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My Favorite Prank 

After finishing in the bathroom, fold the toilet paper to a point (like they do at some hotels.) 

This prank is harmless and once you’ve practiced it a couple of times, it only takes a couple seconds. 

Now you might be thinking, “How does this qualify as a prank?” Well consider the following… 

I have done this for years (both in public restrooms and people’s homes) and I have only been called out on it ONCE

That means there are potentially hundreds of people who have seen this little folded piece of TP, and decided to take it to their graves


Collection of APH Avatar AU Art and Doodles 

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I took a nap a while ago and had this dream where Saeyoung was looking at his face in the mirror complaining that he’s getting wrinkles and I told him that he’s getting SaeOLD and Saeran smacked me upside the head and started to leave so I said he can’t SaeWALK away from me and i woke up crying ~Admin 404

the AIDS crisis is inconceivable to me, in the literal sense; I cannot conceive its enormity, cannot wrap my head around it. It’s an abyss. I read the accounts of whole neighborhoods dying, people disappearing by the month, constant memorial services, and I just sort of…I can’t even look at it, this razing wall of death. And no one in power moved to stop it because it was faggots who were dying and no one in power cared. And there’s a whole generation of gay men gone. Just a few random stragglers spared by chance, some of whom I’ve even met. And how do they go on having experienced this whole thing firsthand? How do they make sense of it all? How do they bear it?

I have been watching Jack’s channel for… a while now (Years?? Since 2013 I think?  Don’t quote me on that.  Idk it’s been a long ass time) and I just wanted to post a few of my favorite spooky games that he has played since I’ve been watching because… well… I want to. 

Anyway, these aren’t in any specific order or anything, it’s just a random list for people who might want my opinion (not likely but meh)  

Side note: I’m sorry if anything is spelled incorrectly or the grammar is off, I have like 10 minutes to make this, then it’s back to work.  Please do not be angry I am a sensitive Star.  

1)  Gone Home   Yeah it’s old, I know, but this was one of the very first games that I had ever watched anyone do a play through of and I suppose it holds a special place with me because of that.  I was still new to Youtube at the time and Jack was the first one I found to be playing a horror game so I suppose you could say that this play through was what led me to subscribe in the first place. 

2) Outlast     I had such a love for Outcast and really wanted to play it, but was too chicken, so I just watched Jack play it instead.  Granted, I think EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMOTHER was playing it, but I still exclusively watched Jack because watching him play was like watching a friend play.

3)  Outlast 2  I’m not even going to explain.  I mean, with this Outlast, I actually played first and then went back and watched Jack so I could get something like a second opinion (also he explored a few things that I didn’t so new info) also LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO OUTLAST PLAYLISTS I’M GROWING OLD. 

4) Neverending Nightmares   Holy shit this game is unsettling and horrifying and I love it so much.  Not for the weak of heart though.  Or weak of stomach.  This was a game that I wasn’t sure I wanted to get until I saw how good it was.  Really though, some disturbing shit in there. 

5) Fran Bow  Again, lots of gore and unsettling imagery and weird things and drug abuse and just all around fun for the whole family. 

6) Until Dawn  Everyone was playing this one too, but I love it all the same.  After watching Jack play it I actually went out and bought it.  I have played it so many times that I’ve memorized the cheesy character lines and I can’t even hear the name “Josh” without crying on the inside at least a little bit.  No idea why I love this game so much, probably the same reason I love cheesy horror films tho. 

7)  Night in the Woods   Isn’t really scary or unsettling or anything but it IS a fan-fucking-tastic game with excellent characters and gorgeous art.  If you haven’t played it yourself (I’ve played it so many times it’s not even funny, I know every little detail I sear) you should watch Jack play it.  Also the more you dig into the game the more everyone is sad.  Just a warning.  

8)  Little Nightmares    Imagine all of your childhood fears.  Like the dark or huge monsters or loud noises but big and scary and I love this game just watch.


1)  Jazzpunk    oh my God I love this fucking game I love the humor I love the style I just fucking love this game and someone else needs to either play it or watch it because omg

2)  Valiant Hearts: The Great War  I love the story, the art, the characters, everything about this game is a hit to me.  The only draw back is that this damn game makes me cry every single time.  Seriously.  At least watch a play through, you’ll thank me when you’re done crying. 

37. Just A Little Bit More (Steve Harrington x Reader)

Summary: You and Steve Harrington became close over your senior year, but you can’t deny you’ve been attracted to him for a long time. The last thing you want to do is ruin the friendship, so what happens when you choose to confront how you feel?

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1432

Author’s note: My first Strangers Things fanfic. Would love feedback! :) Rating: T! Sweetness and fluff.

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Just A Little Bit More

“Just a little bit more!,” Steve shouts out, furiously clicking on his controller. You’re side by side on your couch with Steve Harrington, both of you glued to the TV.

“Don’t forget there’s a Super Mushroom by that pipe,” you say breathlessly, pointing at the screen while Steve presses hard on the controller buttons.

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Human Garnet AU where she is Afroindian. She’s got little pink stars on her dupatta. What a way to break out of an art hiatus.

as if we needed more proof that aaron and robert are the cuddliest shits in the whole entire world that tiny bed just proves they can’t sleep unless they’re tangled up in each other