s layout was similar to Carmilla’s, except it had two bedrooms and the colouring and decorations were entirely different. A sort of modern-meets-secret-nerd.

“She- Carmilla is not my girlfriend!” Laura’s cheeks were literally on fire. How hot could a human get before they overheat and die? Surely, she was past that temperature by now. “She- we’re just friends.”

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