“Shoreline” by Andy Leech

AC/DC was blaring from the car’s speakers, the volume high enough it could be heard by the other cars that they would sometimes passed on the long interstate road they were traveling on. The music choice that played was for the sole purpose of keeping the two males within the car awake. Neither had slept well, and Gon could feel the guilt from that very fact eating away at him as he nibbled on some chocolate covered peanuts.

After all, when they had decided to stop at some rest stop to sleep last night, he couldn’t. No matter how many times Gon shut his eyes, sleep wouldn’t come to him. All that did were dark thoughts of waking up confused and the feeling of something lingering on him when there wasn’t anyone really there. He was paranoid, like most nights, and the medication wasn’t taking effect fast enough.

Knowing this, was the reason Ging stayed up with his son until sleep finally took over Gon’s younger form. It was also the reason that Gon had guilt pressing down on him while he watched the trees and mountains rush by due to the speed that Ging always drove at. He shouldn’t have tossed and turned so much, Gon’s mind kept telling him that as he chewed and swallowed a few more snacks to make his meal for that day.

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Cry:Calum Hood Imagine

 Based off of the song Cry by K Michelle. Just a little something i began writing this morning, but request imagines or just talk to me in my ask :) Also make sure you click the links.

I can’t believe this. He did it again, he’s still doing it. He’s never going to stop and I’m too stupid to even realize it. No matter how much he claims he loves me he just goes back and throws it all away.

Calum Hood Seen with Mystery Blonde.

Calum Hood’s Mystery Blonde. Does Y/N know about this?

Y/N and Calum Hood Split?

I had all four magazines laying on the coffee table and sighed out of frustration. I’m passed the point of betrayal and even hurt. It’s been going on for so long. Brunettes, blondes, red heads, beach blondes, he’s been through them all. From high class models to bimbos in a club. It’s a cycle that never stops. Going out with the boys or with other friends, getting hella drunk, leaving with someone that’s not me, then coming back the next day apologizing when I say that I’m going to leave . Telling me that it’ll never happen again, that he’s sorry and that he loves me to the moon and back. We haven’t had sex in almost three months because he goes out and fucks those random girls almost every night. We barely even talk anymore,there’s no more good morning cuddling or late night talks. He basically acts like I’m non-existent and we live together! I wouldn’t even call it that at this point. He leaves home at 10 and comes back at 1 in the afternoon. You would think we hang out during those 9 hours he’s there right? Nope,he eats, gets on his computer, and then goes to sleep until he wakes up around 9 to get ready and leave again to repeat the whole entire cycle. Every. Single. Fucking. Day. I sat and thought for a few minutes about what I need to do. Of course I’m going to leave,but not without doing something about this. This blonde was the last straw.

                                               Yeah, yeah
                                          Nobodies off limits
                                       Not even your friends
                              I’m about to go in, about to go in
                                              bout to go in

Everybody needs to hurt for what he’s doing. Everybody’s acting like they’re okay with what he’s doing,not even telling me about it, just always letting me find out for myself in the magazines. I got this really cold chill down my back and I felt my pain and aches go away. I know exactly what I’m going to do. I smiled evilly and walked upstairs into our my room and pulled out probably the *skankiest* dress I could find. The kind of dress all of the girls he picks up wears. Then some *strap heels* and went to take a shower.

                              I’m gon’ do something I never do,
                                  I’mma try and hurt you, too
                                Feels so damn good to be cold
                             And I don’t even care if you know

I’m going to hurt him the way he hurts me. I’m tired of this. The hurt, the betrayal, the way he acts like I’m not even important anymore. As I got all of these evil thoughts of what I’m going to do and how my night will be, I felt all the pain and emotion go away. He’s made me an unemotional bitch who’s thirty for revenge. I’m turned cold, and I don’t even care if the world knows. I washed my hair and shaved until I was baby bottom smooth,then I brushed my teeth. After I got out I did my *makeup* flawlessly and did my hair up in big bouncy curls,how he used to like it when we first got together. I then went and put on my best and sexiest *lingerie*. The set he loved so much, the set he got me in Paris when we went there for out anniversary. He bought it for me because he just couldn’t walk past that window without imagining me in it. I made to sure put on baby oil to give my legs and arms a bit of shine, then I slid on my dress and shoes. I smirked, looking for my camera and set it up in front of the bed, hiding behind the TV but getting a good shot to see everything that went on tonight and I mean EVERYTHING. I sprayed some perfume then grabbed my purse and keys. I left my phone on the counter, nobody talks to me anymore anyway. Tonight’s going to be very….exciting. I laughed to myself and began to drive to the club.

                                     I’mma let him kiss my body,
                                              touch my body
                             Record it and make sure you find it
                                         How you gone trip?
                             Boy, you’ve been with everybody

When me and the extremely good looking guy got into our bedroom I walked passed the TV, sneakingly pressing the record button on the camera and stepping away.
I slid off my shoes and pushed him to where he laid back on the bed, straddling  his waist. I leaned down and kissed him slowly but deep, giving the camera a perfect view of my ass. During the whole time I was being a bit over dramatic, moaning too loudly at times, making sure I gave it my all, making sure Calum saw how much pleasure he was giving me. Sending the camera little winks and smirks and I even had the nerve to smile and laugh at times. The guy was good,I’m not going to lie but nothing will compare to the way Calum feels inside of me and I’ve grown to accept that. That’s just something I can’t lie about. When the guy fell asleep I walked in front of the camera and blew a kiss. Before I turned it off I decided to leave a little message for him.

                                   You started, I’mma finish!
                                        You made that bed,
                                      now you gone lay in it
                            You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                    For everything you did
                           You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                I done took too much of this
                    You gone cry, you gone pay me in tears
                                           You gone cry,
                            you owe me for all these years
                                          You gone cry
                               ‘Cause it’s not about love,
                               it’s all about revenge so cry
                              I’ve learned from the best,
                                 I’ve learned from you
                        It’s easy to do the shit that you do
                           I could just switch it up on ya
               Used to be me, that was out here stressing
                          So give what came and cares
                         Now you missed your blessings
                      You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                              For everything you did
                             I’m not bitter, stay with her
                         Maybe she can take your shit!

                       I deserve to get my point across,
                           Before all we had was lost
              Now we are both hurt by the one we love
                                    I know it’s wrong
                            but I want to see you cry
                                      Cry, cry,cry.

●●Calum’s POV●●
I came home and laid my keys on the counter, plugging my phone onto the charger since it was completely dead. I jogged upstairs walking into our room seeing that Y/N wasn’t here. Probably went to run errands or something, I told myself shrugging. I grabbed my laptop, flopping on the bed, and opening it. When I did that a cd fell out.
“What the hell?” I questioned and read what was written on the cd.

                                            Watch me!
                                    You gone suffer for
                                     everything you did

I put it in the cd player and waited for it to load. When the black screen came up I pressed the play symbol and waited for it to load. At first I saw Y/N’s body standing I front of it and I smirked and bit my lip. She recorded herself for me, how sweet. As soon as she stepped out of the way my heart dropped and I held my breath. There was a brunette sitting on the bed. She walked over and pushed him back on the bed, straddling him and kissing him roughly. Within the first ten minutes he was down to his boxers and he was currently stripping her. I clenched my fist when I saw she was wearing my lingerie. Mine, the one she only wore on special occasions like my birthday or our anniversary and even award shows. He stripped her, kissing down her body eventually in between her legs. I watched the whole thing in anger and actually feeling pain in my chest. Pain from seeing him kiss her, taste her, fuck her,making her moan and arch her back, and I felt a few tears slide down my face. Their little scene ending with her sucking him off like she did me at times and then he held her as he fell sleep. She slid out of his grip and covered him up. She walked into the bathroom and brought back aspirins and grabbed a bottled water from the mini fridge we have in our room and sat it on the bedside table.

Y/N blew a kiss to the camera and picked it up, looking into it with a sweet smile. The smile I haven’t seen in months. Now I know how she feels when I go out with these girls. It fucking hurts.

“I love you, baby.” She said and I began tearing up again.” Doesn’t seem like it after you’ve watched us, huh? How’d you think I feel every time you say that after fucking some random bitch almost every night? You started it Calum,but I’m going to finish this. You did this to yourself so now you’re gonna suffer the consequences. I’ve taken so much of your shit and you’re going to cry for it. For all the pain I’ve been through, for throwing away everything we’ve built in these last 2 years. This isn’t about me loving you, it’s all about revenge now. I’ve learned this little game from you and now that I’ve done it,I realized it’s not that hard to go and fuck someone else while I’m in a “relationship”. I used to sit there everyday seeing you with a new girl crying, stressing, wondering why I’m not good enough. Now it’s your turn to stress over me cheating on you. I’m not bitter though, please stay with them. They can come over and pack your shit and deal with you, because I’m done. Maybe they can take all of your shit ‘Cause I can’t anymore. I think I deserve to get my point across before everything we had completely disappears from  my mind because I am leaving. That was the last straw. I know I always stay or say I’m leaving and come back to you but now I’m done. There’s no more us. It’s just you so you can fuck as many girls as you need to. Now we’re even, you’re hurt, I’m hurt. We’re both hurt by the one we love, well at least I love you. You stopped loving me a long time ago and I should’ve realized that. I’ll get over you quickly though, since you don’t care neither do I. You’ve turned me into a cold hearted bitch and I know it’s wrong but I want to see you cry. Bye baby,have a nice day.” She smiled and winked then the video ended.

I ran downstairs and grabbed my phone to call her and saw I had a bunch of twitter notifications, text, instagram notifications, almost every social media app I have. I clicked on twitter first.

Holy shit Calum have you seen the video?
That came from Michael. How have they even..?

Damn, Y/N’s cold as hell

I love you to death Calum, you’re my idol but you got what you deserved

She didn’t even shed a tear making that video, she really is cold hearted

Calum’s a dick

She loved you man why you had to fuck up

There was hundreds of thousands of tweets. Some leading me to a link on youtube where she posted the message part. She posted it for the world to see.

@Calum5SOS, the beginning was only for you baby. Feel special

After people had clicked the link they had already guessed with the sleeping man in the background that she recorded them having sex for me to see. I let out a sob and threw my phone across the room, hearing it shatter. I fell to my knees and felt like the world was caving in. I fucked up,I know I did and I can’t fix it. There was a knock on the door and I ignored it, but the person kept knocking.

“What the fuck do you want?!” I yelled, not even being able to see through my tears.
“Whoa there, tiger. Calm down.” I heard Y/N’s voice and I wiped my eyes. I pulled her close and kissed her. She kissed back for a minute but pushed me back, slapping me hard.
“How dare you.” She asked angered.
“Why would you do that? My lingerie, our bed, our-“
“Oh no,no,no.” She laughed.” I lived here alone. My room, my bed, my lingerie. You don’t have the right to say that anything I own is yours, you basically didn’t live here in my book.” She said, picking at her nails.
“Y/N, please. I love you.” I said and she laughed.
“Definitely not falling for that one again.” She walked right passed me and upstairs,coming back down with her makeup and hair bags.
“I accidentally left these here after I posted the video on youtube.” She smirked and walked out to the car.
“No, Y/N! You’re not leaving me.” I told her, grabbing her hand and she snatched it away from me. I noticed there were paps outside and even a few fans but I didn’t care. I couldn’t let her walk out of my life.
“How selfish of you to say that after all you’ve put me through!” She yelled. “Get the fuck out of  my face Calum.” She put her bags in the trunk with the rest of her stuff.
“I’m sorry! I mean it this time,honestly. I know I’ve been the worst boyfriend that anyone could imagine, I know I fucked up and I can’t rewind time and fix it,I can’t go back but I would if I could. Just please don’t leave me. I need you more than anything in the entire world. I’ll do whatever you ask me to. I’ll stop going clubbing and I’ll stop drinking just please. I love you so much it hurts and I don’t even know why I started cheating on you in the first place. The first time was an accident I got too drunk and I missed you and it just happened. I kept doing it and I can’t even give you an explanation as to why.”

I started telling her everything. From how I cheated on her during tour and then  now, even though she knew I did. I just told her the stories behind it all, especially how each one sort of looked liked her whether it was their figure or a few facial features. It looked like I was getting to her because her facial features softened a bit with everything I was telling her.
“I’m so sorry, please Y/N. Please.” I said, on my knees and hugging her legs,bawling my eyes out.  She leaned down and ran her fingers through my hair and then grabbed my wet cheeks.
“Oh Calum,” she said, a smile on her face she stood me up and wrapped her arms around my neck while I hugged her tightly, feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. She pulled back and looked me in the eyes and leaned towards my lips, me leaning in with her. I closed my eyes and winced in pain when she punched me in the nose.
“Holy shit she’s strong.” I heard a fan say.
“Fuck you, Calum.“ She got in her car and started the engine, winding down the window.” Oh, and you should really stop going clubbing and drinking it’s bad for you.” She smirked and rolled it back up.
“Y/N no! Please don’t!” I screamed, banging on her window. She looked at me and blew a kiss before backing out. I chased after the car for a little bit but then I stopped, dropping down to my knees and just laying in the middle of the street feeling as if it was the end of the world or if I was shot and stabbed 200 times. I laid there for at least 10 minutes and I knew almost all of the paps were gone because now I only heard two people’s voices and a few camera flashes.

“Calum?"I heard Luke’s voice. They must’ve pulled up a few minutes ago.
“Cal…Buddy…CalPal?” Now there’s Michael.
“Okay,up you go.” And of course Ashton. He picked me up but I didn’t try to help him out. I let him carry me like a dead weight because I couldn’t feel anything. I had stopped crying and just became emotionless and got this numb feeling. I can’t live without her and I loved her more than I love myself or anything for that matter and I took her for granted. I treated her like shit,like she didn’t matter and now she’s gone. My world, my love is gone and she took my heart with her.

                                 You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                         For everything you did
                               You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                   I done took too much of this
                          You gone cry, you gone pay me in tears
                                               You gone cry,
                                you owe me for all these years
                                              You gone cry
                                  ‘Cause it’s not about love,
                                it’s all about revenge so cry

anonymous asked:

Oh gosh what if this species sees anyone under like say 100 as like a teenager so they think Qui-Gon is like a teenage dad when they meet Obi-Wan, "you're only 50-something??? Being a parent must be really hard for you" they think that this "teenage" dad and his tiny poorly son are so cute and when Obi-Wan is coughing and sneezing all over the place they see Qui-Gon's Concerned Parental Frown and they're just really enamoured by it. (Also Qui justifying his affection is so cute omg)

lmao at the thought that anyone would consider qui gon “my forehead could scrape the clouds from the sky” jinn a teenager i am Amused

LISTEN those cuddles were of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE okay the proceedings HINGED upon qui gon showering his padawan with affection goddammit mace why don’t you believe me

“master yoda, can u believe this”

“indeed, master windu. important it was, for qui gon to do this thing”


now i’m just imagining obi wan being all tired and kind of out of it and around the other people he’s all “hey dad” to qui gon but “master” when it’s just them but he’s all delirious because of his fever so he ends up calling qui gon “dadster” and. it’s gr9.

anonymous asked:

"You look like an accident" Obi-wan and Qui-gon

“You look like an accident.”  Qui-Gon snorts as Obi-Wan grumbles under his breath, trying to comb a copious amount of glitter from his beard.  “Was there an explosion at a crafts shop?  A speeder filled with glitter overturned?”  The Knight is absolutely covered from head to toe in rainbow glitter, sticking to damp skin - Obi-Wan had to have come directly from the salle to still be so sweat-soaked.  Anakin and Ahsoka’s timing was, as always, impeccable when it came to pranks.   

Your Padawan,” Obi-Wan hisses, “And his future Padawan decided to put glitter in my air conditioning unit.  And I know they got the idea from you, Qui-Gon Jinn.  They are ten and four years old, they wouldn’t have thought of that themselves.”  He continues muttering under his breath as Qui-Gon watches him with barely-concealed laughter.  “They are menaces and so are you.”  He storms to the bathroom, the tunic and pants he throws out at his former Master shower Qui-Gon in glitter, and he gives into his laughter at the shout from the bathroom - “And don’t think for a second you aren’t sleeping on the couch tonight!”  Obi-Wan will forgive him.  In time.

fuukagishi  asked:

SMACKS HAND DOWN ON TABLE. Hello hey I'm here for Killua/Gon when they're older for that ship meme.

You’ve got it Soar! Older KilluGon just for you sweetheart!


  • Who wakes up first?

Killua without a doubt when they’re older because whether this is them in college or as adults I can see him taking morning classes of his major of choice which I haven’t give much of a thought too [I was thinking of some Psychology or for his career choice to be a counselor for one of the local high schools]. However Gon’s not up much longer after him when he realizes Killua’s not in bed anymore.

  • Who is grumpiest in the morning?

Killua still! Just let him get some coffee in him and he’ll be in a much better mood. So one those rare days where Gon’s up first and he lets Killua sleep in he usually brew up a pot for when his boyfriend gets out of bed finally. He also makes sure to leave out the sugar where Killua can find it because he knows Killua likes a lot of sugar in his coffee.

  • Who cooks breakfast?

They both do! Its become like a ritual for them to make breakfast together even if that means they eat a late breakfast. It just not half as fun without the two of them in the kitchen, but they also honestly work so well together that Gon can take over what Killua was doing without having to ask what still needs to be done. Its the same the other way around and lets be honest they cook together to see who can flip the pancake the highest without hitting the ceiling, which ends up with a few of the pancakes stuck to the ceiling but the time they’re done.

  • Who serves the other breakfast in bed?

This would be something that would only be done on birthdays and on anniversaries because they prefer to cook together. However its usually Gon who does it on those rare occasions except on his birthday where Killua refuses to let him out of bed until he makes him breakfast and brings it to him.

  • Who suggests the skip work and stay home?

Killua, all the time, though he’s really joking when he says it, but there’s been a time or two where he’s been serious and they kind of just dump whatever they were going to do that day and just stay in. Whenever Killua’s serious about it there’s usually a reason besides just wanting to stay home and be lazy so of course Gon is more than happy enough to stay home on those days.

  • Who falls asleep on top of the other?

I see Gon as more of a person who tosses and turns in bed than Killua so he def would just in the middle of the night roll over and sleep on top of Killua who always complains about being suffocated but he really likes it because Gon’s really warm and it helps remind him he’s not alone in the house when he wakes up from a nightmare.

  • Who always has to be touching the other?

Killua always has to touch Gon, their touches are soothing to the each other. Killua finds comfort in his boyfriend’s skin, for reasons said before, because it reminds him he’s not alone and that there’s someone who just simply loves him with no dark ulterior motive. Its just pure and simple love from someone who knows him better than anyone else ever could.

  • Who stays up until 2 reading?

Neither of them really read much so neither of them. However if they do stay up reading, its usually the two of them together because it’d be a book they were both interested in, not just one of them.

  • Who kisses their partner while they’re sleeping?

Killua definitely, especially when they’re still pretty new to their relationship because Killua wold certainly be a little embarrassed about kissing Gon. After all he’s never had a friend much less a lover so he doesn’t really know what to do. Though as they progress through their relationship this wouldn’t change much, they would turn into little wake up kisses when the normal wake up routine isn’t working or Killua’s looking to start something first thing in the morning.

  • Who is most adventurous?

Gon, he’s a real wild child okay, Killua’s all fine to go along with Gon on his adventures, but he’s not the person to plan them or to even think about them. Well he does later on, but its more of a trait that Gon brings out in him when they’re already doing something.

  • Who is most protective?

Killua’s much more protective, while Gon gets his own protective streak especially when it comes to Illumi and Killua, but for Killua its other people in general, because of how he grew up he doesn’t trust others very easy because he learned not to do so or he could end up with a knife in his back. That’s more than enough reason for him to be protective of Gon and be wary of other people around them until he believes he can trust them.

  • Who cares too much?

They both care too much, Gon is an overwhelming bright presence in his life who’s saved him from what he used to be, and a lot of who he’s become may very well be on his shoulders so of course he cares very deeply about Gon, but sometimes its way too much and it often appears to be a relationship that borders on co-dependency. For Gon he cares a lot about his friends and the other people around him a bit too much and sometimes that causes problems for Gon and Killua.

  • Who is most competitive?

They’re both competitive especially with each other, they’re rivals before they’re lovers and the never stop having playful little competitions with each other even after they move in together and have been dating for years.

  • Who sings in the shower?

Probably Gon, lets be honest Killua probably does it sometimes too if a song is stuck in his head, but Gon does it just about every night. The only time this would be different was if Killua was showering with him, but even then sometimes they just get into duets together like the dorks they are.

  • Who is more likely to get naughty in inappropriate places?

Killua for sure, I mean just look at Killua from the 1999 anime and that would tell you everything you’d need to know, he’s certainly someone who’d seem to be pretty adventurous in that aspect and it does seem like something he’d be pretty into.

  • Rate this ship:

I’m giving it a 10/10 because honestly I’ve never shipped something where I refuse to ship either of them with anyone else. This is the only ship where I’m like ‘Nah just Gon and Killua no one else pls’ cause I’m usually shipping trash so that’s a big thing for me.

11. Dreams could've been reality


Work was always a drag

Running my fingers through my mangled tresses, I pulled them up into a sloppy ponytail before starting up my car. Tammy’s salon was the only thing on my mind as of right now. My hair was looking a damn mess and I’m dissapointed in myself for letting it get to this point also with everyone else who didn’t inform me I looked like the bride of Frankenstein. 

I turned the corner to the street the salon was on groaning aloud at the amount of cars that were tightly parked along the streets. In proud of myself for making an appointment because if I was a walk-in there’s no way I’d be getting my hair done today. 

I eventually found myself a park just a few doors down from the salon. I quickly placed my hat over my head and my sunglasses on my face. Taking a step out, I pulled my skirt down heading for the doors. I’ve been coming here since the first week I moved out here. Tammy was an amazing woman and the fact that she could get my hair looking like I belonged on a red carpet in no time was even better.

I pushed the door to the shop open as the bell went off above my head. “Hey everybody.” I greeted, sending a wave towards the women getting their heads done. A slew of ‘Hey Rob’ and ‘Hey Girl’ were their responses making me laugh. 

“Hey Robyn, you’re the five thirty?” The woman at the desk, Karen, asked. I nodded while she pushed me the sign-in sheet to show I’d shown up for my appointment. I signed my name under in the box under the last appointment, slid it back to her, and went over to take a seat in one of the chairs. 

“Hey babes,” Mel squealed, running over to give me a hug. She stuffed the money from the woman’s who hair she just finished in her pocket while wrapping her arms around me. “Finally getting something done to that birds  best.” She mumbled causing me to roll my eyes.

“Well, if someone would’ve told me my hair was looking like this I would’ve came in sooner.” I said. Mel rolled her eyes because she knew it was true; she was wrong for letting me walk around like this. I’m disappointed in myself too. 

“I’mma get back to my station. I think Ron can take you.” She said. “Ron, you got Robyn?” He looked up from organizing his station to see who was calling him. A wide smile spread across his face and he quickly nodded his head. 

Ron had to be one of the sweetest but sassiest hairstylists I know. He’s so damn funny and his filter doesn’t and never will exist. 

“Hey baby, yeah I got her.” He turned around as I grabbed my stuff making my way to his chair. 

I plopped down, setting my purse beside me and pulling my sunglasses off my face. “Hey Ronny, how you been?” I cheesed. Ronny rolled his eyes while he side-eyed me. 

“Mhm, don’t sweet talk me now miss thang. You ain’t came in her in damn near three months.” He chastiesd, pointing his wide tooth comb at me. I pouted, giving him my most innocent look.

“I’m sorry I’ve just been busy,” I pouted.

“Yeah with her new boyfriend.” Mel interrupted. Litterally everyone’ eyes in the shop turned to face me in shock. It was no secret that I wasn’t too fond of men or dating so me having a ‘boyfriend’ seemed to shock everyone.

Ronny smacked me thigh with the comb. “Ow!” I screamed rubbing the sore spot.

“Ain’t no ow. How the hell you not gon’ tell us you got a man Robby?” He yelled, clapping his hands like it was the most exciting news in the world. I glared at Mel but all she did was laugh and stick her tongue out at me.

Childish ass.

“Don’t be in there beating on her, Ronald!” I heard Tammy yell before she appeared from the back with that famous smile on her face. Ron sucked his teeth at the fact that she was usuing his government while I laughed lowly.

“Hey Tammy,” I cheesed, standing to give her a hug. After a quick embrace she took a step back.

“Where you been child? And whats this I hear about a man?”

“Technically he’s not my ‘man’. We went on one date.” I expressed, feeling Ronny finally draping the cover over me. He sucked his teeth and I could tell he was shaking his head.

“And she kissed him Ms. Tammy. Mhm, they was all up on eachother on our couch.” Mel chimed in yet again. “I don’t know what would’ve happen if I wouldn’t have walked in.” 

“Y’all kissed?” Both Ronny and Tammy yelled.

I rolled my eyes, “Bitch focus on that woman head.” I yelled, wishing I had something to throw at her right about now. She always want everybody to know what the hell I was doing. She laughed and put her hands up, finally starting to actually do her job. “Anyway, he’s just a nice guy.”

“Mhm.” Tammy side eyes me giving me that ‘we’ll talk later’ look before heading back over to her chair.

“Bitch got a man and couldn’t even tell her friends. I’m hurt.” He laughed once Tammy was out of earshot. Ronny removed my hat from my head and let out a loud over dramatic gasp. “Robby look at this damn head, uh uh.” He grilled. He tried running his fingers through my hair but obviously it didn’t work because he smacked my thigh with the comb again.

“I’ve been busy.” I mumbled. He sucked his teeth, finally beginning to start on my managled hair.

“Busy with this man. Tell me about him.”

I sighed, “Well we met at work a few weeks ago.” I said. “He would not give up until I gave him my number.” 

I basically explained to the whole shop about how Chris and I met and began talking; Mel butting in to give her two cents. Of course the whole shop got on me about not giving him my number but then they were all googly eyed and awwed wanting to know where we were going for our second date.

“He just sound sexy,” Ron said. The women nodded their heads and began mumbling about Chris. 

“He is.” I smiled. 

“Ohh, let me stop you. But what you want done today?” He asked. I simply shrugged my shoulders. I’ve had every hairstyle in the book so I really have no idea what to get done at this point. “Hm, black? Yeah you look good in black.” He said.

Black didn’t sound too bad. That was my favorite and I haven’t went black in awhile.  

“We can do black.” I stated sure of my answer. My hair hasn’t been its natural hair color in I don’t know how long.

“Short or long?” He asked.

“Long, I wanna go short soon though.”

Ronny began his process on my hair, washing, conditioning, rinsing, and letting me sit under the dryer for what felt like eternity. My hair looked so damn bad right now. After it dried he led me back to his chair and began fixing up my hair. “You might wanna get comfortable because we’ll be here a while.” I already know.


“I love it,” I squealed, running my fingers through my hair. Ronny curled it to perfection and I was in awe. Two hours ago it was a tangled mess and now my hair was perfection.

“I’m happy you love it boo.” He chuckled. I quickly retrived the money from my purse and passed it his way. Ronny stuffed it into his apron pocket before he two of us embraced in a quick hug. “Don’t you take another ten years to come get your hair done.” 

I sucked my teeth, “I’ll be back in a few weeks.” Gathering my things, I kissed Ron on his cheek, blew Mel a kiss, and waved goodbye to everyone else before exiting the shop. 


I rolled to a stop at the red light as I bobbed my head to J Coles’s Head Bussa. I’m guessing then woman next to me didn’t appreciate me blasting my music with my windows down, but did I give a fuck? No. I winked at the woman watching her face go from annoyed to shocked before stepping on the gas because the light turned green. 

I told Robyn we’d be going out to day so I was headed to her place now. Pulling my phone from my pocket, I scrolled through my contact list before clicking on her name. It rung three times before her voice rang through. 

“Hello?” Her voice spoke. She sounded so damn sexy. Something about her accent just gets to me. 

“Hey beautiful.” I could practically see her through the phone either rolling her eyes or trying to hide her smile. 

“Hey Chris,” 

“I’m about five minutes away. You ready?” I was planning on taking her to see a movie and then out to eat somewhere. Something simple but I’d use this as an opportunity to be close to her all night. 


“I know you ain’t forget I’m supposed to be taking you out.” I chuckled. 

“No, no I didn’t forget. But I’m about to get in the shower so how about you come here instead,” she suggested. “I just don’t feel like leaving the house.” 

Shit, even better. 

“That’s cool, but how you gon’ shower without me?” I asked. Robyn sucked her teerh and I chuckled. 

“Bye Christopher. I’ll leave then door unlocked.” I heard those three beeps in my ear indicating that she hung up. I simply laughed and tossed my phone into the cup holder. I guess this would just have to count as a second date.  

I pulled up to the complex and found myself a park on the street but no too far from the door. My phone began vibrating and Mijo’s name flashed across the screen. I chuckled because I know he has some shit to say. 

“Aye, what you doing nigga?” 

Damn I don’t even get a hello. 

“Minding my business.” I hit the lock on my car and made my way up to their apartment. Hopefully she’s still in the shower so I can fuck with her just a little. 

“Damn, but we about to head over to Teyana’s house cause she cooking. You coming?” They gon’ be exactly three doors down from me.

“I got something to do but I’ll slide through later.” I mumbled, stepping off the elevator. 


I hung up the phone and followed the numbers till I got to apartment 15. Like she said the door was unlocked so I stepped in. “Baby!” I yelled. 

“I’m in the kitchen, Chris.” She responded faintly.

Damn, I was hoping she was still in the shower. 

 I kicked my Jordan’s off by the door making my way to the kitchen. I noticed Robyn shuffling through a drawer full of papers but I had to do a double take. Her usual blond curls had been replaced with black ones and pulled up in a ponytail on top of her head. I scanned her from head to toe, thanking the lord she decided to throw on some short ass pajama shorts and a tank top. 

“Chris,” Robyn cut into my thoughts holding up a variety of restaurants that we had to choose from. She smiled and slapped them down on the counter. “Pizza or Chinese?” 

“I’m feeling pizza.” I mumbled. Robyn nodded her head before stuffing the rest of the pamphlets back into the drawer. She snatched up the menu and tried sashaying right past me but I gently grabbed her arm. “I don’t get a kiss?” 

Rolling her eyes, Robyn stood on her tippy toes and placed a soft kiss on my lips. “Happy?” 

“Your hair,” I said, playing with one strand that had fallen out. She looked nervous once I mentioned it. 

“What? What’s wrong with it?” She asked, reaching up to play with a curl that had fallen. 

“Nothing, it’s just-damn.” I said biting my lip. Robyn tried hiding her blush with a laugh but failed miserably. She seemed relieved to know I liked it. 

“I’m glad you like it.” She joked. Robyn stepped around me, grabbing her phone off the counter. “I’m going to order the pizza. Sausage and pepperoni okay?”  

I nodded, and followed right behind her to the living where she insisted I pick out a movie while she ordered the pizza. I scanned the rack of movies, skipping over every love story. She had damn near every one to come out since I was a kid. I finally decided on Honey since Jessica Alba is bad as fuck plus I liked the movie.  

Robyn emerged just as the previews for the movie began playing, blanket in tow. I took a seat on the couch while she plopped down right next to me, spreading the cover over the both of us. 

Robyn pressed play and the movie began. I couldn’t help but keep taking peeks at Robyn. Her hair just seemed to make her look ten times more…exotic. “What are you staring at?” She blushed. 

“You.” I leaned down and pecked her lips softly. Robyn only rolled her eyes with that infamous smile before focusing her attention back on the movie. 

About thirty minutes in, I had stopped paying attention altogether. I managed to get Robyn on my lap and start messing with her. Kissing on her neck and behind her ear any chance I got. She’d fidget and whisper ‘stop’ but all I’d do is chuckle and keep on fucking with her. 

“You smell good,” I mimbled, my face placed in the crook of her neck. My hand massaged her thigh while I placed a soft kiss on her collar bone. 

“Chris would you stop,” she said, shying away but I quickly pulled her back. I ran my hand up and down her thigh, squeezing it every once in a while. I tugged at the bows on the bottom of her shorts before slowly moving up to the waistband. “Stop Chris.” 

I ignored her, pulling at her shorts. She shifted in my lap making me laugh. “Relax Robyn,” I muttered, sliding my hands inside her shorts. I reached into her shorts, meeting the lining of her panties.

I rubbed her through her panties, making my way down. Just as I began pulling them aside, knocks resonated through the apartment. Robyn sigh, pulling my hand from her shorts and hopping up. 


“It’s the pizza, I’ll get it.” She announced. I simply grabbed her arm and told her I got it. 

“Somebody always fucking shit up,” I mumble, stomping my way to the door. I snatched it open ready to beat this pizza guy’s ass, but instead I saw Teyana standing there with a plate of food, along with Ty and Mijo. 

“Fuck you doing here?” Mijo asks, peering behind me but I pull the door closed a little just incase Robyn was behind me. 

“Like I said, minding my fucking business.” I said. “What the fuck y’all want?” Teyana held the plate with one hand and somehow managed to punch me in the arm with the other. 

“Chris can you hu-” Robyn stopped mid-sentence noticing the newfound guests. “Hey Teyana.” She said, eyeing Ty and Mijo. 

“Hey Robyn, I just came to bring you a plate since I cooked but, I didn’t know you were busy.” She smirked. “That’s Ty and Mijo, I wanted to introduce y’all.” She passed Robyn the plate of food while she waved at them. 

“I’m Robyn.” I could tell these two fools were putting two and two together. 

“Oh, you the Robyn that Chris-” 

“Aye, aye, we waiting on our food so if y’all don’t mind.” I wrapped my arm around Robyn’s waist and pulled her behind me. I gave Mijo and Ty that look that told them shut the fuck up before kissing Tey’s cheek and closing the apartment door. 

I turned around to Robyn looking at me with a suspicious look. “What were they about to say?” 

“Nothing,” I shrugged. 




“Give me some,” Michael asked, pointing towards my chocolate covered strawberries. I shook my head and stuffed another one in my mouth. “I bought it.” 

“Yeah, but you gave them to me. You always eating.” I laughed. Michael rubbed my legs that were placed across his lap as he smirked. He pouted and flicked his eyes between me and my strawberries a few times. 

“I’m always eating because you want to be ate.” He smirked. I gasped and smacked his bare chest while he laughed. Picking up the strawberry, I raised it to his mouth allowing him to take a bite. “Thank you baby.” 

“Greedy ass.” I murmured. I squealed once he flipped me over on my back, smashing his lips against mine. 

Three years and all this man has to do is kiss me and he has me in the palm of his hand. He quickly pulled my shirt off my frame and tossed it into a corner. The two of us continued our heated mini make-out session before we heard a loud bang from downstairs. Michael hopped up immediately as I hurried to the corner, pulling on my shirt. 

“What’s that?” I asked. Michael pulled the gun from our nighstand and held it out. Michael put a finger to his lips and I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. 

“Stay quiet and get the gun out of the-” before he could finish the door burst open and Michael started shooting. I dropped and grabbed the gun from under the bed. I raised it up and shot twice only to be grabbed and thrown against the wall letting my gun slide across the floor. 

Michael was fighting two of them and he punched one knocking him into the lamp. I screamed and lunged for my gun only for the same man to punch me and hold me against the wall. 

“Stop!” I yelled, watching as they jumped my baby. The man held my against the wall with his gun pointed at my temple. I pulled my knee up hard making him topple over. Just as I picked up the gun another was pointed right between my eyes. 

“I wouldn’t do that baby,” 

I know that voice…

“Robyn!” I jumped out of my sleep, panting and looking around frantically. I was laying on Chris’s chest while he looked up at me with concern. “You okay?” 

I wiped the sweat from my forehead feeling the tears burn the back of my eyes. “I-I’m sorry, it was just-” I stuttered, trying to get my words together. I sighed heavily, glancing at the clock on the cable box to see it read 1a.m. 

“It’s okay,” he cooed, rubbing my back in soothing circles. I swallowed the lump in my throat while Chris picked me up bridal style. 

He carried me back to my bedroom and gently set me down on the bed. “Chris I’m okay, it was just a bad dream.” I said. Chris ignored me, treading to my dresser before rummaging through my drawer, he found an old t-shirt, and tossed it to me. I’m guessing cause the one I have on is drenched in sweat. I quickly rid myself of my tank top slipping the oversized t-shirt on. 

“Chris,” I whisper, stopping him before he reached my door. “Stay with me.” 

Chris stopped in his tracks. He was hesitant before responding, “You sure?” I swiftly nodded my head.


 I breathed a heavy sigh watching him turn around and trek back over to my bed. He simply removed his shirt and jeans leaving him in just a pair of basketball shorts. 

He crawled into my bed, pulling me into his arms. I instantly caved laying my head on his chest. He pulled the covers over us, hugged me tighter, and pecked my lips. 

“Goodnight baby.”