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[ cake | rated; M ]

words: 5.7k (seventeen’s seokmin)

genre: smutty smut, includes thigh riding, some dirty talk and yeh basically u gon find out;)

synopsis: you finally get paired with lee seokmin for your cooking class, the assignment; to bake some cake. it seems simple enough or will you get distracted along the way? 

“Just add nothing more than a pinch of salt.”

A cloud of stream swirled through the air as you continuously lapped your wooden spoon through the mixture before you, an adequate blend of the finest herbs and spices wafting throughout your cooking station. Your partner looked around in utter confusion, his pupils darting across the ingredients sprawled out in front of him on the granite counter. Time was ticking by, and this soup needed to be complete and ready to serve in less than a minute.

“Goddammit, the salt is right there!” You barked snappishly, the tip of your finger angled towards a tablespoon of the grainy white substance.

“Now like I said before, we only need a pin-”

But your partner being the irrational and inexperienced person he was fell into a panic, your jaw hitting the floor as he completely dumped in the tablespoon of salt. You couldn’t even continue stirring the spoon, nothing but disbelief at what you just witnessed coursing through your body. This was one of your most important cooking assignments, your chances at receiving a scholarship for the culinary arts now shattering like glass. You quickly grabbed a hold of yourself and took to stirring the soup bubbling in the pot, the timer extremely close to dinging. A shallow spoonful of the creation you’d worked so hard on slipped past your parted lips and tingled on your tastebuds. It didn’t seem half bad at first, but then an explosion of salt went off like firecrackers in your mouth, an immediate sour expression sprouting across your features.

Your partner squeezed his forehead, the desperate gleam in his eyes growing dull, “Is it that bad?”

Is it that bad.

You simply chuckled at his question, but not the light hearted chuckle like you were buzzing about something your crush had just said, no it was a twisted chuckle, your fingers beginning to twitch.

“Let me think… Yes it is that bad, this is one of our last and most important cooking projects and you go panicking over a tablespoon of salt? Really, it’s the only thing you can taste the second after it touches your pallet, it’s horrible.” However it was too late to even attempt at saving your dish, a tattered sigh heaving from your chest as the teacher waited for her students to present their freshly made meals. She smiled and nodded in satisfaction after each bowl, your heart beating like a drum as it would soon be your turn.

“At least it looks good.” The voice that tickled your ears didn’t come from your partner, it came from the counter beside you, a preppy looking Lee Seokmin standing proud in front his signature soup. You wanted to slap that devilish grin off his beaming face, he was one of the best students in the class and your biggest competition for this scholarship. Everything he made was undoubtedly stunning and it didn’t hurt that the teacher had a soft spot for him.

“Shut it Seokmin, I really don’t need your half-assed compliments right now.” Your voice was low and gruff as you kept your eyes glued to the front, your fingernails pressing indents into your skin while your blood began to boil. It was pretty obvious you were screwed, you didn’t need anyone hinting at it.

“Yikes, relax a little, I’m just joking.” Your eyes flickered towards him in annoyance, though the face you saw wasn’t at all wearing the smirk from earlier. Seokmin’s voice came as a whisper, the words that tumbled from his lips leaving you with a small wisp of hope.

“Trust me, she knows you’re a good cook, you can make pretty much anything. She’ll probably give you a make up project.” You didn’t glance back at Seokmin, though you bit the inside of your cheek and nodded your head. It felt strange to receive an actual compliment from him, and not one that was laced with sarcasm. The strangeness soon melted into happiness. Seokmin could cook, he could bake, and he could create easily create his own unique dishes, so of course you felt better from hearing his words, though you would never admit it.

However your happiness didn’t delay the dreaded moment that soon fell into action, the soup still streaming from its shiny white bowl. Though the appearance was indeed appealing, the taste was a completely different story, your teachers face scrunching up after the first spoonful. The moment was nothing but shameful and embarrassing, her words slashing you like a blade.

“I expect better from you, Y/N. This was… Very disappointing.” Your partner got off scotch free, a careless look printed on his face as you shuffled back behind your counter. There was no point in making excuses, you should have taken care of the salt, that was all there was to it. Class ended on a high note with the teacher cheerfully applauding Seokmin and his partners dish, his wide pearly smile forcing a slight grin across your lips.

He’s really something, you thought, I would almost kill for that talent.

Class was coming to a close, a visible gloomy cloud lingering above your head as you tossed a few things into your bag. Today was a disaster, and now you were experiencing the consequences of it. Everyone had pretty much left except for Seokmin and a few other students, their voices nothing but static to your ears as you padded towards the door, that is until you heard your name being called, your body turning stiff. Shuffling backwards in the direction of your teachers desk, you paused, your eyebrow quirked.

“Yeah?” She glanced up at you, the fluorescent lights casting a glare in her glasses. Your teacher looked between you and Seokmin, the words you were hoping to hear not yet leaving her lips.

“Y/N I know it wasn’t your fault the soup I tasted was overly salty, I’ve been closely monitoring your performance in my class and I’m incredibly aware of your capabilities and what you’ve achieved. This project won’t affect your chances at the scholarship, you don’t deserve that.”

An immediate relief poured over you as your knees momentarily felt weak, a breathy gasp pushing from your chest at knowing you were still in her good books. Seokmin grinned at you, his eyes glowing with a soft warmth you hadn’t seen before.

“Thank you so much, I won’t disappoint you anymore, I promise.” Your teacher folded her hands together and reached into a tiny blue box on her desk, her nimble fingers flipping through an array of cards until she pulled one out. Seokmin didn’t look at all confused, instead he was leaning forwards while tapping his foot, like he was expecting what was coming next.

“One more thing. Seokmin has regularly completed a few of these for me, but I’m interested in how my two best students would fair in a little task together. I have two cakes I want made and delivered to this address by Sunday, and I’m hoping you can assist one another in creating them.”

For some reason you felt the squishy flesh of your cheeks begin to burn, your fingers tangling with the bottom of your sweater as you fumbled on a response. A chance to work with Seokmin would be something you had always secretly wanted coming true, his light chuckle ringing in the air the more you spluttered out your words.

“That would be great, I’m in.” You managed to say, your teacher clapping her hands together to close the deal. She handed you the flimsy white card and wiggled her finger for you to lean closer, her words a serious whisper.

“Think of this as a way to really come back from what happened today, even if you aren’t the most experience at baking, it follows many of the same rules as cooking.”

You pulled away and nodded, “I won’t let you down.”

Your arms were heavy with bags of ingredients you bought from the store, yet as you stumbled down the hall and towards the entrance to the cooking class, you felt nothing but pure excitement, an intense itch to get started. Your teacher was running late to monitor your work with Seokmin, your phone buzzing with her email. It didn’t bother you though, it was less pressure off the beginning of the assignment, a clear pathway paved for the rest to follow.

Seokmin was already setting his ingredients out on a counter near the back, his head popping up when he noticed your entry. A wide grin reached across his lips, one that made your heart lightly flutter as you let your bags collapse on the space next to his. Golden sunlight was splashing in from the windows, his tanned skin coming alive with a tender glow. You wondered why you never noticed his beauty before, the most you saw were his smooth actions in the kitchen and the upbeat attitude that followed. Not only would you be able to learn a lot of valuable tips from Seokmin, but maybe more about the person he was or wanted to be.

“Do you think you’re ready?” The boy asked while grabbing a large bowl, his eyes blinking at you warmly. Though there was excitement bubbling vividly in your veins, you were also feeling some burning nerves seep through as well, the thought of making a mistake and repeating the soup incident bringing a sour taste to your mouth.

“I just want to do well.” You mumbled. Seokmin watched as you spread out your ingredients across the granite countertop, the plastic bags drifting to your feet the more you emptied them. He knew you could cook and he knew you had experience with baking, he was feeling a little nervous himself, but mostly due to the fact he was alone with you. It was hard to concentrate on wiping down his station and fishing out all his measuring supplies when you gathered your hair into a ponytail, the elastic snug between your lips. There was a determined glint in your eyes and Seokmin felt his cheeks surge with a prickling heat at observing you, his chocolate orbs following the curve of your clothing that was tight against your body.

He suddenly remembered his station didn’t have a mixer, the final moments of preparation closing to an end. While you were occupied with nervously brushing over your ingredient list one final time, Seokmin slipped over to your side to look through the cupboards. You had no idea the boy was behind you as you shifted your weight from foot to foot, your eyes lurching to scan the counter when you thought you came across something you’d forgotten to buy. Seokmin turned around with the mixer he was searching for, his eyes suddenly widening when you stepped too far back, your body brushing with his. You snapped out of your consuming thoughts as a hand lightly slid along your waist and tapped your side, issuing that you had the poor boy backed against the cupboards. Seokmin felt the curve of your ass pushing into his centre, his teeth sinking into the plush flesh of his lower lip to try and contain the fire that was quickly spreading under his skin.

An embarrassed gasp slipped from your throat at awkwardly backing into Seokmin, the notebook clutched in your grip almost falling to the floor as his delicate fingers lightly pressed into your waist.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t even see you move behind me.” The words stumbled from the tip of your tongue, an undeniable burning sensation bubbling in your stomach at the feeling of his hand roaming along your body. It definitely wasn’t something you ever thought would happen, your mind tempted to wander to a much darker place.

“Don’t worry about it.” Seokmin said nonchalantly, his head aimed towards the recipe scrawled across a slip of paper. You tried to focus on prepping your own station so you could start, but the moment you caught a glimpse of of the large rips covering Seokmin’s jeans, you were a goner. How could anyone contain themselves from thinking lewd thoughts when that light blue colour fit him so perfectly, the thickness to his thighs causing your eyes to pool with a glossy desire.

Focus Y/N! You have a cake to make!

It took a lot to break away from the hold you were falling into, but now wasn’t the time to be thirsting after the gorgeous guy in your cooking class. Your teacher still wouldn’t be here for at least half an hour and that left plenty of time to whip up the batter and create the chocolate frosting. You got to work, your focus now diverted to making the best cake possible. Every sprinkle of sugar, every pinch of salt, every drizzle of vanilla, all carefully measured and blended together to create the most fluffy yet rich batter you’d ever created. Clouds of flour were splattered across the apron fastened to your body, the powdery substance not being the only thing you’d spilt on yourself. Wiping your forehead with the back of your hand, you placed the glass dish into the oven, the timer now ticking down the minutes until your cake would be ready.

You cast a subtle look at Seokmin’s station. He too was about to place his cake in the oven, his batter being chocolate while yours was vanilla. It was in the order that had been scribbled on the card your teacher gave you the other day, the receiver of the cakes making it very clear they wanted their tastebuds blown away. While leaning against the wall next to the oven, you didn’t even realize you were licking your lips at the sight of Seokmin with his sleeves rolled up, his silky brown hair pushed back by his nimble fingers. He had a lot less flour scattered across his apron than you, and his station was a lot less messy. Clearing the lump in your throat, you buckled down and swiped up all the ingredients splashed over the granite, the heavenly sweet aromas of your cakes mingled together helping make the experience more enjoyable.

“Okay, now for the icing.” You sighed while tossing your notepad onto the centre of the counter. However, Seokmin had different plans as he undid the knot in his apron, the dark blue fabric peeling away from his body to yet again expose the sight of his muscular thighs. You tried not to look as the boy shuffled into one of his plastic bags and pulled out a container of buttercream frosting, his fingers edging around the lid to pop it off. You released a gasp,

“Lee Seokmin, you’re using store bought icing?” A chuckle bubbled from his chest as he tore the silver seal off, his finger dipping into thick, creamy substance.

“It’s not for the clients cake, I’m gonna use this for my brothers birthday. I washed my hands like 4 times.” He mumbled while his tongue peaked out to lick at the frosting. You did want to take a break. The cakes wouldn’t be out of the oven for awhile, and there was plenty of time to prepare the actual coating for them.

“Your brother must always get the short end of the stick then.” You teased, a few strands of hair loosening from your ponytail to tickle the sides of your face. Seokmin smirked as you folded your apron across a stool and came to join him, your back pressing into the edge of the counter while you dipped your finger into the container.

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