Kirill Kirill Kirill Kirill Kirill

All I can think about right now.

By the way, the play itself, ‘Gondla’, was just brilliant. I loved every line of the poem and the whole cast was wonderful! I was sitting there completely still, eyes wide open, with some stupid flowers in my hands, listening to every word the guys were saying and watching every their move.

And, of course, there was Kirill.

He played Lage, one of the antagonists of the play, who confronted Gondla, as he doubted Gondla’s right to be the king of Ireland and Iceland. And he was… I don’t even have enough words to describe it. He was obviously evil and cruel sometimes, he was arrogant and bold, but also somehow tempting and even seductive. And in the end, when he comes to some sort of remorse and accepts Gondla’s nobility, I just couldn’t take my eyes of him. As if I ever could.

And at the end of the show, when there was a curtain call, I finally gave him the flowers! The bouquet was a mess, I’m afraid, but he took it, smiled at me kindly and said: 'Thank you’. Everything in Russian, of course :)

And I just… I just can’t. He looked so happy, proud and even a little bit shy. And he has such kind eyes! And this smile! And this voice! And he’s SO tall! And… Well, you know. Everything. I just couldn’t believe it actually was him. He looked so harsh on stage just several minutes ago - and suddenly there was a completely different man in front of you made of sunshine, kindness and talent. I really had to do my best not to break down right there in front of him.

He’s such a brilliant actor, really! And, you know, it wasn’t even a musical (something we are all used to see him in), it was a drama play based on a poem about ancient Icelanders and Irish - a really strong and powerful one, I should say! And he was so wonderful! Fantastic performance and amazing acting! I can’t. I just can’t. I cannot even imagine what would happen to me if I actually get to SPb one day. I will probably die right there at the stage door, you know.

Well, I definitely will never forget this day. It took only a few seconds to give him the flowers and say 'thank you’, but it feels as if I was standing there in front of him for a couple of hours. :) He’s an amazing actor and, I’m sure, a really nice guy in real life. Just look at these marvellous eyes - how can’t he be?

Ok, well. Sorry for all the fangirling - it’s just that I can’t handle my emotions right now. The photos are not mine, they belong to my friend who kindly tolerated all my feels all the way back home :) There was a professional photographer who took some shots during the performance, by the way, so, I guess, we are about to see more photos of Kirill soon.

Well, Sorry again. It was a wonderful day!