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OMG I just realize you accept senarios!? What about a cute one where Momo falls on Toshiro, just like your icon?

I do! Yes of course! Absolutely!! I’d love to omg so cute okay


Momo slid open the door to the tenth division office, poking her head in.

“Shiro..?” Her voice rang, her brown orbs scanning the room for him. He was out of view near the window, and when he heard his name being called he turned and walked towards the door. When Momo heard his footsteps she opened the door fully, smiling brightly at him. “Hello, Shiro, I have some-”

“It’s Captain Hitsugaya now, Hinamori.” The white haired boy said with a sigh.

“Ah, right, gomen!” She giggled as she handed him some papers. “These are for you.” She stated, but only then did her smile turn into a frown.

She had suddenly noticed when she looked closely at his face, there were dark bags under his eyes, he hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

“Toshiro,” Hinamori started, a worried tone lacing her voice. “You look so tired. You should rest. Let me help you with these.” The girl offered, beginning to take the files back from him, which he held onto tightly.

“No, I’m fine. I need to get this done and you need to get back to your division. Hirako is a slacker, you and I both know that.” Toshiro protested.

“Toshiro, give me the papers. You’re in no state to work.” She now demanded, tugging a little more fiercely at the papers.

“No,” He retorted stubbornly, still gripping the papers tightly.

“Toshiro!” She exclaimed, yanking the papers towards her. Toshiro took that as a challenge, and, with, what he realized too late, was too much force, tugged back, sending her and the papers crashing into his chest. The two of them fell backwards onto the floor, with Momo landing on top of Toshiro, her hands braced on his chest. Hitsugaya’s arms flew around her after he felt them falling, in an attempt to somehow lessen the impact for her. After a hard ‘thunk’ and a few moments of silence, the two realized their current position.

Momo suddenly pulled her hands away from his chest, to rest them on either side his head instead.

“Shiro, I am so sorry! I-I didn’t think..” She trailed off, flustered, but was too paralyzed to get off of the poor boy. His shocked turquoise orbs stared back at her, blinking in confusion at the entire situation.

The silence befell on the pair once again, a long while of them looking into each other’s eyes. Some greater force drew Momo’s small frame closer to his(or perhaps it was the weight of his hands, still on her back), until their noses were almost touching.

Somehow, some way, they ended up kissing. Momo didn’t remember how. What initiated it? Was it the slightest brush of their lips, or their foreheads touching? Did they pull back once they realized what had happened? She didn’t care. She was kissing him. Toshiro Hitsugaya. Her Shiro. She was kissing him. Wait..

Hinamori jerked back at the realization, her face painted bright red.

“What..?” Toshiro asked, still reeling.

“We… we… kissed..” The lieutenant replied, staring at him in shock. His eyes widened slightly, then relaxed again.

“Did… did you uh… like it..?” The captain asked shyly. Momo blinked. As if she could get any more red.

“W-well… I… yeah… I guess I did..” Her eyes were at the floor, the tips of his hair, the papers scattered on the floor. Anywhere but his eyes.

“Well, good. I did too.” Now it was he playing this avoiding-eye-contact game. Momo gasped quietly. There was yet another moment of silence.

“Are you still tired?” She asked, piercing through the absence of sound.

“No…” He replied quickly.

“… We should do it again.”


Thanks for the scenario!!! This was soooo much fun to write!!!

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