Dean Oneshots

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You have a decision to make.
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The Unknown Son


Kings of Suburbia

and secret messages…

Stormy Weather

The end of our zone
Undetected, alone

One more wish
One more stop
One last touch
Before we hide and run

Run Run Run

I wonder how your body tastes
Inside of someone else’s place
Pull away your eyes there’s nothing left to heal
I’m alone but I know everything you feel

Tell me how you closed the door
Knowin’ nobody could love you more
Tellin’ all your friends that this love
Was just made for bleedin’
Hung up underwater but still keep on
Tryin’ to breath in

Our lust for fightin’
Tied up in silence

And you waited on the rain
Through tears my heart is caged
And we fall through fate
But we rise and rise again
And I run, run, run, run, run

Love Who Loves You Back

What’s underneath the moon and stars
What’s underneath our clothes we are
Hiding what we wanna share
Take my hand I’ll take you there

There’s a call in the wild
There’s a snake in your bed

And it’s telling you something

Yeah I like it like that
When you’re feeling lonely
Go help yourself
Do whatever you desire

Covered In Gold

I like you simple, I like the way you walk
You liked me simple, you fell for the way I talk
You were making me high, I didn’t know it wasn’t meant to last
I turn the lights down, hearts can fall out of love

Falling in and out of love is a part of us
I keep hanging on to secret promises
You broke me apart, like a shattered glass
Our love is gross but I’m covered in gold, gold, gold, gold
Covered in gold, gold, gold
Covered in gold

But I can’t let you go, put your heart on repeat
Remember love, remember me

Girl Got A Gun

Time that we, have the talk
Are we on, are we off
On the phone, reality
Every word, is killin’ me
Dirty bitch, beautiful
Treat me like, animal
You changing rooms, I never knew
Let me get, over you

Kings Of Suburbia

We are young
With open eyes
Blinded by
The citylights

Lose control
To feel alive

Just another day
In paradise

Diamond Sky
Diamond Sky
You and I
You and I

Have you heard
The silent scream
Boys and girls
Born to be free
Love is our gasoline
Livin’ on this endless dream

Diamond Sky
Diamond Sky
You and I
You and I 

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot

Courage to change the
Things I can and wisdom to
know the difference

We Found Us

Fire in the sky, shadows unite
The world is outside, we hide
Beats fight a war
Close the door, close the door
Searching for the cure on the floor

We found us, us
In this club, club
We found us, us
It hurts but it feels right

Tears falling down
Underground, underground
Following the sound of the crowd
Reflection of the light
In your eyes, in your eyes

We are rising high, tonight!

We don’t care, we don’t care
It hurts but it feels right


One night, one scream, one echo
Silence louder than before
One tear of blood on the floor
Cold wind through my broken door

Dead all the pain that we shared,
dead all the glory we had.
It’s over it’s over but I always be
Lost in today in the past,
Lost in the future we had.
It’s over, it’s over but I’ll always be
Invaded by you
, invaded by you.

Home, come home
Home, come home

Louder Than Love

Lightin’ up the map to our escape
I can hear your damaged heart
screamin’ through your eyes
Hush the pain away


To the people
in the new world
Haven’t you heard
Everybody’s got a great life
We’re living in the blur

In time - we hide
in a masquerade of heroes

We’re the people
of the new world

belonging nowhere
Happy New Year
celebrate yourself
We’ll get what we deserve

Dancing In The Dark

Another random night
Try to feel alive
I keep runnin’ on
Away from the sun
Haunted by your shade
A permanent ache
Try to find myself
But the feeling is gone

With every breath I take
I lose my intuition
Drownin’ in teardrops
Fight against the lust
Pictures of the past
The pain comes
Crashing down on me
I remember us
But those feelings are wrong

Snow blows through my mind
It makes you comin’ back to me
Just that one more time
But your feelings are gone

Why can’t you fight about us
Why can’t we fight about us
Why can’t you fight about us
Why can’t we fight about us

We’re innocent creatures
That’s what they want to teach us
Forget to tell you what to do when
All your feelings are gone

The Heart Get No Sleep

You said it’s okay,
I said I’m happy.
Come love me like you love me
Just one more time

And I could set the world on fire,
Just to see you come undone.
I’m falling but it feels like flying,
Into the daylight, into the daylight.

I trip in fantasy,
We’re burning diamonds.
Feel so united,
You hurt like love.

We keep our secrets,
I shoot rockets through the silence.
Touch me like a ritual,
Just take it all - come take it all.

The heart get no sleep
Love me, come love me.
The heart get no sleep,
Love me, like we’ve never been hurt.

Great Day

Yeah my heart is open
and my eyes are swollen
It is way too hard to see
And my head is in clouds
but your voice is too loud
Only cigarrettes to breathe
The sun will follow our way
Can you feel it?
Our shadows disappear
Gone forever

We don’t belong to anyone
All we are has come undone

I’m at someone else’s place
It doesn’t matter
Take the memories away
And I’ll be better
Shoot a rocket to the sky
Think of us and let it fly

Come and let go
Don’t remember
All the days that
were meant to last forever
Come and let go
Don’t remember
All that counts now
Ahead of us forever

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Why are you and ape man so rude to fishboy

You Worke Up In The Pasture
A Friendlty Giant Wawats Your Awake
His Booming Snout Proclaims You “Snorch Of Ignorance”
Wise Man Rest His Paw On Your Head “Begone Foul Stiinky” 
The Wind Rustles, And Pastures Gone

With Night And Loss Of Safe Pasture, Danger Lurk Begins
“Mistakes Were Made” The Yongest Snorps “Mistaken Man”