munday things for once
lmao i brought broken cookies and was gonna draw my babe
icing was not kind to his eyes gomen bakura!!
i amm so tired i had planned to sleep once home but it’s now half midnight
i slept like 2 hours before work ( and turned up an hour late unknowingly )
and yeah brought new fluffy blanket to accompany my other one

i’m only staying up cause having to use a guide to get 707′s good end for secret end
and my phone can’t handle the browser and the game rip so been doing it slowly via comp



TAGGED BY.  no one fuck the system. 
TAGGING  ( eight people ).  you too should fuck the system.

ONE ( name / alias ).  Eva 
TWO ( birthday ).  April 18th
THREE ( zodiac sign ).  Aries
FOUR ( height ).  170cm :C 
FIVE  ( time ).  20:54
SIX ( sleep ).  five hours a day during weekdays 11 during weekends. 
( favorite books ). Anything written by my most beloved George Orwell would do, I love Le petit prince too. All I have to put here are essaysts and philosophers ( Marvin Harris, Hannah Arendt, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, etc)  so nothing much really? This might explain my essay-stiff like style of writing i’m gomen. I must mention that I love Japanese literature, Gikeiki and the compendium of poetry by Izumi Shikibu and Ono no Komachi called Ink Dark Moon are two of my favorite ones.
EIGHT ( favorite artists ). Claude Monet, Yoshida Hiroshi, Alfons Mucha, Adam Hughes, EinLee, Conrad Roset, and the list could go on forever. As for what regards music I’m a loyal devotee of Gorillaz and I cannot express how joyful I feel about their comeback. 
NINE ( last movie watched ). I don’t remember. Jesus and Buddha (Saint onii-san) maybe? 
TEN ( college ). Pharmacy PhD but I’m looking forward changing to Biochemistry PhD. 
ELEVEN ( dream job ). I’d like to be an artist and live off my art. 
TWELVE ( the meaning behind your url ). satori (悟り) is the state of maximum enlightenment and what turns humans into Bodhisattvas, Ren’s heavily based on buddhism teachings ( her whole name is a pun to the 8th chakra of enlightenment, Chiba Ren is translated as lotus of a thousand leaves and this lotus represents the chakra mentioned earlier) and also based on Siddhartha Gautama so…because I was an unoriginal fuck I just pulled satori + isms together which was the hip thing between cool kids in tumblr and here we are. 


-slides in- I hear there’s a werewolf!McCree AU???? :3c

Just gonna casually post this with the headcanon that instead of McCree leaving BlackWatch both he and Reyes get involved with Talon experiments (not sure if the same as Canon Talon),Turning Reyes into Reaper and McCree all feral wolf-like. He resents reaper for it since it was unwillingly done to him and has a p big grudge, but he has to keep his emotions in check lest he lose control

-back flips away-