Quien somos realmente?

Nos ponemos una mascara para fingir el verdadero mounstro que somos.

Y no es que seamos un mounstro o que tengamos demonios.

Nosotros mismos nos hacemos mountros y nosotros creamos nuestros demonios.

Me pregunto se te habras puesto a pensar en el mounstro que llevas escondiendo ya que la mascara no lo oculta todo.

Esas deciciones siempre llevando a un mal camino….


If I Stay (2014)

Here is the 3d model of Yuri, my main character from my soviet project :D

sculpted by Frédérick Alves-Cunha, best Illumination/Mirkos 3D sculptor ever :D

go to his tumblr, he is currently available :)


Thank you so so much Fredus :’)))))

You  must know that he did that just from this very rough drawings , no he doesn’t need a model sheet :o

For us Argentines, “Asados” are organized with family. Mine is every Sunday. But when you travel, your friends are your family. So here, in Barcelona, I organize it with friends, but not every Sunday. During every Asado, everyone has their particular role. I take care of the grills, my butcher as usual prepares the meat for me as we, Argentines, like it. I like cooking. Cooking makes me relax. It helps me think about something other than football. Until last summer, Dani brought his happiness and jokes. Ney chose the music. Luis prepares the mate and Leo plays with the kids.
—  Javier Mascherano