Kylo’s official playlist and some very interesting choices

I’m very late to the party, but I only recently took some time to go through the SW official spotify playlist because I don’t have Spotify so I never happen to go there tbh. Rey’s playlist left me a bit ??? with some choices that look very OOC to me, but some others are truly on point.

But Kylo’s playlist is the real gem. First of all, I now looooove to imagine Kylo as a super dark rocker who shakes his long hair in time with some good hard rock music (this image is so funny, honestly). But mostly, the lyrics to many songs in his playlist are SO fitting and so… foreshadowing?

So I decided to put together the most interesting lyrics of Kylo’s playlist and underline the most striking ones related to Kylo’s relationship with Snoke/his family/Rey and his conflicting thoughts/foreshadowing of him turning back to the light side (?)  (without commenting them because it’d get too long, but often they’re so explicit that they don’t even need explanation). LLLLLeggo!


“I can’t go on this way
Not as I am today
The ugly side of me is strong

I left me long ago
Reasons you’ll never know
No one to miss me when I’m gone
With no more words to say
No argument to stay.
Another post I don’t belong

No home to call my own
No finding someone new
No one to break the fall
No one to see me through
No name to carry on

I see the man ripping at my soul now
I, I know the man
I know him all too well

There’s nothing here for free
Lost who I want to be
My serpent blood can strike so cold
On any given day
I’ll take it all away

Another thought I can’t control”

– This Means War (Avenged Sevenfold)


Remember the moment you left me alone and
Broke every promise you ever made

I was an ocean, lost in the open
Nothing could take the pain away”

– Throne (Bring Me The Horizon)


“I try to face the fight within
But it’s over
I’m ready for the riot to begin
And surrender

I walked the path that led me to the end
I’m caught beneath with nothing left to give

Grey skies will chase the light away no longer
I fought the fight now only dark remains
Divided I will stand
And I will let this end

– Angels Fall (Breaking Benjamin)


“I gave my everything
For all the wrong things
In this cold reality I made
This selfish war machine

Oh, this has become hell
How can I share this life
With someone else?

– Dark Side Of Me (Coheed And Cambria)


“Will I miss the final warning
From the lie that I have lived
Is there anybody calling
I can see the soul within
And I am not worthy
I am not worthy of this

Are you with me after all
Why can’t I hear you
Are you with me through it all
Then why can’t I feel you

Stay with me, don’t let me go
Because there’s nothing left at all
Stay with me, don’t let me go
Until the Ashes of Eden fall

Will the light begin to pull me
To its everlasting will?

I can hear the voices haunting
There is nothing left to fear
And I am still calling
I am still calling to you

Shine until there’s nothing left but you”

– Ashes Of Eden (Breaking Benjamin)


Your lies are fueled by your need for deceit
Too scared to speak
You’re only alive when you torture the weak
Now hear me roar

I will not take this anymore
These words will never be ignored
You want a battle
Here’s a war

– You Want A Battle? Here’s A War (Bullet For My Valentine)


I finally found her, and when I did I just couldn’t make things right.
Is this really happening? Oh, God, I think I just ruined my life.

What the fuck am I doing?
I can’t tell the difference from wrong and right.
I second guess my decisions
‘Cause I haven’t been this person in my whole life
I think I need something new here

Just know that it kills me
When I hear anything to do with you.

You won’t see it, but believe me,
I need to be right where you are.

And this kills me,
'Cause now I think that everything’s, everything’s about you”

– Out Of Time (A Day To Remember)


“And if I were you I’d fear me more than death himself, because when I am through with all I’ll do you’ll wish to burn in motherfucking hell.

This is our vengeance.
Orphan of broken dreams:
Your word isn’t what it seems.”

– Vengeance (Woe, Is Me)


Theres a pretty girl somewhere, with a pretty name
But I could never let you know how much this means
I swear we’ll end this war, cause we both know
It wasn’t worth fighting for

– A Cross And A Girl Named Blessed (Evans Blue)


“Am I brave enough?
Am I strong enough?
To follow the desire
That burns from within
To push away my fear
To stand where I’m afraid
I am through with this
Cuz I am more than this
I promise to myself
Alone and no one else
My flame is rising higher

I’ve been sacrificed
My hearts been cauterized

Hanging on to hope
Shackled by the ghost
Of what I once believed
That I could never be

I don’t believe I’ll fall from grace
Won’t let the past decide my fate
Leave forgiveness in my wake
Take the love that I’ve embraced”

– I Am The Fire (Halestorm)


“As I drag the Devil down
I will stand alone
No longer defeated

I’m falling to pieces
Stained and used
I know what I need and it’s not you

It’s not you”

– Defeated (Breaking Benjamin)


“If you don’t love me
You don’t love anybody
Ain’t you glad it’s you?

There are things I know we should better not do 
but I know you could
Sleep with me
And we’d still be friends
Or I know
I’ll go insane

Love is the answer
I’ll go insane

Wish me luck
This was a hard year
And I can’t see
No brighter future
Wish me luck
I saw the answer
It was a girl

– The Answer (Savages)


“Feel me now
Hold me please
I need you to see who I am
Open up to me
Stop hiding from me
It’s hurting babe
Only you can stop the pain”

– Dead Inside (Muse)


“It seems that all that was good has died
And is decaying in me”

– Down With The Sickness (Disturbed)


“I have a home
Longing to roam
I have to find you
I have to meet you

Signs of your face
Slowing your pace
I need your guidance
I need to seek my innervision


My pupils dance
Lost in a trance
Your sacred silence
Losing all violence

Stars in their place
Mirror your face
I need to find you
I need to seek my innervision

– Innervision (System Of A Down)


“I’m not a martyr, I’m not a prophet,
And I won’t preach to you, but here’s a caution;
You better understand, that I won’t hold your hand,
But if it helps you mend, then I won’t stop it.

Drown if you want, and I’ll see you at the bottom,
Where you’ll crawl on my skin and put the blame on me, so you don’t feel a thing

– Cochise (Audioslave)


“Cause you do
What you’re told
But inside your heart it is black and it’s hollow and it’s cold 

Just how deep do you believe?
Will you bite the hand that feeds?
Will you chew until it bleeds?
Can you get up off your knees?
Are you brave enough to see?
Do you want to change it?”

– The Hand That Feeds (Nine Inch Nails)


Now who’s the light and who is the devil? You can’t decide so i’ll be your guide
And one by one they will be hand chosen,
Now this is what it’s like when worlds collide”

– When Worlds Collide (Powerman 5000)


“I reach for calm
I starve for a balance unknown
This burden tortures me deep in my soul

I’ve found that strife won’t make the bleeding stop
Nor will it take away the pain
I feel like this search is all in vain
And I struggle to find my way

Guilt buries me alive
In a coffin - criticized
I shouldered the blame and dug this hole for me to lay in”

– Strife (Trivium)


Phew, this was a long post! Can’t wait to use some of these quotes on my next edits. What’s your personal favorite?

Fluffy Michael Mell

THIS IS FOR YOU ANON WHO’S GF BROKE UP WITH THEM!! I also may project the fuck out of this cuz i’ve been having a bad few days and I need Fluff with Mikey! Btw, Mikey’s your boyfriend, literally everything I do with him, it’ll be he’s reader’s boyfriend, best friend with benefits, husband or ya know… so yeah! ~🐳

  • You had a shitty day, nothing is going right
  • Your dad is drunk and starts a a screaming-match with your brother (or sister or mother if you’re an only child) when you get home from school
  • School is overwhelming and all you want to do is curl up and just die
  • Taking your phone in your hands, you shakily text Michael to come get you from your house
  • “Michael, I need you to come get me from my house”
  • You curl up on your bed, looking at your phone
  • “Of course, beautiful what’s happened?”
  • “My dad, just come get me pls i’ll explain when you get me”
  • “Ok sweetheart, be there in ten minutes”

  • The ten minutes go by at such a slow crawl
  • It feels like an eternity before you get the text from Michael saying that he’s at your house
  • Gathering some clothes and all your school stuff, along with your phone charger, you quietly sneak out of your bedroom window
  • Thankfully your bedroom is on the ground floor
  • Silently, you sneak through your backyard and like lightning, you are gone
  • With the stealth of an assassin in those Assassin’s Creed games you play, you open the back gate, gently close it and disappear into the darkness

  • Sprinting to Michael’s PT Cruiser parked outside your house, you jump in, quietly closing the door
  • “Go, go, go!” you exclaim
  • Not having to be told twice, Michael steps on the gas and the two of you speed off to his house
  • Reaching over, he takes your hand in his and asks worriedly, “Beautiful, what happened?”
  • Your voice is shaky as you answer your caramel-skinned boyfriend “My dad is drunk and he’s screaming with my family and I just… I can’t take it right now”
  • Bringing your hand up to his face, he presses a comforting kiss to the back of your hand, saying, “It’s okay, baby, you can stay at my house tonight and I’m sure my parents won’t mind my beautiful girl staying a while should you need to”
  • You sigh shakily, but relieved as he says this
  • “Thanks, Michael… you- you’re the best”

  • The two of you arrive at his house and he immediately drags you to his room
  • He pulls you onto the bed wear he just pulls you into his chest and strokes your hair, wrapping his other hand and arm around your waist
  • The moment he starts stroking your hair in the most comforting way, you burst into sobs
  • Grabbing a fistful of his iconic red hoodie, you openly sob into his chest
  • Michael coos into your hair, the hand stroking your hair moves down and starts rubbing gentle circles into your back
  • “It’s okay, baby… you’re away from it right now, and you won’t have to go back anytime tonight. I’ve got you”
  • “I-it, it’s not even just my, my… my dad!! It’s everything, Michael” you cry into his chest, being muffled by the hoodie

  • He kisses your hair and brings the hand on your waist up to your face
  • Tilting your head up, he looks into your eyes, saying “What else is there, gorgeous? You know it pains me to see you cry like this”
  • Sniffling and stuttering, you answer “Sc-school… life… my dad… everything”
  • Leaning forward, Michael presses a kiss to your forehead gently
  • “Well, I am here to help in whatever way I can”
  • Your heart swells with happiness and for a moment, you forget about the frustrations of life
  • Rubbing your eyes and face with your oversized gray jacket’s sleeve, you’re left smiling
  • “You… you’re the best, Michael and I can’t thank you enough!” you exclaim before pressing your lips to his in a brief, chaste kiss

  • He smiles at your smile and pulls you into a hug
  • “Anything for you, gorgeous; I love being able to make you smile in the midst of you sobbing”
  • Blushing, you nuzzle for face into his chest, pulling your body up against his
  • You nod furiously as you snuggle into him further
  • “Hey, (y/n)” he begins
  • Looking up from his chest you hum a “mmm?”
  • Glancing down at your cute post-cry face, he continues, “Would you want to go get slushies once the redness of your eyes and nose dies down? Maybe we could get some sushi, too?”
  • Chuckling, you answer him “I would love that, Mikey”

  • An hour passes and the red puffiness of your eyes and nose is gone
  • Michael and you had migrated downstairs so you could watch tv
  • Looking at you, Michael says, “Hey, look! You aren’t red anymore! Ready for slushies?”
  • Your eyes look at your boyfriend and you laugh, “Yeah… I’ve been craving a (fav/flavor) slushie all afternoon! Let’s go!”
  • You and Michael jump off the couch, put on your shoes and go get slushies and sushi

  • And you ended up staying with him for a few days because you couldn’t deal with the constant screaming-matches your drunken father starts
  • Michael’s family fully accepts you and even allows to stay with him
  • Mostly because they know he is the only person who can calm you down if you start crying and/or panicking
  • But, they’re super duper loving towards you and treat you like you and Michael have gotten married or something
  • Full acceptance into the family for those few days you spend with them

anonymous asked:

I don't think there's any question that Claudius is a bad person, but I think there might be a case that he actually makes a good ruler, possibly even better than the old Hamlet was— is there anything that can help us judge Claudius as a ruler from the play?

Because we never actually meet King Hamlet (unless you count a slightly dodgy ghost), it’s hard to make a direct comparison of the two kings. But there are some indications of the difference between the brothers, and many have argued as you have: that Claudius is a good ruler.

King Hamlet is presented very much as a warrior king. He’s renowned for his martial prowess, such as ‘the combat, in which our valiant Hamlet / (For so this side of our known world esteemed him) / Did slay this Fortinbras’ (1.1.82-84). His ghost even appears in armour, ‘that fair and warlike form / In which the majesty of buried Denmark / Did sometimes march?’ (1.1.46-48; ‘sometimes’ here means ‘formerly’), indeed,

the very armour he had on
When he the ambitious Norway combated.
So frowned he once, when in an angry parle
He smote the sledded Polacks on the ice. (1.1.59-62)

What we can glean from this is that Hamlet was a strong, valorous medieval king who would engage in one-to-one combat and whose martial actions expanded his territory.

Claudius’ approach to the challenges of war is considerably different. It’s evident from Horatio and Marcellus’ conversation in the first scene that Denmark is preparing to go to war with young Fortinbras. But Claudius avoids war by writing ‘To Norway, uncle of young Fortinbras’ (1.2.28), in an attempt to get the old man to stop his nephew. Even though this is a different situation to the one in which King Hamlet fought, altogether Claudius appears to be one for diplomacy and argument rather than military action. 

Even aside from the Fortinbras problem, this first appearance of Claudius reveals a lot. The fact that he gives Cornelius and Voltemand ‘no further personal power / To business with the King more than the scope / Of these delated articles allow’ (1.2.36-38) shows that he rules a tight Kingdom with strict control. But the main thing is his treatment of King Hamlet’s death:

so far hath discretion fought with nature
That we with wisest sorrow think on him
Together with remembrance of ourselves.
Therefore our sometime sister, now our Queen,
Th'imperial jointress to this warlike state,
Have we, as ‘twere with a defeated joy,
With an auspicious and a dropping eye,
With mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage,
In equal scale weighing delight and dole,
Taken to wife. Nor have we herein barred
Your better wisdoms, which have freely gone
With this affair along. (1.2.5-16)

This sounds fine on the surface, but he’s using many equivocations. ‘Wise sorrow’ suggests sorrow that’s not heartfelt enough to affect his rationality, and ‘remembrance of ourselves’ – a pithy aphorism in itself – essentially indicates the importance of his self-interest over mourning. The oxymoronic descriptions such as ‘defeated joy’ and 'mirth in funeral and dirge in marriage’ allow him to pay lip-service to the dead by insisting on the hardness of his situation, but really suggest that he has neither celebrated nor mourned properly. The fact that Claudius has made sure to consult the ‘wisdoms’ of his advisors in all of this shows that he’s been careful in his to make sure he can’t be held solely responsible for what he knows to be a problematic marriage, as his acknowledgement that his Queen was his ‘sometime sister’ shows. I won’t go into much more detail because this is getting long, but another section that’s worth looking at for Claudius’ argumentative strategy is Act 4 and his general treatment of Laertes’ rebellion and revenge plot.

It’s difficult to make a qualitative judgement about whether Claudius is a better ruler than King Hamlet because they have very different approaches to kingship and are hard to compare. Each approach has its own merits: there is a rebellion led under Claudius’ reign, which Claudius successfully disarms, as he does Fortinbras’ invasion; but King Hamlet actually expanded his territories sand fought himself instead of just ordering forces. It’s also unclear how the lives of the people they rule have been affected by the different kings  – or even how they feel about their rulers – given that we don’t see or hear much of the common folk except in Laertes’ rebellion and the gravediggers. You might say that Hamlet senior is the image of the medieval warrior king, where Claudius is an excellent politician. Even though they’re brothers, it’s almost a generational difference rather than a difference of quality.

  • It is the reedition!
  • Hell yes it’s Perez, my color quality worries are gone
  • With Ariga supervising, too, just in case
  • New cover illustrations for every quarterly volume

I guess the only question left is where we need to pile offerings to make Ariga’s Cossack sidestories happen…


Kings of Suburbia

and secret messages…

Stormy Weather

The end of our zone
Undetected, alone

One more wish
One more stop
One last touch
Before we hide and run

Run Run Run

I wonder how your body tastes
Inside of someone else’s place
Pull away your eyes there’s nothing left to heal
I’m alone but I know everything you feel

Tell me how you closed the door
Knowin’ nobody could love you more
Tellin’ all your friends that this love
Was just made for bleedin’
Hung up underwater but still keep on
Tryin’ to breath in

Our lust for fightin’
Tied up in silence

And you waited on the rain
Through tears my heart is caged
And we fall through fate
But we rise and rise again
And I run, run, run, run, run

Love Who Loves You Back

What’s underneath the moon and stars
What’s underneath our clothes we are
Hiding what we wanna share
Take my hand I’ll take you there

There’s a call in the wild
There’s a snake in your bed

And it’s telling you something

Yeah I like it like that
When you’re feeling lonely
Go help yourself
Do whatever you desire

Covered In Gold

I like you simple, I like the way you walk
You liked me simple, you fell for the way I talk
You were making me high, I didn’t know it wasn’t meant to last
I turn the lights down, hearts can fall out of love

Falling in and out of love is a part of us
I keep hanging on to secret promises
You broke me apart, like a shattered glass
Our love is gross but I’m covered in gold, gold, gold, gold
Covered in gold, gold, gold
Covered in gold

But I can’t let you go, put your heart on repeat
Remember love, remember me

Girl Got A Gun

Time that we, have the talk
Are we on, are we off
On the phone, reality
Every word, is killin’ me
Dirty bitch, beautiful
Treat me like, animal
You changing rooms, I never knew
Let me get, over you

Kings Of Suburbia

We are young
With open eyes
Blinded by
The citylights

Lose control
To feel alive

Just another day
In paradise

Diamond Sky
Diamond Sky
You and I
You and I

Have you heard
The silent scream
Boys and girls
Born to be free
Love is our gasoline
Livin’ on this endless dream

Diamond Sky
Diamond Sky
You and I
You and I 

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot

Courage to change the
Things I can and wisdom to
know the difference

We Found Us

Fire in the sky, shadows unite
The world is outside, we hide
Beats fight a war
Close the door, close the door
Searching for the cure on the floor

We found us, us
In this club, club
We found us, us
It hurts but it feels right

Tears falling down
Underground, underground
Following the sound of the crowd
Reflection of the light
In your eyes, in your eyes

We are rising high, tonight!

We don’t care, we don’t care
It hurts but it feels right


One night, one scream, one echo
Silence louder than before
One tear of blood on the floor
Cold wind through my broken door

Dead all the pain that we shared,
dead all the glory we had.
It’s over it’s over but I always be
Lost in today in the past,
Lost in the future we had.
It’s over, it’s over but I’ll always be
Invaded by you
, invaded by you.

Home, come home
Home, come home

Louder Than Love

Lightin’ up the map to our escape
I can hear your damaged heart
screamin’ through your eyes
Hush the pain away


To the people
in the new world
Haven’t you heard
Everybody’s got a great life
We’re living in the blur

In time - we hide
in a masquerade of heroes

We’re the people
of the new world

belonging nowhere
Happy New Year
celebrate yourself
We’ll get what we deserve

Dancing In The Dark

Another random night
Try to feel alive
I keep runnin’ on
Away from the sun
Haunted by your shade
A permanent ache
Try to find myself
But the feeling is gone

With every breath I take
I lose my intuition
Drownin’ in teardrops
Fight against the lust
Pictures of the past
The pain comes
Crashing down on me
I remember us
But those feelings are wrong

Snow blows through my mind
It makes you comin’ back to me
Just that one more time
But your feelings are gone

Why can’t you fight about us
Why can’t we fight about us
Why can’t you fight about us
Why can’t we fight about us

We’re innocent creatures
That’s what they want to teach us
Forget to tell you what to do when
All your feelings are gone

The Heart Get No Sleep

You said it’s okay,
I said I’m happy.
Come love me like you love me
Just one more time

And I could set the world on fire,
Just to see you come undone.
I’m falling but it feels like flying,
Into the daylight, into the daylight.

I trip in fantasy,
We’re burning diamonds.
Feel so united,
You hurt like love.

We keep our secrets,
I shoot rockets through the silence.
Touch me like a ritual,
Just take it all - come take it all.

The heart get no sleep
Love me, come love me.
The heart get no sleep,
Love me, like we’ve never been hurt.

Great Day

Yeah my heart is open
and my eyes are swollen
It is way too hard to see
And my head is in clouds
but your voice is too loud
Only cigarrettes to breathe
The sun will follow our way
Can you feel it?
Our shadows disappear
Gone forever

We don’t belong to anyone
All we are has come undone

I’m at someone else’s place
It doesn’t matter
Take the memories away
And I’ll be better
Shoot a rocket to the sky
Think of us and let it fly

Come and let go
Don’t remember
All the days that
were meant to last forever
Come and let go
Don’t remember
All that counts now
Ahead of us forever

cosmic-creep-deactivated2016062  asked:

Why are you and ape man so rude to fishboy

You Worke Up In The Pasture
A Friendlty Giant Wawats Your Awake
His Booming Snout Proclaims You “Snorch Of Ignorance”
Wise Man Rest His Paw On Your Head “Begone Foul Stiinky” 
The Wind Rustles, And Pastures Gone

With Night And Loss Of Safe Pasture, Danger Lurk Begins
“Mistakes Were Made” The Yongest Snorps “Mistaken Man”