got7 goes bowling!


  • is that one person that never wants to go bowling, but would go if the whole squad goes 
  • teams: (jb, jinyoung, bambam) vs. (mork, jackson, youngjae, yugyeom)
  • losing team buys winning team BUBBLE TEA
  • hey youngjae, do you know when i’ll be buying you bubble tea (yj: no i don’t!!  when? :D)
  • NEVERR EVERRRRRR~ (yj: (ง°ل͜°)ง)
  • leader of team “jj project + double b collab”
  • completely hustled everyone bc he wasn’t supposed to be good, but he’s so good


  • leader of team “young jarkyeom” 
  • “aiiiii” every time he doesn’t get a strike
  • surprisingly extremely loud when his team members get strikes
  • impeccable form with follow through
  • cheese fries with ketchup aggressively mixed in (jb: are your arteries ok??)
  • victory aegyo dance after his second turkey 
  • tries to hard carry, but jackson and youngjae… just not good today


  • WOW mark, our team is amerithaikong but minus bam and also with youngjae and yugyeom!!!! 
  • uses the thing kids use to roll the ball 
  • screams “WAIT WAIT WAIT” as jb is about to bowl the ball 
  • effectively screws him up and the ball only gets to the halfway point of the gutter, and the worker has to go get it
  • did that 3 times 
  • requests the song bounce by their beloved jj project  (jb: aigoo, I had to do it, I signed a contract)


  • slippy slide feet shuffling on the slippery part of the lane
  • hey, hey, do you think i could get away with wearing my loafers 
  • brought gongi to play when it wasn’t his turn to bowl
  • “excuse me sir, you cannot wear your loafers on the lanes”
  • fingers got stuck in the smol ball 
  • i did that on purpose
  • pizza with fork and knife
  • practicing his form on the side with no ball 


  • gets a 60 but has the time of his life
  • was dared to do the never ever dance in the lane 
  • fell 
  • cheers for everyone and is super encouraging
  • woaaaaa is that a plushee crane game thing
  • spends $50 dollars trying to get a pusheen cat from the crane thing
  • rolled a really heavy ball really slowly and only knocked down the middle 8 pins
  • then rolled the next ball directly in the center of the remaining two pins (ot 7: GOAAAAAAL)


  • wait jackson hyung, I should have the pink ball because it matches my outfit better (jackson: this ball is a 16 lb ball)
  • chooses a more sensible 8 lb ball
  • eh but it’s orange
  • bumpers please
  • underhand rolled the ball with two hands between his legs pft LOL
  • but nobody was watching at the time, so it wasn’t funny 


  • called dibs on naming everyone!! 
  • jj project jaebummie, america boy, shorty, junior, oldjae, double b, prince yug
  • moonwalking 
  • ~after young jarkyeom loses~ mark hyung, I thought you never lost a single game (referring to hard carry)  hahahahahahhaha (mark: yah! we were on the same team)
  • put a ball underneath his sweater
  • hyungs…….. I am with child, be kind
170205 BTS EPISODE I.S.A.C. is not over yet...★


This is BTS’s Fanclub Representative!  ღ˘‿˘ற꒱

The New year’s special ISAC (Idol Star Athletic Championship) was featured on the MBC 2017 Lunar New Years Eve for the holidays.

Did you enjoy watching it?

Now is the time to be prepared!
(Applaud 3 times. Start now! Clapclapclap)

Let’s go together! (~˘▾˘)~

V took an oath as the representative of the team with a wonderful voice!!

ARMY’s heart, please don’t hurt yourselves during I.S.A.C.!
Work hard! Work hard!

I am the Hopparazzi (paparazzi) of this area!!!

#Hopparazzi #Title_V(pose)and_V_andthen_Hopparazzi_takes(pic)_(of)Jimparazzi(papparazzi)

#Hopparazzi #A_guy_flipping_a_water_bottle

The Prince of sleep(?)! Jin and his knights(?)

Then a closeup shot of the Eldest hyung’s picture, taken by the maknae

#JIMIN #Jimparazzi #The_handsomest_and_the_best #Minyoongihyung

#JIMIN #Jimparazzi #Always_Cheerful_and_Exciting #Kook

Director Kim (Taehyung)’s second film will be sports…..

If you met Hansung 1500 years ago, would you feel this good?!

Who are we? Attack on Yang. Gung. So. Nyeon. Dan (Archery Boys)

It’s a sin not look at cutie Namjoonie!!

It’s human nature to look at Suga’s charming selcas!!

If you ignore sope, it’s SopeSopehae! SopeSopehae! (referring to Twice’s Namuhae! Namuhae! in TT; 솝솝(Sope Sope) sounds like 섭섭(Seop Seoup) which means disappointed)

A rare item you can only find in BTS’s fancafe!
#ChimChim #HopeHope #HandsomeJin #CGV

(Tada) The best indoor game! BTS’s Gongi game has started (Tada)

Who will be the member to catch the most gongi? (+_+)/

Bang!Tan!Friends! you all did a great job! (clapclap)

Jiminie and Namjoonie’s cuteness wonhae~ mannimanni~ yap!!!

Hand~some is the best~🎶 Army, get. to. ge. ther!
(original BGM: Friends of Pororo)

Look this way or that way, Jimin is still very very handsome!
(original BGM: Little Dinosaur Dulli)

I plead you I plead you Army bomb I plead you! Please make BTS and ARMYs love each other forever ~blah blah~


New combination of Running Boys!


2, 3 it was BTS l!


★☆ BO.NU.S ☆★
For the ARMYs who came to encourage BTS,
Jimin and Jungkook drew a cute chicken drawing on the lunch box that was filled with BTS’s love! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

Lets do the good ones big! Big! and together!



Please take out with FULL CREDITS : ©peachBOY_0613

My final project for my Shakespeare’s Villains class. Ft. Ellen aka ff-whovian as King Richard (and tech support), my friend Courtney as Iago, and myself as Lady M as well as the announcer (and the lyricist). 


King Richard:
Now is the winter of our discontent
Nobody can deny all the time I’ve spent
Manipulatin’, orchestratin’, or’dring people dead
All to ensure the crown rests on my head

They call me bottled spider, but it’s cool, it’s all right
‘Cuz when I’m done you’re gonna fear the venom in my bite
I’m the baddest of the villains in the Shakespeare pantheon
What’s an ensign gonna do? Come at me! Bring it on!

Baddest villain? Please. I set the bar, you missed it
Your logic needs a crutch, ‘cuz like your spine it’s twisted
I’m the serpent in the shadows hissing out some pretty lies
You lump of foul deformity that dost infect mine eyes

I’m Honest Iago, valiant soldier, trusted friend
They only found out my deceptions at the end
All along everybody knew your greedy little plot
Real sneaky, Rich, a subtle schemer you’re not

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If the Eremika fandom gets much more toxic than it already is, ya’ll might just log on to Tumblr one day to see my blog no longer exists.

Just an FYI. I’m not going to waste my time, dealing with hateful message after hateful message, to defend a fandom that would turn around and tell someone to kill themselves over an honest mistake. I love Eremika, but I’m not gongi to tlerate this bullshit from fellow Eremika shippers anymore.

I’m really fucking not. And I’m not kidding, either. I am so angry right now. Today has been just horrid for me in every way imaginable, then I get on to Tumblr to see that a blog that exists for the sole purpose  of giving this ship something positive to enjoy is going to be deleted within a few days because of harassment.

This is not my fandom. This is not the fandom I’m going ot waste my time protecting. You fuckwits will attack someone that wanted to do something fun for the fandom, then you bitch that we’re always getting hate. Here’s an idea: appreciative what you fucking have.

I am so fucking angry.