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if I’m ever manning a production of falsettos I want the set to look like kids furniture/toy furniture bc immaturity, gender roles, and Marvin wanting everything to be perfect like theyre playing house or family charades are such huge elements and I feel like giving this like childish bright toy like backdrop to all of these serious events would really amplify Marvin’s point of view with everything falling apart and not going to plan because these are real people interacting with child’s fodder and it doesn’t quite sit right which is perfect.


i’ve had my dose of reality checks for the week.

Towel Dry

Based on this sketch of post-shower Ignis by @thecloudstan!

You walked into your apartment, the faint sound of the shower running from your bathroom. You quirked an eyebrow with the tiniest curve of a smile––your boyfriend, Ignis, had just recently started navigating without the use of his cane, reacquainting himself with his previously lost independence.

When he’d lost his eyesight, you were right by his side to help him with whatever it was that he needed. He confessed to you how much he longed to return to the culinary arts. What had initially been a tedious chore, keeping the young prince fed and well nourished, had grown to be one of his most cherished pastimes. 

He missed it more than he’d realized. And so it was one of the first things you did together after he went blind. He was especially grateful that he could share that time with you.

You hadn’t even realized he’d started neglecting his cane until that very moment as you walked past the threshold. Normally, Ignis would be seated on the couch, waiting for you so that you could cook a meal together. But it seemed that he was feeling especially bold, and decided that he wanted to treat himself to a hot shower without your assistance.

The bathroom door opened, steam filling the hallway. You peered over and saw Ignis draped in one of your floral silk bathrobes, a towel wrapped around his hair atop his head. His skin was still damp and glistening, and you were more than tempted to press your mouth to every bare inch that was exposed.

“Darling,” Ignis smiled in your direction. “I didn’t realize you were home. My apologies––I should have started on dinner already.”

“Don’t apologize, Iggy,” you play-scolded, padding over to him. You placed your hands on his shoulders and rose up to place a sweet kiss to his lips, teasingly backing away as he leaned in to try and deepen it. You could have sworn you heard a growl rumbling in his chest. “My robe looks good on you.”

Ignis touched the material of the sleeve, assessing the silk between his index finger and thumb, before shrugging. “You have good taste in house-wear, it would seem.”

You chuckled and reached up to undo the twisted towel, tousling his hair to wick away the moisture. “I’m proud of you, you know,” you said quietly, fondness lacing your voice. “You’re the most resilient person I’ve ever known.”

Ignis blushed, leaning into your touch. “I am simply trying to become reacquainted with my life,” he said, as if it was the easiest thing in the world. “I couldn’t have done it without you, my love.”

You pushed the towel down so that it trapped his shoulders, tugging him forward. You started to walk backwards, leading him towards the bedroom. “Wanna get reacquainted in other areas, too?”

Ignis immediately bent down and hoisted you up against him, a yelp escaping your lips that was quickly silenced with his own. Through the flimsy fabric, you could feel his arousal as he confidently led you to your bed.

He broke the kiss, and practically purred, “Trust me, darling. This is one area that I could navigate even in the shadows of the darkest night.”