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Ok I'm so sorry I'm blowing up your inbox this is the last one I swear- yes the user mincoco has been asking everyone to delete the pictures they took on the tour. I know it's really exciting but it can't be shared- it'll get them in even more trouble.

hey the op who posted the studio mir tour has asked for all related posts to be taken down bc they weren’t supposed to post the stuff, just an fyi

shit yeah i just saw their post, i’ll try nd get everything down asap but people have reblogged a lot of my stuff so things r gonna linger ://

uh so im getting new followers here

im gonna update my desc soon to have more info lmao

my main artblog is undeadeira

and this is my personal. meaning i complain and vent a lot

i try to keep stuff under readmore, but i cant always do that so

if you dont want me complaining about my life blacklist the following:

-undead whines ( me writing in general )
-negative ( stuff that is generall negative, goes for reblogging things too. )
- personal ( my text things that are personal life and generally me being emo )

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there will not be any nsfw stuff but i occasionally reblog gore, although i tag it

i tag most things that are generally upsetting to ppl, and i will tag stuff i see in ppls abouts

otherwise ask me to tag anything, i rly dont mind. if you need me to tag something just say so<3 
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looking to follow more ppl!!

I feel like i make a lot of these but it’s relevant again so-
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