gonna be an amazing season

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Okay but I'm very out of the loop with skam, do. we know about when we find out the next seasons character or the air date or anything?

We know absolutely nothing about season 4, we just sit here and wait - welcome to the skam fandom!

You can build a house out of anything, make it as strong as you want… But a home… a home, is more fragile than that. A home is made of the people you fill it with. The people can be broken, sure, but any surgeon knows, what’s broken can be mended. What’s hurt can be healed. That no matter how dark it gets, the suns gonna rise again.
—  Meredith Grey, Season 11 Finale

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Rosy you think that we are gonna get romantic Bellarke this season all those spoilers are amazing, but some people in our fandom still thinks that its about their partner relationship, also selina and tiffany said Clarke still mourning something i cant understand and never will bc it doesnt make sense that wasnt a relationship,she never trusted her, well whatever, also at this point its obvious that this season is Bellarke season no more romantic interests no more love triangles.

It was a relationship. She really loved her. But yeah she never trusted her. So what? People love people all the time who are no good for them. I think people get angry at my interpretations sometimes because they think that love is always like it is in the fairytales, only one true love, nice and neat, epic, and love excuses people for the harm they cause. It isn’t and it doesn’t. Clarke continues to grieve. This is normal. She also grieves what happened at MW and leaving Bellamy and the delinquents and Finn and Wells and her father. This is also normal. This show gives us realistic psychological states and no one get a nice and tidy resolution for their heartbreak. Mourning continues. She also moves on. 

And why do I think there’s going to be romantic Bellarke in season 4? Because they have already started developing a growing romantic relationship between Bellamy and Clarke in season 3. I’m not saying they’re going to start one out of nowhere, I’m saying they have to keep going with the developing romance that they already put on screen. 

Mutual handwrapping. Deep soulful eye contact. Forgiveness. Together. Long, intimate hugs. Trust. Belief. Comfort. Hand holding. 

This is not a platonic leadership story. Best Buddies don’t have this story. 

I know some of the Bellarke fandom thinks there won’t be romantic Bellarke until the end of s4 or even s5, but I just think they’ve got to keep moving on what they’ve already built. And THERE IS NO BREAK. It’s going to pick up right after Clarke grabbing his hand and Bellamy feeding her the chip and him helping her up surrounded by all the couples in love. Like…

“Start with Bellamy Blake.”

“You’re not the only one who’s here to save someone they care about.”

“I trust you.”

“I believe you.”

Hold my hand I’m scared.

Let me feed you this chip and brush your lip.


BAM! Start season 4.

I don’t understand why people think they’re just going to drop this relationship development. I guess they didn’t read it as romantic in season 3B?


Zude: *acts more like a couple*



A little bit of spoilers for season 2 ;) be prepared guys this seasons gonna be amazing


firehouse fifty-one + instagram (pt. 1) [click to enlarge] 

“next, we gotta make mouch an instagram”

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Judging by the people Julie Andem has been following on Instagram lately - I'm pretty sure S4 will be about Sana.

yup people are saying that.
Although my wish is Even, like i said before, i also love Sana and i trust Julie so i think it’s gonna be an amazing season.

Sleepy Hollow
  • Season 1: In this show, Ichabod Crane and Abigail Mills are chosen to be witnesses. These witnesses will fight together to stop the horseman and the end of days but only with the help each of other. This show will follow their journeys and battles together.
  • Fans: Awesome this sounds interesting! and Tom and Nicole have amazing chemistry! This is gonna be amazing!
  • Season 2: The end of days is coming but neither witness can do anything about it until Crane fixes his issues with his wife Katrina (who is now incredibly important to the story) and his 50 year old son.
  • Fans: But what about Abbie and Team Witness?
  • Season 2: Whose Abbie?
  • Season 3: The witnesses dont have to just be Crane and Abbie, it can be anyone in their bloodline
  • Fans: Uuuhhh no. its supposed to be Crane and Abbie thats what you said.
  • Season 3: Well now we are saying this
  • Season 3: Also Abbie is no longer needed as a witness
  • Fans: What?
  • Season 3: So we are gonna kill her
  • Fans: WHAT?!
  • Season 3: What? her only job was to help Crane fufill his destiny
  • Fans: SINCE WHEN?!
  • Season 3: Since now!
  • Fans: WHY?!