Well this is it. It’s here. The last night we get to spend together as a family before football season begins for my husband. It’s hard for those not involved in the coaching world to understand, but for the next 5 months he will leave for work at 5am and won’t return home until 9pm (or later). Everyday. There are no days off. Not even Sunday. SO I would like to use this post to honor all the WOMEN out there who are married to coaches. The strong females who hold down the fort (or in my case, make sure the kids don’t burn it down). The ladies who work 2,3 & 4 jobs to make sure the bills get paid. The mamas who stay up late putting the house back together, washing laundry, fixing lunches, helping with homework and preparing for their own jobs the next day. The gals who figure it out. Whether “it” is fixing the washer, the car, the dog or yes, maybe a much needed martini. The women who find the end of their rope and then just when it doesn’t seem possible they find a thread to hold on to. So in honor of these superheroes, I leave you with this thought: The reason Disneyland is a magical place is not because of the mouse out front shaking hands and hugging kids. It’s the result of the sweat, blood and tears (filled with mascara and foundation mind you!) of the people behind the scenes. Can I get I an Amen?! Let’s go Mustangs!
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