Angels walk among us. With crooked halos and shattered wings, they walk among us and try to remember what it felt like to be holy. Stretching out their arms and reminding themselves of what it felt like to soar.

Gods walk among us. Trapped inside too small bodies with nothing but the memories of when they were everything, and dream of the worlds and empires they helped forge. Their hands had once built galaxies, but now seemed so small.

Aliens walk among us. From far away worlds and twinkling stars, they carry on and wonder how they had gotten so far from home. One day they know they’ll traverse this galaxy once again, but until then they must make do with Earth.

Fae walk among us. Who try to remember their people, their customs, their dances, in a world that is convinced that they are children’s tales, and no more. Desperately trying to become themselves again, wondering if it was all simply a prank gone wrong, or something worse.

Forests walk among us. Those who remember their trees, their plants, the animals they kept safe under their canopy. Now they can only hope their small friends stay safe, until they can take care of them all again.

Animals walk among us. Wondering why they were stuck on two legs with none of their fur or feathers, scales or shells. Questioning why their voices suddenly are so wrong, so different from the cries they used to make. Surrounding themselves with whatever they can that reminds them of their home.

Ghosts walk among us. Clothed in flowing white and shadowy blues, wandering through areas that used to be solely theirs. They can no longer phase or float, but they make do. They have to.

Dragons walk among us. On feet without the claws they remember, and with heads held high despite the missing horns and fangs. They clamber forwards, rebuilding their hoard with every step of the way.

Dolls walk among us. Those with faded felt and chipped ceramics alike wondering why they were suddenly flesh. Looking over themselves and realizing their bodies were suddenly softer then they ever were, more sturdy then they ever were.

Galaxies walk among us. Made of star stuff and moonshine, infinitely growing forces trapped in too small bodies. Remembering what it felt like to span light years and wondering who had managed to trap supernovas into flesh and blood.

Monsters walk among us. In every shape and size; they walk; slither; crawl; and remember the days they were feared, and wonder if they really want that back. If they would want it back after finally being treated as a living creature with as much right to exist as anyone else.

Betrayers walk among us. With guilt-ridden hearts and regretful eyes. Who reassure themselves that it was the right thing to do, not quite sure if they believe themselves.

Saviors walk among us. With a shine in their eyes and smiles on their lips, reassuring all they come across that one day the sun will shine and all with be right once again.

Rebels walk among us. Causes long ago forgotten, but with fires still raging in their hearts. Challenging anything and everything. Unrest and revolutions follow them wherever they tread. Chaos and freedom, mixed together.

Survivors walk among us. Soldiers with nothing left to fear, who have instincts as their guide and luck on their side. Walking forward unafraid, because they’ve done this all before.

Immortals walk among us. Souls laden with sorrow, heartbreak slipping through their eyes. They know by now not to get close, but do so anyways because its the only thing that makes them feel anymore.

Soldiers walk among us. Hands itching for weapons they no longer have, tense with instincts they no longer need. Wondering why their body is so unmarred and unbroken. They had always done their best, but now they no longer knew if that was good enough. If it ever was good enough.

Children walk among us. Lost and afraid, they march forward, with the weights of a thousand impossibilities on their shoulders. These children are forgotten, and they would prefer to stay that way.

Cursed-folk walk among us. With cautious eyes and doubtful tones, who know that the world is against them now more than ever. Everything comes with a price, and they wonder if their price was truly worth it.

Mages walk among us. Hands of their magical tools of choice, ready to pull them out if necessary to defend or attack. Scared because this was the land their ancestors were killed in. Courageous because they continue forwards anyways.

Travelers walk among us. Those who took a wrong turn and found themselves in a world that isn’t theirs, hoping to one day find the way back. Strength rings through them, for they know they cannot- will not -stop until they reach their home.

Chosen Ones walk among us. Remembering what it felt like to be The One, The Savior, The Last Hope of their worlds- and wondering why that responsibility was ever thrust on them in the first place. Wondering why they had been abandoned back in their old world after fighting so hard for the one they had made their home.

Spirits walk among us. Spirits who see others like them in the corner of their eyes. Spirits who meet up in quiet secret places and remember, together, what it felt like to be themselves. Reassuring each other that one day they will all go Home.

Unicorns walk among us. Even with their horns no longer there, there is no doubt magic runs through them. They are blessed creatures, and they know it. Stars and sunlight glisten in their eyes, and every step plants flowers. 

Demons walk among us. Still feeling the darkness in their blood, and the calls of others like them. Hell fire and brimstone smells dance on the breeze, luring them away. Luring them back home.

Dire Wolves walk among us. Even without their pack, they are fierce. Every step a calculation, every move planned.The hunt is on, and it looks like you are the prey. Get ready to run.

Dinosaurs walk among us. Long gone though they are, the continue forward. With pasts surrounded by mystery and unknowing. They are a varied folk, from carnivores to herbivores and everything in between. Large and small alike they fight on.

Winged Ones walk among us. Backs aching from wings they don’t have- limbs they haven’t had in a long time. The sky calls to them, begging them to come home, but they cannot reply. Stuck on the ground, staring hopefully up at the sky- one day they might go home, but not yet, not today.

Glitches walk among us. Scratches on the disk of reality, blips in the world. Tilt your head, look at them from a wrong angle- they might just be lens flares, might just be tricks of the imagination. The world warps around a being that is not there, that shouldn’t be there.

Hellhounds walk among us. Hellfire sprouts from their paths, infernos blaze just under their skin. Embers burn their paws, soot stains their fur. Wildness stirs in their hearts, urges them forward. Feral creatures, born from fire and darkness.

Vampires walk among us. Fangs stained red with blood that is not theirs. Pale as untouched snow, with hearts as dark as the night they rule. Voids twist around them, cloaking them in their shadows. Look out for too sharp grins at midnight, watch your steps.

Elements walk among us. Raging winds, blazing flames, crushing earth, and surging waters rush together. Combining to make impossible possibilities, incredible worlds, exploding worlds. Elements that made up entire worlds now spinned into bones.

The Undead walk among us. Shuffling and stuttering, wondering if this makes them undead undead. Flesh now whole and bones unbroken, feeling their heartbeat course through their veins once again, feeling the air filling their lungs once again. 

Werefolk walk among us. Bodies no longer shifting as they once did, permanently stuck on their two legs, for better or for worse. From all walks of life, they shifted into anything and everything. They do what they can to remind themselves of what if had felt like to themselves again.

Starseeds walk among us. Those that have lived only a few lives and those that have lived hundreds walking together. Taking the same steps they’ve taken who knows how many times before. Memories trickle back to them, small ones and big ones alike replaying in their minds. Doing their best to remember their mission and goals.

Mermaids walk among us. Although, maybe walk would be the wrong word. Figuring out how to walk on separate limbs that used to be one. Feeling most at home when submerged in water, sometimes forgetting their new bodies need oxygen. Strong arms and new legs propelling them through water, making them relearn a skill that they’d known since birth.

Death Omens walk among us. Afraid if their mere presence curses everyone around them. Keeping to themselves, just in case. Wondering how much of their past life carries on to their new life. Afraid that their mere touch could end lives, wondering if its their fault every time catastrophe hits.

Psychopomps walk among us. Remembering their jobs, remembering their duty. Even when they hated it, they remember what that must do. Both an impartial guide and a guardian protector. It was not their job to judge, simply to provide a safe passage from here to whatever lies beyond. Smiling in the face of death, knowing that they are not here for them.

Shadows walk among us. Twisting and shifting, not solid forms but far from intangible. They are everywhere and nowhere all at once, watching on to every act, recording passively that actions of others, while also defending those in need, actively stepping out to protect. They are the night and the stars, and yet also the shifting woods and deadly blades that flash in the shade. They are, and they aren’t.

Prisoners walk among us. Remembering shackles and chains holding them back, holding them down. Forced in cages and cells, forced to repent. But now- now they are free. They are free to walk and speak and run. Every part of their soul sings. Shackles now rusted off, chains now broken- they have no intentions of ever putting them back on.

Robots walk among us. Rusty joints and electricity running through them. Mechanical men, made to work with no need for sustenance. Inorganic beings with artificial intelligence, making themselves better, making themselves evolve. Their jobs are not yet done.

Seers walk among us. They watch, wide eyed and humbled, at the creatures who walk around them. Wings and horns and twisted bits, wandering through crowded streets. Their oddities, invisible to most, show bright and clear to the perceptive eyes of those who watch.

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Gansey touched his lower lip very gently. He lowered his hand, and he said, “Wake up.”
He said it like he had said stop earlier. He said it in a voice Adam had heard countless times, a voice he could never not listen to.
The beasts woke.
                               // Blue Lily, Lily Blue, chapter 47.

Make way for the Raven King.
The last tree fell, and the forest was gone, and everything was absolutely silent.
Blue touched Gansey’s face. She whispered, “Wake up.”
                               // The Raven King, chapter 67.


The Legacy of Emperor Tsao

Emperor Tsao’s short reign was unremarkable by the standards of the ordinarily bloodthirsty mogu dynasties, notable mostly for administrative reorganization.

He did, however, leave a lasting legacy to the pandaren people. By imperial edict, pandaren slaves were permitted to read, write, and establish their own schools.

While many mogu monuments were removed after the revolution, Emperor Tsao’s likeness remains here on the coast, greeting the sun every morning and looking over the people he helped to save.

And the danger was always there. But he didn't care. Or maybe he didn't know.

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Ugh i just keep imagining season 7 Dean losing Cas. And not just losing Cas; but also everything they could've been. All the unspoken things between them that they'll never say now, dragged down into that lake with Cas. Dean bitterly knowing he'll never have whatever it is they had with anyone else again and oh god, when he's not feeling pain about it there's just this void and he doesn't know which is worse so he drinks to quiet them both. Bet he never imagined he'd hear "i love you" from Cas.

You… you know I’m watching 12.12 right now, right? That I just watched the “I love you” like 9 times, and I was already in a seriously compromised state.

(s7 is just about the piniest bs you can possibly imagine short of the second half of s11 and holy crackers i have now lost the ability to can and am just sitting here staring at the wall whyyyyyyyyyy)


Surprise, surprise, I actually wrote some snowbaz. It’s not very good and doesn’t really have a plot so much as it’s just Baz’s dramatic inner monologue. It’s really short but I haven’t written snowbaz in forever so I’m a little rusty. Pls be kind to me and do not yell at me if it’s shit i will cri

Simon Snow was a wonder to love.

How had Baz survived all these years in such close proximity to a star? Simon was a bomb with a 5-mile blast zone that he never meant to detonate. Simon was a forest fire from a camping trip gone wrong, burning down the surrounding trees inside Baz’s heart until it reached the core. It sizzled his heart until all that was left were its charred remains and a weakness left in its place. Simon was a dangerous gas that arose from two chemicals mixed together that should never have touched each other, and now, Baz was choking on his own air.

But Simon, no, Simon never even meant for anything like that to happen. He never meant to become the next atomic bomb. It wasn’t his fault he had been born into lethality.

And it wasn’t his fault he wound up having someone like Baz love him.

But Simon was so much more than a bomb, than a fire, than a gas. He was freckled constellations and a heart-melting smile. He was a walking calamity with a beautiful ending. He was the subtlest hint of smoke and he was power without control. Oh god, he was power. What must it feel like to have so much power? To be Simon Snow?

Baz supposed it felt like holding his hand, like kissing him, like lying in a bed side by side with him. He supposed it was the same kind of thrill being in close proximity to Simon gave him, the same thrill knowing Simon Snow loved him as well.

Simon Snow was a wonder to love.

Frozen! Michael

So I switched it up a bit, Y/N and Michael’s storyline is different to Anna and Kristoff’s, but the roles are the same so Y/N is a Princess and Michael sells ice. 

Words: 6.8K 


Summary: Y/N is the Princess of Arendelle, sister of the Ice Prince Ashton. She’s always disliked Michael, mainly because he disliked her. After 5 years of not seeing each other due to Y/N being on a Princess trip around the world, things get strange when she has to pick a Prince to marry.


I was the Princess Y/N of Arendelle. A Princess. I did not expect to be treated like this, especially starting a new school. I had gone into the forest, expecting to read a book by the riverside as it was now summer. Plus my brother, Ashton the Prince of Arendelle never liked to come out of his room. I was 14 and I wasn’t the best looking Princess but being jabbed in the side constantly wasn’t very nice. I had managed to get around halfway through the forest before tripping over a rock. Then Michael came out with his stupid moose or it might have been a reindeer Sven and started bothering me like always. 

“Please get away from me” I groaned walking towards the glimmering water that I could see between the tree’s. I sped up my footing trying to get away from the blonde boy. Me and Michael had been like this for a while, he was the annoying kid with no parents and talked to rocks. At first when we met ages ago I felt bad for him, that was before he shoved a frog in my face and placed it on my hair. 

“But why?” he giggled, treading on the backs of my shoes. Which happen to be my favourite pumps that my mum bought me for the royal ball. I turned round a glared at him. 

“Because you’re annoying me” Michael was still the most annoying kid ever with his green eye’s and blonde hair, he was certainly no Prince material. I rolled my eye’s and skipped to the lake, outrunning Michael. I got down to the tree near the lake and sat against it, the bark most likely rubbing up my dress.  The lake appeared as if by magic as I crested the ridge. It was in teardrop-silver in colour and it was shaped like a perfectly flat disc of metal. No sound rang out from the shimmering emptiness of space around it. Monastery quiet, it was lined with pine trees and the whiff of mint wafted around. 

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Signs: In a Fantasy Story (1)

Aries: Princess/Prince next in line to be queen/king. Hero/Heroine/Protagonist. Lacks confidence, and is cowardly at first, but with training and support they learn how to excel in combat and magic casting. They become a bit cocky and high spirited due to discovering their true power. Emotional wreck by the end of the story; they go through too much, and lose too many people. 

Taurus: Fairy Warrior (Light Fairy) sent by fairy queen/king. Has undying faith in Protagonist, and helps tremendously through out the journey. People often mistake them for the Hero/Heroine because of their strength (physical and/or mental) and smart tactics. Golden blessed runes engraved on skin. Very silent and honest. Loses memory from trauma, and thus, mysteriously disappears at the end of the story, does not return to the Fae Forest…no one knows where they had gone.

Gemini: Princess/Prince, younger sibling to Protagonist. Tries to be the Hero/Heroine but is too young and too naive. Their mouth and exaggerated stories gets them and others in trouble often. Intelligent for their age; is the one who finds out who the Villain/Antagonist is, but puts themselves in danger for trusting and telling the wrong people. By the end they mature tremendously and they are given the throne because their older sibling (Protagonist) never comes home.

Cancer: Magic Castor, teaches Protagonist magic and most importantly, patience. Saves Protagonist countless times despite being in trouble themselves. Aids the whole party when needed. Hair turns white on full moons, as they are the granddaughter of the Moon goddess. Has a past with Antagonist. Knows Antagonist’s strength + weaknesses, so they feel obligated to help take him down. Tragic backstory, and tragic death. Goddess/god of Freedom favored them most and tries to prevent their death, but goddess of Fate - out of jealousy of the Moon goddess - lets Magic Castor die. 

Leo: Villain/Antagonist who solely believes what they’re doing is right. They’re actually very kind and open-minded; though many know Antagonist’s plans are unethical, they follow them anyways because what the Antagonist hopes to achieve is what everyone hopes to achieve/what the people want. Has high status rank in the royal palace. Realizes too late what they’re doing is wrong. Never stopped loving Magic Castor but kills Magic Castor unwillingly. Emotional wreck in the end, drops plans and grieves back in their remote home hidden in the forest. Is never seen again.

Virgo: Fairy queen/king who has their best Fairy Warrior help the Protagonist/Hero, ONLY because if the Antagonists somehow ruled, the Fae Forest would cease to exist (as foretold by the Seer/Seeress). Dislikes humans and their affairs. After all is resolved, they glamour the Fae Forest, hiding it away from humans forever for the safety of their people. In love with fairy warrior they had sent to help Protagonist; longs for them to come back as they never returned. Never knows what happened to them. Separates Fae Forest due to needing help ruling, and becomes Ruler of the Light Fairies only (summer/spring fairies). 

Libra: Faithful follower to Antagonist. Antagonist trusts, and keeps them by their side at ALL times. In love with Villain/Antagonist, but it was one sided; Villain only ever loved one person. A Dark Fairy banned from the Fae Forest for unknown reasons, but was not stripped of their dark magic. Younger sibling to fairy king/queen. Used dark magic on Antagonist to force them to kill Magic Castor out of jealousy. After all is over, is filled with many regrets but finds peace and thus, was accepted back into the Fae Forest. Fairy queen/king separates the Fae Forest and gives them the cold/barren portion. Becomes queen/king of the Dark Fairies (winter/autumn fairies).

Scorpio: The omniscient narrator. The goddess/god of Freedom watching over everyone and probably smirking at the human’s petty affairs. Is all alone in the skies, so watching humans, fairies, and other creatures is their entertainment. Can shape-shift into anything and anyone and does a few times in the story to give the Protagonist hints (mostly in the form of a white wolf). Also takes special interest in the Villain and pulls the Strings of Fates (without Fate’s permission) a few times to stir things up, but overall they let things run its course. Though they have power, Fate (older goddess) truly controls everything and the Freedom goddess/god must do things secretly in order to avoid getting caught. 

Sagittarius: Travels with “main characters,” (the Protagonist, Magic Castor and Fairy Warrior). Knows how to fight and talk someone into doing something. Friendly, and easygoing, but by the end of the story when their friends are hurting, dying/dead and are losing hope, their calm demeanor shatters and they begin to lose hope themselves. When all is resolved, they try searching for their friends but it’s no use; their friends from their journey are either dead or hiding away. Eventually resides in a nearby kingdom, where they end up working for the nobles of the castle. Becomes the queen/king’s personal adviser, where a budding romance begins. Later finds out the queen/king had an older sibling who sounded all too familiar…

Capricorn: The important character who has NO side. They seem more evil than good, but are simply neither. Mischievous flirt to the “main characters,” (regardless of gender) and gives information to them when they feel like it. Very good at keeping secrets, doesn’t like being around people. A spy, works for everyone - evil or good alike. No one truly knows when they’re telling the truth. Goes by the name “Secrii” which is an abbreviation of their true name. 

Aquarius: Another important character, but instead of aiding anyone good, they are often aiding the antagonist and other “bad guys.” Crosses paths with fellow spy Secrii often, and always ends up fighting them for sport. Very quirky and always smiling but don’t be mistaken; they’re secretive and distant despite their cheerful demeanor. Was the cause of Fairy Warrior’s memory loss (violently smashed their head against wall in a fight). No one knows their intentions/motives. Some say they do it just for fun.

Pisces: Foretells the future in many ways - their art, their writing, their dreams, and much more. Can tell when one is lying. The Fate goddess granted them eternal life as to not waste such a gift, but in reality it is a curse; living eternally and seeing things before they happen can bore a person. Appears at beginning of story, to give insight and advice to the Protagonist. In secret, warns Magic Castor NOT to help Protagonist to avoid inevitable death. When all is over, the Seer/Seeress becomes utterly lonely. The story ends with Pisces foretelling through a painting the next Protagonist - who is a fearful young girl from another world with a talent similar to their own… 

*This is based off of my original fiction story. Do NOT reference MY writing for YOUR writing/drawing without permission + credit. Thank you.

Dystopian dreams: how feminist science fiction predicted the future | Books | The Guardian

Which brings us back to Ishi. He knew in 1911 that all his people were dead, that he would starve if he did not surrender himself to the alien force that had destroyed his family and laid waste his land. But 1911 was not a terrible year for everyone. The New York Public Library was opened that year, Orville Wright set a new world record for glider flight, and Ronald Reagan was born – that was probably nice for his parents at least.

Reagan famously described his vision of an America that would be a “shining city upon a hill” – a beacon of light and hope, a place that could show the world how to be better, an inspiration to all. A utopia. So let’s put those two things side by side and regard them for a moment. Reagan is a baby in the cradle, Ishi is in the forest, accepting that the Yahi people are gone for ever, wiped out by the settlers. Everyone’s shining city on a hill is someone else’s hell on earth.