yujin feels like her heart is about to explode. she isn’t sure exactly WHEN her heart began beating so hard around the boy, or when her cheeks began to redden and warm at the mere sight of his smile. years of friendship have ultimately led to this point —- ri yujin, falling in love with her best friend. she has no expectations, save for their continuing friendship regardless of how she feels, so it’s not as sad to her as other people might think. it’s come to a point that she’s perfectly happy just being his best friend, being the one he comes to when things are difficult.

          ❝ gongjunim, there’s a fireworks show tonight! we HAVE to go! ❞ it’s said in passing and saeryun agreed without any signs of hesitation. so there she is, staring at herself in the mirror in awe —- dantae really made her look BEAUTIFUL. it’s the first time she’s ever FELT that way and she couldn’t stop gaping at the massive difference only a little bit of makeup and styling could do. the clock strikes five and she’s on her way to meet saeryun, the biggest of smiles a permanence on her lips. immediately, she throws her arms around him, looking up at him warmly.  ❝ did you wait long?  ❞  she asks, loosening her hold. the night is only just beginning.