• Gon: hey, Killua, how close was I to dying?
  • Killua: well, let's just say I thought you were a... "Goner"
  • *does a sick flip kick into the sunset while wearing some swaggerific shades*


hello here are some colored sketches I did today and I’m shamelessly smashing two things I like together

lmao where do I even start?? so this is like a Miraculous Ladybug/Hunter X Hunter mash up.

There is a lot of info so if you want to read, look below the cut. Some other versions of the masquerade ball picture are below too!

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  • Leorio: so, Killua, got yourself a gf yet?
  • Killua: heck yeah, man. I got a Gon Freecs, hah I'm gay af. *rolls on his skateboard into the sunset carrying Gon bridal style with some sick shades*

i promised more Miraculous x Hunter art and HERE YA GO

there is so much about this that I like and don’t like–there is something about this that still doesn’t look right to me (maybe the perspective?) but oh well. :/ sorry for my sketchy art style lmao

sometimes Gon(as Ladybug) tries to put the moves on Chat Noir(Killua) and sometimes he gets close to getting what he wants–but it usually ends up with Chat pushing him off a building from embarrassment XD

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This was all on one sketch page…..just one. It ended up being too unbelievably massive so I had to cut it all apart. :D; Anyway, enjoy some Reunion!Killugon, they are probs like… 17-18 years old, since Alluka is old enough to start training with Bisky alone.

“Love at first sight.”
You might need to do Right click > Open image in new tab to see details.
How Killua met Gon, and how Ladybug met Chat Noir from my Miraculous AU, which I’ve decided to call Miraculous X Hunter. :P

(Killua and Gon met real young, like in elementary school, Ladybug and Chat started working together in middle school. Killua and Gon are juniors in high school currently.)

here’s a bunch of old ass sketches I decided to finish! basically a “Ladybug torments Killua/Chat” sketch page XD I also tried giving Ladybug’s suit a bit of a redesign, I hope people like it.

There are some notable different points in time on this page, for instance:

  • The top right is Killua and Ladybug(Gon) when they are like 12-13 years old, so around the time they got their miraculouses. Killua does not appreciate seeing his crime fighting partner outside of work. XD
  • The middle right is Killua and Ladybug at 16-17 years old (after Gon and Killua start dating and before the identity reveal.) Killua and Ladybug had become accustomed to each other by this point and Ladybug had gotten over his “boasting hero” persona he would put on in an attempt to impress Killua, but now that Ladybug is dating Killua (without Killua knowing) he can’t resist turning back on his “charm.” He’s actually low-key flirting in an attempt to cope with not being able to smooch his boyfriend. This dated behavior confuses Killua deeply.
  • Top left: Killua (due to being Chat Noir) does not appreciate being protected like a baby bird by his overzealous partner. Especially when his incessant hovering prevents him from transforming. Ladybug just wants to look out for his best friend!
  • Bottom two: Killua also does not appreciate your corny jokes right now, Ladybug.

I’m trying to finish a lot of my unfinished stuff before I leave for a wonderful summer vacation to AZ to see my fiance <3 I’m probably going to put it all in a queue so you guys will have a steady stream of art coming from me when in reality I’m soaking up some sun. :P

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