gonna be a summer like no other

So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover
That I know you can’t afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
Pull the sheets right off the corner
Of the mattress that you stole
From your roommate back in Boulder
We ain’t ever getting older

(might tweak with it a bit more later… but I have work in the morning and should have been in bed an hour ago RIP)


do you know what I’m seeing? // panic! at the disco

thepinkestpug  asked:

You know how fantasy races/aliens are built around a common idea (dwarves have wealth, vulcans don't show emotion, klingons are violent, etc)... Finland sounds like that, but the thing you center your entire society around is going to the sauna...

I was gonna say they’re not as big of a deal as some other things, but then I started thinking about it and yeah, you’re right…..

Here’s a map of every public sauna in Finland:

Then there are all of the private saunas which are literally everywhere - most houses have their own and even some apartments like mine have a small one. If you don’t have a personal sauna there’s usually at least a shared one with others in the same building complex. And of course summer cottages, which there are also a dickload of in finland, have saunas.

The sauna/person ratio is about 1:2

you could be in the middle of fucking woods and still run into scouts with a portable tent sauna. they’re just fucking everywhere

Ever Since New York

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After his junior year, Jughead goes to New York for a writing internship.  

Warnings: some swearing, you might cry

Word count: 4,574

A/N: umm first of all thank you for 7000 followers?? holy crap. anywho wowowow this is by far the longest thing I’ve ever written. It’s based off of the song “Ever Since New York” from Harry Styles’s album (which I love btw).  This is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever written tbh. Hope you all enjoy!

Tell me something, tell me something
You don’t know nothing, just pretend you do

After years of saving the money he earned at the Twilight Drive-In and other odd jobs, Jughead finally had enough to buy a plane ticket to New York.  He had discovered a writing internship there that he knew he had to do. It didn’t take much effort to convince his dad to allow him to go; in fact, FP even offered to pitch in some money. Jughead refused, claiming that he wanted to do this all on his own.  He wanted to deserve this internship as much as possible.

He started talking to Veronica frequently, asking her about her time in New York.  She, of course, gladly answered all of Jughead’s questions.  She was glad to finally bond with her boyfriend’s best friend.  

Jughead also pestered Betty with questions, seeing as she had done an internship similar to his two summers ago.  It was a bit awkward at first, since the two of them used to date.  However, they both got over their awkwardness for the sake of preparing Jughead for his internship.

“It’s really amazing,” Betty told him.  “It’s a great experience, and you’ll learn so much.”

“What are other people like?” Jughead inquired.  “Are they pricks?”

“Sometimes,” Betty laughed. “It depends.  Do you know how many other people are participating in the internship?”

“Just one,” he answered, shrugging.  “I don’t know who it is though.”

“Well, if they’re a jerk then that’s gonna suck,” she offered.  “But if they’re nice, they may become one of the closest friends you’ll ever have.”


“Yeah,” Betty replied and nodded.  “You’re gonna spend all summer with this other person.  They’re either gonna drive you up the wall or become your new best friend.”

I need something, tell me something new
Choose your words, ‘cause there’s no antidote
For this curse, oh, what’s it waiting for?
Must this hurt you just before you go?

“Have fun in New York, Jug.” FP patted his son on the back as they stood at the airport gate.  Betty, Veronica, Archie, Fred Andrews, and Kevin stood behind FP, all wearing supportive smiles.  Jughead glanced around at the group who followed him to the airport, filled with admiration of his friends and family.

“Thank you guys,” he said, fighting back a giant grin.  “You didn’t all have to come, though.”

“Of course we did,” Fred Andrews argued.  “We’re not gonna see you all summer, Jughead.  We have to give you a proper send-off.”

“Well, proper send-off achieved,” Jughead laughed.  He watched as others in the line began to move.  “I guess I should go now.  Thanks for this.  See you all in August.”  As he turned on his heel and walked away, the group of six gleefully waved at Jughead’s retreating figure.

“You aren’t worried about Jughead all alone in a giant city?” Fred asked FP as they exited the airport.

“Nah,” FP responded, waving his hand.  “He’s a smart kid, he’ll find his way.”

Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know

“Hi, I’m Jughead Jones,” he introduced himself at the front desk.  “I’m here for the writing internship.”

The lady sitting behind the desk glanced up at Jughead.  “Ah, yes! We’ve been expecting you, Mr. Jones!” she exclaimed, standing from her chair.

“Oh, am I late?” Jughead inquired.  

The lady shook her head. “Oh no, not at all.  Your counterpart just got here early, so we’ve been waiting for you to start.”

“My counterpart?”

“Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” she gestured to a girl sitting on a chair against the wall, flipping through a magazine.  The girl perked up when she heard her name, and saw Jughead and the receptionist staring at her.

“Is this him?” (Y/N) questioned, standing up and setting the magazine down.  Jughead noticed it was a TIME magazine.  

“Yes,” the receptionist answered.  “(Y/N), this is Jughead Jones.”  Jughead stuck his hand out to shake, and (Y/N) firmly shook his hand.

“I hope you’re not an asshole,” she blatantly said as they released hands, “because we’re gonna be stuck with each other all summer.”

“I was thinking the same thing about you,” he quipped.  

(Y/N) raised her eyebrow in interest.  “Quick-witted,” she noted with a smirk forming on her face.  “I like it.”

“You better,” Jughead fired back, biting back a grin.  “Like you said, we’ll be around each other all summer.”

“If we were together any longer, I’d worry about you falling in love with me,” she jokingly warned. “So be careful.”

Brooklyn saw me, empty at the news
There’s no water inside this swimming pool

“When’d you get here?” (Y/N) asked as she and Jughead exited the building, their first day of the internship finished.

“Two days ago,” Jughead answered with his hands in his pockets.  “What about you?”

“Last week.”  Her pace was quick, and she seemed determined to get somewhere.  “Are you hungry?  Because I’m starving.”

“I would love some food,” Jughead almost moaned at the thought of food.  He was only able to scarf down a small lunch in the midst of the business.

“I know this great burger place,” (Y/N) explained as she led the way to the restaurant.  “It’ll make every other burger you’ve ever eaten seem like a pile of shit on a bun.”

“I doubt that,” Jughead scoffed.  “There’s a diner where I’m from that makes the best burgers you’ll ever eat.”

“Where are you from?”

“Riverdale,” he said. “Pop’s diner, that’s what it’s called. If you ever find yourself in Riverdale, stop by Pop’s.  Trust me, you’ll thank me.”

“Well we’re not in Riverdale right now, Jughead Jones,” (Y/N) reminded him.  “So you should thank your lucky stars that I am your counterpart, because I’ve been here for the past week. You know what I’ve been doing for that week?  Exploring, Jones.  I have tried and evaluated twenty-one restaurants, and I know where to go for whatever you’re craving.”

“What if I’m craving Korean food?” he quizzed.

“32nd street, there’s a great Korean grill,” she immediately responded.


“There’s a quaint little place on 135th street.”

“What if I want to get wasted?” Jughead smirked.

“There’s a club a couple of blocks away with shitty security,” (Y/N) answered with a smirk equally as wide.  “Or maybe I was just an exception, seeing as how attractive I am.”

“I think you overestimate yourself,” he scoffed, playfully rolling his eyes.  

(Y/N) lightly slapped him on the arm.  “I do not!” she retaliated.  

“Whatever, keep lying to yourself.”  Jughead quickened his pace, leaving (Y/N) behind him.

“Hey!” she called out, rushing to catch up to him.  “You better not leave me!  You don’t even know where you’re going.”

“You’re still here,” he noted, casually wrapping his arm around her shoulders.  “Lead the way, (Y/N).”

Almost over, had enough from you
And I’ve been praying, I never did before

“God, this food sucks,” (Y/N) whispered, gesturing towards the plates of Japanese food sitting in front of her and Jughead.  “That place we ate at last week was so much better.”

“True,” Jughead agreed with a mouthful of food.  “But this place is cheaper.”

“Rightfully so!” she exclaimed, jabbing at her tofu with a chopstick.  Jughead silently laughed and shook his head, continuing to eat his fried rice.  He watched as (Y/N) picked at her dish, examining each aspect of the meal.  

It had been three weeks since their internship had begun, and Jughead and (Y/N) quickly became close friends.  They bonded over the overwhelming amount of work at their internship and their food-discovering adventures.  Jughead didn’t know how he would’ve survived an entire summer in New York without (Y/N) by his side.  They even stayed at the same hotel, so during a sleepless night, one would wake the other and stay up all night talking.  On those nights, they would drink hot chocolate.

“I’ve got the check tonight, Jug,” (Y/N) said, snapping Jughead out of his thoughts as she took the bill from the waitress.  Jughead furiously shook his head.

“No, (Y/N), you got dinner yesterday,” he protested, reaching out towards the bill.  “I’ll cover it tonight.”

“You got lunch!” she exasperatedly exclaimed.  “I can handle it.  Dinner wasn’t even expensive last night or tonight.”  

Jughead huffed as the waitress returned and took (Y/N)’s money.  “Fine,” he pouted, “but we’re gonna go out for desert, and I’m paying for it.”


“Ice cream?” Jughead offered, standing from his chair.  (Y/N) followed suit, and they exited the diner.  She slowly grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers.

“I’m feeling frozen yogurt tonight,” she countered his offer, grinning up at him.

“What’s the difference?” Jughead playfully scoffed, trying not to blush at their hand-holding.  They had started doing it last week after he almost lost (Y/N) in a giant mass of people.

“I swear to God, Jug, you said the same thing last week, and I explicitly explained it to you.”  (Y/N) rolled her eyes.  “Ice cream is-”

“Made with cream, whereas frozen yogurt is a yogurt-based treat,” Jughead quoted what (Y/N) had told him last week.

“I knew you paid attention to me.”

Understand I’m talking to the walls
I’ve been praying ever since New York

In the middle of the night, the phone started ringing.  Jughead, still half-asleep, answered it with his eyes remaining shut.  

“You can come over,” he said, not waiting for the caller to initiate the conversation.

“Okay,” (Y/N)’s quiet voice responded, and she hung up.  A few moments later, a soft knock resonated through Jughead’s hotel room.  He rolled off of his bed, throwing on a t-shirt, and opened the door.  (Y/N) stood in the doorway, slightly shaking.  

“You cold?” Jughead murmured.  (Y/N) wordlessly nodded.  He gently grabbed her arm and led her inside, shutting the door behind them.  He stripped the blanket off from his bed and draped it over her shoulders, wrapping (Y/N) in the soft white material.  (Y/N) smiled up at him.

“Why do you put up with me?” she asked, sitting on his bed.  Jughead mimicked her actions and sat next to her.

“What do you mean?” he questioned, furrowing his eyebrows.

“How are you not sick of me?” she elaborated.  “I mean, we’ve been constantly hanging out for, what, a month and a half now?  You know if I’m annoying you, you can just tell me. I’ll back off.”

“Why would you annoy me?” he asked, slowly wrapping his arms around her waist and pulled her into his lap. “You’re the best part about this internship.”

“You’re full of shit.”

“I’m not,” Jughead lightly laughed, slightly nudging her.  “I’m serious, (Y/N).  Before I came, I was asking my friend Betty about internships.  She did one two years ago, so she knew what she was talking about. She told me that the people I’ll meet during this internship will either drive me up the wall or become one of my closest friends.”

“So I haven’t driven you up the wall?” (Y/N) inquired with a tentative smile.

“Of course not,” Jughead laughed loudly this time.  A moment of silence ensued, both (Y/N) and Jughead overwhelmed by sleepiness.

“Is Betty your girlfriend?” (Y/N) broke the silence, staring up at Jughead.

“No,” he muttered, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.  “She was,” he admitted, “but not anymore.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing bad,” he shrugged. “Sometimes things just don’t work out, you know?”

“Yeah,” (Y/N) muttered. “I had a boyfriend.”

“Really?  That’s shocking.”

“Shut up!” she whined, elbowing him.  “Yes, I had a boyfriend.  He was actually a total dickhead.”

“How?” Jughead asked, growing concerned.  

(Y/N) looked up at him and giggled.  “Oh, you’re worried,” she cooed, placing a hand on his chin.  Jughead swatted it away.

“Sue me,” he retorted, but then grew serious.  “But really, what happened?”

“Nothing bad,” she replied, facing away from Jughead.  “We were dating for a while, and… I don’t know.  He never really supported me in anything.  He wasn’t nice to any of my friends, and I didn’t notice for so long because I was so fucking smitten.  Eventually it hit me one day, and I realized that he was horrible.  So, naturally, I dumped him.”

“As one does,” Jughead nodded, nonchalantly tracing patterns on (Y/N)’s right arm with his thumb.  

(Y/N) slumped and sighed. “What time is it?”

Jughead glanced at the clock with its blaring, bright red numbers.  “Three o’clock.”

“Jesus,” she muttered, rubbing her eyes.  “I should… I should get back to my room.”  She jumped off the bed and trekked towards the door, her bare feet dragging on the carpet.

“Wait,” Jughead commanded, grabbing her arm.  “Don’t go, it’s too late.”

“You say that as if I have to walk across New York City,” (Y/N) joked.  “It’s fine, Jug, my room is down the hall.  I’m not gonna get mugged.”

“No, but you may fall over before you reach your room,” he countered with a lighthearted smirk. “Just stay here tonight, okay?” (Y/N), too tired to argue, needed no more convincing as she turned around and climbed into Jughead’s bed. He laid down, patting the space next to him.  (Y/N) tentatively settled next to him, slowly resting her head on the neighboring pillow. “You can get closer than that, you know,” he told her, amused by her unusually timid nature.  She hesitantly scooted closer to him, until she was near enough for Jughead to wrap his arms around her waist and pull her against his chest.  “That’s better,” he whispered into her hair.  She draped one arm around his torso, the other arm tucked under their now-shared pillow.

“Night, Jug,” she murmured, eyes already closed.  He smiled at her.

“Goodnight, (Y/N).”

Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know

“Oh, Jughead, how is it?” Betty eagerly asked, her face displayed on his laptop screen.  

“It’s been great,” Jughead answered.  

“What restaurants have you tried?” Veronica questioned from her spot next to Betty.

“A bunch,” he vaguely replied.  “(Y/N) is attempting to try every restaurant in New York City.  I think it’s impossible, but she’s determined.”

“Who is (Y/N)?” Archie inquired, popping his head into the camera’s view.  

Jughead laughed, “Where do I begin?  She’s my ‘counterpart’ for the internship.  We’ve become very close.”

“I told you,” Betty grinned. Jughead nodded.

“You were right,” he admitted.  “Right when I met her, I… I don’t know, it just felt like something clicked between us. We’re inseparable.”  Betty’s expression slightly darkened, but Jughead waved it off as a bit off jealousy.

“Ah, you’ve got it bad, bro,” Archie laughed at his best friend.  Jughead rolled his eyes.

“It’s not like that, Arch,” he explained.  “It’s like Betty said, you grow really close to people when you spend so much time together.”

“But you don’t blush when you talk about them,” Veronica noted, pointing out Jughead’s dusty pink cheeks.

“You’re imagining things,” Jughead scoffed.  Betty, Archie, and Veronica shared a knowing glance.

“If you say so,” Veronica sing-songed.  Before Jughead could respond, there was a knock on his door.  A smile subconsciously grew on his face.

“Speaking of (Y/N),” he said, standing up and walking towards the door.  He opened it, and, as expected, (Y/N) stood there.

“Are we going or not, Jug?” she pressed, grabbing his hand.  “I told you the line for the rainbow bagels is super long.  I don’t want to spend all of Saturday waiting for one, even though they’re so fucking pretty.”

“I’m video chatting with my friends right now,” Jughead told her, gesturing towards his open laptop. “Can you wait like five more minutes?”

“Fine,” (Y/N) huffed, crossing her arms.  She stepped into his room, allowing him to close the door behind her.  She followed him as he sat back down in front of his laptop, resting her chin on his shoulder as she peered at the screen. “These are your friends?”

“Yeah,” he confirmed. “That’s Archie,” he gestured towards the redhead, “the blonde one is Betty, and that one is Veronica.”  (Y/N) smiled at Jughead’s Riverdale friends.

“You must be (Y/N),” Betty smiled.  “Jughead was just talking about you.”

“Of course he was,” (Y/N) joked, nudging his arm.  Jughead playfully shoved her back.

“So how’s it been? Three months with the infamous Jughead Jones?” Veronica inquired with a smirk dancing on her lips.  

“Well it hasn’t been three months quite yet,” (Y/N) corrected her.  “I’ve only gotta deal with this guy for two more weeks.” Jughead’s face slightly deflated as this realization hit him.  “Let me tell you, he’s quite the handful.”

“We know,” Archie laughed. Jughead opened his mouth to say something, but (Y/N) interrupted him.

“Shit, I left my phone in my room!” she exclaimed, standing up.  “I’ll be right back, Jug.”  She turned and faced the laptop.  “It was great talking to you guys.  I hope we can meet sometime!”  She quickly exited Jughead’s room.  Immediately, Veronica, Archie, and Betty bombarded him about (Y/N)

“She’s perfect,” Veronica cooed.  “She’s actually flawless, Jughead.”

“You lucked out, bro,” Archie told him.  “She’s a keeper.”

“She’s absolutely amazing, Jughead,” Betty smiled.  Jughead grinned and shook his head.

“You guys, I told you-”

“Don’t even go there,” Veronica interrupted him.  “That girl is absolutely perfect for you.  The way you two look at each other is… it seems like it’s from a fairytale. You two are soulmates, Jughead.

“She does seem great, Jug,” Archie agreed with her.  “I mean, I’ve never seen you like that with anyone.  No offense, Betty.”

“None taken, Archie,” she waved his comment off.  “They’re right though, Jug.  You never looked at me the way you look at (Y/N).”  Jughead couldn’t think of a clever retort.  “But be careful, Jughead.  Like (Y/N) said earlier, you two only have two more weeks together. If you haven’t done anything up to this point, you might want to consider whether or not it’s worth it to start something now.  Just ask yourself, is it worth the heartbreak that’ll happen when you have to leave her?” She pursed her lips as she watched Jughead’s face darken on her screen.

“Thanks guys,” he said halfheartedly.  “Really, thank you.  I’ll see you all in two weeks.”

Tell me something, tell me something
You don’t know nothing, just pretend you do
Tell me something just before you go

“Our last day!” (Y/N) exclaimed, prancing into Jughead’s hotel room.  After the video call he had two weeks ago ended, he decided to give her a key to his room.  “Our internship is over, and we have one last night to spend together, Jug.  Out of every place in all of New York City, where do you want to go, Jughead Jones?” she asked seductively, a coy smirk growing on her face.

“I’m feeling burgers tonight,” Jughead answered, trying to stop his expression from deflating.  “And then maybe we can get some cupcakes?”

“I like it!” she grinned. She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the room, beginning the trek to their favorite restaurant.  “Jesus, I can’t believe it’s been three months already.”

“I know,” he agreed.  “It seems like my plane landed just yesterday.”

“Yeah,” (Y/N) breathed. They spent the rest of their walk in silence, choosing to listen to the bustling New York traffic.  

The waitresses at the restaurant, at this point, knew Jughead and (Y/N) as regulars.  They didn’t even bother giving them menus, knowing exactly what each of them would order.

“You two are my favorites,” the waitress whispered as she set their burgers in front of them.

“Thank you,” (Y/N) grinned. “I’m sorry to say, but it’s our last day here.”

“Oh,” the waitress sighed. “Well, you two better visit.  I don’t know what I’ll do without my favorite regulars.”  She walked away, leaving (Y/N) and Jughead to enjoy their burgers.

“You know,” Jughead noted through a mouth full of burger, “I don’t know how you’ve tried almost every restaurant in New York City while becoming a regular here.”

“Talent, Jug,” she told him, wiping her mouth on a napkin.  “It takes a hell of a lot of talent.”

They finished dinner and went to their favorite bakery to get cupcakes.  On their walk back to the hotel, they fell into silence once again. It wasn’t broken until they entered Jughead’s hotel room.  By now, almost all of (Y/N)’s stuff ended up in here.  They found it easier, rather than constantly having to switch back and forth between rooms to grab their stuff.

“So that was our last day,” (Y/N) claimed, flopping onto the bed.  Jughead stood by the bedside, crossing his arms with an amused smile.

“Unfortunately, it was,” he nodded.  He jumped next to her on the bed, earning a shriek from (Y/N).  He swallowed as he stared at her, knowing what he had to tell her. “Do you remember what you said to me on the first day we met?”

“That I know where to go for whatever you’re craving,” she answered with a grin.  Jughead laughed and shook his head.

“No, the other thing.”

“I hope you’re not an asshole because we’re gonna be stuck together all summer?” she offered.  He shook his head again.


“I called you quick-witted?”


“What is it?” (Y/N) demanded, sitting up so that she was hovering over Jughead as he remained laying down.

“You told me that if we were together any longer than just the summer, I might fall in love with you,” he explained, sitting up so that they were face-to-face.  (Y/N)’s grin slightly faded.

“Oh,” she murmured.  “Yeah, I did say that.”

“You were wrong,” Jughead said, trying to keep his voice steady.  He slowly grabbed her right hand.

“Really?” she asked as her eyes followed Jughead’s hand.

“Betty told me to be careful,” he explained, “because we’re not gonna be together that long.  And she was right.  I mean, why would we risk an immense amount of heartbreak just for the sake of a blissful few weeks together?”  When (Y/N) said nothing, he continued.  “So I figured I could just suck it up and get through the rest of our time together and not say anything.  It was a good plan, but you… you ruined it.”

“Sorry,” she quipped with a small smirk.  Jughead lovingly rolled his eyes.

“No you’re not,” he laughed. “You’re not sorry, and you shouldn’t be. Within the three months we’ve spent together, I’ve grown closer to you than I ever have with anyone else.  Hell, my ex-girlfriend said that we were great together.”

“She did?”

“Yeah,” he responded, grabbing her hands.  “Jesus, (Y/N), I’m in love with you.  I’m fucking in love with you, and it sucks.  It sucks because I don’t know if I’m ever gonna see you again.  And this is gonna cause so much heartbreak, for me at least, and maybe you too.  I just… I can’t keep it from you anymore.  But I also think, deep down, you already knew how I felt.”  Tears clouded (Y/N)’s eyes, and her lips quivered as she quickly enveloped Jughead in a hug.

“Fuck,” she whispered into his neck.  “Fuck, of course I love you, Jughead.”  He pulled himself out of her grip and stared at her, stroking his hand across her cheek. They both leaned in, pressing their foreheads against each other.  Their lips ghosted over each other, only millimeters apart.

“If I kiss you-”

“If you kiss me, everything is gonna go to shit, Jug,” she interrupted him.  He nodded but didn’t pull away.  They sat there like that on his bed on a minute, (Y/N) sitting on Jughead’s lap with her arms around his neck, foreheads touching and lips barely brushing.

The tension grew unbearable, so (Y/N) closed the gap and pressed her lips against his, trying to express what she had been feeling for the past three months.  

Jughead, too, attempted to convey every pent up confession he had, wishing that kisses could speak. He wanted his hands, which were encircling her waist, to tell her how she charmed him with her wit.  He wanted his eyes, which were closed with pleasure, to tell her how beautiful she was, especially when she trudged into his hotel room at three in the morning.  He wanted his lips, which were pressed against hers, to tell her how much he loved her.  He loved her, he loved her, and he wanted to keep saying it for the rest of his life.

For the sake of oxygen, the two pulled apart.  They kept their foreheads resting against each other.  

“Everything’s gone to shit,” (Y/N) whispered, and Jughead burst out into laughter.  (Y/N) followed suit by giggling, and their still-entangled limbs caused them to fall onto the bed so that (Y/N) was laying on top of Jughead. This only caused the pair to laugh harder.  

When their chuckles finally died down, (Y/N) climbed off from on top of Jughead and laid next to him, resting her head on his chest.  She combed her hand through his raven locks.

“I’m sorry that I fell in love with you,” Jughead apologized, kissing the top of her head. They were slowly falling asleep.

“Thank you for falling in love with me,” (Y/N) whispered, eyes fluttering shut.  “It may have all gone to shit, but it was worth it.”

Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know

Jughead stepped off the plane and saw his dad and friends standing at the gate, excitedly waiting for him.  He didn’t say anything, he didn’t even bother smiling.  Immediately, everyone understood.  

While they were awaiting Jughead’s plane’s arrival, Betty, Veronica, and Archie explained to the rest of the group about (Y/N).  They told them about how Jughead spent three months falling in love with this girl, and they explained that they had never seen Jughead look so smitten before.  

“How was New York, Jug?” FP asked, taking Jughead’s suitcase from him.  Jughead shrugged.

“It was nice.”

“Good food?” he questioned, trying to get his son to open up.  Jughead nodded tiredly.

“Yeah, food was great,” he replied monotonously.

“And the internship?”

“Helpful,” Jughead responded.  “I think it’ll help me improve as a writer.”

“That’s good,” FP said, raking a hand through his hair.  “You had another person with you, right?”  FP noticed Jughead tense up at this.

“Yeah,” he answered quietly. “Yeah, I had a counterpart.”

“What was she like?” Jughead looked up at his dad.

“You already know who it is,” he replied, shaking his head.  “Who told you, Betty?”  FP pursed his lips.

“Yeah, her and Archie and Veronica.  But listen, Jug, you’re going to have your heart broken countless other times.  You’ll get over this girl,” he attempted to comfort Jughead.

“Dad, she wasn’t just a girl,” he protested.  “She was amazing and quick-witted, and I fell in love with her and then everything went to shit.  But the worst part is that it’s okay, because she loved me too.  She fucking loved me, and I kissed her, and now I may never see her again.”

“Well if you loved her that much, you may see her again,” FP shrugged.  “Fate is a tricky thing, son, but the universe seems to cooperate better if you love someone.”

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katie-joyyy  asked:

Why did you guys stop talking? You seem to be in love with eachother!

I’ve been asking myself that same question all this time. The only thing that felt weird during graduation and high school was that he suddenly became distant. I just… I don’t know what went wrong, especially after that summer break we spent together after junior year. 

I thought that maybe, like me, he too felt— 

I just… I thought we got better, but I guess it was dumb of me to assume such because when school hit, he made me feel like I never existed… again. 

But enough of that, this stream is becoming sort of a therapy session, don’t you guys think? Haha, sorry! Um, are there any other questions-???

The Yellow Memory Vials

So I counted 6 yellow memory vials

The 6th yellow vial is the “reset” vial. Morty’s yellow and Rick’s is blue.

It’s highly probable that Rick’s is blue because deep down inside he wants to forget a lot of the things he did or he suffered.

But why is Morty’s yellow?

When they recovered from the memory wipe they had no idea who they were. They didn’t even know how old they were, they guessed their age range: “I think I am an adolescent boy” / “huh, and I am an elderly man”.

So what if the yellow color is caused by childhood memories? I mean the only way to get Morty back to normal would be to give all of his core memories back and since he is an adolescent, the vast majority of his memories are from his childhood and they turn the the vial yellow.

What about the other 5 yellow memory vials?

Could they be memories like this?

Of course if they are childhood memories Morty had of Rick it would even make sense in-universe considering this podcast that @loverickandmorty found:

Bryan Newton,  art director:

“Here’s another huge one that got wiped out- one of the original endings that they were playing around with…There was gonna be a deep Morty memory from when Morty was a baby, and that memory was gonna be with a young Rick, a young Summer–who would have been about 3 at the time– and a young Beth and Jerry. And it was basically gonna be Rick being there and consoling or talking to baby Morty and like ‘you’re gonna be my little Morty, Morty, you’re gonna be the best Morty ever, we’re gonna go on all types of adventures!’, and then Summer comes in and sees Rick, and Rick takes off through a portal, and then Beth and Jerry come in and are like ‘what’s going on, honey?’ and Summer’s like ‘the weird man showed up again!’…So it was gonna be a big thing where we see them all young and Rick being like the fuckin’ boogyman, keeping tabs on Morty.”

It ties in with the yellow vial we briefly saw on the cart - they had the intention to put in it so they added a yellow one on the cart but changed their mind. We see it on the cart around the 10 minute mark between Beebo and “granite”. The next time we see the cart this vial is missing.

The Types as Things I have Done with My Summer So Far

First of all, I’m sorry about the hella title

ENTP: left the house until 9 pm (which is hella late for me) for the first time and had dinner with 2 friends while being glared at by a 3rd

ENTJ: started learning a new language while barely being able to speak my first two and studying my third at school

ENFP: got out of a friendship that got really toxic hell yeah haha fuck

ENFJ: learned how to use a sewing machine and sewed my brother’s name on his little napkin thingy for his flute and it’s looking good

ESTP: crawled under a tiny tiny bridge trying to get an aesthetic photo but instead soaked my foot in mud water

ESTJ: got angry at flies for not letting me rest in peace at night that I’ve picked up a habit of catching and suffocating them in jars. i use science as an excuse

ESFP: realised how picky i am with fanfics?? like idk what you guy’s’ve been reading but it’s like the same plot written by different people over and over again. i would write fanfics if i had the energy and motivation to ever continue them smh

ESFJ: betted 25 gems that i’d be able to keep a 7 day streak on duolingo and that i’d get twice the amount (i think) if i was able to. i lost it at day 4

INTP: wore the same outfit every time i had to leave the house the past five times because i simply dont care anymore

INTJ: so fucking relieved that i dont have to act like i like certain people every day anymore thank god

INFP: also worried about how getting out of that toxic friendship is gonna go because that person is friends with every single one of my other friends is this how i die

INFJ: thinking of every possible way to hang out with my crush without making it too obvious (I’m genuinely trying to get a summer job as a dog walker so he can help me walk dogs because i have no experience with dogs lmao)

ISTP: accidentally woke up at 2 am and had a conversation with a friend who goes to sleep at 8 am and wakes up at 5 pm (summer sleeping schedule guys)

ISTJ: bought my first pack of Cards Against Humanity cards + the first card i read was ‘penis breath’

ISFP: got into another fandom and announced my obsession with collecting things, much to my mother’s dismay and my father’s confusion

ISFJ: genuinely felt blessed for having a firefly stuck in my room. i love fireflies. i named it mason and im watching in fly around my room right now

We're Legendary Defenders!
Team Voltron
We're Legendary Defenders!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY VOLTRON!! bit of a throwback, but i was thinking about how cool that song “Cheetah Sisters” from the classic movie would sound for Voltron in the iconic scene at the end of S2. thematically it just fit so well, and after opening the floor up to you guys to help me out - here we are!

This has been a really huge and exciting music project. It was so fun to work with everybody, thanks so much to everyone who was a part of it. With many thanks and congratulations to @chrispalmerart @thebestlaurenmontgomery @joshkeaton @bext-k and the entire cast & crew of Voltron for giving us such a fantastic show!!

Shiro: @luicsings
Keith: @drowningwithvigor  
Pidge: @misterpoofofficial
Lance: @pessimisticipher
Hunk: @paxtara  
Allura: @lookforanewangle
Coran: @kcgane

lyrics by: @kcgane
instrumentation made & arranged by: @kcgane
mixed & produced by: @kcgane
original song ‘Cheetah Sisters’ & lyrics by: Jamie Houston
VLD Theme (passing reference included) by: Alex Geringas

Enjoy! I’ll leave the rest to the assembled Team Voltron…

So leave it with us
We’re legendary defenders!

full lyrics & notes below:

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What It Means (Ethan)

Summary: You and Ethan are both Camp Counselors with a weird love-hate relationship going on.
Word Count: 3,496
Warnings: Lots of mentions of sex, sexual tension all around, sexual innuendos. Yeah.
A/N: I’ve tried to sooo hard to get my writing going, but work is sucking the energy out of me. I sincerely hope you like this imagine though! xx Also, sorry for any mistakes. I’m gonna edit this tomorrow!! xx

It was no secret that you and Ethan had a weird love-hate relationship. Some days you’d get along, and other days you’d fight like there was no tomorrow. You were both counselors at a Summer camp, this being the second year. You had met him last year and taken an immediate dislike to his cocky attitude and his confidence that he could get any girl to get on her knees for him. It pissed you off and you had wondered why the hell he had been hired in the first place. Some people would call it sexual tension, but you called it hate.

Some days, you would both get along but other days you were at each other’s throats. This was one of those days where he’d do everything in his power to annoy you, and you weren’t having it.

“Everyone pair up, grab a paddle boat and a vest. Please, stay safe and remember what we just went through.” You shouted over the sea of murmurs as the crowd dissipated to get their boats out.

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“My Little Pony: Bobdude Remix”

Oh shit it’s a new blanket design for Bronycon. I wanted to get big mac, maud, and shining armor/cadence/flurry on this thing (because I should have them as stickers for bronycon), but the order has to go in now if I’m gonna get them in time. If I stick to this horse convention thing another summer I’ll add a whole bunch more of the other horses I’ve drawn to it, quite like my Sweetie collage. I’m hoping to turn it into something really cool but it’ll be a few hundred hours before that can happen. I uh, may or may not be trying to draw every vaguely important pony from the show. We’ll see. In the meantime though I think this looks pretty neat, got a little bit of something for everyone on it. This one will also be on wallscrolls, which will be a bobdude first for bronycon.

Anyways, enjoy a little collage of horses. Expect those new stickers I mentioned real soon

OH, one last thing, I won’t be taking preorders for blankets at bronycon this year. Due to this post-trotcon rush, I just couldn’t make them happen. However there is some good news, I found a new blanket printer so I’m printing more of them and they’ll sell for even cheaper. I’ll have ten of my Sweetie Collage and ten of this new design here. Hopefully they take off as well at bronycon as they did at everfree, those blanket sales take my mood from good to infallible every time one goes haha

anonymous asked:

My friend does not believe me that ppl who judge dog shows are heartless (they get to pet SO MANY DOGS and they tell most of them that they're not the best dog ever) thoughts?

to keep myself from having to personally hunt down and assassinate every dog show judge, i will offer this rationale: they are not deciding which dog is BEST, they are deciding which dog is MOST DOG. ie. it is not that you are not the best dog, it is simply that you are not as perfect an embodiment of a jack russel terrier as this other dog. but still a very good dog. 

please dont make me hunt down all the dog show guys. i already have my hands so full of evil scientists and robots and fucking nazis again. 

every dog is the best dog. except that one jerk who stole my whole lunch in central park last summer. that jerk sucks. i waited in line for like an hour for that sandwich you little thief it was gonna be so good and you didnt even eat it you ran straight into a pond with it

Grease AU - Part 1

ok can i just say???? grease au is so adorable for yoi. and i mean this is not like you’re probably thinking. we’re gonna flip this one on its head. like, lemme paint you a picture here:

  • we got the summer, which consists of viktor (on vacation) “meeting” yuuri at some party, where yuuri gets super drunk and then just ???? starts stripping and dancing and like holy cow viktor is enamored
  • so vitya, being vitya, works some of his magic and drops a heck load of hints to his guardian, yakov, and, when that fails, baaaaasically just runs away from home. and yakov is like “that’s so irresponsible but whatever, you’re a senior and i guess we can call this study abroad since you signed yourself up for student exchange and forged my signature and you’re technically an adult so you do you”
  • and that’s how viktor traveled all the way across the world for a guy he didn’t even have a conversation with!!
  • so he’s there. and like he’s ready to find this boy.
  • BUT FIRST he has to actually get registered and stuff. and that’s where he meets chris! 
  • chris is mega flrty and if vitya weren’t making a major decision to change his entire life for god knows how long for a boy he “met” at a party, he would totally have flirted back. ok maybe he flirted back a little iT’S NOT LIKE HE FOUND THE BOY YET and whatever it’s totally friend flirting
  • so chris is like ok you’re cool dude, you’re cool. and then he leans in close and he’s like “you know, buddy, we’ve got this group, the pink ladies, and it’s great and you should join. ok? ok.”
  • and viktor is like YES but before he can chris says he has to check with the other bros of the group so vitya chills (or does his best)
  • so then at lunch, viktor meets the rest of the crew: emil, yuri (a different yuri, tho–viktor decides to call him yurio), and michele
  • and guess what! they’re all cool!! and they all think viktor is cool!! so viktor is in the group!!
  • so the boys get to talking and eventually viktor gets to talking about why he’s out in not-his-hometown without his guardian and he mentions the party and swooooons over yuuri, the most amazing boy to ever exist, and the boys look at each other and they’re like “wait. yuuri. the same yuuri that is a greaser??? that yuuri?!?!?!?!?!”
  • and viktor just shrugs and he’s like uh i guess??? that sounds about right i suppose???
  • NOW. LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR GREASERS: we have phichit (highly animated, best hair of the group, too cool to be popular… but he’s totally popular), otabek (the most greaser of the greasers who may or may not (he definitely does) have a thing for yurio), seung-gil (second most greaser of the greasers, makes being quiet cool), leo (i mean.. that hair? ofc he’s a greaser), and yuuri (heartthrob (not that he knows that), cool kid (again, not that he knows that), and, apparently, awesome pole dancer)
  • bonus: minami, this bubbly freshman dude, is constantly trying to join the greasers; guang hong is this adorable quiet kid who somehow has a free pass to hang out with the greasers; mila can’t stop making fun of vitya from all the way back home while georgi thinks it’s sweet and romantic

so like… i’m just saying… even tho yuuri would probably be more likely to be depicted as sandy… this grease au would be amazing too

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The Signs as 50% Off Haru Quotes

Aries: “Haru, look, water!” “Haru, we can’t get in.” “Yeah, it’s probably too cold.” “We’ll get sick.” “Ya know what I’m sick of? All your shit, Haru!  I’m assuming direct control!” “Haru, no! G-gimme that–” “OH MY GOD, HE’S GOT A GUN!” [gunshot rings out] “Everyone, step away from the brain.” “HE SHOT, HARU!” “That’s right.  I’m in charge now.”

Taurus: “He’s not my boyfriend.  We were officially engaged in the fall.  I’m thinking a spring wedding.”

Gemini: “Haru, if you join the swim team you get to get in the pool.” “But I don’t want to join the swim team, Haru.” “Okay, okay, Haru, but here me out… you get to go in the pool.” “You make a compelling argument, Haru.” “Thank you, Haru.”

Cancer: “I like mackerel.” “Me too, Haru.” “I don’t like mackerel.” “Shut up, Haru.”

Leo: “By the darkest sun that casts its menacing rays on the farthest madness.  We sense your intentions, Rei Ryugazaki.  The gibbering of mad cultists whisper wicked words in the temple winds.  They inform us that you are not to be trusted.  Usurper, usurper.”

Virgo: [what goes through Haru’s mind when he swims] “You could start by running up the temple staircase into the crypt, grab the book from the skeletons and pass into the pit of the pendulum.”

Libra: “Just pick the one middle right.” “No! Nonono.  All the way to the left.” “Oh my god, what is the difference?” “Okay, well, this one has white strips, and this one haaas subtle variations of purple accents.” “I never even noticed the difference. I guess I’m with Haru, the one on the left.” “Ugh, my god we are never going to decide, let’s just put it to a vote.  Hey, Haru.” *10 others* “Yeah?” “WHAT?!”

Scorpio: “Why is Makoto so heavy?” “I don’t know.  You’d think we’d be used to it, ya know? Carrying the swim team all the time.”

Sagittarius: “Haru, Haru… Ch-check this out.  I bought… stilts.” “Why?” “Ya know, like, the guys… they all have their gimmicks.  I wanna gimmick.  I can have a gimmick.” “So… stilts…?” “Yeah.  Stilts.  Now-now I’m tall Haru.” “Okay, what about when you’re not wearing them? Or sitting down?” “I’ll just… never stop… wearing them… or sit down–whoa!” [falls down the steps] “Did… Haru just fall downstairs, wearing a pair of stilts?” “Yup.” [4 wheeler coming from the distance] “This place just keeps getting dumber.” “Guys, check it out, I bought a 4 wheeler!”

Capricorn: “Ugh, I just can’t get it.” “Haru, just spin it anti-clockwise.” “What the hell does anti-clockwise mean?” “It means the same as counter-clockwise.” “Then just say counter-clockwise.” “Are you two still playing with that thing? It’s just a stupid coloured cube.” “You’re a stupid coloured cube, Haru!” “… You cut me deep, Haru.”

Aquarius: [cheering in the crowd] “And Haru’s up on the turnbuckle.  He’s got him in a pin.  This could be over for Haru-but wait! Who’s that coming down the ramp? It’s world heavy weight champion, John Cena!” [humming John Cena theme song] “Bubadabaaa… bubadabaaa… bubadabaaa….”

Pisces: “Let me through, I’m a doctor!” “You’re a dentist!” “I’m the best damn shot we’ve got.” “What was that?” [ocean goblin growling “bones”] “We have to act fast, quick, how many bones are in his body?” “Ummm, uhhhh, 206.” “Is that right?!” “You idiots! Stop screwing around and give him mouth to mouth!”

Prompt: Friends to lovers (part of a requested set) // Non idol au
Member: Jun (svt)
Genre: angst but fluff towards the end  
A/N: Only one left after this!! I fully stand by the idea that Seungkwan and Soonyoung and Seokmin would be excellent wingmen and none of you can stop me from writing them as such

  • You and Jun met in your freshman year of high school 
  • Like straight from the get-go you had a crush on him let’s get real here
  • You were the new kid and you were kind of a dork and Seungkwan and Seokmin and Soonyoung had been the ones to befriend you first 
  • They introduced you to Jun and you were like,, Shook because wow holy shit??? 
  • This boy??? Was so attractive??? How was he a high school sophomore??? What did he do in a past life to be this blessed?????
  • You got kinda nervous but still he smiled and welcomed you to the school but he didn’t k to you much other than that when you first arrived 
  • But wow talk about instant crush 
  • After school you were texting Seungkwan and you asked him about Jun and he was like “Oh shit do you like him??” and you were like “pshhh,,, whAt,,, noo,,,”
  • Seungkwan was just “Omg you totally like him let me help you!!! Seokmin and Hosh can help too!!!”
  • You had a feeling those three wouldn’t be the best at,,, stealth,,, but despite that you agreed and said “okay okay but I just want to get to know him for now alright??”
  • Seungkwan: proceeds to tell you everything about Jun, possibly even including all known medical history 
  • He just wants to be a good wingman okay 
  • So Kwannie starts inviting you to eat with them half the time 
  • You make some other friends but you’re closest with Seungkwan so most of the time you go over 
  • Yeah okay that’s what you say but like,,, it’s also because you wanna look at Jun let’s be honest here people 
  • You were super casual with everyone else but like,,, weirdly shy and tense around him which is how all the boys picked up on your crush 
  • Your awkwardness was only heightened by the fact that you were a freshman like damn reader that’s some bad luck
  • Jun wasn’t blind,, let’s get real here,,, he could tell you had a crush on him it was super obvious
  • He didn’t want to be mean and flat out reject you, especially since you were so close to so many of his friends
  • But he didn’t like you either?? So he just pretended to be oblivious and tried to limit contact with you 
  • It’s not that he didn’t think you were a nice person,, he just didn’t have any romantic attraction towards you 
  • For now lol anways
  • If he was honest though,, he kind of enjoyed the attention you were giving him???
  • Like you weren’t being super creepy or anything, you just got embarrassed and a bit clumsy around him 
  • It was endearing in a way, like who doesn’t enjoy that kind of attention??
  • It’s really flattering too??? His ego got a stroke that it really didn’t need considering it was already blowing up like a balloon 
  • Everyone likes knowing they’re attractive and that people like them lbr it’s a pretty universally appreciated feeling
  • Plus you never acted like you were going to confess so he didn’t have to do the whole turning you down thing?? 
  • If you started to act like you were going to finally tell him your feelings he’d just date someone he found attractive for a couple months and you would back off
  • He got confessions a lot but you were the only person he knew personally who liked him, which is why he tried to keep you at an arm’s length 
  • Otherwise he didn’t really pay attention to the fact that he was popular 
  • Basically Jun didn’t see any harm in the situation,,, because boys are kinda dumb
  • He thought you just had a silly little crush on him and didn’t see it as a big deal,, he didn’t really notice that you fell pretty hard for him 
  • He was just?? Such an interesting person,, and he was kinda lowkey dorky and awkward at times but he always tried to act super cool,,, and he has such a nice smile 
  • He’s just,,, so lovely and he makes you soft
  • Like he’s totally your first love you can’t even deny it you’re too heart eyes for him to even try to 
  • You sometimes text Seungkwan like “omg!! He’s so handsome!!! And we talked today and he was so nice to me!!!”
  • And Seungkwan is just like “Confess!!!” and you’re like “NOOOOO!!!!!”
  • Real talk you’re too chicken to confess
  • And you know everyone gets kind of emo about crushes sometimes,,, like we all have nights where we stay up and think that it’s not going to go anywhere and that we should just give up and move on
  • Lord knows you have more than your fair share of those nights about Jun, thoughts of him bouncing around in your mind
  • These particular nights tend to happen after Jun started dating someone new, which was every few months honestly because he was definitely one of the more popular students in school
  • And Seungkwan would comfort you but he thought Jun was oblivious so he couldn’t find it in him to get mad at his other friend 
  • Hoshi and Seokmin often joined in when you needed comfort because let’s be real these boys are a trio of beams of sunlight
  • So although those nights were hard, you had lovely friends to rely on and who encouraged you to keep going and not give up yet
  • They helped you feel like you had a chance, so long as you just kept trying and getting to know him better
  • This was how you spent your first years of high school really
  • By the time the end of Jun’s final year of high school came around, you still hadn’t told him your feelings
  • He and several other members of Seventeen were graduating,, they all had plans to go to the same college though so even if half of them got separated for a while they were certain to meet again next year 
  • Well next two years for Chan rip the maknae 
  • You had plans to go to the same college once you graduated the next year as well, since a few of your other friends were going there and Seungkwan (who you considered your best friend at this point) encouraged you to attend with him as well
  • After the boys did the walk, there was a graduation party over at Seungcheol’s place
  • Of course you were invited to attend (despite the fact that you weren’t graduating until next year) and say goodbye to everyone who was leaving,, like Jun
  • You really wanted to finally tell him how you were feeling that night,, hoping that he would consider your feelings and accept them once you began attending the same university
  • In your head it played out like something out of a drama, the main protagonist finally snagging the man of their dreams and then when they got to college, they could finally enjoy Romantic Bliss™
  • But you didn’t know that Jun actually had feelings for some girl in his home ec class,,,
  • She was also graduating and attending the same college as him and he had liked her for a couple months now, and he figured tonight was the night to finally talk to her 
  • But for whatever reason? You kept??? Clinging to his side???
  • In all honesty he got kind of annoyed,,, he didn’t pick up on the fact that you wanted to confess to him and he just wanted to be alone with his crush
  • But no he could nOT get rid of you and every time he wanted to talk to her, you were there 
  • He could see her kind of eyeing you a bit suspiciously and he was afraid she was going to get the wrong idea
  • So when you ran to the bathroom, he finally grabbed her arm and asked if he could speak to her in the backyard,,, a l o n e 
  • She agreed and he felt relieved to finally have a moment alone with the girl that he liked,, rip you 
  • He sat down outside with her and got her to smile with something he said before he took a deep breath
  • He was straight to the point with her, saying “I’ve liked you for a while, and I know we’re going to the same uni, so I was hoping you would accept my feelings and we could date and stuff” 
  • Wincing a little at the “and stuff” he sat, bated breath and quickly beating heart as he watched her features for a response 
  • Only to feel his heart drop down to his stomach as her lips, slathered in dark red makeup, tugged into a frown and her eyes turned sympathetic 
  • “Ohh Jun, I don’t think that’s going to work out,,,” she told him, her voice apologetic and the tiniest bit patronizing 
  • Jun of course asked why, unable to hold back his curiosity 
  • And she goes “Well,, we don’t know each other very well,,, and I’m gonna be pretty busy this summer,,, and also um,,,”
  • And he goes ??? and she sighs and says “Well it kind of seems like you already have someone who has dibs on you, they’ve been following you around like a puppy all night long” 
  • Tbh for her it was just another excuse to reject him like if she really liked him she would’ve fought for him but she didn’t and wanted to give him a more logical excuse than she didn’t know him well and she was busy and that seemed pretty decent to her
  • But Jun honed in on it and found himself getting really,,, annoyed at you
  • Instead of getting mad at his crush though he just said “Oh, alright, I understand” and she left, desperate to leave the awkwardness of the situation
  • Jun couldn’t help but feel,,, well pretty damn bitter
  • Your crush on him wasn’t something he paid attention to often the past year or so, like yeah sometimes it was irksome when you would follow him around like a lost child but for the most part it didn’t hinder his life all that much
  • Well until now at least,, which is why he NOW found himself getting irritated over it,,, because the way his crush had worded it, to him it sounded like YOU were the reason he had been rejected by the first person he had genuinely liked in a long time
  • So when he heard you say “Oh hey! I found you!” as you came out of the house and trotted over to sit next to him, he found himself rolling his eyes and wishing you would just leave
  • “Apparently,” he muttered but you didn’t notice it, twiddling with your hands nervously
  • “Hey so I really wanted to tell you somethin-” you started to say, but Jun, who was feeling heartbroken from his rejection and angry at you for supposedly being to blame, snapped at you before you could finish 
  • “I really don’t want to hear it, (Y/N), you’ve done enough tonight”
  • You were well,,, shocked,,, Jun was never one to get pissed and especially not at you
  • “What did I-”
  • “You’ve been hanging on me like some sort of freak all night! Hell, you’ve been following me around since you first came to this damn school and you don’t seem to get it. Jesus, I’m sorry, but I don’t like you in that way!”
  • You felt your heart start to break into little pieces in your chest as your eyes welled up in tears and you quietly asked “You knew I like you?”
  • He rolls his eyes again, still not looking at you, and says “Of course I knew, everyone knew,,, but it’s because of your silly little crush that I got rejected tonight, so can you please just take a hint and leave me the hell alone?” 
  • Your head was swimming with his words, chest aching at the harsher things he had said to you as you whispered “Okay” softly, your voice breaking as you stood up and ran into the house 
  • He could hear the tears threatening you just by the way you spoke, but when he turned to finally look at you, you were already almost out of sight, disappearing into the mass of bodies 
  • He instantly felt terribly guilty for what he’d just done,,, he was feeling upset and spiteful but he knew that was no way to turn down someone’s feelings, especially when they’ve had them for so long
  • But when he went inside to look for you, he couldn’t find you anywhere, and a few people said they had seen you leave 
  • When he tried to text you, all he got was an automated text back telling him that you had blocked his number 
  • After the party, he only had a few days before he had to go to the university town,,, he and a few of the others who had graduated had gotten jobs there for the break before their classes began
  • Those few days were spent trying to contact you in between packing, and hearing Seungkwan or one of the other guys chew him out every 3 hours 
  • He felt terrible for what he’d done,,, like yeah he was kind of a dumbass but he knew that was beyond not cool
  • In the end, he hadn’t gotten in contact with you, and he had to leave
  • So he simply made up his mind to talk to you whenever he came back to visit next
  • The guys for the most part let it go since he was trying to make it up to you and he was like family to them, but that didn’t mean he still didn’t get Seungkwan nagging at him every once in awhile
  • When he did come to visit though, it was only on holidays, and you conveniently had plans to visit family who lived far away each time 
  • He’d ask Seungkwan about you, and the boy would just scoff and be like “You’re sooo going to regret turning them down Junhui” and then the others who were still in high school would be nodding behind him
  • And he’s just like ??? BUT THEY WON’T TELL HIM ANYTHING
  • Truth be told, Jun’s rejection hurt you a lot, especially the whole saying you were a freak and your crush was silly parts,, but it made you want to make a bit of a change
  • You started to break out of your shell a bit more,, you weren’t super shy before but you weren’t exactly an “extrovert” either 
  • Plus you started working on hobbies more??? And got good study habits on top of that??? You were just becoming a better person really 
  • Also you were rather rapidly exiting that awkward stage that comes with puberty,, basically yes you were having a cliche Glo Up 
  • Real talk you’re beautiful as all fuck reader I love u okay anyways 
  • If Jun was honest,, he found himself missing you and your attention sometimes 
  • Like he told himself it was just because it was flattering to have someone admire you and after having that for so long, of course it was going to feel weird now that he didn’t??
  • But sometimes he found himself reminiscing about times when you guys hung out,,, of course it was never one-on-one and you always had some of the others with you two but they were memories nonetheless
  • He still had the photos too,, once while he was supposed to be studying late one night he found himself scrolling through his camera’s album and he came across the photos from when you all went to the amusement park
  • Seungkwan had pushed the two of you together for a photo and you were only in your second year and you were so embarrassed,,, like your cheeks were so pink and your hair was ruffled because of wind and rides and the gloomy weather and your mouth was open a little in surprise and you just looked absolutely flustered as he slung his arm around your shoulder and smiled 
  • Jun couldn’t help but find you a bit,, cute in the photo but the moment the thought entered his mind he just shook it off and blamed it on lingering guilt or something 
  • Finally your high school graduation rolled around, but Jun didn’t have it in him to come back for the party, memories of the last one popping into his mind and filling him with remorse 
  • So he just made an excuse about having to work and promised himself to find you once you showed up at the beginning of the next semester 
  • He did go through with his promise,, once he heard you and Seungkwan were staying in the same dorm and on the same floor he was quick to head over to apologize 
  • It didn’t take him long to find your dorm room, since you had the door open to bring boxes in 
  • You didn’t notice him until he cleared his throat and asked “Need a hand?”
  • And you look up, box of books in your hands, and nearly dropped it in surprise
  • “Jun???” you blinked and he offered a sheepish smile, nervousness dancing in his eyes
  • “Yeah, I’ve been trying to talk to you since the party and I heard you were moving into this dorm,” he admitted and took the box from you
  • Honestly,,, you were a little bit irritated at seeing him, but you had worked hard to get over what happened
  • It was a bit surprising to find that you weren’t really angry at him anymore,, but you couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of yourself for feeling that way 
  • You weren’t the only one who was surprised though,,, he was stunned to find that you were a lot, well,,, cuter to him now 
  • Was it puberty finally letting you live? A little bit yeah, but even before that, you had always been pretty cute,,, and he hadn’t seen you in so long,,,
  • So you let him help you carry boxes into your new room in exchange for listening to him once you had everything brought inside 
  • The second you were done, he was scratching the back of his head and looking to the side anxiously
  • But he did look you in the eyes when he spoke, trying to show you that he really did mean it as he spoke
  • “I’m really sorry about everything at the graduation party. The girl who rejected me kinda blamed it on you, and I was too blinded by my own feelings to realize that she was just using you as an excuse. I said some really hurtful things and I’ve been wanting to apologize since the moment after I said them” 
  • He spoke like hella fast because he didn’t want to lose his nerve and you were a little surprised because like not a lot of people would own up to everything like that
  • So you put a hand on his arm and he looked at you all Shook when you did but you just smiled and assured him that you forgave him
  • You promised to unblock his number and give him a chance to talk to you and be your friend again, and he found himself leaving in a bit of a daze
  • Seungkwan was waiting at the elevators with a smirk and was like “Let me walk you back Junhui~~~” and Jun’s internally going Oh No
  • Seungkwan: So I’m glad you apologized and are gonna make up with them :-) Aren’t they cute now? :-) They were always cute though you were just too dumb to notice :-) Don’t you regret rejecting them? :-)
  • And he’s spewing out these words so quickly that Jun can’t even respond right away but when he does he’s like “oh my god shut up Seungkwan let me live,,,”
  • But Kwannie is not about to let it go because he can SEE the BLUSH on his CHEEKS so he goes “Seriously seriously they’re super cute right??? You think they’re attractive right??”
  • Jun: ,,,maybe idk but I g2g see you later buddy
  • Seungkwan: OH NO YOU DON’T
  • Boo literally follows Jun to his dorm, talking about all the stuff you did in the past year to make yourself more mature and work towards forgiving Jun 
  • Jun is lowkey impressed and Seungkwan can see it,, and he gets a little bit of a plot in his head 
  • So he goes “They even went on a few dates to help them get over you!!” 
  • And Jun’s like “Oh,,?” and he’s like “Mhm that’s right :^” and he can see the pouty little frown on Jun’s face and the second he looks away Seungkwan is whIPPING out his cellphone to text SeokSoon in their own little groupchat 
  • These devious little shits 
  • What Seungkwan doesn’t tell Jun is that you hated all those dates though because the people they were with just,, seemed dull in comparison to your first love
  • After a failed relationship that barely lasted a month, you wound up opening up to Kwan and telling him that although Jun had really hurt you, you had a feeling he had done it unintentionally and you had strong feelings for him for three years
  • And yanno,,, those kinds of feelings are hard to get over,,, and everyone just doesn’t seem to match up to him in your eyes 
  • But anyways :^)
  • After that, you and Jun start to text a bit, but it’s very casually 
  • You still think he’s attractive and everything and you can tell that he’s really trying to make things better with you,, and yes sometimes your heart flutters a little bit when he does something cute,,,
  • But you’re hesitant to fall for him again because last time you fell deep it only ended in you getting hurt?? 
  • You don’t stop yourself from befriending him though and you slowly find yourself growing closer to him, even closer than you guys had been in high school
  • And you don’t know this but SeungSeokSoon are ALWAYS chatting you up to Jun as well 
  • You went on a blind date at one point and Seungkwan took a creepshot of Jun’s pout with this weird little cackle and Hoshi was like Kwannie chill don’t be too obvious 
  • He sent it to you like “this was his face when he heard about your date isn’t that funny???”
  • You kind of knew what was going on but you found yourself smiling a little dumbly at the screen anyways when you snuck off to the bathroom,, and when the man sitting across from you at the diner asked for a second date, you found yourself apologizing and turning him down 
  • You find yourself feeling surprised when you tell him “I think you’re very nice, but I think I know someone who would be,, less than happy if I saw you again” 
  • On your way out of the diner (alone after parting ways with your date), you text Jun asking if he ate yet and he tells you no and asks how your date went 
  • You just tell him that you have leftovers and you’ll tell him about it when you drop them off to him
  • SeungSeokSoon: And why’s that Junhui :-)
  • Jun: Literally just shut up and go you monsters
  • You arrive and Jun can’t help the way his heart beats a bit faster at the sight of you,, like you’re not dressed all fancy but it’s still not the standard college hoodie and jeans look most students sported during their day to day life 
  • He lets you in and you hand him the leftovers and wait for him to start eating before you start talking about the date
  • And as you tell Jun that there was just no spark and some boring things the guy had said to you, you really can’t deny the fact that the feelings for Jun you once had are still there
  • He hurt you yes,, but he had apologized like 30 times after the first one and become such a loyal friend to you 
  • You had gone beyond your high school infatuation and stuttering to get to know another side of him during this first year of uni, and you found yourself catching feelings all over again 
  • But they seemed much more,, real and genuine this time, less like a starstruck celebrity crush on someone you didn’t really know on a personal level
  • It had become more like developing feelings slowly for someone who you had gotten to know through 2 am discussions that got deeper than intended, who had spent countless movie nights in Seungcheol’s dorm room stealing popcorn from whenever he turned his head to listen to the other members, who always greeted you with a genuine smile now, who had the softest hair he would let you mess with whenever you told him it was too messy, who trusted you enough now to tell you his insecurities whenever they hit him hard,, who just tonight had pouted like a child when you went on a date but was eating the leftovers regardless,,,
  • He had tried so hard to make everything up to you, and though you were hesitant, something in you screamed for you to just go for it 
  • So you coughed slightly and then said “Well it probably doesn’t help that I have feelings for someone else”
  • And Jun just freezes and looks at you with wide eyes that are full of curiosity and a bit of hope while he chews his bite of food and you take it as a sign to continue 
  • “Well he’s kind of dumb, and he hurt me a while back so I’m kind of unsure about the idea of dating him, but honestly I’ve never liked anyone as much as I’ve liked him” you admit and look down at the desk 
  • You can hear Jun swallow before he suddenly moves forward and wraps up tight in his arms 
  • He takes a long, deep breath before softly saying “I’m still so sorry for what I did, and I know I don’t deserve a moment of your time after what happened, but I think I’ve fallen for you. Please, forgive me and let me call you my s/o, and I’ll spend the rest of my life making you happy so you forget all about that night where I was a total moron”
  • Your hands are shaking as you slowly wrap your arms around his neck and nod, whispering a quiet “okay” but he catches the word all the same and manages to hold you even closer before falling onto his bed with you
  • You guys lay there all night, wrapped up in each other and not saying anything, just drinking in each other’s presence until you fall asleep
  • Jun is honestly such a good boyfriend though like he works SO HARD to be the best he can be for you 
  • He doesn’t want you to ever regret accepting him back into your life and dating him 
  • Sometimes you have to reassure him that you forgive him and everything is all in the past but that’s not going to stop him from being the best that he can be 
  • Like he will straight up show up to your door with flowers and he’s always showering you with compliments and the most GREASY pickup lines
  • You hear at least one every few days to a week and he always gets SO disappointed in himself if he accidentally uses one he’s told you before
  • And it makes you laugh because he gets kind of dramatic about it
  • Hears a lot of tea from Jeonghan, Seungkwan, and Minghao and he always passes it along to you when you guys have dates in one of your dorm rooms 
  • Thinks it’s so cute when you laugh over it or go “No!” with a lil shocked expression 
  • He has a bit of a habit of holding you close and whispering really sweet things to you when it’s late at night and he’s tired, and it just makes your heart m e l t because this boy really does care about you so so much
  • He always gets this sleepy little smile when you compliment him back and it’s the most heartwarming smile you’ll ever see in your life like,,
  • It’s all gooey and vaguely puppy-like and his features are all soft from sleepiness and he doesn’t have enough energy to open his eyes even a little bit on most nights when you two get like this 
  • Literally this smile is just for you,,, no one else is going to see it,,, and you can’t help but feel delighted about it and everything about him tbh
  • I’m cutting it off here before it gets any longer or I fall asleep at my keyboard but wow you two love each other a lot that’s so disgustingly cute just go spend the rest of your lives together you adorable losers
arya + northerners

Back at Winterfell, they had eaten in the Great Hall almost half the time. Her father used to say that a lord needed to eat with his men, if he hoped to keep them. “Know the men who follow you,” she heard him tell Robb once, “and let them know you. Don’t ask your men to die for a stranger.” At Winterfell, he always had an extra seat set at his own table, and every day a different man would be asked to join him. One night it would be Vayon Poole, and the talk would be coppers and bread stores and servants. The next time it would be Mikken, and her father would listen to him go on about armor and swords and how hot a forge should be and the best way to temper steel. Another day it might be Hullen with his endless horse talk, or Septon Chayle from the library, or Jory, or Ser Rodrik, or even Old Nan with her stories.

Arya had loved nothing better than to sit at her father’s table and listen to them talk. She had loved listening to the men on the benches too; to freeriders tough as leather, courtly knights and bold young squires, grizzled old men-at-arms. She used to throw snowballs at them and help them steal pies from the kitchen. Their wives gave her scones and she invented names for their babies and played monsters-and-maidens and hide-the-treasure and come-into-my-castle with their children. Fat Tom used to call her “Arya Underfoot,” because he said that was where she always was. She’d liked that a lot better than “Arya Horseface.” (AGOT)

arya underfoot is one of the most important names for arya. she goes through numerous personas and identities but this is one of the first. and unlike most of the others it doesn’t chip away at arya’s sense of self. arya underfoot embraces arya’s true identity. it was given to arya by the smallfolk of winterfell, specifically her father’s men, but even jon and theon think of her as such. they gave her this nickname because she was always so close to them, literally underfoot. she would play, befriend, and socialize with all of her people. regardless of birth or rank or job. arya valued their existence which is more than most highborns who see them as disposable things.  

and while arya hasn’t been in the north for years her connection to it’s people has never diminished. arya often remembers the ones she loved from winterfell and even crosses paths with some northern characters both new and old

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where are they now?

i. the grey-clad angels walk hand in hand, passing by rows of identical, unlit houses, in a neighbourhood that’s removed from the main city attractions. The angels hold hands and unravel their wings, spreading them wide, laughing, chatting, playfully throwing jabs at each other, happy and light and golden, because it’s only three in the morning, and no one is out to see them in their holy glory

ii. seraphim, teaching in schools and universities, glasses adorning their glowing faces, their silver hair pulled back in buns, braids and everything under the sun. they hold a laser pointer and write out bible-long mathematical equations on the green board, the chalk crumbling and smearing on their dark flesh. They have quiet voices, but burning gazes and words that hold wisdom eons older than any human could ever imagine

iii. puttos (the mistaken ones) trying so hard to make themselves known, their names forgotten, confused with the ugly ones, the cherubim, handing out leaflets on the streets full of information on what is what and what is not, their eyes big and blue and green and brown, their golden hair in coils and curls and locks. When they come back home, they drink cinnamon tea, stretch out their legs and watch cartoons on tv, wondering how could it be

iv. thrones and ophanims have weekly gossip sessions in abandoned, brown churches and beautiful, rosy cathedrals, when they are empty and echo-y and grey, of course. The thrones, the taller ones, with longer faces and lean bodies draped in many cloaks, bring cookies and aloe vera drinks, whilst the ophanims bring with them human magazines, and flick through them as they wait for everyone to gather. Once they’re there, their voices are an amalgamation of golden bells ringing, of songs and chorus. They speak in a language known only in the old heavens, the gossip of pop culture, celebrity news and recent celebrity deaths padded out by the smoothness and elongation of their angelic vowels

v. standing under red light are the dominions, the beautiful women, the haunted ones, their hair as black as the inkiest night. They shiver in the cold, their mortal flesh still mortal and too thin and just a shell, their grand wings in glamour and pinned back, aching to be let out, to be stretched out, like the angels do, because they’re different, they still have their freedom. They’ll stand there and wait until a customer comes by and swoops them away, for a few minutes, if that’s okay

vi. the principalities work in hospitals, the white, sanitised surroundings reminding them of their long-lost home. They yearn for something they once were as they trail down the sparkling halls, their uniforms donned on, hair tucked back, wings invisible. what a shame. when they have their break, they pour out of the doors and take a minute to smoke, the poison filling their lungs and calming them down, their anxious, trembling hearts. the principalities have long forgotten what it feels like to be great, but sometimes, they have dreams and flashbacks and strange déjà vu, and visions and hallucinations. many of them think they’re ill, something wrong with their brain. but they’re just visions of what once was

vii. the archangels cuddle each other in bed, the plain duvet tangled around their slim, long legs, the colour of milk and chocolate. They are open with each other, arms bared, hearts on their cheeks, fluttering eyelids and parted mouths the colour of pink summer and cherry lollipops. One kisses the other, lips like velvet, skin like silk. They text the principalities ‘when r you gonna be off shift? Come and join us’ knowing full well that they’d never come because they’re ashamed of pure love, of love that is not contained between just two

viii. the virtues are fishermen and women, gathering by the side of the turquoise rivers that are the hidden parts of cities and towns, where there is peace, glittering bright, soothing their minds. They fish for hours, chatting amongst themselves, no more than glorified, elongated small talk. Sometimes, rarely, one of them says something that makes the other’s eyes light up – light up with memories, with nostalgia and with sorrow at what once was – but those moments usually don’t come, or are swept up by the rising wind. they inspect the fish they catch, knowing their angelic touch could never really harm another being. they collect a few of their rainbows scales, the rare currency, and let the fish go back to their home, the undulating waves. When it gets really hot, they take off their clothes, but stay in their frilly, lace underwear, and swim around, letting their wings get wet and weigh them down, the most tangible evidence of their origins

ix. they are here. and they haven’t left