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Reblogged some art and was gonna follow the artist then noticed they’re a blmatsu shipper and I’m so disappointed……………….. please friends incest is wrong for a reason. It doesn’t matter if it’s just fiction. That’s like saying pedophillia is okay because it’s just fiction. Or rape is okay because it’s just fiction. It is NOT okay. It never will be okay. There’s a reason why it’s wrong. Inbreeding is BAD. FOR ANYTHING. It fucks with your brain, and while I understand “blmatsu is gay so they can’t inbreed wtf” THAT DOESNT MATTER. THATS STILL A ROMANTIC RELATUONSHIP WITH A MEMBER OF YOUR BLOOD RELATED FAMILY. IT FUCKS YOU UP MENTALLY. It is wrong, will always be, and shipping it is the same as shipping pedophilia. No excuses.



so long story short, i have had to withdraw from my current vet school for various reasons and am in the process of reapplying to my in-state school. unfortunately, vet school apps are freakishly expensive, so i need to bridge the gaps until i can find a job and get my feet back underneath myself. i’d really appreciate it if you could signal boost, and feel free to message or email with any questions! :) thank you!!

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