gone & goner

Don't Let Me Be Gone (Shiro)
Seriously though, please let space dad be okay. In other news, I haven't made a video like this in forever, because I just don't have time. But I'm deep in V...

UHH. I made a music video for Shiro (Voltron: Legendary Defender). I’m trash. I just want space dad to be alright, though and I need something to hold me over until September. 

Just putting together some of my very excited and also incoherent thoughts abt harvey’s solo music so here goes: I hope there’s LAYERS, like lots of beautiful layers of sound, soaring instrumentals, as many trumpets as he daMN well wants!! i would v much love if there was a sax solo at some point, like that’s not a requirement obvi but i would just diE and i mean that in the BEST way. If he sings about love in any way shape or form u can expect me to cry an ocean of my own tears and then drowN in them. lbr i’m gonna do that regardless of what he’s singing about soooOOOOOooo, ANYWAY. if henri decides that he’s gonna break my damn heart again w some painful as hell music that’s fine because GUESS WHAT??? I LOVE THE PAIN!!!!! AND If he plays any instruments on this, like even the castanets or cowbell or the TRIANGLE i will be g o n e. LIKE GONER THAN GONE!!!!!!! lmao i can’t w8 to die :)))))