TBH my goal one day is to be someone’s art goals I know I ain’t there yet and I respect that but I wanna work hard to be a good artist to inspire ppl just starting out that they can do it and I wanna see em get better BC honestly everyone has the potential to be a wonderful artist whether it’s on paper, digitally, 3D, music or written. And maybe it’s selfish but I wanna be one of those inspiring folks who get to see these people improve along the way

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Thoughts on oikage?

Anonymous said:  Hi um I don’t know if this is really something but have you ever thought about oikawa and akaashi together? I’ve been thinking about it a lot today and they’re both really pretty and I just thought it’d be cute!?!? am i alone? I can’t find anything

I… actually only ship Oikawa with Iwaizumi, sorry orz it’s the problem of otp’ing something, I stop being able to ship the characters with other people o<-< I’ll think of doodling some O/iAk/a for u anon just because I know the pain of shipping rarepairs (be strong!!) but I can’t promise anything

And my general thoughts on O/ikag/e include “Oikawa would live a better life if he learnt how to stop holding grudges over nothing” and “I’m pretty sure Kageymama doesn’t actually care for Oikawa outside of a volleyball context all that much”. I… really don’t ship it.

Anonymous said:  I love your M/atsuHana, them and b/okukuro are like the ideal couple. And your your bakukiri comic was adorable, not stupid (I love puns.)

THANK YOU!!!!!!! *O* and I’m 100% with you on the bokro and matsuhna, they feel so healthy ahhhhh

Anonymous said:  Man i hope we see KyouHaba develop more the lil gay puppy is so perfect 💓🙈

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure we’ll see more of them ahhhhhhhhhhh I kinda can’t wait, I miss the dorks~

Anonymous said:  OH MY GOD OH. MY. GOD. You draw Boku no hero academia??? (it showed up on my dash, i might have hyperventilated) I loved it! Was that your first one, or do you have more……?

Thank youuuu!!!!!!!!! As of now that’s the only one tho, sorry - I miiiiiiiiiiight draw more but the original idea was not to draw for that fandom because of reasons so I dunno when that’ll happen? Possibly soon enough bc Baku and Kiri stole my heart and soul, but who knows  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯