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I'm sorry but I feel like you're extremely uncomfortable with smut or just plain don't know what it is after all you always skip over it. Please try to get over this as you do like, the drumroll up to it and some of us really wanna know how you imagine Newt in bed.

Hello! this is my blog and I am technically allowed to write whatever I please, if you don’t like it, you really don’t have to be on my blog. I know how smut goes, however I choose not to write it, and yes because I feel uncomfortable with it. Even if I got “over it” I wouldn’t write smut. I enjoy writing what I call cinnamon spice, but nothing to turn off some of my readers, because believe it or not there are people who don’t like to read smut, amazing how that works!! I’ve been told by people the reason why they love my blog so much is they can get the spice without the smut.

So if you have a problem with how I choose to write, go read people who do write it and not mine.

The amazing thing about JK Rowling is that she writes this script and it’s so descriptive, but occasionally she’s very economical about her words. And in this particular one it was like, so Dan [Fogler]’s character and mine were running through the Central Park zoo, and we stumble across this thing and Newt performs mating dance and—and you sort of read through it and back up and go what? What is a magical seduction mating dance? What on earth? Where do you start? —Eddie Redmayne on mating dance research [x]

Newt’s first year as a father-

Everyone: Newt you can’t leave the Demiguise in charge of the baby.  No it can’t pet the Graphorn NEWT THE BABY CAN’T RIDE THE HIPPOGRIFF.

Newt: That sounds fake but okay.