Dark - Late // Streets // Gongchan and Baro

Baro was walking down the streets tonight, going home late from the fire department. The city wasn’t as bright as usual nights, the streetlamps are bulbing weakly. Baro’s eyes wondering here and there, noticing not many people around. He then caught a night club nearby, but he just scorned at it, picturing some helpless people get drunk inside. He just pursued his lips together, and quickened his steps. He was nearly running, but he suddenly tripped over something and fell down. “Ooof!” He automatically yelled, and ended up letting out a long sigh. He fixed his position, was about to stand up, but as he saw and realized the what he had tripped over, he gasped and skidded himself backwards. A dead body. A man, perhaps, with fresh bloods all over his chest. Baro then quickly checked over himself, and what da heck he found some blood stains on his jeans. He let out another gasp as he heard a woman screaming nearby, “Call the police!! A murder! That boy murdered the man!" 

"WHOT?!! NO!! I DIDN’T! NO!” But the woman didn’t seem she wants to listen. She just kept screaming, drawing people around. Baro knows, that soon there will be cops coming. Sweats dripped down his cheeks as he tried to think of the best way to get himself out of the problem. If he just runaway, obviously people will think he’s indeed the murderer, but if he stays still, those cops will rain him with questions and they won’t believe his words that he didn’t do it. Baro then noticed something laying beside the dead man’s hand. He quickly took it. A police badge? This guy’s a cop? Whoever killed him, this guy must have confronted them, showing his badge or something.. Wait a minute. I got an idea! 

Baro coughed, clearing his throat as some policemen came towards him. He showed them the badge, saying, “Detective Cha Sun Woo, undercover.” He quickly stuffed the badge in his pocket, “I was on my serious investigation here and I just found this dead body. Identify him, while I’ll do some further investigations.” Without question, the policemen believed him and nodded with a ‘Yes Sir’ as Baro walked away. When he reached few meters already, he ran with a huge grin on his face. Thank God I’m saved! Yeah! Are those cops stupid? No way a real detective leaves crime scenes just like that, haha.. 

Baro kept running without paying attention on the road, and he bumped into a tall guy. “Oh..” he took few steps backwards and said, “I’m sorry.”

Horrible | Beach | Open

Bora gasped. Sweats dripped her frightened face as her eyes caught some people brutally chopping fishes they just caught with their web-like thing. Bora just doesn’t understand, why these creatures on the land tend to be so mean? Are all humans so mean?

Bora unconsciously covered her mouth with both hands as she saw one of them slipped few tiny fishes into his mouth. Those fishes were too small to be cut so that man just decide to munch them and swallow them.

Tears began to drip down, as she ran towards those creatures, was about to confront those people, although she’s not even sure she can do it or not. She felt an excruciating pain as she tripped and fell on the ground. Sands flew everywhere as she closed her eyes dealing with the pain. She opened one eye and glanced at the two feet which had caused the suffer. A scorn carved on her face.

“I’m not used to these things.” she thought. “Living on the land’s not as easy as it looks like…”

Dark Hallway. || Gongchan and Tao

Bringing his fist up, covering his yawning mouth, he kept himself walking down the streets. Blinking few times, causing his eyeballs to become a bit wet, the immortal began feeling bored. Taking some walks around the city, he just wanted to get to know the area better, since he just moved in. But nothing’s interesting on sight, so it wasn’t long until he decided to just visit his favorite place in the city, the night club. Unfortunately, the club’s pretty far from where he was now, but whatever. It’s better than just walking to nowhere drowning in boredom like this. 

Continued walking, his mind recalling the location of the club. Suddenly he stopped, his eyes were freezing, looking at the road below him, as he felt something from the outside flowing through his dark colored jacket, piercing through his skin deep into his bones. A really dark, cold demonic vibe. His eyebrows clutched, his teeth gritted, his eyes widened, each time he encounters a demon he always feels this way. Something to do with his traumatic past, the demon could be just any random demons or.. it could be that demon who promised. The demon who promised to end Tao’s immortality.

Forcing himself to walk again, following where the demonic aura came from. If this one’s really him… 

His steps quickened soon as he felt the vibe’s getting stronger, which means the demon was getting closer. He noticed some sort of dark hallway–so dark that he couldn’t even see the path–, and felt explosions of the dark aura radiated heavily from the direction. Without even thinking he ran himself blindly into the dark area, seeking for the creature.