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Just blocked and reported a porn bot blog that followed me with a transphobic slur in the title. Boy howdy I love being reminded that cis people will treat us as subhuman while simultaneously jacking off to us.

Fee & Kee Au "+ Follow" Book
Found some physical copies of the Fee & Kee book layin around my house so here they are! Im not going to reprint them ever so get it while you can 😘😘

omg the Fee & Kee book is now physically available again in my esty shop!!! check it out! 


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

life sucks but im wonderful and some day im gonna be married to a beautiful girl who thinks im wonderful too and life is gonna be amazing and i cant wait

harry potter YOI au where the triwizard tournament is held in Beauxbatons and Victor is their Champion

Hogwarts champion, surprisingly, is Yuuri Katsuki (whose name Phichit had entered as a joke, bc he knew Yuuri really wanted it but was too scared to put his name forward)

((also he’s like, madly in love with Victor??? Genius wizard boy of their time??? A living legend?????))

(((Yuri P, tiny second year who also goes to Beauxbatons, begs to differ)))

Victor expects an easy success but is continuously surprised and impressed by Yuuri’s magic prowess and at some point asks him to move to Beauxbatons with him lmao

Yuuri probably dies on the spot

meanwhile Yuri P. is just trying to get some studying done in the library but Victor and Yuuri keep making a ruckus there; until Durmstrang champion Otabek Altin sweeps in to whisk him away and also asks him out on the Yule Ball

Yuri does not die on the spot but he does freak out a little because a) Otabek Altin is fine as hell and b) how the fuck did he even notice Yuri???

So this is a thing…..