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Sweet Nothings

REQUEST: could you write one of just lying in bed with Harry, just talking about the future and it’s all fluffy with a bit of smut? Thanks💗💗

REQUEST: could you write an imagine/fluff about pillow talk, like what you and harry would talk about after making love and the sweet nothings he would tell you 😊

Decided to combine these two. I’m not a huge smut writer so there’s not much smut but there is plenty of fluff! Hope you enjoy! x

Lazy moments with Harry were definitely at the top of your list of favorite things.

The two of you were lost in one another, both of your legs intertwined and covered in the pastel pink sheets of your bed. He was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs, the tattoos on his body illuminated only by the (many) candles that he’d lit earlier that night while you were preoccupied in your office. You were wearing an oversized shirt that you’d stolen from him months ago, a black button-up with “Styles” embroidered over the breast. Your arm was thrown across his chest as your head nestled into the crook of his neck, and his arm was wrapped around you, his hand settled at the skin of your waist as he traced circles against your skin.

The two of you had just spent a while being intimate with one another, which was evident by both of your horrendous sex hair and the blissful afterglow that the both of you carried on your features. You’d been together for almost half a year now, and in that time you’d spent countless hours fooling around between the sheets—Harry connected with you like no one else ever had, and he knew it. The two of you had a more than active sex life, but it wasn’t only about the sex, it was about the moments.

It was the moment after you scream his name, when he leans over to press a soft kiss to your temple. The way in which he never lets you forget that you are safe, that you are in control, and that he loves you.

It’s the moments where he looks at you—I mean, he REALLY looks at you. Head to toe, as if he’s trying to commit your every dip and curve to memory, even though he probably already has. It’s the way he lets out a small sigh and a goofy smile once he’s gotten the chance to see every inch of your skin, as if your body was the answer to all the questions he’d ever asked.

It’s the moment after it all, after you’d scampered into the bathroom and the both of you had slipped into something to cover your skin from the cold air. Moments like right now, where the two of you were absolutely content with tucking yourselves into one another and pretending like both of you were the only people in the world. That’s certainly what it felt like—you felt his chest rise and fall slowly, and the feeling of his lips at the top of your head made you smile.

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Disclaimer: I know jack-all about firearms. I know they go kablam. But I also know the way it would feel natural to hold one, and I know how to look at pictures of people holding them.

Long story short: I think I may have found a way to narrow down the identity of the mystery person approaching Cas in the Two in One promo… but it’s the kind of narrowing down that’s probably just gonna drive me bonkers. 

Naturally, that means I’m going to share it with you guys so you all can go bonkers with me.

They’re left handed. 

That might not tell us who it is, but might it tell us who is isn’t?

It turns out putting Whatcha Gonna Do? on your gym playlist is a BAD IDEA. Having Enver Gjokaj crooning into your ear is a DANGEROUS distraction.

putting it on repeat is a WORSE idea

I didn’t hurt myself but it was close.

Fear lives in all of us, and in some, it festers into monsters and nightmares. Apple White’s fear for her future leads her down a path of desperation and her anxieties give her no options. She swore never again to seek the Evil Queen out, but in her lived a seed of doubt that has begun to sprout. She pleads to the Evil Queen to do something, to fix this aching hole in her that is only getting worse. The Queen offers her salvation; a jump-start to her story. The poisoned apple. Blinded by the Evil Queen’s trick, Apple takes the poison, but as it courses through her veins she realizes, too late, that it was a trick. 

When she opens her eyes, she is no longer the princess she once was. She is now Apple, The Evil Queen. In her is now knowledge and power she has never felt before and the hole in her is now a gnawing, gaping wound. A hunger settles over her and as if in a trance she seeks out the Evil Queen’s wand and with it’s power takes over the kingdom.

Raven is left powerless. No magic is in her. The relief she feels is dwarfed by the sheer destruction brought by Apple. Raven is certain she knows why this has happened and vows to set things right again, even if it means taking her powers back.

But Raven is not the only one effected. The ripple of displaced magic causes changes to the students of Ever After High. Some subtle, some drastic, but all unnatural. Can a makeshift group of lost students aid Raven in setting things right? Time will tell, but only if Apple doesn’t stop them first.


OMG that’s way longer than I intended BUT it gets the point across. I’ve been thinking a lot about evil Apple okay??? I just really want to see Apple get all bad and mean and stuff. Just. SUPER MEAN okay aaaaahhhh Raven’s gonna have soooo much internal conflict this girl is gonna go bonkers.

Amaranthine -- Yifan

Part 01 / Part 02

Inspiration has been hard to come by lately.

You’re tired of using the same old materials, the same old techniques.  In your opinion, every single piece that you’ve made in the past few weeks has been… boring.  Typical.  It’s not up to par to your usual work and it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that you’re in a creative rut.

“How difficult is it to make jewelry?”

You roll your eyes even though the person on the other line can’t see you.  She can probably still sense it.

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“I can’t hear except for my heart feels like it’s gonna come out. Can that happen? Physically, can your heart burst out of your chest? And what is this ringing? My ears don’t pop for like a week after I fly, and if this is like that - that’s gonna drive me bonkers. Am I yelling? Cos it feels like I might be yelling.”

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you truly are a mad mod now

MADDER THAN ALL THE HATTERS THAT STOCKPORT EVER PRODUCED ooooOOooo I tell you if I’m ever gonna go down the banana-bonkers super villain road this is the cause of it