If the Eremika fandom gets much more toxic than it already is, ya’ll might just log on to Tumblr one day to see my blog no longer exists.

Just an FYI. I’m not going to waste my time, dealing with hateful message after hateful message, to defend a fandom that would turn around and tell someone to kill themselves over an honest mistake. I love Eremika, but I’m not gongi to tlerate this bullshit from fellow Eremika shippers anymore.

I’m really fucking not. And I’m not kidding, either. I am so angry right now. Today has been just horrid for me in every way imaginable, then I get on to Tumblr to see that a blog that exists for the sole purpose  of giving this ship something positive to enjoy is going to be deleted within a few days because of harassment.

This is not my fandom. This is not the fandom I’m going ot waste my time protecting. You fuckwits will attack someone that wanted to do something fun for the fandom, then you bitch that we’re always getting hate. Here’s an idea: appreciative what you fucking have.

I am so fucking angry.