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The Ultimate Mistake

REQUESTED – “Could you please write a imagine where y/n and justin are fighting and justin slaps her in the heat of the moment and you can continue from there”

He promised her tonight would be different. No distractions, no interruptions, just her and him, celebrating the conclusion of another successful tour. She knew she was stupid to believe him, to believe that this time would be any different than all the other times he promised “alone time”, and yet here she was, sitting on the same black leather barstool for the last three hours, alone in a crowded nightclub, with her fourth, lime green, ‘Midori Sour’ in between her ring covered fingers. Her eyes hatefully were fixed on the picture perfect couple before her, sensually dancing to a familiar pop song she couldn’t quite put her finger on; he had his large tattooed arms wrapped around her small, petite body, his lips nibbling at the tanned skin along her neck, and all Y/N could think about while she sipped on her strong alcoholic drink, was how hours before, his lips had been doing that to her, in more intimate places.

“He’s an asshole,” The bartender, Ryan- his name tag read, says as he places another full drink in front of the girl who had captured his attention since she walked through the nightclub doors. He had seen her come in with the others, clinging to the arm of a perky lime green haired girl, he recognized as Kylie Jenner, the two dancing and giggling as they weaved their way through the crowd to the VIP section. Justin and Selena had followed closely behind them, Justin’s eyes seeming to never leave the back of Y/N in the deliciously skin tight, black, lace-up, body-con dress that stuck to her like it was meant to be there. “Gomez, man, she’s not even that pretty.” Ryan continues, a stunning grin taking over his lips as he leans against the bar, his eyes meeting Y/N’s slightly glossy bright blue eyes. His comment, although sweet, was untruthful, and neither of them were naïve enough to deny that: Selena Gomez was stunning, as she always had been, and thanks to her recent break up with Abel a.k.a the ‘Weeknd’, her bright red revenge dress was easy to pull attention.

“Oh, so you’re a bartender and a comedian, cute.” Y/N retorts, laughing slightly at his useless comment to make her feel better as she downs the rest of the drink in her hands and starts on the next one he placed before her. She had to admit Ryan was cute, with his perfectly styled bleach blonde hair and his strong jawline she noticed tightened when he was interested in something, but she had a blonde of her own, even if he was being a cotton headed bitch ass, and no one has ever had her heart like he did.

“I thought Jelena was done anyways.” Ryan said, continuing to clean the crystal clear wine glass in his hand, hanging it up on the rack, his eyes never leaving hers. Y/N rolls her eyes at the immature ship name, focusing on a strand of her perfectly curled blonde hair that she twists and untwists around her perfectly manicured pointer finger.

“They are.” She replies back almost instantly. “They were.” Y/N corrects, glancing over her shoulder once again to see Justin whispering something in Selena’s pierced ear and watching the girl in his arms laugh as if it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard.

Ryan watches as Y/N’s body cringes in response to the intimate gesture of the couple in front of her, no matter how hard she tries, it’s clear that the way the two hold each other bothers who, and he can only imagine the empty promises he had spoken to the girl Ryan would kill to make smile again. When Y/N’s eyes travel back to his, a lifeless smile pulls on her red lips as she takes another sip of her drink, tapping the home button on her iPhone 7 to check the time. He catches a selfie of her and Justin as her home screen before the screen goes black again. “Why don’t you go cut in? Show her why he’s been with you all this time.” Ryan says, although the statement pains him, knowing it would hurt to see her dancing with another guy when he wanted it so badly to be him.

Y/N laughs in response. He had no idea who Justin was, or who she was, for that matter. The relationship between the two of them was almost impossible for anyone but themselves to understand, and honestly, she liked it that way. “You don’t get it,” she spits without thinking about what she’s saying. “Justin’s not “with” anyone. Just because he’s fucking me doesn’t mean he wants anything more from me.” Ryan flinches at her blunt words, wishing he could take the pain away from this wonderful stranger that just walked into his life. He knew guys like Justin all too well, hell, he had been one himself, and knowing that only made him hate Justin more. The two sat in a comfortable silence, Y/N drowning her sorrows in alcohol, Ryan thinking of ways to not go over and punch Bieber in the face, and as he dropped his dish towel onto the counter before him, signaling for one of his employees to take over his spot, he pulls the glass from Y/N’s hands. “Hey!”

“Dance with me,” Ryan states, pushing a blonde strand of her hair from her eyes. From the corner of his eye, Ryan can see Justin’s attention perking up, his eyes following Ryan’s hand as it falls slowly down Y/N’s bare arm.

“Dance with you? Don’t you have work to do?” Y/N says, although dancing with Ryan seems more appealing then she lets on. Ryan chuckles, shaking his head as he runs a hand through his hair and jumps up on the counter, sliding over to the other side and landing on his feet just a few inches to Y/N’s right.

“I guess that’s the perks of owning the bar.” Ryan shrugs grabbing Y/N’s hand and pulling her to the dance floor. In that moment, laughter escaping from her lips, Y/N is happy for the first time tonight and she willingly allows Ryan to pull her to the dance floor, positioning them in the middle of the sweating and grinding bodies around them. Ryan steps behind Y/N’ pulling her body to his, and it takes her only a second to fall into the beat of ‘One Dance’  by ‘Drake’, her hips swaying perfectly against his. Y/N smiles, enjoying the feeling of being wanted by someone as Ryan’s hands roam her body, but the feeling last for only a moment before her arm is being pinched by a strong muscular hand and she is roughly pulled away from Ryan’s warm inviting body.

Justin, from across the dance floor, grew furious on the spot, pushing Selena’s arms off his body and ignoring her protests as he pushes through the crowded nightclub, his eyes fixed on Y/N and the arms of another man intimately around her. He knew he had been a jerk, ignoring her all night for Selena after he promised tonight would be different, but he had gotten so caught up in his feelings for her, he had forgotten the girl that had fought so hard to fix him for the last six months. “Justin, stop!” Y/N calls, as he drags her through the dance floor, his eyes glued to the back entrance that he knew led to an alleyway as Y/N clawed at his fingers digging into her arm. “Justin!” she cries again as they finally reach the door, rage lining his vision. His heart was racing, his palm sweating, how dare she just fall into the arms of another man when one night doesn’t go her way. “Justin stop, your hurting me.” Y/N says, causing Justin to hault in his steps and turn to face Y/N, her blue eyes shimmering with tears. Carefully he releases her arm watching as Y/N takes a deep breath and pushes past him, exiting through the door and not once looking back to see if he had followed.

“What the fuck was that?” Justin growls once the two of them are outside the nightclub, the loud music faint in the distance as Y/N rests her back against the brick building, rolling her eyes at Justin’s anger. “Are you sleeping with that asshole?” Justin asks, hating but ignoring the jealous side of him that began to rear its head. Y/N’s jaw drops in shock at his words. She knew that Justin was jealous, he always had been, but his words hurt to know that he thought she could just easily sleep with whoever sparked an interest in her.

“Of course not, Justin. How can you even say that? The only asshole I’m sleeping with here is fucking you!” Y/N yells, unable to control the pent up anger she’s felt all night long. “You promised tonight would be different, you promised she wouldn’t be here, you promise and you lied. I should have known I couldn’t trust you, how could I even think I would be a thought in your mind when your head is shoved so far up Selena’s ass that you can’t even think for yourself!” Before he or she knew it, Justin’s hand collided with Y/N’s cheek. He wanted to blame the alcohol, or the fact that he knew deep down Y/N danced with that other guy to make him upset, but he couldn’t deny that it had been his fault. He had made the ultimate mistake and there was no going back.

Y/N stumbled back, her left hand clutching her cheek as she looked into Justin’s eyes, tears immediately starting to fall. She had never seen him like this before, eyes black, the emotion on his face one she couldn’t recognize, and as he saw the tears fall down her cheeks, streaking her mascara she had worked so hard to perfect, his heart fell into his stomach. Justin reached out for her, wanting to do nothing but apologize for what he had done. “Baby, I’m so sor-”

“No.” Y/N said, shaking her head as Justin continued to reach for her. “No!” she screamed, so loud she thought she might strain a vocal cord. “Don’t touch me. Don’t you dare fucking touch me.” She cried, backing up away from him as quickly as she could. “You will never get to do this to me again, you will never hit me again.” She mumbled, but couldn’t decide if it was to him or herself. Tears began to fall from his own eyes as Y/N turned her back on him and began jogging down the alley way, her hair flying out behind her, and the worst part? He stood and watched her go, not taking a single step to stop her.

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