Here, as in “The Longshot,” Kitamura displays an uncanny talent for getting inside the body talk of unrevealing people. Whether a martial arts coach or a grizzled colonist, her men are almost wordless, approaching language warily, as if it were an incendiary device.

‘Gone to the Forest,’ by Katie Kitamura - NYTimes.com

Staff favorite Katie Kitamura gets a rave write-up in the Sunday Book Review!

The death-throes of a colonial world captured in dark, obsessive prose, punctuated by images of strange, surreal beauty: the falling ash, the river of dead fish. One thinks at times of both Coetzee and Gordimer, but Kitamura is very much her own writer, and makes you feel keenly the tragedy of her three lost souls.
—  ––Salman Rushdie on Katie Kitamura’s Gone to the Forest

Well, you must have asked a question, because your answer of Yes popped up twice on two cards from two different decks!

The angels are saying that the path has been cleared for you. They show me a vision where you were in a metaphorical forest like this unicorn. You have gone through a period of darkness and sadness, and now because of your willingness to work on yourself, the light is emerging for you.

They are saying there are happy trails ahead for you, and that you will find them quickly by completely trusting your heart.

It’s a time of leaving behind that which isn’t working for you, and saying yes to self-care, self-love, and self-respect. Something much better is ahead for you.

From the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards at http://bit.ly/UnicornsCards

This reading is for the next 24 hours in all time zones. I draw and post cards daily after I first pray about and tune-in to the current world energies which affect us all. You can give yourself a free card reading at: angeltherapy.com/oracle-cards

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(1/2) "Harry, you know Professor Snape had no choice but to pretend not to take you seriously in front of Dolores Umbridge,' said Dumbledore steadily, 'but as I have explained, he informed the Order as soon as possible about what you had said. It was he who deduced where you had gone when you did not return from the forest. It was he, too, who gave Professor Umbridge fake veritaserum when she was attempting to force you to tell Sirius's whereabouts.' Harry disregarded this; he felt a savage

(2/2) he felt a savage pleasure in blaming Snape, it seemed to be easing his own sense of dreadful guilt, and he wanted to hear Dumbledore agree with him.’ Page 734 in the Order of the Pheonix. Why does no one ever talk about this?? This is a direct example of how much bias the books are because they are from Harry’s perspective.

lmao because they’d have to acknowledge that harry is an unreliable narrator and that none of his opinions or biases can be taken as fact and they’d actually have to ANALYZE the TEXT the HORROR

i’ve said it before, but in a text with such a close point-of-view, the only time other characters are autonomous is in their dialogue - it’s not that they don’t lie, but it’s only when they’re actually speaking for themselves that we get a view of them that isn’t filtered through the narrator. body language and tone are all filtered through the narrator and can’t necessarily be trusted. just because harry thinks snape’s thinking nasty thoughts bc of the look on his face doesn’t mean he actually IS. 

and this is such a good example! bc here we have dumbledore clearly telling harry that snape did something pretty clearly good - he saved all of their asses, actually checked up on sirius despite hating his guts, made sure harry & co had back-up, actually knew harry j potter’s mind well enough to figure out where he was going - and yet harry doesn’t want to hear it bc it’s SNAPE and for harry, snape is always going to mean bad/evil.

harry’s opinions on snape are always going to be biased. i’m not saying he doesn’t have reasons - it’s not like snape ever treated him kindly - but that doesn’t make him any less biased. it’s like everyone read the books and came out thinking that harry potter is the Absolute Authority on how the world works! and i love my son, but he’s got his opinions and they can be wrong! because people form judgements that are wrong all the time!

and the funny thing is that’s the POINT of finding out about snape in book seven. finding out that snape is actually a good guy, actually on the right side, actually working for good… that drives home the idea that biases and prejudices we form when we’re kids are all shaped by what we know and we never know the whole story. we can’t form judgements until we know the whole story. rowling started that idea in book five when she showed how james, despite being a good father and husband, was also a braggart and a bully as a kid. she does it with dumbledore and voldemort.

snape is the penultimate example of that idea. until we know his history, the whole story, we can’t form a judgement about the man. and harry doesn’t know the whole story until the very end of the books, which means that his opinion about snape can never really be trusted to be objective or right. but god forbid the reading public question its protagonist’s judgement!

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Becca had gone out to the forest, despite her sister telling her not to go out alone—what can she say, she’s a daredevil. She had just begun making her way towards her camp when she suddenly hears a noise behind her. The girl quickly turns around her hands flying up in defense.

I don’t have anything valuable.” It had almost become habit to try to convince strangers not to steal from her—she didn’t trust anybody anymore.

Test gone wrong

Autumn lead the way deep into the forest, Blake close behind. “Alright Ms. Belladonna. Your navigation exam is pretty simple”, she began, “ you will use the sun above us and what we have around us to navigate your way back home.” She turned to look at her, chest swinging more then usual. She had had a mishap with her laundry. Her bras were smaller along with her leggings. Her underwear unusable. So she hoped it wasn’t to noticeable. “So first you-” and there went her walking stick. She sighed and turned, bending to pick it up. To small leggings outlining her bare pussy in great detail.

The diary

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Request: Could you write a one shot where the reader is shy and an introvert please. Kylo x reader

A/N: Thank you for the request, I hope you like this. Sorry that it took a while, but i have prioritized my summer break. There may be a part 2 to this but i don’t know. Please like if you want a second part. Really like Kylo in this one. Well enjoy!

Word count: 1230

“MOM? DAD? Where are you?” I’m panicking our house is destroyed and my parents are gone. I run into the forest to find cover. The first order is attacking our planet and I have no where to go. I had one friend here, Poe Dameron, but I can’t find him either. I run and look back so no one is following me, that’s when I run into something hard. I fall to the ground and look up. There stands a black figure. I get up and starts to run. Fear is taking over my body. Then suddenly all my muscles freeze. I start to cry; this can’t be happening. Then I see the black figure in front of me. He caresses my cheek and then he waves his hand and everything goes black.

 I wake up in a large room, my clothes are changed and I lay in a big king sized bed. I panic and then I remember the black figure. Could this really be his room or am I somewhere else.  I stand up and I walk around the room. Then I see a large window. That’s when I start to feel lost. It’s a snowy environment with mountains and large trees. Where am I? I walk towards the door and push a button. The door slides open and I walk out only to see a large corridor. I suddenly feel unsafe, the room was isolating and it felt safe, but this…who know what I can face. So I walk in again. I walk towards the big bookshelf in the room. I have to find something that can tell me where I am. I walk along the shelf and drag my fingers along the books. They all have beautiful covers, but it’s one that stands out from the rest. It’s a small book with gold cover. I take it out and the cover sais ‘Diary’. I open the book and on the first page is a name. “Ben Solo”. I wonder who he is. I feel bad for reading this but I should, what else will I do. 

It’s night outside, I have been reading the diary the entire day. This Ben Solo was a really insecure person. But he is a Jedi, I have always loved the stories about the Jedi. There adventures and how they saved the galaxy. I would really like to meet Ben. He seams like a person that would understand me, an introvert. Just like me. I keep on reading and now I see that his writing is sloppy and he’s frustrated. 

 I can feel it again, the pull to the light. Why is it so hard to let it go, I am dark now? I can’t go back even if I wanted to. I should feel no doubt. But yesterday we found a girl. I felt something I haven’t felt in many years. She awoke something in me, something strong. Every time I look at her my mind is at peace. Is it possible that I am allowed to love? Is it possible that me, a monster deserves it? 

I close the book and I think my heart skipped a beat. This man I’ve never met confessed in this diary that he feels something for me. How? I am not beautiful and this person doesn’t know me. However, I know him after reading all of this. I need to see him. “And here I am” I turn around and there stands the black figure. I take a step back and put the diary behind my back. “I know that you read it, it’s fine” I remain silent, I don’t know what I should say. “You don’t have to be afraid of me, I won’t hurt you.” I relax a bit and think of his good side in the diary. But I still can’t see his face. As if he reads my mind he removes his mask. I gasp at his appearance. He’s so handsome…and different. Even beautiful in a way. He walks over to me and I look at the ground. I really do suck at being natural and hold a normal conversation. “I have to admit, while you where sleeping I read your mind. I had to see who you where. That’s why I let you read about my life, it was the only fair decision.” I swallow and look at him. “Well then you know my name I guess” He smiles. “Yes I do Y/N” “Then am I wrong to say that yours is Ben?” His smile disappears. “Yes, Ben Solo is forever gone, but he was my former self. My name is Kylo Ren” I look at him in disbelief. It can’t be. Here in front of me stands the commander of the first order. I remember the chaos; how afraid I was. My parents, my home, Poe. “What did you do to my planet?” “We where looking for a rebel leader. But they all took of before we caught them.” I feel a bit worried, he hunted my parents. My mother and father was leaders of the Resistance along side Leia Organa. But did they really leave me. “Do you know her?” “What who?” “The Resistance General, Leia Organa?” If I say yes, he will probably use me for something bad so I simply lie. “No” He grabs my arms. “Do not lie to me, do you know her?” I don’t answer which makes him squish my arms even more. Suddenly I feel that it’s getting hard to breath. He is hurting me. I start to cry and manage to get out an answer between my sobs and the gasps for air. “Y-yes” “You are the daughter of Lando Calrissian.“ “Yes” He relies me and I drop to the floor and sob. I catch my breath and I look up at him. Then I see something click in him he drops to his knees and take my hands in his. “Y/N please forgive me, I don’t know what came over me, I can’t hurt you, I promised myself to never hurt you and here I was doing exactly that.” This is Ben solo, the one that doesn’t want to hurt anyone, the one that wrote the diary. “I forgive you” He looks into my eyes. “No the one that you forgive is Ben, that’s not me” I place a hand on his cheek. “Well I decide to forgive you both, because you are both.” He embraces me in a hug. This is not where I expected to be. In Kylo Ren’s arms on the floor in his room on the star killer base. Where will this lead me? 

“I have nowhere to go, you are the only one I trust right now” “I know Y/N, I know.” He picks me up bridal style and walks to the bed. I crawl under the covers and I sight at the comfortable feeling. “I will go to the bridge; I won’t be in your way.” I reach for his hand and he stops. “No pleas stay” He thinks a minute but nods and lays himself beside you. I feel the need of closeness so I turn to him and put my head on his chest. He sucks in a breath but relax when he feels my hand on his stomach. I can hear his heart beat. It’s slowing down and I look up at his face only to see his eyes closed. I smile for myself and close my own.


{forest paths}

Pictures taken on my family’s land, in the Carpathian Mountains, central Romania, Muntenia side. The area was subjected to intense illegal logging while we fought in the courts with the post-Communist authorities, in order to get it back. Most of the growth is very new – twenty years old or less. The century-old beech trees and the even older, grander oaks are long gone. The birch tress which dotted the forest, standing out with their white bark to the point where they were called ‘stafiile pădurii’ (ghosts of the forest) by the locals were targeted as well, for the value of their wood.   

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A couple of weeks had passed since the man had come to visit the forest again, he had gone and bought a home and had to get set up. He had bought a gift for Deerling since they hadn't seen each other in quite a while, all he had to do was find her.

Back where she use to love in the forest was empty the den cleared out and seems to have been uninhabited for several weeks but by chance Deerling is out by the lake washing off the sweat she worked up while practicing fencing with her mother.

Hour long story.

Twitter requests #2: Absol, Parasect, and Cyndaquil

I walk through this burned and black forest, it’s inhabitants gone like the green it used to be. Now only the embers give it color from the grey that dulls the eyes. A hollow breeze fills the air with no noise of leaves brushing against one another, but instead ash taints what I breath. The clean air that once flowed and gave life has gone with those the enjoyed it.

I am witness to the crime that made this place so. An ember that started as intimidation, grew to death and pain. Yet no punishment was had… He still walks this dead place looking for a way out. As if fate is still holding his life in limbo, a walking corpse forced to look at his painting; his creation.

I am no jury or executioner, only the observer who strayed too close. Who watched as that Cyndaquil threw his flames wildly. As if he had no sense like the wild that attacked him. That glossy eyed bug hunted him down with a burning rage. I smelled smoke from afar. My best guess was it was the Parasect’s nest so this wasn’t the pyromancer’s first fireball. Spores erupted from the bug and fire ignited from the quil.

A predictable ending… The fire won but as his adrenaline wore down he could see what damage he’d caused. That look of fear as each tree top burst into flame, HIS flame. His weakness started falling from his eyes, though of joy or sadness I could not tell. The little arsonist coughed and wheezed as smoke filled the air. It was my time to go.

Yet fate told me to stay. Tree after tree fell to block my way as fire walled the forest into a hellish labyrinth. Searing embers started to rain down as ash layered the ground under foot. A cracking overhead forced the last breath I had to be lost to smoke. Fate’s lumbering hand had stopped my struggle.

So what role do I play now fate? An Absol who lost himself to the greed of knowledge. Do I play your jury now, or am I still just the observer of your actions? Forced to watch the object of my greed for an eternity. Or maybe my punishment is still awaiting your choice as well?

A servant of fate to be judged by his master. I am more than willing to wait for your decision, however long that may be…



Karma returned home from her travels, only to discover… her people were gone.

Or rather, her kind, the Feathered Dragons of the Ocean Forest, had simply vanished. The other intelligent beings – woodland Fae who were adept at climbing the rough bark and accustomed to the harsh weather – still remained. They had as little idea of where her friends and family had gone as she did.

With the Dragons gone, they had established a monarchy and trade with the nearest kingdoms. Their Queen welcomed her as family.

The travel between the Ocean Forest and its neighbouring kingdoms was long and treacherous. Relations were amiable, but distant. Few were willing to send shipments to the Forest for fear of the hostile creatures that lived there.

When the nearest kingdom showed interest in improving their relationship, the Queen offered a betrothal between the one who would take her place and their High Prince. Only… she had no heirs of her own. And none volunteered themselves for the perpetual life at sea they would face, traveling between the then-united kingdoms.

For the sake of her home, and the people who once depended upon the help of her kind… Karma offered herself.

She sailed to the kingdom affectionately named The Labyrinth with a small party of Fae. The event could only be held on the mainland – after all, there were very few open walkways in the Forest, much less places suited for fancy gatherings.

Now, flanked by a pair of Ocean Forest Fae, she entered into the ballroom where she would meet her betrothed.

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“I was gone for ten fucking minutes!” (Brennan, desperxtesouls)

domestic starters || accepting

                                        “It’s been hours!” She regretted yelling immediately, not wanting to tip the boys off of their argument. She stepped closer so that she didn’t have to yell, eyes narrowed in anger. Her nose scrunched in disgust. “You reek of rum.”

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Finn knew he was fucked as soon as his phone died. As a city boy with a piss poor sense of direction, this pretty much spelled disaster. Not to mention he was by himself, which only made the situation like, 20 times worse. 

And an unfamiliar forest. Great. He’d gone exploring many tree-led paths and followed many rivers in his day, but this wasn’t one he’d been down. It was darker than anything he’d remembered, which wasn’t really a good thing– and everywhere he looked, there was nothing but endless, dark, lush forest. It might have been a beautiful sight, if he wasn’t freaked out because he couldn’t find his way out. 

What’s more– the animals. Now, Finn liked to think he was pretty alright with all sorts of animals, but when said animals are wild and in the middle of a particularly ominous forest and acting a little bit weird, they weren’t so easy to handle. For all Finn knew, they would pounce on him and sacrifice him to their bird god or something. 

He did kinda feel like he was being watched… 

I swear to god…   He mumbled to himself as he nervously glanced around the flora, hands tucked under his arms and shoulders hunched in. 

He tried to walk in a manner that wouldn’t make much noise, but no matter what he did, the crunch of leaves underneath him was inevitable. He really hoped it wasn’t attracting more attention from more weird ass animals– but sure enough, they just kept appearing around. Sure, they might not have been paying him any mind, but it still creeped him out. 


In the bright clearings of his God’s world, training tended to be quiet and peaceful.  Each morning he chose to venture off by his lonesome, arrow holster fastened to his back and longbow in hand.  In days past he had gone to the forests to hunt alongside fellow power angels, but those days were long gone.  It was, sad, really…

After a few hours of shooting arrows at various targets, the unsatisfied angel eventually forced himself a break.  His eyes scanned the area, idly wiping his face with a handkerchief.  He ceased the action, though, when purple eyes stared back at him through the shadows of the trees.

Egmont gaped.  “Lord Fumus,” he whispered, eyes widening upon the realization and recognition…  

( How long had his God been standing there!? )

The bow Egmont proceeded with was as low as a person could possibly go while still standing.  His head dipped as he went, eyes dropping to stare at the dew soaked grass beneath their feet.

Egmont’s once faded motivation to continue his training had been renewed by just the sight of Fumus, practically leaving him breathless as he pushed and fought through the awe to pull himself together.  In his eyes, it was the highest honor to be near his God in such a manner, completely under his judgment alone without the company of his fellow power angels or superiors.  Silently, he wondered why Fumus had chosen to exalt him with his presence and watch his archery training, of all things.  He had so many other matters to attend to!

Nervousness and excitement brought him eagerly stepping toward him…

“What can I do for you?”