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i'm in love with your story and i've been wanting to make one of my own but don't know how to get started, both story wise and gameplay wise. any tips?

Sandy’s Masterpost for writing a Sim Story!  ✍

I’m so glad you like my story! But I know how it feels not knowing where to start when it comes to writing, it’s so frustrating. So, below I’ve put together a bunch of helpful links that I’ve either used in the past or believe will be useful to you, and any other aspiring storytellers! 

🌸 Inspiration: 

🌸 Planning:

🌸 Plot Developement:

🌸 Character Development:

🌸 Dialogue:

🍁 Pose List Rec:

🍁Lot List Rec:

🍁 Mod List Rec:

🍁 Tutorials:

🍁 Reshade:

❄️ Character Page Rec: (for your blog)


❄️ Some Stories/Legacies that Inspire Me:

This is everything I could think of nonny! I am by no means a great, or even a particularly good storyteller, but I sincerely hope this post helps you, and others, get started! If you ever want to chat more, come off anon and we can talk story ideas! And that applies to all of y’all! 💖

them: lol those dirty allos thinking about sex all the time

them: i get so much done bc im ace and dont think about sex all the time

them: i cant imagine what it’s like to want to fuck everyone at first sight lol those gross allos

them: all lgbt safe spaces are inherently sexual

them: lesbian/gay refers to the sexual part of your orientation

also them: Imagine being so insecure about liking sex that you are immediately threatened by someone who doesn’t value it like you do.

BotW is problematic because there’s so many attractive NPCs that now my NPC standards for future Zelda games are way up high and I’m going to be upset if there’s not enough attractive NPCs.

Faded into the setting sun
I’ll see you again I’ll carry on
Feeling like I’m floating leaves in the fleeting sky
You can sing that song

Little doodle that turned into… this… (plz open in new tab)

didn’t bother cleaning up the lineart but tried a little too hard on the faces, dug deep into my Anime™ roots and used references from one of my fave doujin artists. I think it turned out cute, plz enjoi

Imagine Living Like A King Someday: Playlist

Spotify link [x]

this motherfucker is FINALLY COMPLETE i’ve been adding to this on-and-off for months haha but yeah these are the songs that i either listen to the most while writing or am heavily inspired by so!! yeah

Probably the most musically diverse thing you’ll ever come across. What the fuck is my taste honestly

(there are youtube links for the songs i couldn’t find on spotify)

Human – Christina Perri. very Very (very very) illaks!dan

The Reason – Hoobastank. This is literally the most illaks!Phil thing ever honestly this song has just fucking NAILED him completely

The Way I Tend To Be – Frank Turner. Oh mAN this is so so so fricking illaks!dan I just love this song a lot ok

Gasoline – Halsey. The thing I like about this song is that I feel it fits both dan and phil but in different ways??? Idk I just like it a Lot yes 10/10

Hold On Till May – Pierce The Veil.You’re just wasted and thinking about the past again. Darling, you’ll be okay’ reminds me of phil to dan.

Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis. I can imagine phil and liam listening to this together

Therapy – All Time Low. again, very illaks!dan

(Un)Lost – The Maine. Reminds me sO MUCH of illaks!dan omg

Innocent – Taylor Swift. Very vErY illaks!dan. “your string of lights are still bright to me” reminds me of phil to dan.

Save Yourself I’ll Hold Them Back – My Chemical Romance. A FUCKING BOP IF I EVER SAW ONE I think it fits illaks!phan nicely

Fix You – Coldplay. Reminds me of phil to dan

The Only Hope For Me Is You  - My Chemical Romance. illaks!phan for the obvious reasons.

The Edge Of Tonight – All Time Low.you keep me safe, keep me sane, keep me honest” is very illaks!dan to phil

Missing You – All Time Low. Just kinda reminds me of phil and noah sticking up for dan and just being all . nice and friendly u know

Collar Full – Panic! At The Disco. “show me your love, your love, before the world catches up” reminds me of how secret dan and phil have to be with their ~shenanigans~

Nicotine – Panic! At The Disco. verY illaks!phan especially with phil and his gosh darn cigarette cravings

Everybody Loves Me – Onerepublic. Really fucking illaks!phil the popular little shit

Wolf Bite – Owl City. Illaks!dan :((((((((

She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5. Ok I know this song was written about a girl but its sO DAN lets just pretend

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol. Probably a bit cliché but it’s so illaks!phan honestly

Floral & Fading – Pierce The Veil. Reminds me of illaks!phan just kinda livin in their own lil world forgetting everyone else

Breathe – He is We. Very illaks!dan

Jump Then Fall – Taylor Swift. Such a cute and upbeat song and just highlights the whole too-shy-but-so-in-love element of illaks!phan omg

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri. SO ILLAKS!PHAN BYE

Somewhere In Neverland – All Time Low. This song reminds me a lot of illaks phan ALSO im certified peter pan trash so why not

Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding. This song would be soooo much better if it wasn’t on the 50 shades of grey soundtrack lmao but Overlooking that minor flaw I do Really think this fits illaks phan

Heathens – Twenty One Pilots. Speaking of shitty movie soundtracks…………….. lmao but Ya Idk why but I just think the whole Vibe of this song rly fits illaks (and also ‘you don’t know the half of the abuse’ reminds me of dan)

Stay Away From My Friends – Pierce The Veil. Reminds me of liam and phil

Colors – Halsey.you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky, and you decided purple just wasn’t for you’ reminds me of liam and phil

Flickers – London Grammar. Very illaks!phan                

Wrapped Around Your Finger – 5 Seconds Of Summer. Ok this is my fave 5sos song ever lmfao idk I just think “in the moonlight you looked just like an angel in disguise” and “you were mine for a night” fits illaks!phan a lot

King For A Day – Pierce The Veil. I mean come on how could I NOT finish with this Absolute Banger


Inspired by a tag I saw on ao3 whilst looking for an ace!Cas destiel fic to read.

Because ace cas is my favourite kind of Cas.

And destiel.

Nice nice

Has this been done before? I sketched up a Magrickal Girl during a d&d session last week, and thought I’d clean it up a bit… wouldn’t it be a cute idea for a trainer design?

Also gonna add for this cyberpunk thing, if you’re a Zelda or a Link or a Ganondorf, or any sort of recurring character who has many incarnations, start thinking up an alternate name for your character.

We can’t have like… eighteen Zeldas running around