lorheit  asked:

Hi, Hoshido or Norh ? >:3

VALLA!!! you should totally check out the valla zine I was part of nyehe f//shamelesspromotion

But in all seriousness, Hoshido! I like the aesthetics of Hoshido a bit more, but I adore the Nohr family as well ;u; it’s hard to choose….

I’ve actually tried to make a Hoshido based fatesona, but I haven’t really had the time to fully draw one outside of a quick sketch:

I’ll properly draw her and give her background some day soon ;o;!!


-slides in- I hear there’s a werewolf!McCree AU???? :3c

Just gonna casually post this with the headcanon that instead of McCree leaving BlackWatch both he and Reyes get involved with Talon experiments (not sure if the same as Canon Talon),Turning Reyes into Reaper and McCree all feral wolf-like. He resents reaper for it since it was unwillingly done to him and has a p big grudge, but he has to keep his emotions in check lest he lose control

-back flips away-