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Current In Progress Power Rangers Fics

-The Rangers get a dog + Trini centric feels. 
-Jason patching up Billy after a fight.
-Jason and Billy’s first kiss and first make out session. 
-5 Times the Power Rangers were Mother Hens and 1 time they were the chicks.
-5 times the Rangers all noticed Billy and Jason were in love and 1 time someone said something about it. 
-A Squad Bonfire.

All of these are coming in the next couple of weeks, I’m so excited for it! Go go Power Rangers! (I might have a couple more Cranscott and/or Trimberly ideas floating around, but I’ll focus on these five fics first.) They’ll be posted here on my Tumblr and on my AO3 under the same name, in order of appearance here.

 — oi! oi! i haven’t been around in months because focusing on school and shit but i’m back now!! i know i already have a selena gif hunt going around but i’m trying new psds and i was making icons for personal use so i ended up doing this??? well, anyway! under the cut are 98 recent gif icons of selena gomez, well known actress and singer. all of the gifs below were sized down to 100x100 by me. none of these gifs were made by me so full credit goes to the creators. having said that, if the owners would like credit for their gifs or want any of these taken down, feel free to message me. likes or reblogs would be much appreciated if you found this useful.

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{ *; ★ &&. selena gomez gif icons ; }

hi cuties,,,,, below the cut you will find ### of gif icons of my princess selena gomez !!! there are various gifs from her more recent interviews along with some gifs from different things she’s been in lately. i do not own any of the original gifs, they were found mainly in the gif tag,,, but credit goes to their original creators!!! however,,, i myself did recrop/resize each gif so please, don’t go and claim these as your own!! but if you wish to add them to your gifhunt, feel free too as long as you give credit where it’s needed!! please like/reblog if using and or found helpful!!!

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