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What is the best way to spend your vacation? There is no better way than having a manga hunt!

Oh yeah! I am not a manga expert (especially in shoujo-genre). I have this habit of sticking to the mangakas that i happened to like and then just read all their creations (Anashin and Takagi Shigeyoshi are two great shoujo mangakas I like). Well, that was in the past. this vacation opened my eyes to a whole new world of shoujo. I can promise you (for those who are looking for mangas to read) that these stories are enough to stay you awake ‘til midnight and let you crave for more. 

Aside from being cute and funny  these mangas share another characteristic..they are all ongoing (some are like really new..just have 2 or 3 chapters available). I am sure you will agree with me that we all know the pain that lies in waiting for new releases (maybe that is why oneshots are also popular). we know the agony of going back and forth to the manga sites that we follow just to check whether they have updated or not. We can’t complain because we know how hard it is to different groups to scanlate mangas. So why not give a shout for paperdolls project, chibi, aqua, phoenix serenade,summer rain, winter trans and to all the scanlators out there! We owe you a lot guys!.

So much for an introduction (Sorry, i was just carried away) ..So the titles will be listed (from left to right)..The summaries are readily available over the internet. If you can’t find them then feel free to send me a message.  

1. Seishun Note (AYASE Umi)
2. koko kara saki wa NG (MATSUDA Yuuko and IZUMI Mio)
3.Tokimeichatte Gomen ne (SHIIBA Nana)
4. getsuyoubi kara kataomoi (KYOUMACHI Hisa)
5. takane to hana (SHIWASU Yuki)
6. sora wo kakeru yodaka (Kawabata Shiki)
7. Watashi no Ookami-kun (NOGIRI Youko)
8. suki ni naranai yo, senpai (Hatsu Haru)
9. sekirara ni kiss (AKUTA Fumie)
10. haru matsu bokura (Anashin)

I want to post more, however,every photoset should only contain 10 photos (maybe next time). Ja! See you and hope you will have fun in your manga hunt!

I thought I was over it

It’s been a while since the last update from Owari no Seraph manga, so I thought it was going to be more angst from Yuu and Mika going all “omg Yuu you gotta stop being so angry” and maybe some MikaYuu moments but nooooooooo oh hell noOOooo

I probably missed the notifications from the latest two manga chapters, but I decided to pop by and check it out. That was probably the worst decision of my life. 

someone please save my failing heart from this scene because we finally know what happened to Shinya and where he went after the war. Also please tell me that this is going somewhere because

Guren is all “omg i gotta see Shinya first” but is he really Guren or the monster residing inside him?

I mean of course the updates were all not about GurenShin but of course the plots are finally revealing themselves but can we just spare a moment for them because they are finally meeting each other omggg

Thanks to these updates, guess who’s up all night dry heaving over every single gureshin related fanfic or posts

(honestly i thought i was so over this ship but when i saw this just ughh)


Took some refs to cosplay DAN Ryuji and I found out THIS DUMBASS HAS BRASS KNUCKLES ON HIS LEFT HAND. A friend said it’s to beat up anyone who makes moves on his boyfriend. >w>

The signs as Vocaloid songs

(Some of the links are covers, I used the ones I like. The vocaloid written is the one who is used in the linked song)

Aries: September (Oliver)

Taurus: REMOTE CONTROL (Len & Rin Kagamine)

Gemini: Set me free (Fukase)

Cancer: ECHO (Gumi Megpoid)

Leo: A clingy boy sticking for 15 years (VY2)

Virgo: Crescent moon (Kaito Shion)

Scorpio: Gomen ne Gomen ne (Miku Hatsune)

Libra: Imitation black (VY2, Piko Utatane, Hiyama Kiyoteru)

Sagittarius: See the lights (IA)

Capricorn: Ten-faced (Gumi Megpoid)

Aquarius: The lost one’s weeping (Rin Kagamine)

Pisces: Realize (Yuzuki Yukari)