i decided i should watch ONE video of whose line for old times sake so now, three hours later, im breathless and hunched over my laptop and tuesdays supermahou page is probably not going to be on tuesday

i will know ive found the one when they eat breakfast with me in underwear, we watch the graham norton show about a million times back to back, and we sing and dance along to crappy taylor swift songs

but thats in like maybe 5-10 years, im only freshman i dont give a fuck about all of that right now. i just wanna pass school

a bunch of my friends and the people i follow have really cute yaois and i love them i tried making a story with yaois once but it was dumb so ive chucked it and made another one but now i have too many that are still all really inadequate so

im going to


chucking stories about teenage girls 

at your face