im crying because i need han to be reys father. i need his legacy to be more than ben solos bad decisions i need it to be the lengths he went to keep his daughter safe. i still have a little hope in this but its hard and i really need han to know he wasn’t a bad father and his wife loved him and his daughter understands. why can’t we have a jedi heroine save the galaxy inspired by the bravery of an orphaned smuggler boy from corellia who could never seem to stop running - thats the legacy han solo deserves

ARMY’s literally interrupting taehyung’s time with his family do you know how long he’s probably looked forward to being with his parents. he looked so happy to see them and be with them and spend time as ‘kim taehyung’ instead of ‘BTS’ v’ and you fucking go harass him for autographs because he made the mistake of sharing his private, family activities with his fans like i’m honestly so fucking embarrassed that this happened, it’s unbelievable. 

If you have her heart you gotta treat her right.

Remember all the small things she loves like her childhood toy and her favourite flowers. Surprise her with them. Not all the time but when you feel she needs a little something. Tell her you love her every day, she shouldn’t have to guess if you love her, make it obvious. Say your sorry even if it wasn’t your fault, be the bigger person if it means you’ll go to sleep happy. If you get into an argument that is about something small clear it up with a simple I love you. If you don’t think she’s the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen, you don’t deserve her. Treat her right, all the time, she deserves to be treated like the queen she is. Love her like you’re going to lose her. Open doors for her. Compliment her but also her mind. Take her on fun dates. You can’t always go to dinner. Kiss like its the last time you’ll ever kiss her. Make every single moment count, you never know what can happen. Everyday should be an adventure, even if you just sit at home. Let her pick a movie. Look into her eyes, appreciate her. Appreciate that you got such an amazing girl. If she’s out, make sure she gets home safe. Call her, ask her how her day was. Take care of her. Flirt like you guys are still falling in love. And finally, chase her, and never stop chasing even if you have her. That’s how you will never lose her.